To Harry – who taught me loyalty and love and friendship,

To Hermione – the one who taught me to show my talents,

To Ron – the one who taught me to stand up for myself,

To Dumbledore – who taught me second chances,

To Snape – who taught me undying love and redemption

To Hagrid – who taught me how to care unconditionally, not only for my species, but for every,

To Molly and Arthur – who taught me how to become a parent,

To Ginny – who taught me how to be strong when lost and losing those closest,

To Sirius – Who taught me friendship can never die,

To Remus – who taught me that life throws us heartaches and we have to deal with them,

To Tonks – who taught me how to laugh,

To Fred and George – who taught me how to love life,

To Draco – who taught me appearances can be misleading,

To Voldemort – who taught me about conquering fear,

To Cedric – who taught me of the true meaning of being a Hufflepuff,

To Dobby – who taught me what it means to be free,

To Moody – who taught me about what it means to fight,

To Neville – who taught me to break down the stereotypes,

To Luna – who taught me it's okay to be weird,

To Colin - who taught me devotion,

To McGonagall – who taught me discipline,

To James Potter – who taught me how to be brave and strong,

To Lily Evans – who taught me to love unconditionally,

To Dan, Emma and Rupert – who breathed life into these characters

To David Heymen – without whom, the films would not be here,

To J. K Rowling…. You gave me the best years of my life. You helped me through the tough and the bad and the truly heart-breaking times. You inspired a generation of children and a world devoted to these wonderful brilliant characters. Without you, my childhood would have been a hundred times worse. Thanks to you, I can hold my head high and say "This is me" and no longer am I ashamed of who I am. Because you gave me courage when I didn't have any, you gave me characters and in turn friends, people I could see so clearly that they could not be fictional. You made these years the very best. And now it's over and I can't imagine my life without it.

Thank you.

I wrote this whilst crying my eyes out. It's ending soon and so comes the end of my childhood. Everything just hit me at once - leaving school, getting jobs, the end of Harry Potter, turning 18... It is just a huge year for me and I'm sure for many of the Harry Potter generation. I thought this one-shot is appropriate given my current predicament.

Please, leave a comment :) tell me about how much you are going to miss Harry Potter when it ends.