Chapter Six

When William woke up he was extremely happy with the thought of waking up to Gilly every morning. Gilly. Just her name made him hard. He stretched and placed a hand where she was laying next to him but she wasn't there. Instantly he was alert and searching the room for her but still nothing. "Gilly, love, pet? Where are you?"


William pulled on his pants and palmed a couple of blades as he quickly searched the bathroom and closet making sure to smell the air for cherries. Nothing. He left his room and made his way to the stairs and could hear a lot of laughter coming from the living room. As he rounded the corner the scent of cherries hit him like a wrecking ball. Gillian. He quickly stuck both blades in his belt loop and tried to nonchalantly enter the room.

"Liam! You're awake! I was bringing food to you when Strider and Sabin confronted me." She said. William looked past her to Strider who was giving him a thumbs up sign and looking at Gillian's body. Note to self, kill Strider if so much as looks at Gillian again.

"You should have woke me. I wasn't sure if Anya had told everyone about you. They could have attacked you or put you in the dungeon!" Or tried to do OTHER things to you.

"My, my! Possessive much, Liam?" Strider said trying to sound feminine and affectionate when he said Liam.

Instantly William's eyes were glowing red and he growled at Strider. "You do not get to call me Liam!" Strike that last note, kill him now. I can handle Kaia's wrath, I'll just sick Lucifer on her.

Cutting off his path to Strider Gillian quickly moved in and wrapped her arms around William's waist and removed the blades he had already palmed ready to attack Strider. Thankfully the scent of cherries calmed him a bit that and Gilly's calming voice telling him that Strider was only messing with him.

"I know but-"

"But nothing. If you were to challenge and defeat him I would have to watch a friend suffer in pain. And if he defeats you I'll have to spend the next few days nursing you back to health. I plan on using that time more constructively." Gillian said while moving to block William's sight line to Strider. Since he still looked as if he would attack Strider. Gilly leaned in close to him and whispered to him that if he didn't calm down she would change the scent to something gross and disgusting making him so nauseous that he couldn't stand to be in the same room with her.

"You wouldn't!" He glared at her.

"I would just try me!" She countered. Then she leaned in again and threatened to change the scent to what Strider prefers best. "Now you're just being hateful!" William said.

"Want to test your luck! Gross and disgusting or the scent that makes HIS mouth water!" Gilly said with a jerk of her chin in Strider's direction.

"Oh! Oh! Can I vote on this one?" Strider asked.

"No!" Liam growled at him.

"Alright. Alright stop pestering William. Gilly's got her hands full as it is and as I hear it Kaia would flip if she found out you were hitting on another girl." Sabin reasoned.

"What are you talking about Kaia and I are not involved?" Strider said turning his attention to Sabin.

"Yet. But she is definitely staking a claim on you. That's evident after she threatened Amun with bodily harm if he ever tried to hurt you again." Sabin reminded him.

"Oh that's right she's on her way to the Harpy games right now. She definitely didn't want to leave you while you were in such pain though. It pained her even more to do so. When you bring her back please stop by our room so I can meet her." Gillian commented.

"I'm not going after her. If she comes here you can introduce yourself." With that he started to storm out of the room.

"I would re-think that if I were you. I believe she will soon be in possession of the fourth artifact you need." Gillian said.

After a slight pause, Strider finished storming out of the room.

'Well that went well' Gilly said out loud.

"Well what do you expect you practically told him his entire future woman!"

"Well he should be happy their future is –" With that William scooped her up over his shoulder grabbed the tray of food and practically ran back to his bedroom with her!

"Sabin what was that about?" Gwen said looking confused at the scene that just played out.

"Gilly is Hera's oracle an knows everyone's future. At least until a random event changes it. She was about to spill the beans on Strider's future with Kaia but William took her away."

"Oh that! He's her consort alright he just hasn't figured it out yet." Gwen replied.

"How do you know this?" Sabin said with a raised eyebrow.

"Kaia told me that in the car on their road trip she started to go harpy when she kept chanting that she couldn't kill him and that she promised Bianka. Blah blah blah." Gwen said dramatically.

"How does that prove anything?"

"Because in her mind all she was doing was repeating only his name and the image of the two of them in bed together." Gwen said as she wrapped her arms around Sabin's waist and kissed him softly.

"Poor Strider doesn't even know what's about to hit him."

"Don't let Kaia hear you talk like that she'll take it as a threat and go harpy!" Gwen replied.

"Well then do me a favor and don't mention it. Because if she goes harpy on me you'll go harpy on her again!" Sabin said as he traced her spine with his fingertips.

"Deal. Besides I'm only allowed one harpy moment a century on my sisters that's a rule the twins started after some big fight they had over some stolen food about a thousand years ago.

Hey you said she knows the future right?" Gwen commented.


"I should go ask her about ours for next year. I'm wondering how many little Gwen's will be running around here!" Gwen said.

"What? Are trying to tell me that you're pregnant?"

"Not yet but next month is definitely the time to be thinking about it."

"You want to narrow that down for me or will we be spending the whole month locked in our room?" Sabin said as he pulled her in closer to his body.

"Hmm. Decisions. Decisions. A whole month locked away with my husband or a short week locked away. I think I'll go with option one and let you wonder when the exact time is."

"Bonus. I love you sweetheart." Sabin said between kisses.

"Back at you Sabin." Gwen said as she started to extend her wings hoping that he was up for a chase.

"So out of curiosity sake, what is Strider's scent?" William asked.

"When it comes to Kaia cinnamon rolls. Oh and don't mention peaches around them. Strider's still not sure if she hates them or was just jealous that the scent was on him and came from another woman!" Gilly replied.

"Oh yeah I remember the strippers!"

"Hey you say that with any more longing and I'll disappear again somewhere in the fortress and I'll do it naked and will re-appear in a room filled with as many lords as I can find."

An invisible voice coming from one of the speakers said 'I have to say William it sounds like a good idea to me.'

"Stay out of it Torin." William replied. "There you just got to re-meet another lord now can we go back to our room?"

"But I haven't met the others oh and Danika I want to see Danika. After all Zeus placed part of me in her ancestor. I can help her become more than she is." Gillian squealed.

"She's not here right now and the others are busy. Besides there's a shower waiting for us!" He answered.

"You're right the lords can wait. Onward to OUR bedroom Liam."

"Gods I love when you call me that." He replied.

"My Liam, my Liam! Why am I allowed to call you that but no one else?" She asked as he plopped her down on the bed and put the tray on the night stand.

"Because it came out of the lips that I plan on kissing for the rest of eternity."

'I like the sound of that. Hey where do you want me to put these?' she said referring to the blades she still held.

"I don't care. Your hands need to be free. I have plans for them."

"Well then I'll just stick them here." She said as she jammed them into the headboard right behind the rod she was cuffed to the night before.

"On second thought give me one of those blades." William said with that hungry look in his eyes.

"I love it when you look at me like that!" Gilly said tossing the blade to him handle first.

"Do you trust me pet?" William asked.

"With my entire soul." Gillian added.

"Then stand up."

Gilly stood up in front of William on the bed putting her breasts at eye level to him.

Slowly as he twirled the blade in his hand he grabbed the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing and pulled it away from her skin. Suddenly he stabbed the thin material and cut the shirt from her body. Dear gods she wasn't wearing panties or a bra.

"Liam, that was - that was -" Gillian stuttered.

"Erotic beyond belief?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth. But I have one request..." She said.


"Please only do that when I'm wearing your shirts because I happen to like all my clothes!" Gilly replied.

"Yeah about that..."

"What is it? Spit it out."

"I don't know if you noticed but you've grown about three or so inches so I think we may need to rethink your wardrobe. I have a feeling that you'll be busting out of most of your stuff." William said.

"So you have a problem with that?"

"Outside of this room? Hell yeah! But we can talk about that later. Right now your hands need to get busy taking care of me." William said as he carried her to the shower.

As he put her down outside the shower stall she quickly stripped him of his pants and realized just how hard he was and asked did I do that or was it Strider using the nickname that did it?

"Funny! I believe your mouth isn't busy enough either."

"Well then I better get at it." She said as she pulled him into the shower and quickly went down on her knees.

He was already hard enough and knew he wouldn't last. She felt amazing and he wondered whether or not her core tasted like cherries as well. All too quickly he came and she sucked him dry. As she stood up with such a sweet smile on her face he was instantly hard again. "I need to taste you pet!"

"Soon but first you're going to wash me. Hair first please if you start with anything else you'll never finish the task." Gilly commanded.

"Your wish is my command."

She was right the moment he finished with her hair he had her pinned against the wall and wanted to take her right there. But there was a persistent knocking on the bathroom door that stopped him. "Willie. You in there? Sabin said you and Gilly were up and I wanted to drag Gilly out on the town with me." Anya said.

"She's busy go away!"

"You're both in there? Well you don't waste any time getting busy. Whatever happened to I'm not interested? Gilly he better take care of you or I'll get Lucien to beat him up." Anya joked.

"Will you please go away Annie?" William growled.

"Well who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I just wanted to take Gilly out." Anya replied.

"Liam grab that blade." Gillian said.

"What you want me to kill her?" He questioned.

"No, Lucien will be very put out. Aim high but hard and enough of the blade should go through the door. She'll get the picture."

"I like how your mind works." He said with a dazzling smile.

As the blade wedged into the door, Anya let out a squeal then said you could have just asked politely for me to leave.

"We did now please leave."

"Jeesh testy much?" Anya said with a huff.

"I'll find you later Anya." Gilly said.

"Much much later." William added.

As the door slammed William turned to Gilly and said now where were we (with a tint of red glow to his eyes).

"You were about to take me to the bed. I believe you were interested in something to do with cherry tasting." Gillian replied.

"Dear gods woman you make me so hard."

"I should hope so. Now get to the tasting young man." Gillian commanded.

With a growl he strode to the bed, threw her on it and covered her with his body. Slowly he kissed his way down her navel and when he stopped between her thighs he noticed she was already wet. He plunged his tongue in and dear gods she did taste like cherries. It was painfully exquisite. He was in heaven. Instantly she orgasmed and her walls clamped down on his tongue while he sucked her dry.

"More she cried." And he pulled back to move up her body to thrust his cock into her. As he did she screamed out and instantly they both came.

"After laying in each other's arms for about an hour Gilly sat up and smacked William on the stomach and said 'it's time for fashion show!'


"I'm running down to my room to get some of my clothes. You said I can't wear certain things anymore so it's time for a fashion show." She replied.

"Can't this wait?"

"No. I'm doing this now." Gilly said.

"Well at least make sure you find something big of mine to cover you." He replied.

"How about this?" She said putting on a pair of his boxers and nothing else.

"Very funny. Put my t shirt on as well. Do you need any help carrying all of it?"

"Nope I'm just gonna use the duffle that I brought it in." She said.

"Ok be waiting for you."

When she came back in the room 20 minutes later he didn't expect the entourage that came with her. Anya, Gwen, and Ashlyn followed her in and giggled at William's shocked look.

"Woman you were supposed to come back alone. I didn't want to share you with anyone." William growled.

"Oh shut it Willie and go get dressed. No one wants to see what you got going on under that sheet." Anya said.

"Please you know you want to see this." He said gesturing to himself.

"William don't make me threaten you again I will do it." Gilly said.

"Wow! You already broke him? Good job Gilly!" Anya said with a proud smile.

"Ok ok I'm getting dressed." He said as he wrapped the sheet around himself and stomped off into the closet.

After about 45 minutes of changing and chatting and giggling because William kept saying no on the items that were too tight, he had had enough.

"Pet I'll make a compromise with you I'll let you keep half of the too tight outfits if you just tell me which ones I will agree to now." William bargained.

"Ok. Give me a second." Her eyes glazed over and she started shuffling through the pile on the floor in front of her.

"How is she doing that?" Ashlyn asked.

"She's looking into the future." Anya and William replied.

After a moment she had the pile separated and pointed to one saying that's the stack I'm keeping. "Fantastic. Now we can go shopping!" Anya announced.

"No no no! I get her for another three hours and then you can have her for a quick shopping trip and that's it." William argued.

"Gods Willie you trying to get her pregnant the first month you're together?" Anya asked.

"What? Pregnant? No I just well - Uh she and I were –" William stuttered.

"Oh I think we freaked him out." Ashlyn said.

"Liam sweetheart look at me. It's okay I'm not going to leave you we're just going shopping besides I already know the answer to that question. As well as the answers to your situation, and yours and yours." Gilly announced as she walked into the closet to toss her keep pile in there.

"What you already know?" William yelled.

"Yup I peeked when I went to my room. That's when Anya found me."

"Wait, wait, wait! You know about whether or not I'm going to have a baby and when?" Gwen said.

"Yup. Want me to dish?" Gilly asked.

"Well I already know what I'm having so what can you tell me that I don't already know?" Ashlyn interrupted.

"Their names, what they look like, the day they will be born, which comes first, what abilities they have. Boy are you going to be busy. By the way, you're not far off on your latest test names but you should switch them around to Ash and Madelyn, the boy is definitely the fiery one." Gilly announced.

"So am I going to get pregnant next month?" Gwen asked tentatively.

"Yes, is that all you want to know about it?" Gilly countered.

"What do you mean?" Gwen replied.

"I mean I know a lot more. So…" Gilly said.

"Yes, tell us more!" Anya and Gwen said together.

"Give me a second." She said as she stared off into the distance. After a moment she said 'whoa that's interesting!'

"Excuse me. Can we circle back to me? Gilly? I uh, I –" William stuttered again.

"Ladies would you mind giving me a moment? I promise to tell all while we're shopping" Gilly said.

"Sure. William looks like he could use a hug so take your time." Anya said as they walked out the door.

"Liam? Are you alright?"

"Tell me are you –" He started to ask.

"That depends, do you want me to be?"

"I didn't even think you could, I mean you're an oracle. And I'm well not." He replied.

"Yes or no William?" Gilly demanded.

"Yes but –"

"Let me answer your unspoken questions first... Yes I can, this body is still human just controlled by an immortal. No it wouldn't be evil, because you're not and I'm not. It would be powerful so we would need to be vigilant parents. So I ask again yes or no and right now or in the future?"

"Yes, absolutely yes and if now would I hurt you if we - uh... Oh and how long?" William asked.

"No you wouldn't hurt me and about the same time as a human." Gilly replied.

"Wow! So are you ?"

"Only if you are ready for it!" Gilly answered.

"I'm ready for it."

With a huge grin Gilly said 'then yes I'm pregnant!'

"What if I said I wasn't ready yet!"

"Then I would have waited." She replied.

"You mean you would have sprung it on me later on?"

"No I mean I would have held her until you were ready." Gilly said.

"It's a girl! You already know?" William asked.

"Oops, I meant to keep that a surprise!"

"I love you pet!"

"I know Liam. I know."

"Oh and i love you too little one!" William said as he bent to kiss her stomach.

"Can I go shopping now?"

"Come back to me, quickly!" He said.

"Always Liam! Oh and I expect some sort of gift when I get back! I leave it up to you as to whether it's clothes or something sparkly. Oh and if you choose clothes it better not be something frumpy that covers every inch of me or I change my scent. I think I'll try sulfur. That should really annoy you." Gilly said.

"Come on is it my fault if I want to be the only person looking at your beautiful body?"

"By the way, you're the only one who can smell the cherries so if you do upset me everyone would think you insane if you said I smelled bad." Gilly replied.

"That's not fair!"

"Well a girl has to keep the advantages on her side now doesn't she?"

"Pet, do I get a goodbye kiss?"

'I thought you'd never ask,' she said as she bounced into his arms.

"Careful now pet, don't hurt our little one!"

"You worry too much! Always have always will!" She said as she smacked his arm.

As he cupped her cheeks and gently kissed her lips she let out a soft moan that made him melt into her. 'More please,' she quietly asked as he pulled her in closer to his chest. She started to rub against him and could feel him getting hard. As her hand started to trail down his body and was about to dig into his pants he stepped back and breathlessly said that she needed to go shopping before Anya came back in and interrupted them, again!

"Well you better not have moved from this room until I get back. I plan on giving you a private fashion show." She announced.

"I will be waiting right here and make sure you're alone this time because I plan on being naked."

"Deal. Oh and Liam?"


"I love you too."

"I know pet, I know."