AN:/ I DO NOT OWN anything other than my OC and her unborn child. Anything bolded and italicized are (roughly translated) Atlantian words. When there are prentices after the word, which is its English meaning.

"All right, we're done with the living areas." Major John Shepard told Doctor Rodney McKay over the coms.

"Whoa, are they better than our current rooms?" McKay asked, fixedly staring at the screen ahead of him.

"A few," Shepard was saying, shinning the light mounted on his gun along the walls; Lt. Ford walked a head. "Pretty nice, actually."

"What kind of square footage are we talking about?"

"What am I, a realtor, Rodney?" Shepard snapped at the other end, turning his head about. "I'm here to unlock the secrets of Atlantis."

"Yeah, well I'm looking for a one bedroom with a den, preferably with a balcony, but I'm not married to it." Up ahead of Shepard and Teyla, Ford turned the corner. "Look-"

"Sir, check this out!" Ford called.

"Shut up for a second," Shepard said to McKay before sprinting to Ford who was leaning on the doors edge. Shepard stood before it; gun raised, and singled Ford ahead of him. In a line, they entered the lab room, lights turning on and blinking as they did so.

"What, what is it?" McKay asked over the radio.

"Some sort of laboratory." Teyla said, looking around. There were consoles surrounding one of those beds you lay on at your local clinic. Ford was carefully picking at one of them in the back.

"We've crossed dozens of those; the cities full of them." McKay scoffed. "Is there something unusual about it?"

Shepard stopped at the console Ford was at and waved his hand over the large circular device in the middle of it. When he did, the console's light turned blue and a pod lit up in front of them. It looked like a normal stasis pod except…

The woman inside it.

She was beautiful, a goddess, in the eyes of John Shepard. Her light chestnut brown hair cascaded around her face and flowed like a river to about mid stomach. Her face was oval; freckles, so light you could barely see them, were sprinkled over her nose and cheeks. She was dressed in (in earth standers) a modest white cocktail dress. She was barefoot. John couldn't take his eyes off her.

"I'd have to say," Shepard gasped after Teyla hit him in the shoulder. "Yes."


"We could stand here looking at her all day. What we got to do is get her out of this box." McKay was standing in front of her chamber with Beckett at his side. Teyla, Ford, and Shepard were leaning on the controls when Doctor Weir walked in and headed straight for the woman.

"Rodney, we can't take that chance, we don't know how long she's been there or if she's even alive." Beckett argued.

"Which is why every second counts!" McKay turned to the Scottish man. "She could drop dead while we stand here arguing."

"How could she drop dead, you said she was frozen?" Shepard asked McKay, stepping off the consoles.

"She's in a state of metabolic stasis; she ages slowly, if at all, which extends her life." McKay explained in a bored tone.

"You are saying this woman is still alive?" Teyla asked. Shepard looked over his shoulder to see her giving confused glances.

"Yes," Both Doctors Beckett and McKay answered. "Life signs systems indicate viability. Data says she's been in that chamber for at least 10,000 years-"

Everyone's head whipped from McKay for answers. "10,000 years?" Ford asked thinking people usually are dust by now.

"Doesn't look a day over 38, let alone 10,000," Shepard said, respectively eyeing her up and down.

"Systems must have kept her from aging. The only way to tell if she's going to die is from taking her out and checking her on the insides." He looked at Beckett who was walking closer to the tank to stand next to Weir. "Which brings me back to my original point."

"She's so old I'm afraid the process of reviving her might kill her." Beckett told Weir

"We cannot let this chance to talk to a living and breathing ancient slip through our fingers," He turned and looked at Shepard. "Again."

"And who knows what state of mid she'll be in, not to mention the fact that she might be carrying some horrifying contagion." Beckett logically put out.

"And who knows what she knows about our city, more importantly does she know about any Zed PMs lying around." McKay shouted at the doctor.

"Now there's a thought." Shepard put in. He was hoping they got her out soon; he wanted to meet her. Never would John Shepard have thought that he would fall in love at first, let alone with one 10,000 years old and in a comma. But hey, they're in another galaxy, what do you expect.

"Revive her." Weir commanded, nodding towards Beckett.

"But Doctah-"

"It's my call, Carson. Rodney, do it."

"Thank you," McKay turned around and fiddled with a few buttons and knobs. Beckett took off to get his team ready.

"This whole time we thought this city was abandoned." Shepard sighed, still looking at the woman.

"Is it possible the Atlantians left her behind when they abandoned the city for Earth?" Teyla asked.

"I think she wanted to stay behind."

"Maybe they forgot about her?" Ford said, a slight smile coming to his lips.

"Then she's going to be really pissed when she wakes up." Shepard said making the others smile.

"If she remembers anything at all." Weir wisely said, turning back to the woman.


She was lying on the bed right in front of her stasis chamber having Beckett listen to her heart beat and breathing.

"Breathing is shallow, pulse rapid. I'll run a few tests to determine any brain activity." Something in her hand caught the doctor's eye. He unclenched her fist and took out a piece of paper.

"What is that?" Weir asked.

"I don't know." Beckett turned over the slip of paper and then handed it to Weir. Weir unfolded it and was shocked that there were symbols on it.

"They're gate addresses." McKay informed them. "There's five of them. This one….this was the addresses we dialed for Teyla's planet, Athos."

"Doctor Weir," Teyla said nodding her head to the woman-

Who was awake.

Beckett's mouth dropped slightly; John and Weir's eyes widened. The woman had the softest blue eyes, most like the ones in an afternoon sky. Everyone unconsciously stepped forward a little bit.

"Hello?" Doctor Weir said, leaning forward. "Can you hear me?"

Nothing happened. The woman continued to look out at nothing.

"Just what I thought," McKay said, running his hand over her eyes. "Freezer burned." He did it a few more times.

"I thought she wasn't frozen?" Ford asked.

"10,000 years, do ya expect her to dance a bloody jig?" Beckett snapped.

"It's the eyes, Carson, gotta look at the eyes," McKay said, getting very close to the woman to peer over her. "The lights are on but no body's home. It doesn't take a professional to know that-"

The woman's eyes snapped to McKay.

"Of course she can see us." Weir smiled down at the woman who was now looking at her. There was fear in her eyes. "And hear us. Hello, how are you feeling?" The woman's eyes drifted to the window, past Weir, and smiled at what she saw. The morning sun lighting up the once sunken city that she had known since birth.

"It oaolkit," she whispered, smiling.

"What was that?" Rodney asked.

Speaking Ancient, Weir lifted her gaze from the women to translate. "She said 'It worked'."

"What does that mean?" McKay mumbled.

"It means something worked." Shepard replied. Again, he found himself not being able to look away from her.

"Yes, that's very sharp." McKay cracked.

"Thank you." Shepard whispered back.

The woman rolled her head back, her eyes closed. "Hello?" Weir said, lightly touching the woman's shoulder. She smiled and said to the others, "She fell asleep. Once she's more stable I want her brought to the infirmary. And I want video on her at all times, recording everything. We might not get a second chance on anything she says." With that she left the room.

McKay took her place and crossed his arms. "Let's hope we get it first."


"Too big, huh?"

"I'm not saying it's too big, I'm just pointing out its dimensions."

"Well," Shepard said, shifting his feet that were propped up on the control board. "It's not that big."

"Gentlemen," Weir said, approaching the two men.

"We were just wondering if there were any other frozen bodies in Atlantis that we haven't discovered yet." Shepard explained.

"And I was just saying there's no way of knowing, in the short term. It'll be like searching every room in every building in Manhattan. It'll, uh, take a while." McKay said, crossing his arms. "God knows what other things aren't showing up on the sensors."

"Well, that's what we're here to find out." Weir put her hands in her back pocket.

"Doctor Weir?" Beckett said over the coms. He sounded troubled.


"I need you to come to the infirmary."

"Is our patient awake?"

"No, but there's something peculiar I'd like to show you."

"On our way." Weir turned and walked off; McKay struggled out of the office chair he was in before joining her. Shepard slowly got up, hoping that the woman was going to be alright.

"Carson, what'd you want to show me?" Weir asked by way of greeting as she walking into the medical room. Beckett was sitting next to the woman, lightly stroking the back of her hand with his thumb.

"How old do you think she is?" Beckett asked, not stopping what he was doing.

"Stasis kept her the way she was put in, she was basically sleeping-" McKay said, but Shepard butted in.

"About 10,038-ish." Weir looked at him funny, but he just shrugged. "What? I'm adding 10,000 years."

Carson nodded. "How many lives can one chamber sustain?"

"One per chamber; gets a bit cramped over 10,000 years for two people," McKay's brow furrowed and took a step forward. "Why? We only found one person in the chamber; did she say there was another?"

Carson smiled. "Not in so many words." He saw the confused looks on everyone's faces and got up. He walked to a large screen white a black and white image on it.

"What exactly are we looking-" It was Shepard's turn to be interrupted.

"Oh my God…" Weir sighed and looked back and forth from the machine to the woman lying in the hospital bed. She looked back up at Carson, her eyes wide. "It can't be…it would have…"

"Like Rodney said, the stasis pod kept her the way she was put in."

"What? What are we looking at?" Rodney asked, both men turning their heads and squinting at the image on the screen.

"She's pregnant, Rodney." Weir said, slight smile lighting up her face.

Shepard audibly gulped. "How long?"

"Few weeks," Carson chuckled. "Give or take 10,000 years."

Weir walked over to the woman and shakily brushed a few strands of hair out of her face. "Would she have been aware of her pregnancy before entering the chamber?"

"Doubtful, but there is always a few women who just….know." He walked back over to the woman and resumed stroking the back of her hand. "Besides the pregnancy, she's in perfect health."

"You called us down here to tell us she was pregnant? You could have-"

"The pregnancy wasn't the peculiar part, Rodney, it was her health."

"You just said she was in perfect health. I find nothing wrong with that, Carson." Weir said.

"Ah, but everything's wrong with that. She's in perfect health. No, human can be that healthy after thousands of years in stasis."

"Maybe it's an Ancient thing?" Shepard asked, pulling up a chair to the foot of her bed.

"If only we could ask her."

"When she wakes up, you'll be the first I call-"

"She's awake now, Carson." Weir said, smiling down at the waking woman. Her eyes were fluttering, not yet used to the light. She lifted a hand to shield her eyes from the overhead.

"She's been in and out since we got her here, still very weak." Carson said softly, sitting down next to.

"Xaillo (Hello)," Weir leaned over and softly spoke Atlantian to her. "Xaooa ali ioo piilink? (How are you feeling?)"

The woman looked around her, confused at the machinery but quickly recognized where she was. "I an in Atlantis…. (I am in Atlantis)"

"Iis, in txai inpilnali. (Yes, in the infirmary.)" Weir placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Oaoat is iool nani? (What is your name?)"

The woman looked at Weir as if she were crazy to not know her name. "Ip ioo to not knooa, toin oaoo ali ioo? Oaoat ali ioo toink in ni kiti? Oaon to ioo silpi? (If you do not know, then who are you? What are you doing in my city? Whom do you serve?)" The woman began to struggle, trying to get out. Carson took hold of her arm and Shepard raced to get hold of her as well.

"What the hell did you say to her?" Shepard yelled.

"I asked her for her name. She said 'If you do not know, then who are you? What are you doing in my city? Whom do you serve?'." Weir said, backing away.

"Talk to her! Calm her down." Carson said.

"Ni nani is Toktos Weir. Oai ali iksplolils oaxao kani to Atlantis. Oaxain Oai kot xaili, txai siti oaas tiat; pot oai plookxat it pakk to lipi. (My name is Doctor Weir. We are explorers who came to Atlantis. When we got here, the city was dead; but we brought it back to life.)"

That seemed keep the woman from struggling violently, but she still fought. "Oaxaat apoot ni piopli? Oaxaili ali txaii? (What about my people? Where are they?)"

"Koni, txai siti oaas apantonit. (Gone, the city was abandoned.)" Weir whispered.

The woman just….stopped. Stopped everything and looked at Weir like a puppy that's been kicked one too many times. "No….Txaat kannot pi. Txaiy Oaoolk onli apantonit Atlantis is ip oai lost txai oaar…..(No….That cannot be. They would only abandon Atlantis is if we lost the war...)" She looked from Weir to everyone else in the room, he eyes lingering on Shepard. "Till ni it is not tloi….pliasi…(Tell me it is not true….please…)"

"In an solli, iool piopli kani to Earth. Txaat is xaooa oai knioa xaooa to kit xaili. (I am sorry, your people came to Earth. That is how we knew how to get here.)"

"No….pliasi….no…. (No…please…no)" She whispered, her lips quivering. Shepard sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his arms, allowing her to cry into his shirt. She cried herself to sleep in his arms.

"Gently….gently lay her back down." Carson instructed. "Wait for me in the hall."

Rodney, John, and Weir left Carson to the woman and waited. Minutes later Carson came out, his face red. "What the hell did you say to her? I told ya to calm her, not almost kill her! She's weak, venerable!"

"She had to know why her people weren't here-"

"Her people?" Rodney questioned, taking out his tablet.

"Yes, that's what she kept referring them to, 'her people'." Weir gave him a strange look as he went back in and snapped a photo of her.

"What in the hell are you doing, Rodney?" Carson fiercely whispered as he came back out.

"Taking a picture."

"Well, obviously."

"I'm going to run it through the ancient database and see what pops up. When we first started snooping through the files, I noticed a lot of texts saying 'her people'. I wonder if she has anything to do with it."

"Good work, Rodney." Weir praised.

"No one is to come near her, got it? Not unless I call ya down here. I don't want any more stress on her than need be."

"I agree." John said, nodding.

"Here we go, Captain Kirk shows his colors." Rodney whispered.



"That's what I said. She is Queen Illyria of Atlantis and all its ancients. So technically, the woman in the infirmary is our boss, not Doctor Weir." McKay stated.

"How do you know this?" Teyla asked.

"Put her picture in the database and see what popped up. Did you know she-"

"Okay, we have the Queen of Atlantis and all its glory… our infirmary….pregnant….." Ford summed up. "I met the Queen of Atlantis!"

"Where's the father of the kid? The King or whatever?" John asked, drumming his fingers on the conference room table.

"That will be a question you can ask her when she wakes up again." Weir said.

"If she ever wakes up again…" John muttered.

"Let's not be quick to exclude the possibility that the woman might be, what's the clinical term, nuts?" Rodney said, rolling his wrist back and forth.

"Considering her age of 10,000 or so, she might be senile, yes, but that doesn't matter. She's the Queen, Rodney; she would know more of this city better than anyone." Weir countered.

"What are the odds of actually finding her and she be….alright?" Ford asked, leaning into the table.

"Well, considering that we found her and she can speak…..although, the shock of finding out everything she knows has changed and everyone she knew has died, I would say not well." Rodney answered, giving Weir a pathetic glare.

Carson walked in, his tablet balanced on his forearm. "Results of the DNA test, Rodney wanted. It's a match to the DNA in the database. She is Illyria, the Queen."


The door to the infirmary opened, beeping and swooshing. John was standing next to Illyria's bed, arms crossed.

"I know what you're thinking." Weir said, standing behind him.

"That her people must have betrayed her and stuck her inside that pod for the chance for someone to come along and save her? Then, yeah, you know what I'm thinking." John harshly replied.

"Someone did finder. Someone did save her." Weir put a hand on his shoulder. "If you hadn't been so keen on wanting to explore that part of the city, we may never have found her alive. Carson said we got her out days before her system would start to shut down."

"How weird is that?"

"Very….some people might even call it fate." Weir smiled at the look John threw over his shoulder.

"I had a feeling…"

"As I said, fate."

"I have the ATA gene, which makes me one of her descendants."

"No, that makes you one of her people. Friend, not family, John." Weir went around to the other side of the bed and sat down. "Looking at someone so old, yet so young, is truly quite amazing. And what she can teach us is even more so!" Weir sighed and imagined-

"She's waking up!" Carson called, rushing into the room, Rodney close behind him.

They watched and waited as her head moved and her eyes fluttered. "Toktos Weir? (Doctor Weir?"

"Iis, in xaili. (Yes, I'm here.)" She reached across the bed and held Illyria's hand.

"I notisit txaat txaili oaili txalii oxtail nin, pipoli. Oaxaili ali txaii? (I noticed that there were three other men, before. Where are they?)" She shielded her eyes from the lights above her.

"Txaii ali xaili nooa. Txaookxa, txaei kan't ontilstant os. (They are here now. Though, they can't understand us.)" Weir smiled up at the men surrounding her bed.

"Then perhaps, for their sake, we should speak in your language." Illyria spoke, in English!

"Y-you understand us? You understand English?" John said.

"Is that what it's called? The yes, I understand English." Illyria smiled, opening her eyes. "What are your names?"

"I'm Major John Shepard, this is Rodney McKay, and Carson Beckett, your doctor." John pointed them out.

"I thought, Doctor Weir was….?" Illyria looked at Elizabeth in puzzlement.

"I'm a doctor of medicine, lass; the best kind in my opinion." Carson smiled and took out his stethoscope. "This is going to be cold…"

"What are you going to do?"

"Listen to your heart beat and breathing, checking to make sure everything is working properly." Carson smiled at her again before lifting up her shirt. Illyria jumped when the metal touched her.

"It's cold."

"It'll warm up in a second…Take a deep breath for me…that's in, in and out." He straightened up and pulled her shirt back down. "Everything's working wonderfully."

Illyria smiled. "Thank you for tanking such good care of me while I was….asleep."

"It was my pleasure, dear." He smiled back.

"Back on topic here, you can speak English?" Rodney repeated.



"I could still hear you when I was sleeping. It takes me minutes to understand, and hours to actually understand enough of it to speak. It was an ability I was born with and came quite in handy during diplomatic meetings." She smiled to herself, thinking of a now long-gone race.

"That's amazing! If I could-"

"Rodney," Shepard warned.


"She's still weak, there's no need-"

"It's quite all right, Major Shepard. He wishes to learn."

"See, she said it was okay."

"Still, I think-"

"Boys…." Weir warned. What caught everyone's attention was Illyria giggling softly.

"You scold them as if they were children. I take it, you are in charge of the expedition team that discovered my city?"


"So I take it, you know who I am?"

"Illyria, Queen of Atlantis and all of its colonies." McKay said happily enough.

Illyria nodded her head. "You are explorers, new to this place. If you found my name then I assume you know of the great danger you face being here. In this city."

"Oh, the Wraith? We know all about them, fought a few even. And won." John proudly boasted.

"You had said they won the war…." She looked to Weir.

"They had, but their numbers were so low, they went into hibernation for a very long time."

Illyria sigh and leaned back into the pillows, closing her eyes. "My people did not die in vain then. The Wraith are no longer a threat."

"Actually….the kind of still are." Rodney muttered. Illyria's eyes flew open.

"You had just said-"

"Yes, but we woke them up rescuing our people from one of their ships. Now-"

"Now they are awake and awfully mad." Illyria growled. "Ah!" She yelled, griping her stomach.

"What is? Where is the pain?" Carson said, pushing John to the side.

"My stomach…so much pain!" She yelled, curling up in pain. Her face grimacing.

"Leave! Now, go!" Carson yelled at everyone in the room and call for him medical team. "Go!"


"Isn't there something you can give her?" Elizabeth said, pacing back and forth in her office.

"She's in an extremely fragile state. Her blood pressure is low and her heart is very weak; the baby won't survive much longer if this keeps up. If I administer a stimulant, I'm afraid it may induce the danger of coma or worse!" Carson explained.

"I'm not talking about a strong stimulant, just enough to keep her from dosing off from the pain and keeping her alert. We can hardly get a couple of words out of her before she feels pain and doses off."

"It's not uncommon for a woman of 10,000 to dose off, let alone feel the pain of waking up!"

Weir sat down across from Beckett. "Carson, I understand your hesitance, but trust me when I say I believe she can handle it. And I know she'd want it."

"Okay…once she becomes stable again, then will I give it to her."


Carson was checking her blood pressure when she woke up. "It's okay, Doctor Beckett. I'm just freaked out by all this as you are." She smiled.

"Yes, but you lived here since you were a wee baby. We came here a few months ago. For all I know, this is common for you." Carson smiled and watched as Elizabeth wheeled in a wheel-chair.

"How's she doing?"

"Don't you mean 'they'?"

"What do you mean?" Weir asked, coming to sit beside her on the bed.

"Doctor Beckett informed me that I'm with child." Illyria happily anounced, smiling up at the good doctor.

"That so? Well, congradulations."

"Her pressure's improving, so she should be much more alret. That baby is health as well."

"Good. So, Illyria, are you up for getting out of here?" Weir asked.

She sighed and nodded. "As you would not believe."


E;izabeth rolled Illyria up the ramp and into the gate room that busuled with activity. Some people whisperd, some stared, at Illyria. They knew who she was since news in Atlantis travles like a wildfire. Illyria asked to stop and looked around.

"It's changed…."

"How so?" Weir asked.

"There's no plants."

Weir laughed and helped her up out of the chair, slowly walking up the steps and towards the conference room. "Yes, well, ten thousand year old plants don't do much for the décor."

"It didn't do much in the first place." Illyria said back with a smile.

"What didn't do much?" John said, opening the conference room doors and took hold of Illyria's other arm. She smiled up at him and he returned it.

"The plants," Weir and Illyria said at the same time. They shared a look and laughed, making John smile.

"I got it.." John told Weir. Weir let go and let John support and guid Illyria to a chair. Rodney, Teyla, Ford, and Carson were already waiting.

"Seeing the city like this, sitting on the serface of the ocean, you can't image how relived I am." Illyria smiled at all of them in silent thanks.

"What are you saying?" Rodney asked, getting up out of his chair to lean on the table next to Illyria.

"The city was in very serious trouble, from the very moment the war began. We couldn't alow the Wraith to get their hands on the city. So, as defult, we sunk it. If anything were to happen to the city, it would sink and shut down. Essentually slumbering until we came back, stronger with more people to defeat the Wraith. Or, at least, that was my origonal plan."

"You say it as if something else happened." Teyla commented.

"Something else did happen. My husband, Breen, was leading the war. A strong general he was, very strong. Nothing could keep him away from a fight, not even I…..and that would lead to his death," Illyria softly finished. "Anyway, after his death, the war was placed onto me. I was overcome with greif, I could not preform my duties as queen. I tried, but my council could tell I was weak. The war was placed into their hands, and soon…it seemed like the war grew in size. More ships were needed, more men and boys needed to fly and fight."

"What happened next?" Ford asked, leaning his elbows onto the table.

"What do you think of the Wraith? Have you actually met any of them, spoken with them?" Illyria asked.

"Yes," Shepard piped up from next to her. "A queen-"

"And what was she like?"

"Ruthless, mean, hunry for….whatever it is they suck out of us."

Illyria nodded. "They weren't always like that, at least the ones I knew. As hard as it is to hear this, I was friends with the Wriath. Not all, but enough of those in power. We tried to come to an agreement, but there were to many in the opposing fraction. Me and my diplomatic team barly got out of the meeting chamber alive."

"You were friends with the Wraith. The Wraith?" Rodney asked, unconsiously rubbing his chest.

"Yes. I grew quite fond of one. Though I wonder where he is today….." Illyria stared out the window, wrapped up in her one world of memories.

"Is that why you were in the chamber? You friends with the Wraith?" Weir asked.

"No, it wasn;t uncommon for some of us to be. I was put in there for….safekeeping. As their queen, I was their most presiouse tressure, to be protected at all costs. The council knew the war was coming to a close, some many dead and dying, we knew not of a solution that ended in us winning. So we fled. I refused to leave the city I played in as a child, the one where my husband died protecting. They knew I wouldn't go, never, so they put me in a chamber and promised to come back for me. When I was pulled out of my chamber by you and your team," Illyria nodded to John, "I thought it was my people coming back, fufilling their promise. But they never came back. They left me. Why….." Illyria's breathing became labbored, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Weir and Carson rushed over to her.

"This is Beckett, I need medical assistance in the conference room A.S.A.P!"


Shepard stood behind Weir this time, watching over Illyria sleeping.

"How's she doing?" John asked, crossing his arms.

"Stablized, but still very weak." Weir answered. "Carson said the stress of remembering all those awful things set her back in recovery."

"I can't imagine how she must be feeling…" John whispered.

"Very unsettling."

"And I thought this place couldn't get any weirder."

The doors opened and Rodney came in. "How's she doing?"

"Why don't you ask her?" Illyria whispered, opening her eyes. "What happened?"

"You had a mild panick attack. Carson say no more Q & A until you're better, which should be in a few days."

Illyria nodded. "The question now is, what will happen to me now?"

"What do you mean?" Rodney asked.

"What will you do with me? I am from a time far diferent from now, everything is so strange to me. I can't possiably be of use when your methods and technology…I can't understand."

"You'll be with me." John said. Rodeny, Weir, and Illyria stared at him as if he really were Captian Kirk. "On my team, helping us against the Wraith and finding a way to bring Atlantis to it's former glory."

Weir nodded and Rodeny stared at Shepard in shock. "I am not in power here, not anymore. The dissision is not up to me, Major Shepard."

"But it is up to me." Weir said.

"No, not until she is better. Which isn't now." Carson said. "No serious desions until then."

"I can respect that, Doctor Beckett." Illyria nooded and leaned back into her pillows.

"But if Weir says yes, would-"

"Major, I warned you."

"I know, but if she would-"


"In a few days time, I'll give you my answer, Major Shepard; depending on what Doctor Weir says." Illyria delegated.

"Alright, she needs her rest. Out with ya, out." Carson shooded them away.

"Before we leave, I've been meaning to ask you, what was on the piece of paper we found in your hand?" Rodney asked.

"Gate adresses," Rodney rolled his eyes. "Of outposts containing what you call 'Z-pm's'." Illyria supplied before the infirmary doors shut on their surprised faces.