Graduation Day

Far From Skid Row the Final Chapters Epilogue

A year later Audrey stood in the stands of the PS 118 stadium. The spring wind blew her into an unruly position. She couldn't believe that Rob and Angie were graduating today. It seemed like it was just yesterday when they were in kindergarten.

"Audrey can you even believe our kids will be off to college in the fall?" Danielle Martin asked

Despite the fact that Audrey and Seymour had never gotten along with Patrick Martin Audrey was happy she had found a friend in his wife. She shook her head.

"No, it seems like it was not too long ago we were changing their diapers Time just flies"

The principal called through the list of seniors receiving their diplomas.

"Angela Grace Krelbrone."

Audrey watched as her daughter, her best friend strolled across the stage with such confidence and beauty. She really wished that Seymour had lived to see this wonderful day when both their children graduated from high school. She would study social sciences at NYU that coming fall."

"Robert Seymour Krelborne."

Rob was next to cross the stage. He was the man his father would have been proud of. Good grades. Great friends. A talent for music. He would study guitar performance at Berklee Colllege of Music in Boston.

Several more names were read and then

"Turner Patrick Martin."

Audrey couldn't be more happy that Turner had come into Angie's life a year ago. She had been so awkward around boys I up until their courtship. Turner had opened up a whole new side of Angie Audrey had never seen before and it plain to see from the perspective of both mothers that the relationship had changed both teens for the better. She wondered what would be come of the relationship once they both headed in different directions to college. Turner would be going to UConn to study political science and play soccer.

So many wonderful things were ahead. Audrey and Danielle couldn't be more proud of their kids.