Prompt: Wally, virginity

Rated T for implied sex

He was never one of those guys. The guys that would lose their virginity when they were fourteen. And he wasn't like one of those gys that would brag about it afterwards. Besides, he was in the TND when he was a teenager.

His first time was Rachel and frankly he's ashamed to admit it. See, they weretrying to cheat on their girl/boyfriends at the time. He was with Kuki obviously. And she was with Nigel. They got together a few more times, but it didn't feel right.

He tried Abby once, but she was too... calm? He didn't know. They did it only twice and it was over. But Rachel and Abby were just a 'you were there' moments.

Him and Kuki tried it a few times. But again, it didn't feel right. Because Kuki was always so fragile and delicate. He was afraid he was going to hurt her in some way.

He even tried Hoagie once. Which was the biggest mistake in his life. It obviously didn't happen again. Because he sure wasn't (nor ever will be) gay.

He never touched Nigel. Ever. Because Nigel saw a weird side of him that he himself didn't see. And frankly, Nigel scared him.

It wasn't like he did it for sex. It wasn't like he was easy. And it certainly wasn't because he was a prevert who later in life would go around town looking for hookers.

No. It was mostly because of the release. Becuse e loved to fight. He loved the thoughts of blood that went through his mind. And it got worse when he was in the TND.

He wasn't that kind of guy. And he still isn't. Its just when he did, the thoughts of blood and killing and destruction and anger all went away. And out of everyone, he was the one who needed the release the most.

Ohh... more darker then I intended. Anyway, yeah there was a small bit of slash in there. Just to make it clear, it wasn't supposed to mean anything.

Next prompt: "Fear for your team Nigel. Because despite what you think, you don't know them completely."