How Shark boy meet Lava girl

" Everything that is or was, began with a dream. . ."

"Max lay down on his bed drifting off entering somewhere so cool it made you drool. On planet drool in the of the sea of confusion there was a young boy about fourteen with a fin sticking out of his back, gills and teeth and sharp as a sharks. His name was shark boy.

"Kracket do you ever think there could be some one like me out there?" he asked.

"What do you mean shark boy?"

"I don't know, I mean you always said I was special. Do you think maybe there someone else out there that's special." Then a beep came out of shark boy's pocket. "What's this?" shark boy asked taking a small electrical thing out of his pocket. "Look there's a message on it."

" Well read it" Kracket said.

" It says, The thing your looking for is at the volcanoes."

" What does that mean?" The great white shark asked.

" I don't know but I'm going to find out" shark boy said swimming away from the sharks and in the direction of the volcanoes. my only thought was please let it be my dad, please let it be my dad.

1 Hour Later

Shark boy climbed out of the sea of confusion and on to the hot sand. The only thing surrounding the sand was more sand and a couple of kids.

"Hey kid." he said trying to get the attention of a girl with black hair and few inches shorter than him." do you know if there's any volcanoes around here?"

"No she said in a rather saucy voice and ran back to her friends. thanks for nothing you big baby he thought. Just as he was about to give up all hope and head back to the ocean when a short boy with blonde walked up next to him.

"You know theirs a volcano just up there." He said pointing off in the distance to reveal a volcano.

Shark boy was shocked and a little bit creeped out by how he knew that but he put on a strait face. "well tell me this if your so smart how do I get there?"

"You ride your shark bike of course." the kid said getting a little annoyed. shark boy was about to ask where he could get a shark bike when he got interrupted by the sound of an engine followed by a bike shaped like a shark. Then as he got on the bike he turned towards the blonde kid.

"Thanks Max." he said starting up the bike . It took a lot less time to get to the volcano than he thought it would because in ten, twenty minutes he was there and calling out for his dad.

"Dad!" he yelled desperately sitting down with his back against some rocks. Being around volcanoes always drained his energy. When he closed his eyes for just a second he heard a strange noise. It was faint but very clear.

"Shark boy, come here. I need you sharky. Come to the volcano. Come to me shark boy." then shark boy started running towards the volcano the voice getting louder and louder. "Shark boy I need you come here. You need me shark boy. I need you. Come to the volcano" I'm going as fast as I can shark boy thought. The voice kept getting louder and louder along with the thundering of the mountain. when he got to the top of the volcano their was one last thought on the girls mind. "Shark boy!"

Before he was knocked half way down the volcano by a huge explosion of lava and smoke. he couldn't see and he couldn't breathe and was sure his fin was broke but his instincts told him something good was about to happen. Then as the smoke cleared and the only sign that there was ever an explosion there was a girl with purple flames for hair and skin of molten lava rock. Her name was lava girl the one made for shark boy.

"Max get up sweetie you don't want to be late for your last day of grade 3." Max reluctantly opened his eyes leaving planet drool behind with shark boy and lava girl alone. He would dream of them tonight when they would have their greatest adventure ever because for once shark boy wasn't alone.

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