Stephenie Meyer owns the Twilight Characters. This is a side story to The Cube Series; you have to read those before this story makes sense. Also remember Budge is NOTHING like Edward.


With a name like Budge Q. Cullen I was destined to be different. It wasn't a bad thing, because the world is a big place and there is plenty of room for individuality. Luckily, I had a mother who encouraged me to be whoever I wanted to be. She constantly asked me what shape I liked best, but I didn't care about shapes, I liked things most people didn't see. When others saw a garden of pretty flowers I noticed the grass, or when most people focused on the leaves of a tree I liked the roots the best.

The bell rang and I headed out of my last class with joy. I hated school and I knew most of the teachers tolerated me because of my brother, Trooper. They all loved him and he convinced them to give me the benefit of the doubt. I heard someone call my name and turned around to find Natalie Newton walking toward me.

"You forgot your backpack," she said, and then thrust her large chest out at me.

I walked up to her looking at her boobs, so she folded her arms to make them even larger. I reached out and pulled her tight V-neck shirt and looked at her bra. It was a thin layer of black lace and I had no idea how it contained her massive hooters.

She laughed and said, "You should come to my birthday party next Saturday."

"Give me your bra and I'll come," I bargained.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at me to see if I was serious. I just stood there with a blank expression so she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She pulled the straps down her arms and then pulled the lace from her shirt and handed it to me.

I had an overwhelming urge to put it on and see if I could do that trick, but I would do it later when no one was around. I put it in my back pocket and said, "So where's your party?"

"Are you really coming, it is the same day as Trooper's birthday you know."

"No problem," I said, trying to sound confident. They were both turning seventeen and I was only fifteen, but I had way more propensity for danger than my perfect brother.

She took a step toward me, letting her free chest press against mine and said, "The party will be in my bedroom, don't be late."

Then she walked away. I pulled out my phone and sent off a text to most of the male population of the school and informed them I had one of Natalie's bras for sell to the highest bidder. Trooper walked up as I hit send and shook his head at me.

"Mom will freak if she knows you're talking to Natalie Newton," he informed me.

"She found my backpack," I informed him. "But mom doesn't need to know."

"Come on," he said, and turned to walk off, "Emma is driving today."

I followed him from the school and saw a group of girls so I walked over to their huddle. Dreamer rolled down the window of Emma's car and yelled, "Budge, come on, Dad will be waiting for us."

"Just a minute," I called out, so she stuck her head out the window and screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs. She would not stand for my father having to wait one extra second for us to return home. I finally headed toward the car just to shut her up.

Trooper got in the front passenger side and looked a bit embarrassed at being chauffeured by Emma. He usually drove his car, but sometimes she insisted on driving. I got into the back and sat next to Patrick. He looked at me and said with a big smile, "I just farted."

"Dude, come on, stop acting like a middle schooler," I said to educate him.

"I am a middle schooler," he pointed out.

"I know, but you don't want to act like it. You're a pretty big kid, girls don't know your age," I said, and he glanced around at all the high school girls with just a hint of fear.

"Watch the crosswalk," Trooper said to Emma. She huffed loudly and glared at him. She was a year older than him but he acted like her very life was his responsibility. Trooper was crazy about Emma, but she just toyed with him.

I looked out the window at the trees and began making my plan to sneak out to see Natalie. I would have to keep it very quiet since my mother would rather see me dead then with Natalie. We pulled into the McCarty's driveway and Dreamer saw my father waiting on the porch. She jumped from the car and ran screaming across the yard.

"Thanks for the ride," Trooper said, probably meaning, "Will you marry me?"

"Yeah," I chimed in, "I didn't think we would survive."

"Shut up," Emma said to me and then looked at her car. "You forgot your backpack," she complained.

I walked back over to get it, knowing I never kept anything important in it. Trooper headed to the porch but I went to the back of the house to check my text messages. I had a bidding war going on and it was up to seventy-five bucks already.

I walked through the back door and found my mom sorting clothes in the washroom. "Budge," she called out, "Smell this." She shoved one of my father's shirts in my face so I took a big whiff. "Does it smell like perfume?" she asked.

"No," I said with a shrug. "It smells like soap."

She pulled it back to her own nose and smelled it several times. I decided it was time to work on an alibi for next Saturday. "I'm going to bed early next Saturday; I'm tired of keeping track of all my stuff."

"Just let Trooper know," she said, and smelled the shirt again.

I headed into the kitchen and found Dreamer telling dad about every moment of her day. It was nauseating because eleven year olds don't have very interesting days. I grabbed a cookie and went upstairs. Trooper was turning on his computer when I passed his door so I stopped and asked, "Do you have anything planned for your birthday?"

Now it was easy for me to lie, although I rarely did. I usually just said whatever was on my mind and didn't care if it angered anyone, but Trooper was terrible at lying. He worried about other's feelings and the consequences of being caught in a lie. He looked away from me and shook his head. "No, nothing special," he mumbled.

I walked all the way into his room and asked, "Come on, what are you planning?"

"This is personal Budge, don't ask," he said, and refused to look at me.

"So you don't mind if I make plans for that night?" I pressed him.

"No, mom will most likely have a cake or something for dinner, but go ahead and make plans for later."

I moved to his bed and sat down, needing to speak frankly with my big brother. "Listen," I said softly, "Have you had sex with anyone?"

Trooper's eyes shot up to mine and his face paled a little. "Who told you that?" he demanded.

"Nobody, I'm just asking for some advice, maybe a pointer or two," I assured him.

"Who are you having sex with?" he asked, like he was my mom or something.

"Nobody special," I said, and suddenly wanted to check to see what the bid was up to, instead I kept my eyes on my brother. He sighed and came to sit next to me.

"Budge, sex should be with someone special. You should wait until you fall in love and….."

"Oh God, you are so much like dad," I laughed. "I'm never falling in love, and I don't plan on being a monk, so I'm pretty much going to do any girl willing to let me."

"Then I have no advice for you," he said, like his refusal to talk about sex would keep me from finding out anything.

I laughed and tried to point out something to him. "If you don't get over your love for Emma you'll be the one remaining a virgin forever. She is never going to hump you." He wouldn't look at me again so I patted him on the back and said, "Nice talking to you bro."

I got to the door when he finally called me back to his bed. He walked over to make sure the door was locked and then opened his drawer and pulled out a box of condoms and handed me a few. I laughed loudly, having so much more respect for Trooper than I originally had.

"Don't lose those," he said emphatically.

"Who are you screwing?" I asked him softly, dying to know who Trooper found worthy over Emma.

"Nobody, I just have plans of my own for my birthday."

My eyes grew wide and I looked at him with shock. "Are you getting a hooker for your birthday?" I asked, because I was going to completely rework my birthday list.

"No you idiot, she's a virgin," he said, and I grimaced at the thought. I wasn't sure how two virgins were going to have any fun at all. I was glad my plans were with Natalie. I shrugged and headed out of his room.

"Budge," he yelled, "You forgot your backpack."

I walked back into his room and picked it up off the floor. I got into my own room and tossed the allusive backpack into the corner and pulled out my phone. I had a winning bidder at eighty-seven bucks. I turned on my own computer and plugged in my ipod so I could listen to music while I surfed online.

A knock sounded on my door and my dad peeked in. "I'm leaving for the club now," he said.

"I'm sure Dreamer is having an aneurysm," I replied.

"How's science going?" he asked, since I was on school probation for mixing chemicals and setting off the sprinkler system.

"Nobody died," I said, and brought up my facebook account. I saw a message from Natalie and quickly minimized it so dad wouldn't see. I looked over my shoulder to see him looking at me. "Anything else?" I asked.

"No, don't give your mother any problems tonight and listen to Trooper," he instructed, just like he did every night.

"Me? Never," I said, and he laughed and shut the door.

I surfed the web for a bit and tried to find some instruction on how to rock it like a sex God. I found a site that talked about different positions and how to keep from shooting my wad too early. It suggested concentrating on something extremely nonsexual, like baseball stats or something. I wasn't sure it was possible, since almost everything made me think of sex.

I suddenly heard my mom yelling like someone had really pissed her off. I walked from my room and saw Trooper running down the stairs. "Mom, what's wrong?" he asked her.

"Trooper, I'm so sorry. I tried to keep Assper from coming to your birthday dinner but when I invited Alice and Jasmine she just assumed he could come too."

Trooper sighed heavily and then said, "Mom, don't plan anything special. I have plans with friends that night."

"Not Nastylie," she gasped, and I felt my spine stiffen.

"No mom, she has a different set of friends than me," he explained.

I smiled, because Natalie was a lot closer than he thought. My mother looked over at the oven and said, "I can't eat now, my appetite is ruined all because of that Southern table thumper."

"I'll feed Dreamer and Budge," Trooper offered, and I cleared my throat, causing my brother to look up at me.

"You're not feeding me unless you grow an impressive set of jugs," I informed him.

My mother waved her hand to dismiss me and mumbled as she walked away, "They all leak so don't be too impressed."

I watched Trooper walk to the oven and check on the food. My eyes then focused on a kitchen chair and it looked an awful lot like one in a picture I just saw online with a couple doing it in a chair. It hit me like divine inspiration; I was going to do Natalie in a chair, how difficult could it be?