Hey guys, how are you all? Yeah, I know, I haven't updated at all in a long time. I'm sad to say that I have completely lost interest in this story honestly I never really was much into writing it in the first place and now I'm completely out of it and I can't really gather the inspiration to write it. In truth, I always pictured this story different then the way I've written it and that way has continued to pop up into my mind constantly and now the way I've pictured it is way too constant and interesting to ignore. So, I've decided that I'm going to rewrite this story on the way I always really pictured it. Don't worry, I'm going to keep the gods and the demigods but sadly I'm removing Percy from it, the way I'm rewriting it makes it take place in Lost Hero before the quest truly started, suspended in time.

But, even more, I'm bringing the camp half-blood campers into the story, this idea of them in it has plagued me the most because I'd love to write them reading the series with their godly parents to get to know more about the famous Percy Jackson as he truly is. Not many stories here on fanfiction really have them reading it so now I've decided to let them join. So I really apologize for this but I promise that I'll try to make the next story tons better than this one and I will be keeping some of the chapters similar yet they will be different because of the additions and taking Percy out.

So, I'll try to update soon with that new rewrite of this. I'm going to put it up as a different story and when I catch up to this one, I may delete this one but I think I'll actually keep this up just in case you like this one better than the new one. I am truly sorry if you don't like this change but if I kept the story going how it is I doubt I'll ever really update much again so…yeah. Goodbye reviewers, I'll get that story up soon!