So I read that they're going to skip a few months (to basically accommodate Emily's actually pregnancy) and when they come back in September ever one will already know they're having a baby. I was extremely disappointed that we don't get to witness what I'm sure will be hysterical reactions from the whole group. Well my solution was to write it myself. So this is just a taste and really it's Sweets rambling inside his head for the moment but trust me there is much much more to come.

As per usual with all my stories I don't own Bones.


Have you ever felt like you've been hit by a truck. That moment when someone you know gives you news, good or bad it doesn't really matter I suppose but it's just so unexpected that when you get the new you're literally frozen in the moment. Half your brain is trying to figure out how you could have possibly missed the signs and the other half is trying to get the right reaction.

I suppose it really doesn't matter at the end of the day. But it really does leave you with a staggering feeling. And as the news comes pouring out you're helpless to do anything but stop and wait for the impending collision.

Ok, so maybe I'm being a touch dramatic about the whole affair. But really you think I would have seen this coming. Later I'll argue that I'd always seen it coming. At this moment I feel like the biggest idiot, completely unworthy of the diploma's in my office.

So will I be seeing you soon? Does this seem like something you'll read more of? (Truth be told I'll be writing it anyway)

See you later.