Title:  Breeze

Authors:  Star and Victory Thru Tears

Series: 3rd in The Mighty Queertet Series.  Follows "Smoke" and "Snow"

Rating:  As always, R, because it's slash.

Dedication:  To all the wonderful reviewers who made "Snow" hit the bit 100 mark!  We had 104 reviews at the time of writing this dedication.  Victory and I love you all.  We were so excited.  We spent hours just IM-ing each other with "100!!!!  Yay!!!"  Literally.  That's what we did.  For about two hours.

Special Dedication:  To Saturniia, for being the first to catch onto Victory and Star's grand plan.  And for reviewing every single chapter.  You rock our slashy world!

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Disclaimer:  Disney et all owns 'em and we'll have 'em back before they even notice they're gone!  Taz, aka Purple Girl belongs to me and Maya belongs to Victory, but I think everyone knows that by now!

Distribution:  Our site when we finally publish it.  Anyone else, ask, we'll probably say yes!

Summary:  Spring Break is here, and a holiday is just what everyone needs.  Except this is us writing, of course it's not going to go smoothly.

Notes:  If you haven't read "Smoke" (under the pen name of Star) followed by "Snow" (under the pen name of Victory Thru Tears) this won't make sense.  Well, it will, but you might as well read the other two.

Chapter 1: Spring is in the Air

By Star

Star's Notes:  This is my first ever Adam POV, don't hate me if I don't have the same touch as Victory.  Once again, I have to say, Victory rocks.  I adore her.

Adam's POV

      "So what do you guys think?"  I ask expectantly.

      I wait for excited comments.  Taz might do something bizarre, like, uh, yodel or something – I don't really get Taz, she's strange.  Maya will probably wait for Taz to calm down and then answer on behalf of the two of them.  Charlie will probably give me that sweet half-smile he does, and Portman… well, he might nod or something.

      Nothing happens.  No answer.

      "Um, guys?"

      I look up and see that I have nobody's attention.  Maya is writing away in her notebook, Taz is playing a vicious game of thumb wars with Charlie, although she's going to lose any minute because a butterfly has just landed on our table.

      Just as I guessed, Taz stares at the butterfly, forgets the game and Charlie wins.  He tosses her off the bench and she looks rather baffled to find herself on the ground.

      He then offers her his hand, tugs her back up and they start the next round.

      Naturally.  Of course Charlie's not listening to me.  He's got Taz.

      Portman is gazing off into the distance.  I snap my fingers in front of his face.  He blinks and looks at me apologetically.  "Sorry, man.  Did you say something?  I was miles away."

      I sigh in annoyance and turn to Maya, she must have heard me.  "Maya, what did you think?"

      She looks surprised and puts her pen down.  She glances around the table, Portman shrugs at her.  "Um, Spring Break, yay?"

      Argh!  Why is no-one listening to me.  Maya at least gets slight points for getting the topic of conversation right.

      I tap Taz on the shoulder.  She gets distracted and Charlie wins the thumb war again.  She lands on the ground again with a thump.

      "What's the worst cuss you can say to someone?"  I ask her.

      She and Charlie respond instantly with a sentence I'm not even going to try to repeat.

      "Uh, good.  Pretend I said that to all of you."

      Taz looks quite offended as Charlie hauls her back onto the bench again.  She's covered in grass stains and she's going to black and blue from that game.  Hrmm.  Good.

      "Why are you cursing us?"  Charlie asks.

      "Are you sure I'm not interrupting your thumb war?"  I ask him.  I sound pettier than I intended.

      "Quite sure."  Taz gets up and moves to a seat next to Maya.  "You're vicious."  She tells Charlie, in a tone that makes it clear that's a compliment.  She turns her attention to her girlfriend.  "What are you doing?"

      Maya shuts her notebook with a snap.  "Oh, just stuff for a magazine."

      "Can I read it?"

      I roll my eyes, am I invisible?

      "Probably not, it's got big words in it."  She says with a grin.

      Taz ignores the slight and starts pouting.  "I let you see my art."

      "Sweetie, you give me no choice.  You've painted a fairy castle on our door."

      I snort.  Taz got 'moved' after watching a Disney movie and ended up painting the nearest blank space, unfortunately, the nearest blank space happened to be their front door.  Taz and Maya have now taped some velvet over it to hide it when there are surprise room inspections.

      I turn to Charlie, hoping he can get their attention, but he's now engrossed in a conversation with Portman.

      Again I have to ask, am I invisible?

      "So nobody heard my idea?"  I yell.

      Everyone stops and stares, and it occurs to me that I haven't yelled at them before.

      "What idea?"  Fulton asks casually, walking up and ruffling Portman's hair.  He's the only person on the planet who would dare do that.

      "It's probably best not to ask."  Portman advises him.  "He looks stressed."

      Everyone starts talking again and I give up on trying to tell them my wonderful plans for Spring Break.