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Just another pokemon journey: chapter 1

She couldn't sleep; tomorrow she was getting her first pokemon. She was currently reading a book about pokemon, like a mini poke'dex, and was trying to decide which starter pokemon to get. There was Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, they were all so cute and even thought she had always wanted a Squirtle she couldn't help but think about choosing Charmander. Bulbasaur was cute and all but she really didn't like grass pokemon, which would probably to a good reason to choose it.

"Piper I know your excited about tomorrow but you do need to sleep." Her mother said from behind her. She turned from where she lay on the bed to find her mother leaning on the door jam in her robe drinking coffee. Her mother had to get up at 3:30 almost every morning to go to work.

"Oh hey mom, what time is it?"

"Four o'clock, and Professor Oak's lab doesn't open to trainers till eight."

"Man I didn't realize it was so early." Now she only had four hours to decide which pokemon she wanted. "I'll try to catch a little nap."

"Good, make sure you set your alarm I have to be at work in an hour." She turned and started for her bedroom.

"Love you later!"

"Love you later." Her mom yelled back.

"All right." She quickly set her alarm clock for 7:30 and laid out her clothes for tomorrow.

She turned out the lights and slipped into bed. It seemed like she laid there for hours before finally falling asleep. Her dream started out normal; the three starter pokemon were infront of her each looking cute and waiting to be picked. Then as she reached for Charmander everything went black and a pokemon surrounded by a blinding light appeared before her. It was over 10 ft tall and looked to have around 16 plates flouting around it. (And yes everyone I am talking about Arceus)

"Your time will come soon, never give up on your dreams." Then he was gone and everything was dark again.

"Wait! What do you mean my time will come? That makes no sense!"

Piper woke up slowly, and after turning her alarm off set in bed and thought over her dream. Something told her that it was very important that she remember it. It had to be a pokemon, but the question was what pokemon was it? She didn't realize how long she had been sitting there till she looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:30.

Piper gasped. "Oh god I'm late!"

Piper quickly dressed and was looking for her backpack. She was dressed in blue Jean bell bottoms, normal black and purple sneakers, a purple tank top, a blue Jean jacket with a diamond studded butterfly on the back, and to complete the outfit a white and purple baseball cap which she pulled her ponytail though. She had taken great care into picking out her clothes; she wanted to be fashionable yet functional, and the colors of her clothes complements her skin tone, makes her dark brown hair flash red and gold in most lights, and makes her hazel eyes look forest green.

Spotting her backpack at the end of the bed she grabbed it and quickly scanned its contents along with her room to make sure that she hadn't forgot anything. She picked up her phone and put it in her pocket then she picked up her notebook and a couple of her favorite books and tossed them into her backpack. Looking back at the clock and almost cursed, it was now 8:45 and it would take her a half-hour to get to Professor Oak's lab. Maybe if she ran the whole way it would cut the time in half.

"It's worth a shot!" she shot out the door leaving nothing but a cloud of dust behind her.

"Made," gasp "it." She leaned up against the wall at the bottom of the stairs leading to Professor Oak's lab. It was five past nine and considering the fact the she had pasted two trainers on their way out of town she knew she would be lucky to even get a pokemon.

As she made her way up the stairs she hoped beyond hoped that there was still a pokemon left.

The only thing she could hear inside the lab was the faint sound of talking coming from upstairs. She took the stairs two at a time hoping to find the Professor. If he didn't have a pokemon she would have to try to talk him into giving her one, she didn't care what pokemon he gave her as long as she got one and was able to start her journey.

She groaned as she came to stand in the doorway. Torri, her long time rival was talking to Professor Oak with a Bulbasaur at her side.

'Of course she probably thought I was going to choose Squirtle.'

"Well well look what the cat dragged in." Torri said with a big grin.

"At least I don't look like the cat coughed me up."

Which wasn't interlay true because Torri only wore clothes that had been on super models, but the same couldn't be said about her hair. She was wearing a bright pink skirt and sneakers, a black tube top, a black jacket, and a long blue scarf. So yeah her outfit was cute, but her blond hair looked like Cindy-lo-how's off the Grinch, which didn't do anything for her blue eyes.

"Now lady's, this isn't the time for fighting. Piper your quit late, I assume that you still want your pokemon?" Professor Oak cut in.

"Oh yes sir."

"All right then; Torri I believe that we're done here."

"But Professor!"

"I would like to speck with Piper alone."

"Fine." Torri glared at her before stomping away, Bulbasaur close at her heals.

"Um what do we need to talk about Professor?"

"It's about your pokemon." He didn't look too happy.

"I do get one right?" she asked a little panicked.

"Of course." He laughed before smiling at her. "You were very late so you won't get one of the starter pokemon and my backup pokemon are gone to."

"Then what's left?" she frowned, she had really wanted a Charmander. She had heard about something like this had happened only once before a few years back with her older brother's friend Ash. Ash had gotten a Pikachu that day and they were still going strong on their journey today; she heard that he was in Hoenn at the moment. She had always wanted a Pikachu, and she had planned on catching one in Viridian Forest.

"You see I wouldn't normally do this but knowing you as I do I think you can handle this pokemon."

"Is it a Pikachu?" she would really love that.

"No afraid not but this pokemon is even more special then Pikachu if trained by the right trainer." He walked over to the counter where the starter pokemon were kept and pushed a big red bottom that opened up a whole in the middle. A poke'ball slowly rose out of the whole. (This is much like when Ash got Pikachu) Professor Oak took the poke'ball and handed it to her. "Here, and let me worn you that your going to need to be patient with this pokemon."

"I will don't worry." As long as she got a pokemon she could handle anything.

She throw the poke'ball into the air and after a flash of white light her partner appeared. It was small, brown, fuzzy, and totally an Eevee.

"An Eevee?" she couldn't really wrap her mind around it, Eevee's were very rare.

"Ee?" The little Eevee said sitting at her feet with its head crocked cutely to the side.

"Yes, Eevee is one of my nephew's Umbreon's offspring. Gary's Umbreon had a big little and he thought I would like to have one for study."

"Dose he know its going to a trainer?" she knew Gary and it didn't seem like he would let Professor Oak give away one of his Umbreon's baby's to a trainer.

Professor Oak looked away pretending to think. "I told him I was a pokemon short for a new trainer and when I suggested Eevee he liked the idea to."

"Oh does he know that I'm getting Eevee?" Gary had always picked on her much like he did Ash, which she never understood; he just didn't like her for some reason.

"Actually when he heard that you were coming to get your first pokemon he insisted that I save Eevee for you." She didn't think she had ever seen the Professor smile so big. " She also knows a attack called Swift; really useful in battle. You will learn that Eevee can learn a large verity of moves."

"Wow really? I'll have to call and thank him." That so didn't sound like Gary, but there was no reason for the Professor to lie and she knew Gary wouldn't give anyone a pokemon if he thought there was something wrong with it even in the smallest way.

"Now over here are your poke'dex and poke'balls. This is a poke'dex from the Sinnoh region so it could take some getting used to. Your ID is already loaded; you will just need this to register for the pokemon league at the pokemon center in Viridian City." (The poke'dex looks like the Sinnoh poke'dex and has features from Sinnoh and Unova) He handed her the poke'dex and 5 poke'balls.

"Yey, its purple!" purple was her favorite color of all time.

"Yes you can think Gary for that as well he ordered the parts by color and assembled it himself."

"Wow, I'll have to do something to think him for all of this."

'I wonder what's up with Gary? Come to think of it he was acting weird the last time he came to visit before he left for Sinnoh. Oh well that was boys for you. No way to understand them.'

"Now make sure you stop at the pokemon market to stock up on potions, and anything else you may need."

"Thanks I will." Piper looked down at Eevee and held out its poke'ball. "Time to go Eevee, return."

"Vee." It said sadly before the ball sucked it up, then with a pop the ball opened again and Eevee glared up at her. "Ee! Vee!"

"What? Why didn't it stay in the poke'ball?" Piper was completely confused.

"She Piper, she's a girl. As for staying in her poke'ball my guess is she doesn't like it, Ash's Pikachu was the same way."

"So I just let her walk around everywhere with me?"

"I would recommend it, it will help you two grow closer."

Piper looked down at Eevee again who was ignoring her. "All right then no poke'ball."

At that Eevee looked up at her and smiled. "Eevee!"

"Well at least you're happy, come on lets go Eevee. Bye Professor!" she called over her shoulder as she raced down the stairs Eevee following close behind.

"Good bye and good luck!"

Once they were outside she pulled out her new poke'dex and pointed it at Eevee. 'Eevee the evolution pokemon, it has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment. Its attacks are Tail whip, Tackle, and Helping hand.'

"Cool and Professor Oak said you knew how to use Swift. Would you mind showing me?"

"Eevee!" Eevee faced a near by tree and fired off its Swift attack. The gold stars hit the tree with great force and were pulverized on impact. "Ee."

"Good job Eevee!" they smiled at one another.

"Finally I thought you would be in there all day." Came a familiar voice from the bottom of the steps.

"What do you want Torri?"

"Well I wanted Eevee; I wonder what you had to do to get it, after all Gary is my boyfriend and he doesn't even like you that much." She all but sniped.

"Okay now that that's settled can I leave?" she asked walking down the steps toward her. She wasn't about to point out that the only reason Gary agreed to date her was the fact that she wouldn't leave him alone and he wouldn't have to see her while he was on his journey.

Torri didn't answer till Piper made it to the bottom of the steps. "I also want to battle you."

She smiled. "Fine by me it'll be good practice."

"We'll see how you feel when I wipe the floor with you."

They walked down the road till they came to the edge of town where the small forest between Pallet and Viridian City lay.

"All right this is a good place." She walked a distance away, turned, and throw a poke'ball into the air. "Go Bulbasaur!"

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur getting in the fighting position.

Piper pulled out her poke'dex. (Sorry I will most likely being doing this a lot)

'Bulbasuar the seed pokemon. The seed on its back is filled with nutrients. The seed grows steadily larger as its body grows. Its attacks are Tackle, growl, and Leech seed.'

"Go Eevee, Tail whip attack!"

"Bulbasaur growl."

'Great.' "Tackle it!"

"Dodge it and use your Leech seed."

"Dodge Eevee! Now get behind it and use swift!" Eevee dodged it just in time thank goodness they could have been in really trouble if that attack had hit.

"Watch it Bulbasaur!"

"Eevee!" Eevee ran, jumped, and flipped over Bulbasaur and hit it with swift, sending the grass pokemon flying.

"Now tackle it before it can recover."

"Bulbasaur get up and use tackle!" Torri sounded mad but Piper didn't take the time to look.

Eevee took the hit but it didn't seem to cause much damage. She had to think of something, she didn't want Eevee to get hurt again. "Jump on Bulbasaur's back and hit it with a full powered swift attack." Once Eevee jumped one its back it was hard for to stay on because of its bulb but she got a good grip with her claws and released a swift attack. That was all she wrote for Bulbasaur. If Torri's Bulbasaur had know Vine whip they would have been in trouble.

"No Bulbasaur!" Torri rushed over to Bulbasaur's side as Piper crouched beside Eevee and petted its head.

"Good job Eevee."

"Vee." Eevee purred happily.

"This isn't over Piper, I'll get stronger and beat you." Torri returned Bulbasaur to its poke'ball.

"I look forward to it." All she got for an answer was a scowl before Torri started back toured Pallet town. Piper looked down at Eevee. "Okay Eevee lets see if we can find any pokemon."

"Ee." Into the forest they went, hoping to get to Viridian City before nightfall.