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**Some time later**

"HEY!" I yelled stirring the roast. "CHILL!"

I rolled my eyes, continuing to stir the roast. It was almost done, so I wasn't worried about that. It had been cooking all day long in the croc pot; I just accidentally burned some carrots on the bottom…so I was digging them off with a spoon. It smelled soooo freaking good…

"Hey BC," I heard Princess' voice enter the room. "I'm here!"

I smiled at her, putting the lid back onto the pot, "Oh good! Ready to babysit?"

"Definitely!" she said smiling. "Oh…and Ace is going to help today. Is that okay?"

I nodded smiling, "Two of my good friends babysitting my baby…of course!"

She smiled.

Her and Ace had started going out a while back, and actually were now engaged. It was a little strange to other people, since they had an ELEVEN year difference between them. But love is love, it comes at any age. I supported them completely; they actually made a really cute couple.

Princess had changed after a while, due to me and my sisters. We found out she hated her hair, due to it's 'uncontrollable poofiness' as she called it. She didn't know what to do to it…until Blossom came around. Now Princess' hair was slick, shiny, AND it went down her back. She absolutely loved it…and I must say it suited her very well.

"So where-"

"Living room," I said smiling.

I turned back to the smell of burning carrots, so I immediately went back to the pot.

Princess wasn't exactly going to baby sit until me and Butch left for the movies (we hadn't gone to one in AGES). We decided to stay and eat supper though, then we would leave. And I just had a strange craving for pot roast. What can I say? I'm pregnant…again.

I guess Butch has a thing for me…at least I hope so. He DID marry me, so I guess that counts for something.

I felt strong arms wrap around me (I'm so glad I got used to that). A few years ago, if Butch that…I would have elbowed him.

"Smells good," he whispered in my ear, kissing it lightly. "Is it ready yet?"

I giggled, my face flushing (I can't believe that after ALL these years…I still blushed like a teenage girl), "Yes…as a matter of fact it is."

I turned around grinning, "You want to be the second to taste it…the first being me?"

He smirked and grabbed the spoon out of my hand, "You know it, though you may have to keep me from eating it all. You know how I get with your amazing cooking…"

"Yeah, who knew…the great Buttercup Jojo could cook?" I smirked. "If it hadn't been for that spaghetti that I'd made a few years ago, we may have never known."

Butch looked up, his hands clasped each other in a praying motion, "God bless that spaghetti…"

I laughed, "I mean, all I did was add seasoning to it…I didn't know it would actually make it the best spaghetti any of us had ever eaten."

I dropped the spoon after tasting it.

"Well?" I asked smiling.

He turned around, grabbed me by the waist, and kissed me.

I heard a snicker, "You two are going to end up with triplets if you don't stop now…"

I smirked, "I though the term would say 'we would end up with twins'…I doubt I'm having more than one baby."

"This time," she smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up Princess…"

Just then I heard more yelling…normal for around here.

I walked out into the living room, "HEY! YOU GUYS SHUT UP AND GET DOWN HERE FOR SUPPER!"

All I saw was bright green streaks of light, before all of my children were sitting at the table.

"Wow…that's a record," Princess said.

"Nah…last time was faster," I said. "Butch even used his super speed timing. It took exactly '0.02' seconds last time…"

Princess laughed, and sat down at the table.

"So are Brick and Blossom coming?" I asked sitting down as Butch brought in the roast. (oh…yeah…I forgot to mention… We used two croc pots instead of one. We had hungry children…).

Butch shook his head, "No. They are going to eat at Olive Garden…"

He made a funny voice when he named the restaurant, making everyone grin/laugh.

"So Pops," Benjamin asked. "Didja sell anything today?"

"A few cameros, a few trucks, and at least ten mini vans," Butch said.

"Sweeeeet," Benny (we called him Benny) said.

"WAIT," I said making everyone freeze. "Where's Bliss?"

Berk snickered, "She gave some guy cooties today."

He made a face, and his twin sister grinned, "Yeah. He's extremely contagious…"

Butch's face went from happiness to extreme anger, "WHAT?"

"Chill Butchie Boy," I said. "It's just a boy. She's sixteen…she can like someone. It's fine."


Princess covered Blake's baby ears, "shhh! Careful! We have a one year old baby at the table!"

Butch groaned, "I'm putting an end to this. BLISS GET DOWN HERE!"

In a flash of lime green light, she was at the table, "Yes?"

"It's supper time," I said. "And whatever you do…ignore your father."

She smiled, "I know the drill mom."

"I know about that boy…" Butch said glaring at her. "Care to explain?"

She rolled her eyes, "His name is Basch, he's sixteen, has wonderful black hair and brown eyes…and he's my boyfriend. So there."

She stuck her tongue out, making Butch glare at her, "YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A YEAR!"

She stared at him with her dark green eyes.

They were so much alike, they could have a staring contest for HOURS.

"OKAY ENOUGH!" I said. "Butch she can date who she wants. Bliss, you aren't grounded."

She smiled, "Thanks mom."

Bobby smiled at her big sister, "Hey…when you move out to marry this Basch guy…can I have your room?"

Bliss rolled her eyes, "Shut up Bobby."

I smiled.

I had an amazing life now, what with my seven kids (and one on the way): Bliss, Brandon, Bobby, Benny, Berk & Biance (we called them 'The Twins'. Well they ARE twins), Bonnie, and Blake.

Bliss still looked a lot like me; her black hair went down to her shoulders…then spiked at the edges like Butch's used to. Her eyes were still the same forest green as Butch's, and she still had the same husky 'pitch changing' voice as he did. She wasn't exactly a tomboy, but she certainly wasn't that girly. What everyone would notice though was her pink strands of hair, and her baby blue 'tattoos' on her back. She liked them. She would show them off to people who asked what they were, or how she got them.

Brandon was two years younger than her, and looked at lot like Butch. His hair was normally spiked up (naturally), and always wore some sort of bandana. He was what people would call a 'bad boy', what with his black leather jacket…and combat boots. However, as much as he resembled Butch…he had my eyes.

Bobby was eleven, and was an obvious tomboy. She wouldn't touch anything REMOTELY girly. She always ran to the boy clothes section, and would pick out anything that looked boy-ish and tough. She had long black hair that she never EVER brushed (for a while, people thought she had dreadlocks), and she had this green hat that she always wore to the side. If anyone said anything mean about her, she would punch them. If anyone said anything mean about her family…she'd maim them. She had my green eyes, and Butch's voice. She resembled both of us in looks…and I must say, she was very pretty (even if she smelled like monkey butt).

Benny was nine, and didn't act like either me or Butch. He looked like Butch, and had his eyes. However he had my voice, and my old addiction to my 'blankey'. He was very quiet, and got teased a lot. But if you said anything about his sisters and brothers, he would automatically go into 'evil ninja' mode. He was very odd….but I loved him all the same.

Berk and Bianca were the trouble makers. They were both thirteen, and did everything together. Their rooms were right next to each other, and had a door linking them. They even LOOKED a lot a like; so much alike they could even trick us into thinking one was the other. Berk's hair was shoulder length and pulled into a ponytail, the same was Bianca's. Bianca had Butch's eyes, and Berk had mine. That was one of the only ways we could tell them apart. They were such big trouble makers, that we had gotten called to their school because of a 'pool filled with jello' incident. They were the prank masters.

Bonnie was six, and she was very quiet. Her black hair would fall over her emerald eyes, shielding her face. The thing was…she didn't care. For one thing she was only six, and for another…she didn't even know what she looked like. She was blind, she had been born that way. And yet…she fought better than anyone else I'd known. She reminded me of Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender; she could see with everything else but her eyes. She was amazing…not to mention really really sweet.

Blake was the baby, only a year and a half old. We had planned on him being our last (that worked out well). Thankfully he was fairly easy to manage…most of the time. He liked to throw things, especially food. The Apocalypse will be here when he discovers his powers… He had Butch's eyes, and my hair. It was kind of curly (mostly at the end), so we had to cut it a lot…or else He'd look like a girl.

Those were all of our children.

Blossom and Brick were now married, as were Bubbles and Boomer.

The Blues only had two children: Bella, and Bree. Bella resembled Bubbles, while Bree resembled Boomer. They were a wonderful happy family.

Blossom and Brick only had one: Bailee. She had Blossom's hair, while Brick's blood red eyes. She was incredibly intelligent, while at the same time…was a skater girl.

Everyone was happy, and that's the way I wanted it.

There was still crime from new villains that came to Townsville, but our kids took care of it.

I didn't want anything to change.

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