The day was regular to what life David had had before he had gone out to war but now it was awkward, sitting in Kurt's fathers home made him feel more like a stranger then sitting in his own house, listening to the voices he knew once laughing about things he had no idea about, and the scent of the home... it was just different then what he had remembered. What was happening?

Kurt glanced over and watched David gently rock the babies carseat, it made him smile. Now that David was home, everything would be different right? David being home ment his love was here and would stay and be a father for Penneloe. Thats what mattered now right? Of course it did... But if that was so, why was David frowning. He wondered as Finn walked up and clapped Kurt on the back and smiled down at him. " Felling better Mr. Gloomy?" he teased and Kurt rolled his eyes.

" Of course Finn. I mean you deal with Quinn being gone from your life and have to raise Addison and Drake on your own." he challenged making Finn pale at the over imangination of his mind. No Quinn... He wondered and sighed heavily when Quinn came up holding their seven month old baby boy and Finn looked at them then pulled Quinn close and kissed her on the cheek.

Quinn blushed and turned away eyeing Burt and Carole before walking away to get the warmed bottle of milk.

David sighed and Kurt placed his hand over his heart and frowned. Addison had managed to crawl over to the couch and sit down on it finding her binki and shoved it into her mouth, before glancing up to him as David looked down at her. She giggled making the binki fall out of her mouth and then looked down at her binki. David looked at it to and then gave it to her and smiled. She blushed and giggled making it fall out.

David chuckled and reached for it before Addison shrieked and everyone looked over and watched her crawl to David leg and pushed herself up as she grabbed the binki and put it in her mouth again before sitting in his lap. The little girl snuggled close to him sucking on her binki and David awkwardly wrapped his arm around her and held her closer.

Kurt smiled as he watched them interact before walking over and smiled at them. " You okay?" he asked him and David glanced up at him and nodded.

" Yeah... why wouldn't I?" he asked slightly nervous. If Kurt could something was wrong he would try to fix it when it wasn't his area to attempt to fix it.

" I was just wondering." he whispered and kissed him gently only to have a binki hit his face as Addison babbled angrily.

Kurt looked at her astonished and laughed at Finn as he approached. " Baby girl... that's your uncle. And he's rightfully mine and mine alone." he told her as Finn lifted her up making her whimper in small hiccups and drop her binki before belting out her crys.

" Ouch Kurt, hate to see what you'd do to a guy if he hit up on me." David teased and Kurt smiled leaning into him.

" Same thing you would do. Pull him aside, tell him I'm married to you and tell him if he ever stepped up on my turf I would go Elphaba all over his land of Oz because no one takes my Glinda." he whispered and kissed him.

David smiled kissing him back before pulling back and glared, " Did you just name me the witch of the North from that one musical?" he demanded and Kurt smiled.

" Your my Linda though..." he smiled.

" You just watch. I'll show you who Glinda is..." David grummbled and moved away from him and Kurt looked at him with a wicked glimmer in his eyes.

" I bet you will." he stated and walked to the kitchen swaying his hips.

No matter how much had changed... Kurt was still Kurt. So he had hope, hope to get better and be the old David he had once been... But really? Glinda? What the hell?