A/N: Another standalone drabble, this one written for whipsy.

Just Desserts

"Let's face it, chére," Gambit replied, almost primly. Definitely got a raised brow on Rogue's part. "This is not the worst thing you've caught me doing." He gave her his best pleading smile for good measure.

Rogue's mouth stayed tight, her arms stayed crossed, her hip still jutted to one side, and her foot was still tapping up and down on the linoleum. "Gambit..." she drawled.

He winced at the use of his codename. "C'mon, chére," he wheedled. "Everyone will thank me."

"Except Kitty." With that, she whisked Kitty's horrendous muffins out of his grip. "Piotr's birthday. Girlfriend makes dessert."