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Suitably Arrayed

- 2 -

"I'm an idiot," Kitty announced to the empty room and the empty closet and the teetering piles of clothes flung across her bed.

What was she thinking, saying yes to someone like St. John Allerdyce. Everything she had in her closet even close to appropriate for the place he was taking her (a favorite haunt of Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey—you've got to be kidding me, she'd thought when she heard that) screamed YES, when inside she wanted to curl up and say, no, no, no, no, no.

She settled for glaring at the clothes instead.

She could pull a Pyro and wear something wholly unsuited for the venue, like combat boots and fancy jeans, but goodness knew she wasn't like Pyro at all (and why was she going on a date with him then?). She'd die of embarrassment at the fancy restaurant if she wasn't dressed for the occasion.

Another growl of frustration. She kicked through an innocent black dress sandal. She had enough presence of mind to not damage her own possessions in frustration.

"That's it!" If Kitty needed clothes that said no, she knew where to find them. And with that realization, she stomped through her bedroom wall into the next room over, asked Rogue not to shriek, please, and raided her girlfriend's closet.

She'd made an impression, all right. Kitty blushed under John's open-mouthed stare. She'd dressed for the venue in an elegant black dress with elegant black boots, and elegant black opera gloves and managed to show off no more skin than her exposed neck under her elegant up-do and two strips of arm between the top of the glove and the bottom of her sleeves.

Let him think she was blushing because he couldn't take his eyes off of her. (Wasn't this supposed to say no?) She had never imagined in her life that he could actually be suitably arrayed for a fancy date, let alone look that awesomely good.

She swept down the stairs, took his arm, and grinned up at him, composure regained. "Shall we?"

"Uh... Yeah." He still looked dazed, and she was starting to feel some rather suspicious tendrils of what seemed like satisfaction.