Life sucked,Happosai thought,groaning weakly in the hollow cratter that was his current resting place.

Bad enough that he had spent the last 15 years burried in a cave by his two worthless students. Finally breaking out and tracking them down only to discover Soun Tendo's lovely daughters and his dear Ranma-chan should have been a definite sign that things were looking up!After all an old man should be able to spend his declining years resting in the bussoms of such lovely girls!

Alas though it was not to be.

Somehow Genma had managed to raise the most troublesome punk of a son!
Not only Ranma had the gal to disrespect his elders by denying the Grandmaster of his school his rightful place in his female forms bussom, He actually had the skill to fend of the old pervert's...Er respectable elders advances!

And to add insult to injury he had taken it upon himself to spoil an innocent old mans simple pleasures! He actually kept him away from his silky darlings!


One such occasion has led him to his current predicament. While out liberating his silky darlings and having abit of harmless fun the young punk caught up with him just as he was exiting a public bathouse. Off course he avoided the whelps strikes but then he targeted the bag with his silky treasures!

The rest was history. The angry women caught up with him and proceeded to vent on his poor self their wickedness! How unfair can the world get!

Those were the thoughts of Grandmaster Happosai,Martial Artist Supreme and the biggest pervert Asia had seen in 500 years when a green ovoid fell upon him and took him away from the face of Nerima and Earth possibly for ever.

After what felt to his trained senses an eternity wrapped in a moment he was deposited on soft ground facing an impossibly blue sky.

"What happened" he wondered aloud.

Quickly comming to his feet the old pervert came face to face with a girl.
Wavy pink hair framed a lovely face with large blue eyes. the girl looked to be 12 at the most but the old pervert had met alot of women in his long life and knew that she was older than that.

"What is this" she screamed "My familiar is supposed to be a shrunken muppet?"

"This is rich Zero! Only you could summon an old gizzer in his last legs as your familiar!" Heard Happosai someone shout. There was a great round of laughter by the assembled whelps at that which caused the pink haired girl to lower her head in shame.

Now let it be noticed that being mocked like that by a bunch of punks would have normally sent Happosai in a towering rage like no other. Normally that is.

Happosai had done alot of things in his 300 year+life. He has learned martial arts of course,liberated countless silky darlings,stolen whatever caught his fancy, he has even killed in those few cases that he had come across opponents simply to strong or willy to evade or simply disable.
But the one thing that had caused him the most grief and also given him his greatest rewards was magic.

While not a mage himself he had scoured all of Asia for magic lore and magical items. He had summoned demons from the deeps,Great Onis from the places where such creatures had retreated. He has bartered with elementals and dalied with kitsune and yuki ona. He had even stolen from the legendary Chinese Amazons a feat no other man alive could boast to have done.
And in all his long years he had never come across a magical gathering such as this.

The girl in front of him was like a sun in his senses. No not a sun rather an all consuming nothingness that he had never met before. The rest of the assembled crowd was nothing to sneeze at either but none could hold a candle at her.

In the meanwhile the crowd around them kept mocking her.

"Louise the Zero indeed! Can't even summon a proper familiar!"

"Worthless as always aren't you Zero? At least nothing exploded this time!"

Through all this the girl -Louise- started shaking in barely supressed anger until a tall balding man in a cape stepped forward trying to restore order.

"Enough" he barked "Miss Valliere please complete the ritual!"

That seemed to snap the girl out of her funk.

"But Professor Colbert this can't be my familiar! Please you have to let me try again!' she begged.

"Sorry but that is impossible miss Familiar Summoning Ceremony is a sacred right it cannot be undertaken a second time. Please finish it now"

Head slumping Louise turned to Happosai who was standing frozen within the magic circle and tapped her wand once on his bald head and chanted.

"My name is Louise Franηoise Le Blanc de La Valliθre. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar."

Happosai watched helplessly as Louise chanted over and over again. He had been summoned and was in the process of being bound by this hideously powerful mage in front of him!
He gathered all his might trying to break free of the paralysis that had bound him from the moment he got up but to no avail.

Finishing the chant for the last time Louise gave him a sort peck grimacing in distaste.

Happosai would have apreciated the gesture and used the chance to recharge his ki reserves if not for the BLINDING,UBEARABLE WHITE-HOT PAIN
that centered on his arm.

Finally able to move the old perv looked at his arm where unknown runes glowed green for a moment and finally settled to an unfamiliar array.

"Yeoch!" He screamed jumping back "What the hell was that all about!"

Louise stomped a foot down and glared at him "What do you think it was you stupid familiar" she demanded "Our contract is complete! You are now my familiar! Be grateful and stop screaming!"

THAT WAS IT! Magical powerhouse or not depleted ki or not he had enough!
He was Happosai! Grandmaster of the most powerful form of martial arts! Libarator of silky darlings! No whelp would talk to him like that damn the concequenses!

"Listen here you...!" That was all he was able to get out before being interupted yet again.

"My my is there no end to your incompetence Louise the Zero! Summoning an ugly gnome like him for a familiar? How discraceful!"

Louise gritted her teeth and turned to her tormentor "Listen Zerbst! Why dont you crawl back to whatever hole you crawled out from!" She turned to her familiar to order him away only to stop on her tracks.

Happosai caught sight of the leggy luscious redhead and froze for a long, gaping stare. She was like an FF cup dream, come to life before his very eyes. Happosai raised his eyes to the sky and intoned "For what I am about to recieve I thank you!".

"Sweeeeeeeet-O!" Happosai launched himself, ignoring everything else for the first time since he came in this crappy world.

Louise gaped, torn between sniggering and screaming at the screams and explosions in front of her.

Kirche along with every other girl in the ceremony site stiffened at the sudden breeze that passed through them carrying away their undergarments like chaff in the wind .
A blond girl in curls screamed in embarassement and outrage " Ahhhhh. GET HIM! GET HIM! KILL THE PERVERT!" She laid down a barrage of water missiles at the horrible little man to no affect. He simply danced around them like they were nothing at all!

" WOOOO-HOOOO! What a haul!" Happosai snaggled a silken bra to his shrunken head. The enraged female students where giving out tons of just the energy he needed. Finally after so many indignities he was hugely energized.

A fireball came at him from a random direction but he deflacted it using his pipe lighting it in the proccess."Yahooo,thanks ladies!"

"Pretty Ladies! Oh, come to poppa!" Happosai paused to rest between Kirche's breasts, the best ones there.

Shrieking, a panic stricken Kirche tried to get rid of the horrible little troll but was hit by a dozen attacks coming from outraged females all around her.

And while the mayhem continued Louise fell on her knees not believing what was happening before her eyes while wondering what in the world had she summoned...