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Chapter 10 Tearful Melody

Tohma stood outside his best friend's apartment door and knocked for the third time. When he once again received no answer he pulled out the copy of his key for the residence and let himself in only to be greeted by the sound of music coming from one of the back rooms. He closed the door and locked it before heading towards the music filled room and let himself in. The sight before him caused him to lose his composure for only a second but it was second too long in his opinion.


Ryuichi was hovered over the piano his eyes blank as his finger ran over the keyboard playing the same scales as if he had been trying to imitate a recording stuck on the same few seconds. He was also muttering, no singing words under his breath but kept repeating the same phrase. He didn't even acknowledge Tohma's presence.

The vice president of NG studios walked over to his closest friend and grabbed his hand stopping the music and plunging the room in complete silence soon disrupted by the sound of faint sobs. Moments later Tohma was holding the singer of Nittle Grasper in his arms stroking his back. He thought back to the phone conversation he had shared with the sobbing man and didn't blame him in the least for breaking down like this.

"What the hell did you do?" Tohma asked.

"I kissed Shuichi." Ryuichi answered. "Tohma I know what you told me and I know it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't-"

"Ryuichi listen to me. You made a mistake. You did something you can't take back and now you've only just made things worse. Shindo belongs with Eiri. Those two need to be together. My brother-in-law needs someone to keep him from falling back into depression." Tohma said

"Isn't that why you're so close to him? I always thought Mr. Yuki only loved you and maybe his brother and sister." Ryuichi pointed out.

"You know there is more than type of love. I am only able to give him one type the same with Mika and Tatsuha. Only Shindo can give him the type which will allow his heart to be cared for." Tohma explained.

"Then I guess I will never know what it's like to be in that situation."

Ryuichi had cut the call before Tohma had been given the chance to respond. Tohma had made his way over to his friend's apartment and was now holding him close rubbing circles around his back. Only two people saw this side of Tohma and one of him was currently embraced in his arms. He removed his gloves and cupped Ryuichi's tearstained cheeks with his bare hands.

"Tohma I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Ryuichi cried. I want to forget him. I know I shouldn't have done what I- he took a deep breath, "Help me forget him."

Tohma knew he would regret this later but he stroked Ryuichi's cheeks and sighed deeply, "Do you want to go back to America?"

Ryuichi shook his head, "I can't leave the group. I can't leave you. I need you Tohma. But I also need Shuichi. I think I love him but I don't know. I'm so confused. Please, please I don't-"

Tohma sighed deeply and placed a kiss to the vocalist's forehead. "Ryu what do you want to do?"

Ryuichi wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at his closest friend with an expression of plea. "Tohma do you love me?"

"You know I do, Ryu and you and Eiri are the only people I'll do anything for." Tohma said quietly.

"Then I want to forget. I want to forget my feelings for Shuichi." Ryuichi requested.

Tohma sighed as he looked out of the corner of his eye noticing a sheet of paper with writing on it. "Ryu, what is this?"

"It's Shuichi's. He started writing it but he didn't finish it. I think he was going to throw it away but I-" Ryuichi shook his head, "I could never let a song as amazing as this go unfinished. I think this is his best work. I've already got most of the melody worked out for it."

"Is that what you were playing when I arrived?" Tohma asked as he turned Ryuichi around so he was facing the keyboard again. "Will you let me hear what you have so far?"

Ryuichi nodded faintly and closed his eyes before moving his hands over the keys. After a few bars of an introduction he began to sing. His voice was low and soothing as he let the lyrics draw past his lips till he stopped playing and looked over. "That's all Shuichi wrote. I've been trying to continue it but I just can't seem to figure out what else he was trying to say in the song."

"Well maybe you need to come up with your own ending to the song. I can't guarantee it will be a good idea to finish it since Mr. Shindou is the one who started those lyrics in the first place." Tohma said quietly. But if you want to finish it you can. And if you want to record it we can use the studio to do so. But unless Mr. Shindou gives you permission we can't release it on any of our singles or albums."

"I don't want to. I want to record it with Shuichi. It would be a special single track for the fans. After that I want to forget him. " Ryuichi said.

"If that's what you want Ryu then I'll see what I can do." Tohma said pulling his best friend back into his arms. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the corner of the brunette's lips, "Just let me take care of things okay?"

Ryuichi nodded as he sighed deeply. He knew Tohma would understand. Tohma knew him better than anyone even himself. He wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist. "Tohma will you stay with me tonight?"

"Mika is visiting her parents so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll stay." Tohma agreed as he released his hold on Ryuichi and led the singing brunette out of the studio picking up a forgotten Mr. Bear and led him into the bedroom, "Get changed." He followed his own orders pulling out the spare pair of pajamas from the side dresser and changed while Ryuichi changed in the bathroom. Once they were both donned in their nighttime attire they climbed under the blankets and Ryuichi immediately snuggled against Tohma Mr. Bear squeezed between the two of them.

"You'll be here when I wake up right?" Ryuichi asked.

Tohma chuckled as he placed another kiss on the brunette's head smiling faintly. "Yes, Ryu I will be here. But you need to start work again. Tomorrow we are going back to the studio and you have quite a few recording sessions to make up for."

Ryuichi pouted. "Okay as long as Mr. Bear can sing with me too."

"Of course it wouldn't be a true Nittle Grasper song without the amazing vocal talent of Mr. Bear." Tohma said knowing it would be the right thing to say. "Now hush you need to sleep okay?"

Ryuichi nodded holding back a yawn. "Thank you Tohma." His eyelids flickered shut and soon he had fallen into what Tohma hoped was a peaceful slumber.

Hiro quietly strummed the strings on his guitar allowing a soft soothing melody flow from the instrument. He remembered a slowed down version of 'Sleepless Beauty' seemed to have the power to lull his best friend asleep. The irony of it made the red-head chuckle. A song with the word 'sleepless' in the title had the ability to make someone fall asleep. Then again, Shuichi was quite the oddball so it wasn't too surprising.

Glancing over he could see the pinkette had indeed fallen sleep on his bed. After they had returned from the park Shuichi had insisted he sleep on the floor but Hiro had told him either he get his butt on the bed or neither of them would be sleeping. To his surprise the lead singer of their group didn't argue and had crawled under the blankets.

"Play for me Hiro, please?"

It had been ages since Shuichi had wanted him to just play so he knew it was something the other boy needed. Music always seemed to make the other boy feel better and once Shuichi had finally fallen sleep Hiro had decided to keep playing a few minutes longer, just to make sure. When he could hear a faint snoring coming from the bed he placed his guitar into the case set up his futon and clicked off the light. It was going on 4am and had it been any other day the both would have been expected in the studio on a few short hours but Hiro knew that Shuichi would need at least another day or two to sort things out. And he planned to be with him each step of the way.

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