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The rain was driven in sheets as the slender figure carefully stalked through the woods. It plastered to her skin and hair, soaking her clothing as she treaded through the beds of pine needles and leaves, stopping every so often to listen. The rain continued to pelt the forest floor, drowning out the other sounds of the night. But then again she didn't rely solely on her hearing. Years of hunting had taught her to use all of her senses when stalking one's prey. She knew she was being watched, somewhere, out in the woods that surrounded her like cold silent sentinels. The trees refused to give up the secrets they concealed but still she continued on.

I know you're out there…..I can feel you watching me…

Her posture stiffened but it wasn't due to the chill leaching into her flesh and bones and fanning out with icy tendrils. She felt her feet push on, carrying her rigid form step by slow sluggish step. Ahead was the clearing where the body of the first attack victim had been discovered by some joggers not even a day ago. She knew it had to be It….

The storm intensified as she reached her destination, threatening to wash away any trace of the assailant. Reaching in her bag, she pulled out the slender light and shined it down upon the ground. The fat droplets of rain shined against her steady beam, creating a crystalline effect upon the night air.

I know you're here…

Again the same feelings of being watched resurged across her senses. She froze mid way and watched as her breath escaped in solid rapid puffs.

"Fuck…." She whispered beneath her breath and slowly closed her eyes. With her other hand she carefully slid the gun from its resting place along her waistband. The cool solid grip offered little comfort for her as she focused on the approaching footsteps. The low growl rumbled across the cold heavy air, causing her to shiver despite her solid stance. She felt a grin creep along her lips as she closed her fingers tighter around the gun.


In one short rapid pivot, she spun around and opened fire. Four gunshots rang across the forest followed by a short inhuman yelp.

"Gotcha," she saw it crouched at the edge of the trees with eyes glowing a hateful hellish red as two of the bullets found their target. She raised her gun and squeezed another round but the creature was ready for her attack. It charged through the leaves and fallen branches towards the smaller figure. The scent of the human raged through is flaring nostrils as hints of fear laced the definitive essence of sandalwood and earth.

She realized she was screwed and sprinted back into the woods, hearing the rustle of leaves and wood closing in behind her. It could hear the racing of its query's heart, knowing it was running scared. The tables had turned against the hunter as now the hunter had become the hunted. She forced her feet and legs faster still, ignoring the burning pain that was filling every fiber of muscle in her legs. She couldn't and wouldn't relent knowing it would cost her. Her car was just several hundred feet away and with that a chance at surviving this deadly game.

She didn't see the root protruding from the ground.

Her toes caught up under the thick wood, propelling her forward towards the damp earth. She landed hard, face first into a pillow of leaves and pine needles with her ankle still tangled in the rotted heap of wood. She heard the cry knowing it was hers and felt the panic slowly settling in. Her fingers fumbled against the slickened material, getting several thick splinters for her efforts. It came to a halt and slowly circled the trapped human, knowing it held the upper hand. It caught the fear and anxiety shining in her smoky eyes and inhaled the adrenaline leaching from her skin.

She felt her grip on the few strands of calm slipping from her fingers as the creature closed the space between them. The other gun rested in her jacket and was her last resort….or even her final resort….

As the creature leapt up she ripped the gun from her back and opened fire, not caring if the damn gun was emptied out. It felt several more sharp painful stinging sensations race through its body and hurl it back against the ground. She lowered her hand and watched as it shook off the latest futile assault.

So this is it…..This is how I'm going to die….By a rabid version of Lassie….

From out of nowhere a rapid sound of footsteps approached from the West. It heard the intruder and detected the familiar scent. It growled with unmasked feral rage as the taller silhouette approached them. Off to the right, several streaks of pale bright lights illuminated the canopy above. Faint voices loomed over the horizon.

"They came from this way!"

"Don't shoot unless shot at!"

"Or attacked!"

The new alien voices could only mean more of those like her! It turned around and saw the human was gone. The only thing left behind was the fading blend of adrenaline, fear and sweat. With one last anguished howl it melted into the woods as the sheriff and his deputies appeared on the trail.

She found herself leaning against her car, grateful for still be alive to fight another day. Her hands trembled against the cooling surface of the Charger but simply shook it off. Question was how did she get there? She remembered being seconds away from being victim number four when a pair of strong arms had lifted her up and whisked her out of there before fugly could finish her off. She took several deep long breaths, finding her heart beginning to calm under her steady rhythmic breathing. It was then she detected the presence of another.

"What are you doing out here?"

She laughed shortly then lifted her eyes upward to see a taller man standing a few feet away. He was dressed in black jeans, grey shirt and black jacket with dark shoes to match. But it was his eyes that captured her attention: Two soulful pools of green that swirled with streaks of grey that were like two sentinels, guarding whatever secrets he may be concealing behind them.

"I could ask you the same," she folded her arms against her chest. A playful smile crossed her lips. The man stood silent with hands shoved deep in his jacket pockets. His eyes narrowed slightly but she wasn't deterred.

"Do you realize what that was out there?"

"Yes, yes I do actually. I'm here to kill it."

The grin dropped from her face as she stepped closer towards him.

"Who are you?" He quietly asked.

"I think you already know the answer to that," she looked expectantly towards him.

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