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Character going in so far :

Anatoly 'Grass' Levinski Prower (Fox) – Me [Support Specialist]
Starlight (Cat) – Shadow's Party Girl 96 [Berserker]
Mike (Hedgehog|Vampire) – LonelyAuthorForever [Commando]
Steve (Hedgehog|Vampire) – The Awesome One 4 [Sharpshooter
Azure Wolfson (Wolf) – Leon29 [Berserker]
Isaac (Hedgehog) – King Shadows Top General [Berserker]
Theo Arcreus (Hedgehog|Demon) – TheEndOfTheWorld19 [Commando]
Akemi (Wolf) - swiftshadow123 [Berserker]
Erisella 'Chaos' Ambrosine (Cat) – XxLadyChaosxX [Support Specialist]
Milo Prower (Fox) – xXCookieGiverXx [Demolition Expert]
Don Anderson (Wolf|Vampire) – anything170 [Firebug]
Vegeta (Hedgehog) - OSHUJAX [Medic]

Oh, if you wondered why the corporation was named 'Horzine' instead of 'Horizon', ask Alex Quick, the lead developer or Tripwire Interactive themselves. When it's still a mod, it was 'Horizon' though…

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Chapter 1 : Preparing for Exterminations.

On the last day of August, everything changed in the busting city of London.

A group of several thousand protesters were reported assembling outside the offices of a wealthy Biotech corporation called 'Horzine'. The riot police were called in because the general consensus was that these protesters were the violent sort and needed a lesson in civil obedience. All of this was based on eyewitness testimony that the office entrance had been smashed into pieces. It was agreed that this was a poor way to treat the property of a renowned government defense contractor and the bots suited up, put their visors down and moved in. With a few armed Special Branch lads hidden amongst them, because they didn't want to miss the fun.

On arriving, the officers found the entrance to be deserted. Still, a gaping hole stood where the doors had been and there was debris, twisted metal, and all evidence they really need to start clapping hippies in cuffs. And as though he had read the officers' collective thoughts, one of the protesters emerged from that man-made orifice and stumbled up to them. It took a few moments for screaming to start as this protestor, a naked, emaciated specimen, had sunk elongated teeth into the neck of the closest cop and was vigorously tearing off bits of flesh. It only took a few more moments for the Special Branch types to haul out their 9mms and the gunfire erupted.

With the smell of blood now thick in the air, the rest of the 'protestors' emerged from that wound in the building. By the hundred. They howled and shambled and moved as though they had some terribly important purpose. There were little ones and large ones and those with chainsaws and cleavers instead of limbs and in the last moments of his life, the police sergeant mused that it was a bit like staring at a macabre circus troupe.

On the last day of August, London turned into a killing floor…

Masterson buried his head under his hand.

It was almost 5 months since he escaped from Horzine Biotic Labs. They had made him into some kind of super soldier. He was really lucky that he didn't wind up like the rest of the projects, which turned into some kind of zombie-like specimen, rampaging on the streets of London, killing innocents.

He had lost thousands of his men already. It seemed that the specimens were relentless. Reports had claimed that these specimens were led by some kind of 'Patriarch', possibly a specimen with his mind retained. Every time his squads seemed to be able to take on the specimens, this… 'Patriarch' came out of nowhere and turned on the tables, somehow.

Masterson had yet to see this Patriarch, so he still couldn't believe of what his surviving squads had claimed to see, which went with something like : Cloaking device, Medical Syringe, Chain Guns, and Rocket Launcher. Hell, a ROCKET LAUNCHER? What kind of sick and twisted guy who would arm a zombie with a rocket launcher?

Although maybe Kevin Clamely, the CEO of Horzine, might've thought about it…

He had tried to counter-assault the specimens, but as mad as he was, Kevin was also as clever as a snake. He set up a trap for the squads which worked really well, no... it worked perfectly as planned. The specimens ambushed Masterson's squad, suffering only minimum casualties, while the squad... oh God, he couldn't describe it. Everything went to hell, all his troopers were massacred like animals. Masterson was the only one survived in the ambush. After that, everything just went worse and worse.

Masterson's train of thought was interrupted when Sarah, his weapon supplier, came to his office. "Good morning, Lieutenant." She greeted.

"Morning." He greeted back, "So how is the damage so far?"

"We just lost another group in western side of London."

Masterson groaned. It was really the last thing he wanted to hear "Isn't there any good news I can hear of nowadays?"

"Actually, there is good news."

Masterson's head suddenly lit up, "Our squad won a battle for the first time?"

"Well, actually no. But I just heard that the special squad we have requested has just arrived."

The Lieutenant's expression became much brighter, "At last. Brief them the missions. Don't forget to run the info about the specimens."

With a nod, Sarah walked out of the office. Masterson was now satisfied more than ever. He had heard about what the squad could really do, although there were only 4 of them. He just hoped that the special squad could be the answer of everyone's prayers.

The police looked out from the window of his office. There he saw some Clot specimens, the weakest and most common of all kind of specimens, emerging from a car barricade the police had put to hold on the specimens. Several officers soon mowed them down with Bullpups and 9mms. Several Gorefasts, the fastest specimen, and some Scrakes, the chainsaw-armed specimens, emerged and started attacking. This time, some of the officers were killed during the process.

"This is going to turn out really bloody…"

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