Chapter 20: Deleted Scene

Later that night, Po is busy trying to use his kung fu to create ice (Note: The story's sort of like Avatar: The Last Airbender due to the elements of water and fire, but the element of ice was not included in the show and the story is mainly about a battle between the Ku Zai warriors and the Dark.), but fails miserably.

"Oh, great", said Po, now disappointed, "Now I'll never control the ice element."

"There is only one way to control the ice element, Po", said King Yerashi.

"Really? There is? How?", asked Po.

"Remember the inner peace technique you did when you cast the fire on the torch at my kingdom?", asked King Yerashi.

"Yes", said Po, "I think I understand now. If I use the Inner Peace technique with my eyes closed, I'll be able to control the ice element."

"Correct, Po", said King Yerashi.

Po closes his eyes and, just like the same thing he did when he caught the zen ball before he throwed it at the cannon Lord Shen was using, he spins around and with one swift of his left leg, he finally managed to control the ice element.

"Well done", said King Yerashi, "Now you have one more element to master once you find the third Triangle of Honor: Water."

Well, that's it for the deleted scene. Sorry for making it short.