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Two weeks later Brooklyn was riding in the Camaro as it rolled up the winding drive towards the house. Derek looked over as she rested the side of her head against her open palm and smiled to herself. Her aura was healthier and cast a soft glow as the sun played upon her hair and skin. Alex and Laura were fastened in the car carriers which were anchored tightly by seat belts. Derek had checked and double checked each one before he felt comfortable enough to drive.

Their hands were linked the entire way home with Derek pressing a light kiss against hers every so often. Markus had been right that day in the hospital: He had to fight for her and those sweet innocent babies. Derek had wallowed in self misery when the older hunter had gripped him by the collar and jerked him to his feet.

"We're home," he quietly announced and put the Camaro in park. Laura gurgled from behind Brooklyn's seat as if to share in her father's soft joy.

"Someone's awake," she twisted around to see them both awake and looking around. The hunter was still in awe at hers and Derek's two miracles. It felt as if a lifetime had passed from the night she had delivered Alex and Laura to that moment the house broke the horizon. Despite the overwhelming sensation of elation that warmed her veins, Brooklyn couldn't but help to feel the icy tendrils raking down her spine. She couldn't explain it but deep down something whispered this was but the beginning. The feeling had started the moment she left the hospital and trailed her all the way home. Brooklyn didn't tell Derek about the nightmares that swept her psyche in the darkest hours of the night, in the places Derek couldn't reach.

"Brook! Derek!"

Markus rushed down the steps and towards the Camaro. He had returned to the house and prepared for everyone's eventual arrival. Derek lifted Alex from the back as the older hunter hurried to collect Laura.

"You're in no condition to carry her," Markus chided gently when Brooklyn attempted to snatch the car carrier away. Brooklyn growled in resentment as the pair treated her like she was an invalid.

"Markus I can handle her," Brooklyn insisted it arms outstretched expectantly.

"You heard Dr. Teague and Dr. Fenris," Derek hollered from across the car. "Your body's still healing."

Brooklyn glared daggers at both men as they carried the twins inside. She knew she was fighting a losing battle but refused to waver. Those two would never truly grasp the pain and agony she endured from carrying and giving birth coupled with the trials of recovery. It had been her her heaven and had been her hell.

"Well come on then," Markus was anxious to show them what he had done inside.

"Brook," Derek knew she was seething at their attitudes towards her but he wasn't about to tempt fate a second time. "Brooklyn come on."

Brooklyn was still incensed as she started up the steps and through the front door.

"For now I only did one room for Alex and Laura," Markus led the couple down the hallway towards the first room. "But as they get older we can do another room."

"Markus you have done more than enough for us," Derek started to protest but the hunter would have none of that.

"Alex and Laura are my grandchildren Derek. They deserve the best so just say thank you and be eternally grateful."

Markus added a teasing smile with a wink at the end as he opened the door letting the light flood the hallway.

"Well go on," he ushered Derek and Brooklyn inside. What awaited the pair was nothing short of a miracle. The room was bathed in a soft sea blue with the hardwood floors having been redone and finished. It was almost as if the flames have skipped over the room, never touching it with its hellish embrace.

"Markus…." Derek was at a loss for words. "It's….."

"Awesome," Brooklyn stepped in and started sifting through the dresser drawers. Her mind felt like it was in dream while her fingers held up the various items of clothing.

"How could you afford to do all this?"

"Well Derek I do have friends," Markus smirked. "And while you were in the hospital I had a little help in getting everything ready."

"Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Hale Style," Brooklyn chuckled.

"Not quite," the older hunter quipped. "Think of it as more of a starting over gift."

Derek saw the antique style crib adorned in blue and deduced it was for Alex. A small plush wolf sat in the corner almost as if it was there to watch over the infant. The Alpha was hesitant to let his son go but a steady hand against his forearm brought him back down.

"Derek it's okay," Brooklyn gently urged her mate. "Let him take in his new bed. Laura is right across from him see?"

Markus had already placed Laura in her crib, an identical one but made up in a pastel rose. Her tiny eyes examined the alien surroundings but didn't cry or even let out the slightest noise.

"If it is alright with you Derek, I have some ideas for the kitchen and master bedroom. If you intend on staying here there is much work to be done."

Brooklyn and Derek traded looks before the Alpha returned his stare towards the older hunter.

"There's a lot of work that has to be done."

"Which is why my offer to assist in restoring this house to its former glory is on the table and I will not accept no for an answer either. I found photos of the house when it was first built and it was such a grand manor before that night."

Derek recalled the way house stood before Kate's vicious vendetta. It had been built during the early days of Beacon Hills' settlement though family legend placed it several years prior to that. It would explain the expansive tracts of land that remained in the Hale name as in those days the wealthy or prominent families held large estates.

"Alright," he nodded.

"Wonderful," Markus clapped his hands together. "I have the photos if you like to see the house's original exterior and rooms."

"Later," Derek nudged his head towards Brooklyn's direction. She was growing tired which both men were told was to be expected while she continued to heal.

"Brook," the Alpha took her by the hand guiding her down towards the room they shared. "The twins will be fine."

Markus opened the door to one of the master bedrooms then quickly stepped aside for Derek to lead Brooklyn in.

"Markus," he shot his head around to see the sly grin taking shape.

"We also restore this room as well. I think it's fairly sufficient would you agree?"

"It's beautiful."

A California King stretched out in the center of the room with a pair of identical night side stands on either side. The thick comforter and down pillows beckoned their tired bodies to its luxurious embrace. A long dresser lined the opposite wall with a refinished mirror hanging just above it. The carpet was ripped out allowing the wooden boards to receive the tender loving care it rightfully deserved.

"The structure of the house is sound and safe to stay in though the one corner of the house took the brunt of the damage."

Derek laid Brooklyn on the bed and pulled the blanket up to her chest. She looked tiny in the oversized bed. He couldn't but help to smile at the precious sight.

"She's so tired," Markus heavily sighed. "I think this is the first time she has been able to relax."

"We've been through so much," Derek lightly stroked her cheek.

As if on cue, Alex starting crying from down the hall.

"I'll take care of him," Markus started to turn but Derek was faster getting out the door. The Alpha was greeted with the solid stench of soiled diaper as his son's shrill cries increased at the sight of his father. Derek battled to breathe through his mouth but his heightened senses refused to bestow the Alpha any relief. He gingerly gathered the kicking infant up and ferried him to the changing table. Derek couldn't but help to think if he was this way when he was a helpless pup.

The tiny emeralds shined from the sunlight streaking through the new windows, catching Derek's attention. He couldn't but help to stop and gaze deep into those pure rings, feeling them reach out towards him. Derek felt the smile cracking his lips as he quickly cleaned and changed his squirming son. Alex was only a few weeks old yet he was already showing traits that mirrored Brooklyn's.

"You are just like your mom," he whispered as he hoisted Alex up and against the warmth of his body. The scent of the newborn infused his senses, dedicating itself to his memory. Ever since he learned Brooklyn was pregnant with the twins, something had shifted within him. Even before he had killed Peter, the need to protect was strong and in control and only intensified when he ascended to Alpha.

He spied the rocking chair in the corner and eased down in its strong frame. Alex yawned and closed his eyes, sensing he was safe. Derek couldn't but help to see how much he bared a resemblance to himself. The strong chin and forehead were inherited from his family. Derek continued to remain in awe at what most humans and werewolves took for granted: The ability to create a family. The odds had been stacked against him and Brooklyn but Derek had refused to give up and now sat with one of the newest Hale members.

"Stiles is not going to call you Mini Me," he firmly declared. Alex seemed to agree as the short chirp mixed with a hiccup. The sharp but tiny shrieks coming from Laura garnered the Alpha's attention. Derek couldn't but help to softly chuckle at the sheer will she apparently inherited from Brooklyn.

"Alright," he whispered then slowly rose from the chair. Alex continued resting soundly even as his tiny form was laid to rest in his crib. Derek took one more lingering look at his son, finding his heart melting at the sight. Ever since Brooklyn had told him she was pregnant, Derek had instantly fallen in love with both. Laura kept kicking and squirming impatiently until the strong protective hands and arms swooping down then picking her up and to the solid form that was her father and fell silent against his body.

"Hello Laura," he loosened the blanket allowing her greater freedom to move her little arms. Her face scrunched up reminding Derek of Brooklyn when she did the same. He suspected when she got older she was going to be beating the boys back with a stick. Those young men would be wise not to cross Derek or Brooklyn.

The Alpha paced around the room while gently bouncing his daughter within his hold. His delicate sense of smell caught the traces of a familiar scent. Brooklyn was leaning against the doorway watching father and daughter bonding. She had awakened from her nap and heard Derek from down the hall. Markus had left to get groceries and hardware supplies leaving the couple alone.

"She's perfect," Derek kissed his mate's forehead. "They're both perfect."

"Alex looks so much like you," Brooklyn smirked.

"And Laura has your will," Derek added.

"So I heard," she attempted to reach for her daughter and this time Derek carefully passed Laura over to her mother. Brooklyn sat down in the rocker and pushed aside part of Derek's button down shirt she had donned. His head was tilted in curiosity as he watched her partaking in the ancient ritual of feeding. Laura immediately latched on and happily suckled away.

"When she gets older and starts dating, you are not scaring away the boys with your red eyes and fangs."

"And why not?" His eyes narrowed towards her.

"Because we don't need to attract the hunters here for one thing and for another I want Laura and Alex to lead normal lives. If you're so insistent on keeping the hormonally crazed males away just do what any normal dad would: You invite them in while you're sitting at the table cleaning out guns."

"Did Markus do that by chance?"n Derek arched an eyebrow in intrigue.

"Yeah," she answered with a sly grin. "It was efficient though."

"And how's that?"

"I'm sitting here with you and our son and daughter."

Derek nodded as she did have a point. Had Brooklyn gone with someone else she could've wound up with another male or wolf. Yet she arrived in Beacon Hills, an adversary at first but finding herself falling for him as he fell for her.

"Brook," Derek knelt down in front of her. "Before I went missing, there was something I wanted to give you but…."

He looked away, feeling slightly ashamed for feeling as if he failed his mate. Kate had stolen the money to pay for the ring and now it would sit on a shelf in the shop never to see the light of day or rather the healthy glow of skin it was meant to embrace.

"Derek," Markus entered the room having returned from his errands. "I found this in the kitchen when I was putting up groceries."

He passed the small box over to Derek who was initially shocked but the look on Markus's face directed him to go along. Derek plucked the maroon box and lifted the lid up allowing for Brooklyn to see what was inside. He caught the brightening in her eyes as she lifted the ring up and out of the box.

"Derek," she was utterly speechless.

"I knew your favorite stone was lapis lazuli so I had the jewelry store make this."

Brooklyn fawned over the delicately detailed silver band, noting how the triskele was etched on each side with a different symbol below those on each side. The stone itself was one of the richest shades of cobalt that she had ever laid eyes on. Surely this wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination!

"I-I don't know what to say…."

"Then don't say anything," Derek slid the ring on her left ring finger as the Hale heirloom was seated on her right ring finger. He allowed his fingers to drag along her hand before his lips pressed against the smooth warm skin. "Let me do the taking."

Markus watched as Derek stayed down on one knee and poured his heart out to his daughter. The love was evident between them as it overwhelmed Brooklyn's dark slate eyes and Derek's soft sea green rings.

"I know that things are going to be different now that Alex and Laura are here and I know being Alpha will not be easy for me. But Brook you have to know that this part of me, the human, loves you so much. You stole my heart that night in the woods though neither one of us realized it. You are one of the strongest people ever to enter my life. You refused to surrender and continued fighting; fighting for me and fighting for us. You're my rock Brook. It's you that keeps me grounded. I couldn't ask for a better mate, lover, friend, and mother."

Brooklyn knew the road ahead for them as pair and parents would not be smooth or clear. She had seen what being an Alpha can do to a werewolf and it was tumultuous at best. Some were able to maintain the power and rage that the wolf harbored and maintain their existence while others became drunk on such wealth of strength and morphed into more animal than human. Brooklyn had stressed in secret, at night, as Derek slept beside her. She was good at masking her distress from years of hunting. And if Derek had caught on she simply waved it off to lack of sleep from the hourly feedings.

Then there were the dreams.

Horrific visions of rings of blood that glowed like the fires of Hades, reaching out with their searing pull and dragging her back towards their burning embrace. Brooklyn had awakened more than a few times drenched in a thin coat of sweat at the instant sharp daggers of pearl tore into her side, tasting the sweet ambrosia that pumped below. She didn't want to think what it meant and quickly found herself going into denial. Derek wouldn't let the wolf do that…..would he? He possessed enough control to refrain from such action…..right? Brooklyn didn't want the bite, the war that would wage within her body and soul. The hunter had observed the strife and trials Scott had faced from being bitten by Peter and how it affected his relationship with Allison and friendship with Stiles. Brooklyn refused to put Laura and Alex through the same heartache. It wouldn't be fair to them! They had been born with the blood of an Alpha and even Derek couldn't say what would happen when they grew up. She would have to consult Dr. Fenris and Dr. Deaton to see if they could shed some light on this.

The alleviation of Laura's tiny yet fierce hold from her breast made Brooklyn shake her head and pass her back to Derek. She watched as he doted over his baby girl, vowing to keep her and Alex safe from hunters and wolf alike. Brooklyn could be certain of one thing: If anyone or anything dared to threaten her or her twins, they would have to face the wrath of Derek.

"We're going to be pariahs."

Argent slammed the front page of the paper down on the granite counter. The bottle of whiskey was gone, shared between him and Victoria. There was a funeral to arrange and stories to concoct for the cops. Tyhurst had offered to run interception with the law which bought them precious time.

"They'll be here in two days," Victoria announced as she hung up the phone.

"We're going to have to move again. What is Allison going to say?"

"She's strong," Victoria sharply interjected. "She's an Argent. She'll learn. Don't think for one second Kate's going to take the fall for something she didn't do. "

Argent finished off his whiskey and went for another bottle.

"What about Scott? What about Brooklyn and Markus? It's clear she and Markus will not be leaving."

"I'm not the only one they'll have to worry about now."

Argent knew with Derek Hale becoming Alpha and having not one but two pups to protect the stakes were higher than ever for him. He knew Markus would also assume the role of guardian to his fledgling family adding to the Argents' troubles. He knew how the older man thought and behaved which spelled disaster in his book.

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