The Explanation

Chapter 5- Far From Skid Row

Note To Readers: HermioneLennon asked me to finish writing her fic for her and I so kindly obliged. Rob Angie and Turner are her original characters. I do not own rights to Audrey or Patrick Martin. To read the first few chapters of this fic go to HerimoneLenno's profile.

Turner Martin was frustrated on so many levels. He had feeling for Angie Krelborne that he could not express and on top of this his father was relentless in not allowing him to hang out with Angie and he could not figure out why. When he asked his father he simply did not want anything to with this topic of conversation.

One day while he was hanging out at the pizza place he decided to flat out ask Audrey.

"Audrey, what's the deal with you and my dad?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well he seems to have some against you and he's getting me involved by saying I can't hang out with Angie."

Audrey was shocked and also frustrated by this

"Well Turner, you dad and I haven't gotten along since before you Rob and Angie were born. It has nothing to do with you guys nor should it so I don't see why he is mixing you up in all this."

"But what exactly is 'all this.'?

Audrey sighed. She couldn't believe she was telling Turner this before her own children.

"Well you see Turner, Mr. Krelborne and I used to work in a flower shop on Skid Row. We moved here for a better life and to get away from the press."

"Why was the press hounding you?"

"Mr. Krelborne cultivated this plant named Audrey II."

"He named the plant after you?"

"Yeah it was one of the sweetest things he did." Audrey began to get teary eyed.

"Sorry Audrey, I didn't mean to upset you."

"Don't worry about it. Anyway Audrey II turned out to be a monster. It got the flower shop we used to work at lot of negative press. Your dad tried to make a deal with my husband for a tv show.. at the time he turned it down because he was too stressed out."

"Is the plant still alive?"

"No. Mr. Krelborne sacrificed himself to the plant so it wouldn't hurt me. I couldn't bear to see it anymore. I missed Seymour too much so I chopped it up and got rid of it."

Turner grunted under his breath

"You mean you got rid of the whole entire plant?"

"Well, I still have some clippings and that is what causing the tension between me and your father."

"Why does he want them so badly?"

"So he can make money off of them somehow. Don't understand how he plans to capitalize exactly. He won't be able to all the much with clippings. Seedlings maybe but not clippings."

"So you want to get rid of the seedlings because it makes you miss Seymour?"

"Yes, that's right. I would RATHER have him alive then have your father making more money off that monster."

"So why can't you just tell him no. It seems like a simple enough solution."

"I've been trying to tell him for months but he won't listen."

"Well if it makes you feel any better I can't hang out here because of this whole thing but I do anyway."

Audrey squeezed Turner's hand affectionately. "We like having you around Turner. You're welcome here and to our house anytime."

Turner returned the squeeze. "Thanks Audrey. I wish you could explain that to my dad. He might listen to you."

"Oh, trust me. I plan on talking to your dad."

And Audrey felt deep in her heart that she couldn't wait any longer to end this. She loved Turner like a son and felt his presence was good for Angie since she didn't have any men on her life. She needed closure to this never ending pain Patrick Martin was causing her and she needed it NOW!