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Chapter 1: Beginning Problems

It was silver. It was big. It was shiny.

It was making Shuichi want jump out a window.

"What do you mean you still haven't finished the lyrics? The release of Bad Luck's next single is nearing and you know how the President is when we don't deliver on time." Mr. Sakuno asked having gone into one of his states of mind again.

Shuichi took a step back. It moved forward. He took another step, it edged closer. "Mr. K, I have a question for you?"

"Yes what is it?"

"I'm supposed to go finish the lyrics to the new song is that correct?" Shuichi asked his eyes wide at the mere sight let alone side of it.

"Yes you are the vocalist and lyricist of the group Bad Luck so I suggest you get to work." K answered.

Shuichi took a breath and stepped forward. "Then would you be so kind as to set that thing down and let me get to the table so I can finish writing the lyrics?"

Hiro held back a chuckle as he plucked at his guitar. Earlier that day Shuichi had claimed he had yet another argument with his lover and roommate Eiri Yuki over something that should have just easily been settled. But then again this was Shuichi they were talking about. The magenta haired prodigy had entered NG studios drowning in his own tears and had been greeted by their manager 'K' and his newest addition to his collection; a flashy new machine gun.

To Hiro's surprise Shuichi's tears had not been because of Yuki but because hadn't finished the lyrics when they had been due that morning. It had taken all of Mr. Sakano's-their producer- begging to give Shuichi three more days to finish the lyrics. The guitarist of Bad Luck had seen the song so far and was mildly surprised his best friend could have come up with the lyrics. It still had a ways to go but it was definitely a work in progress.

"What else do you have to add to the song Mr. Shindou?"

"I'm finishing the last verse but I've hit a dead end." Shuichi answered, his eyes scanning over the piece of paper mouth muttering the words to himself as he read. The song had been one of his best and he had decided once it was finished he was going to dedicate it to Yuki. But thanks to the fact he and Yuki were now giving each other the silent treatment he knew his plan wasn't going to go very well. Shuichi knew the cause of the argument had been pointless but he still couldn't shake that feeling. Yuki was starting to hate him again. That feeling had been confirmed last night.

"Yuki I'm home!" Shuichi entered the foyer of the apartment and he slipped off his shoes. "Yuki are you here?"

"In here you stupid brat."

Shuichi tensed up when he heard the word 'brat'. He knew immediately something was wrong. The voice had come from the study where he wasn't allowed unless given permission. Sure he would go in there to clean but he would never touch any of Yuki's work and he made sure to stay away from the laptop. Thinking the writer was working on yet another novel the lead singer of Bad Luck figured it would probably be best to just leave him alone. "Okay I'll just go for a walk I need to brainstorm for my lyri-"

"Get in here."

Shuichi stopped. That tone, he knew that tone. Yuki was going to throw him out again. "Don't worry I'll stay at Hiro's until you want me to come back." It was routine by now and he was going to break it by leaving before he was kicked out.

"I said get in here you moron."

Shuichi sighed. "Yuki let's just skip the foreplay. I'll leave. That's what you want isn't it?"

"What I want is to know why you think you had the right to move my rough draft for my newest novel." Yuki said having exited his study.

Shuichi turned around surprised. "What are you talking about? I never moved it. I glanced at it when I was cleaning the other day and noticed a small grammar mistake so I fixed it but I never moved it."

Yuki stepped away from the door and lit a cigarette. "Look I had my meeting yesterday with my editor. During that time you were instructed to clean the apartment. Before I had left for said meeting the beginning pages for my newest rough draft were sitting neatly on the corner of my desk. I came home just today to find said draft missing." He took a drag on the cigarette and blew the smoke out coolly. "I've put up with your idiotic stunts but this is taking it way too far."


"You mean it's gone?" Shuichi's eyes widened for a moment before he raced into the study and started to tear the room apart. "It can't be gone it was here when I left for the meeting with President Seguchi."

Yuki stood in the doorway again, his golden eyes narrowed with irritation. He removed the cigarette from his mouth after taking yet another drag. "Get out."

Shuichi stopped in mid motion and turned around. That tone. That tone scared him. Never before had Yuki used that tone before. "Yuki?"

"I said get out. I don't ever want to see your face again." Yuki said. "I've had enough of you."

Shuichi felt his eyes brimming with tears but he held them back. After being in the on and off relationship with the guy he knew not to argue when it came to Yuki's demands "I'll send someone for my things later." Without another word he walked into the bedroom and grabbed his pillow he had brought with when had first moved in with Yuki and a sweatshirt from the closet. He paused only to slip his shoes on and turned to see Yuki burning holes into them. "I'm sorry Yuki." Without waiting for an answer the vocalist walked out the door. When he was a fair distance from the apartment he collapsed in the middle of the sidewalk and let the tears flow.

The night had been cold, so cold he had been glad he had thought of grabbing a sweatshirt. Shuichi pulled out his cell phone in hope to call Hiro but his face fell when he saw how low the battery was. Knowing he didn't have any money for a payphone, let alone a cab the pinkette started walking towards the park where he would often go to get inspired. The park was deserted luckily and Shuichi sat down on the park bench. He pulled out his notebook. After writing most of the song, which he knew was due the next day he felt his eyes grow heavy.

"Guess I'll have to finish this later." He closed the notebook and tucked it into his sweatshirt. A yawn escaped the singer's lips and he curled up on the bench using his pillow. If luck stayed on his side the sun would wake him up and he wouldn't be late for the meeting with the other members of Bad Luck.

"Shuichi are you okay?"

Shuichi snapped himself out of his trance and turned to see Hiro giving him a look of concern. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine just brainstorming." He put on a happy face and turned to look at his best friend. "Don't want to keep everyone waiting." Seconds later his body was shaken by a long coughing fit.

Hiro was at his best friend's side in a matter of seconds. "Shuichi?"

Shuichi reached up and placed his hand on his throat. "That really hurt."

Fujisaki glanced over from his keyboard. "Are you all right Mr. Shindou?"

Shuichi nodded as he stood up. "Yeah I think so." He started for the door. "I'm going to buy something from the vending machine. I didn't get breakfast this morning."

"Okay just hurry back." K said now using a cloth to polish 'his baby'.

Shuichi stepped out of the room headed towards the vending machine stopping seconds later when he remembered he didn't have any change on him. He didn't have any money. "Damn it I left my wallet at Yuki's place." The thought of the blonde writer crossing his mind almost brought tears to his eyes but instead another coughing fit seems to beat it and he found himself leaning against the wall to support himself. Seconds later he could feel his head starting to spin. Not knowing what was going on Shuichi tried his best to stand up which turned out to be the wrong choice of action. Seconds later the singer found himself falling…

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