Brief disclaimer: Puyo Puyo and Strange Klug don't belong to me. I needed to borrow him for this theory on how he ended up as the cursed book.

This is, again, a parody on a tragic approach. I've watched a YT vid with a track of Strange Klug singing Servant of Evil in B minor, I think.

There once was a demon prince and an average yet lovely girl,

Who met one day under the clearest of blue skies.

Mixed emotions has stirred within the child of darkness,

But the girl smiled sweetly, his negativity dies.

The prince constantly left his realm to see his new friend,

Which was happy and full of life for she enjoyed this whim.

They read together, and explored the land everywhere,

At dusk, they danced happily and sang a little hymn.

Some time ago, the two adolescents have histories apart;

A demonic kingdom and a purest citadel of knights.

Warriors struggled at the very border of both worlds.

At the end, an agreement held for solitude among rights.

Months went on for the children, as well as their fondness.

Their friendship though, grew to feelings never felt before.

The son of the dark noble, fell in everlasting love,

While the courageous daughter, had thoughts and much more.

One day, the demon prince invited his love lass,

The girl happily accepted his offer to his humble place.

The two ran to the gate, holding each other's hand.

Upon their arrival were dark worshippers, their hearts race.

Along with the cult, stood a sorrowful man in armor,

Whom the girl knew promptly then wondered why he frowned.

The knight saw the child and commanded the dark priests.

Two cloaked men grabbed her and placed her into a cage in a bound.

The prince, enraged, returned to his father's kingdom.

The king, however, would not hear his son's own plea.

He needed a sacrifice; a descendant of most valiant knights,

To avenge his brethren for the longest war in history.

One night, the prince braved past the guards deep in the cell.

Out all of the blocks, stood the back cellblock which dimly glowed.

He unlocked the door and found his lady love weeping.

She confessed that she is a descendent of a hero who died on the road.

The girl knew she cannot avoid this horrible fate,

For if she were to escape, the human world will fall.

The prince heard her thoughts, and decided one harsh choice.

To prevent the ritual, he must end her life in this hall.

The girl listened to the prince and slowly agreed,

But she had one final request for the demon son;

A kiss before the stab of the dagger in his hand.

He cast a spell on her and confessed his love in one.

The prince told her the spell he cast was to dull away pain

And the girl faintly smiled, knowing she will lack sadness.

Both the prince and the girl closed their eyes and lips finally met

As the dagger plunged into her heart and confessed before darkness.

Her body lay lifeless, but appeared to be peaceful,

But the prince shed a single tear as he dropped his blade.

He cradled her body in his arms gently and close.

Not long before the king found him, hexing him to fade . . . . .