AN~ This takes place about twenty-five years after X-Men: Evolution ended. There were the Uneventful Years, a seven year span between the last episode and the beginning of World War III. Now, WW III has been going on for fifteen years, the war is, you guessed it, between mutants and humans [the humans started it, well just the Kelly Program (which shall be known as K-Pro)].

Now before I start the story there are some things you need to know: civilization has downgraded back to small colonies here and there with no real ruler, government, or laws. There are family's with no mutants in them what-so-ever, they will be referred to as "Pure bloods" (yes, the phrase from Harry Potter) now, if a mutant is born into a "Pure blood" family, the family looses all social status in the colony that they live in (kinda like in Harry Potter when a Squib or Muggle is born into a pure blood family).

Now, since it's been twenty-five years after Evolution ended, most of the characters in here will be OC's, so feel free to submit them in a review (include Name, power, age, if they were born into a "Pure blood" family or not, and their back story). The last thing you need to know for this story is that the words in italics are a voice over, and the words not in italics are what's going on. That will only be for the beginning in the first chapter though. Thanks for clicking, and enjoy!

No one said anything about war.

Soldiers rush past with two wounded being carried between a few survivors.

No one said anything about death, especially to those so young.

Children being rushed to the medical wing, some with broken ribs, and some not so lucky.

No one said anything about how bad this would get.

Mutants of all ages fighting against the human exterminators, the mutants running out of numbers.

Because no one knew.

No one would have ever guessed war was what was coming, well one poor soul did, but the rest of us were too stupid to realize that he was right. No one would have guessed it would last for fifteen years so far. Because no one wanted to. They all wanted to think that Professor X was right; that there'd be peace. No one knew how wrong he was. Everyone wanted peace; even me, and I was born into the war.

My name, well, in the midst of war, no one cared to give me a name. I named myself though, Artsiv. And I am a mutant. A disgrace to my human family's name. A monstrosity. A freak. I have to admit though, I love my mutation. I won't bore you on the painful transformation, but I can turn into this huge eagle, a bigger than life eagle. I could carry Colossus in my talons, I'm that huge.

But, if you did read above, you would have noticed that it's painful to change back and forth, it also takes about two hours to transform completely, so most of the time I stay in my human form. My appearance in human form is a bit intimidating, I am about six foot (and I'm only fourteen!), I have brod shoulders, not an ounce of fat, and some people say my eyes are scary. Their this deep amber color with tinges of red. My hair color is also the color that my feathers are when I change, a rusty brown of sorts.

"ARTSIV!" I'm snapped out of my internal monologue by my name being called "Artsiv! Come on! We've got a lot of people who need help. Stay focused!" it was Jean Grey, my adviser. She had been looking older and older these past few weeks, and now I could see a few wrinkles on her face and a few gray hairs in her fiery main.

"Okay, Okay. No need to yell." I say back. I continue to look around me, searching through the disfigured bodies of my friends and enemies for those still alive. I heard a cough from under one of the assassins that was sent in. I could tell by the insignia on his black clad shoulder that he had been part of the Kelly Program. I pushed him out of the way to find two girls, they were dirty and afraid.

"Are you mutants?" I asked.

One of them nodded and she then asked, "Are you?" I couldn't pinpoint the accent, but it wasn't from here. I nod and she looks at me in disbelief. "Prove it."

I spread my arms wide and will my russet-brown feathers to sprout from my skin. I can control my mutation to the point of only sprouting wings for arms, or talons for feet, e.t.c. The little girls look at me in awe.

"Now it's your turn," I say softly. They both look at me for a second and then nod. One takes off her gloves and the other holds up her bare hand.

"Don't blame us if you get hurt," the smaller one said. They touched only fingers and before I know it there is a ball of light growing from their joined hands. They pulled away and the ball of light disappeared. "It only works for a few seconds."

"That's amazing." I say calmly. I make sure to keep my voice soft so I don't frighten them. They only looked to be about eight years old. "Come with me, I know a place where you'll be safe." I hold out my hands and they each took one.

"Where are we going?" the smaller one asked.

"We'll be going to a camp. It has a lot of people who are going to take care of you. They're friends of mine," I was trying to be as upbeat as possible, there was no need to bring the little girls down.

Artsiv! I heard the shriek in my mind and dropped the two girl's hands.

Jean! Jean? Where are you? What's going on? I send back through the telepathic link between us.

They're after you. Run! I felt the connection sever and I was now utterly alone.

"Keep low to the ground! If all else fails, act dead!" I quickly whisper to the two girls. They nod and drop to their hands and knees.

"Whats going on? Why do-" one started. I felt the bullets coming before I could actually hear them. I crashed to the ground and covered the two girls with my body, determined to keep them safe. I heard them both scream when the bullets landed somewhere to my left.

"Keep quiet and act dead," I whispered, I felt them nod against my chest. I sprang up and started to run, making sure to do this as loudly as possible. I took a chance and looked behind me, there they were. Three K-Pro assassins.

I ran as fast as I could. I don't know how long I ran, I don't know how many times I got shot at and managed to miss the bullet, before one hit me. I felt the all too familiar sting of pain in my lower thigh, almost hitting my knee. I cried out with pain, faltered on my next step, and spent the next few yards breaking the fall with my face. I pulled myself off the ground and spit dirt and a few drops of blood out of my mouth. I checked my teeth, and felt that they were all there and not loose. I went over the damage in my head.

Forehead: fine;

Nose: broken;

Lips: split and bleeding.

Teeth: safe and secure.

Chin: throbbing and raw but Okay;

Arms: fine;


Right Leg: fine;

Left Leg: shot, but missed the artery;

Feet: fine.

I took a chance and looked at my leg. Blood was pouring from the bullet hole, and I was thankful that it went through the other side so I won't have to yank it out. I stripped of my shirt and ripped it into long strips and made a bandage type thingy. I put it to my leg and pressed as hard as I could. I noticed that the bullet hadn't gone through the bone, only muscle. Thats good I suppose, no cast. The K-Pro assassins catch up to me and one aims at my head, one aims for my neck, and one aims for my heart.


Damn, damn, damn!

"Put your hands above your head, and stand up slowly," one barked at me. I put my arms above my head and wince as more blood comes out of my leg.

"He said 'Stand up slowly.'," one of the others said, checking the safety on his gun.

"If you haven't noticed, I can't move my leg," I spat at them. I looked back down at my leg; more blood was coming out. Does anyone else feel dizzy?

"Young man, I think it'd be wise of you to stand," there was something different in the third one's voice, a sort of calming air to it.

Artsiv, don't worry, I'm trying to get them under control, Professor's voice rang through out my mind. Great, well this is juuuuuuuust great. Hallucinations. Most people, when they hallucinate, see something to the effect of a dancing walrus coming toward them to take them to the land of marshmallow's. What'd I get? A voice inside my head that sounds like the Professor's. I feel cheated.

No Artsiv, came Professor's voice again, I am not a hallucination. Which is exactly what every hallucination would say. I'm standing right in front of you. I put my arms down and pressed harder on the now blood soaked shirt strips and attempted to make the bleeding stop.

A tourniquet, Artsiv, take your belt off, tie it tight just above the bullet hole, and press with the strips, Professor told me. I did as he said and kept pressing. The blood flow came to a slowing halt.

I looked back up to the three K-Pro agents. Two of them seemed confused, and one seemed to be in control. Professor. I watched as he sent the two assassins off in the opposite direction.

"Professor?" I asked.

"Yes, Artsiv?" he asked back.

"What about the two little girls back there? What if a K-Pro finds them?"

"I sent them a little message and they should be here soon. Now, put on arm over my shoulder, and I'll help you back to camp." I nodded and put my left arm over his shoulders, leaning on Professor for support.

I bet most of you are wondering, WHAT? PROFESSOR CAN'T WALK! WTF? Well, a few years into the Uneventful Years, Professor had a power surge. He figured out how to transfer his consciousness into a different body. He had been working on this for awhile before the surge, and had made himself a clone (a younger clone). After putting his consciousness into the clone, he was able to walk.

"Hello?" I heard a small child's voice call out from somewhere behind us. Professor turned us slowly around and I saw the two little girls I had found.

"Hello, Elly. Hello Jove." the Professor greeted each of the girls. The smaller one (Jove) saw my leg and pointed it out to Elly.

"We can help, you know." Jove said, pointing to my bullet wound.

"Would you help?" I asked. They nodded and turned to each other. Elly took off a glove and they touched fingers again. The same ball of light grew from their fingers and as it touched me I felt this warm feeling seep it's way into me. Like a breath of fresh air, the warmth of the sun (a rare thing, the sun had been behind smoke clouds for as long as I can remember), the feel of green grass. All too soon it was gone. I looked down at my leg; no bullet hole, not even a scar.

"Thank you." I said, getting my arm off of Professor's shoulders and holding out my hands for the two girls. They each took one and we started off toward the camp.

"Professor, where's Jean?" I asked, the thought of her striking me. Professor's face seemed to darken as he searched for her brainwaves, trying to locate my adviser.

"I can't find her," he looked at me, "Take Elly and Jove to the camp, I'll go look for Jean."

"I'll meet you back at camp," I said, turning with Elly and Jove still holding my hands. The camp that I keep talking about is just tarps and canvas threaded in between trees with a few cots, blankets and pillows, a Morse Code receiver, and a few electronics that are out of battery's. Sometimes, if a mutant comes around who can control electricity they'll get the electronics back to full battery, but one hasn't come around for about a year. We also have cooking stuff, and an old well. The only way we can drink the water is if the pyromatic mutant here boils it for a good minute. We don't have a lot of food, what we do is go into the colony closest to us and buy food when we can, and steal when we can't.

"Who's gonna be at the camp?" Jove asked, looking up at me with her big green eyes.

"They're friends of mine, I think you'll like them. They're going to help take care of you." I looked back and forth between Elly and Jove. "Would you ming telling me what happened before I found you?"

"Well, we were running with our mom, but there were lot's of us, lots of mutants, running around us. We got separated and we spent about a day by ourselves when the K-Pro's started coming for us." Elly started, looking from me to the ground. "Thats about when you came." I nodded and we continued in silence to the camp.

"Artsiv!" I heard. I dropped Elly and Jove's hands and turned to face Scott Summers. "Where's Jean?" he asks me.

"We were out looking for survivors of the last attack and I found these two," I pull Elly and Jove in front of me, "So I started back. I was on my way here when three K-Pro's came. I left Elly and Jove and ran to distract them. Professor was posing as one and drove the other two off. He did a quick sweep for Jean, but couldn't pick up anything. He's out looking for her now." I had to yell the last part because Scott had started to walk away.

"And who do we have here?" Nov'c asked sweetly.

"This is Elly and Jove." I say, pushing them a bit to Nov'c. She smiled at them, trying to distract their gaze from her bright purple hair and scar on her forehead.

"Hey, how are you guys?" Nov'c asked like we weren't in a war, like most of our mentors hadn't already died, like nothing bad has ever happened to her.

"Fine, are you one of his friends?" Jove asked politely.

"Artsiv?" Nov'c points up at me while she sits down on the dirt covered ground, "To tell the truth, he's not that interesting." I gave her a wounded look. "But, since he delivers my letters sometimes, I guess we're friends." I gave her a smile, and seeing how Elly and Jove sat down in front of Nov'c and were now in pleasant conversation, they didn't need me anymore.

I went over to the old Morse Code receiver. No one was sitting at it, so I sat down, waiting for a message.

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