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Bones was sitting in the passenger seat looking at the sonogram print outs as I drove her back to the lab after the appointment. "Listen Bones, I ran into Caroline earlier."

She looked up flicking her bangs out of her eyes, "What did she want?"

"Oh something about the trial next week. But I wanted to tell you that I told her about the baby." I told not knowing how she would react.

She simply shrugged though, "I suppose she does need to know. Was she happy?"

I reached across the console resting a hand on her arm, "She was really happy for us Bones." There was something on her mind though, "Bones what's wrong?"

She sighed closing her eyes leaning her head back against the headrest. "I'm just tired Booth, telling everyone is exhausting and then all they want to talk about is the baby and our relationship. They don't seem to understand that we're still working things out."

"They'll get used to it Bones." I told her.

"Yesterday Daisy just ran up to me and hugged me for and inappropriate length of time." I laughed at that. I could just picture the perky grad student knocking over her mentor in sheer excitement for her. Bones didn't find it nearly is as amusing, "It was quiet uncomfortable Booth."

I just grinned at her as we pulled into the Jeffersonian parking lot, "I bet it was but it was just because she's happy for us."

"It's too much Booth I didn't want people to make a big deal out of this." She told me rather sternly, as I turned off the car and we climbed out.

Meeting her at the back of the car I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, "They'll get used to it I promise, eventually." We walked the rest of the way to her office in silence.

I leaned against the doorjamb as she took her jacket off and unpacked her bag, taking a moment to stop and look at the sonogram pictures again. She had a soft smile on her face and distressing she was finding this whole ordeal she was still happy about it. Walking up to her I wrapped my arms around her waist and settled my head on her shoulder so I could see the picture. "She's beautiful."

"Or he," she chided, "it's too early to tell." She leaned back into me.

I just held her for a moment and we looked at the first picture of our baby. "We should go on a date."

"Umm." She agreed distractedly.

"I'm serious Bones. You'll get all dressed up in a beautiful dress with your hair and makeup all done up. I'll wear that tuxedo I finally gave up and bought and I'll bring you flowers. Then we'll go to a fancy dinner in a dark, quiet, candle lit restaurant and there will be dancing and the evening will be just about us." I told her.

She set the pictures down on her desk and turned around lacing her arms around my neck. "That sounds like a wonderful idea."

"Tomorrow night. I'll pick you up at 7." I kissed her softly before resting my forehead on hers.

She closed her eyes content, "Ok, but you have to go so that I can get some work done. I have piles of grading to do, another chapter due for my book, and at least three limbo cases to get through."

"Do you want me bring you dinner?" I asked.

She didn't open her eyes but gently shook her head, "No I'll make sure I'll eat dinner when I get home."

I could sense that she was craving a sense of normalcy after all of the changes over the last two weeks, so I didn't push anything if she was looking for a night by herself then I would give her space. "Alright, I'll pick you up tomorrow." I told her pressing a kiss to her forehead, and started out of the office.

"Booth," she said softly as I reached the door, "Thank you."

"Anytime. Call me if you need anything Bones." Despite the fact that I wanted to go back in and just sit there and watch her grade and work on her book, I kept walking knowing that I'd see her tomorrow and likely talk to her before that.

I'd been surprised when he dropped me off after the sonogram, he was so sweet with the date night idea, and when I'd told him I had a ton of work I didn't even had to ask for the night to myself he just let me have the time. Of course last night I got the limbo cases done and half the grading done leaving the rest and book chapter for Saturday, but as the clock turned midnight I lay in my bed staring and the ceiling for over an hour despite the fact that I was exhausted.

There was only one solution so I got up, grabbed my purse and keys, drove across town. He didn't even flinch when he saw me on the other side of the door he just kissed me and took my hand leading me into the bedroom as he set my purse down on the coffee table. "I couldn't sleep," I told him as my head hit the pillow and his arms came around me.

"I couldn't either," he whispered into the back of my neck. If he said anything more, I didn't hear it because I'd dropped off to sleep. This morning we'd had breakfast together and I told him about the limbo cases, before he'd kissed me and told me to go home and get my work done and that I'd better be ready at 7 sharp.

The knock on my door came as I was applying my lipstick. Taking just a second to look at myself in the mirror, I admired the effect. Before going to open the door. There he was holding a bouquet of daisies, "Oh wow Bones!" slid off his tongue.

"Is this appropriate?" I said happily, pleased I'd gotten the desired reaction from him in the jewel toned green one shoulder dress that flared at just the right point.

He stepped inside the apartment closing the door behinds him, "You look absolutely stunning." He kissed me softly, "Absolutely stunning."

"Thank you." I took the flowers from him, "you don't look so bad yourself," I told him. Putting the flowers in the vase that I pulled out in advance, "Let me just get my coat and we can go."

I turned him around turning around to finding him already holding my jacket up for me. I didn't know what to say as I tilted my head with a soft smile before I turned around and let him slide the coat up my arms and press a kiss to my cheek.

"Shall we?" He turned to me offering his arm.

I chuckled at his formality, "We shall." I looped my arm through his and we set off. He had everything he'd promised and more planned for the evening. He'd made reservations at a small gorgeous restaurant that he'd made sure there were plenty of vegetarian options. There was a small live jazz band and dance floor. We talked about the grad students, and the junior agents that he'd recently been assigned. He told me the story of his first hockey game as a kid, a story that I've heard dozens of times before, but it never fails to make me laugh.

And when our plates were cleared he pulled me up onto the dance floor, and spun me out across the floor before pulling me back in and dipping me dramatically, "I never knew you could dance." I laughed when he pulled me upright and we swayed in a much-subdued manner to the music.

"I can't really, but I know a few tricks." He smiled and pulled me closer. We danced to the next few songs, before he grasped my hand and pulled me gently off the dance floor. "Why don't we go for a walk? I'll buy you a cup cake."

"That would be nice, but you have to let me buy the cup cakes Booth." I told him as he pulled my jacket on again.

"Bones I asked you on the date."

"And you paid for dinner it's only fair that you let me buy two cupcakes." I told him back.

He frowned, "You can pay for the next date."

I nodded, "Yes I will, and for the cupcakes."


"It's two cupcakes Booth. You're still every bit the wonderful caring gentlemen you've always been, whether I purchase the cupcakes or you do. So just let me get them as a way of saying thank you for a wonder evening." I told him linking my arm through his as we came out onto the street and made our way to the cupcakery on the corner.

"I suppose." He finally conceded as we went inside. When we emerged onto the street again, chocolate for me and red velvet for him, he asked, "A wonderful even hun?" he nudged my shoulder as we crossed the street and made out way our onto the mall eating our cupcakes.

We walked quietly down the national mall I finished the cupcake threw the wrapper away and turned to him to ask him something but stopped by the huge grin on his face, "Bones, you've got frosting…" He didn't bother to tell me where I'd ended up with frosting as he kissed it off, bringing his arms around me.

I pulled back from the kiss just enough that I could look up at him, "Thank you Booth for a wonderful evening."

He smiled serenely, "Anytime Bones. Listen there's something that I need to tell you," he grew serious.

"Ok" was all I could say, nervous of what could be so important.

He gave me a reassuring look bringing a hand up to stroke my cheek, as he took a deep breath. "I've told you a lot of things over the years. About us as partners, as friends, as romantic partners."

"I know Booth." I whispered softly.

"The point is that they're all true. You are the standard, at least for me and I've always known that you were it for me since the day I walked into that lecture hall. No matter what you say there's going to be 30, 40, 50 years and hopefully more from here on out.

I opened my mouth to say something but he simply covered it with his hand and gave me a pointed stare until I closed it again. "I've made some stupid mistakes in the past, and I'm sure that you could tell me all of them…"


"But none of that matters because I realize that the stupidest thing I've done so far is not tell you that I love you. I haven't told you that I love you ever day since I realized it; I haven't told you I love you every time that I had the chance. So I need to tell you now before you go another moment without knowing."

He looked at me calmly, "Temperance Brennan… Bones… My beautiful Bones I love you."

"Booth," fell from my lips again.

His head fell forward to rest on my mine, "I love you."

I didn't know what else to do but kiss him softly before just standing there and letting him hold me as the warmth of his proclamation washed over me.

Eventually I pulled back just a little bit, I couldn't say those words just yet and I knew that he wasn't expecting me to say them back but I knew he needed me to accept them. "Booth," seemed like such an inadequate way to start but I pushed through, "you mean more to me that I ever thought possible. I don't know where I would be without you but I wouldn't be as happy."

Now he smiled and kissed me hard before pulling back to smile at me. "Let's go home." I said lacing my fingers with his and started to walk back to where we'd left the car.

But I didn't get far before he pulled me back, wrapping one arm around my waist keeping the other hand in mine, "There's one more thing." He told me softly.

Looking into his eyes, I knew what it was, and I knew that tonight wasn't the night for it. "Not tonight Booth." I shook my head.

He seemed to understand though and nodded, "You know it's always an option thought right?"

I nodded fighting back the tears that wanted to flow because I couldn't give him what he really wanted right now.

"Hey, hey." He said softly wiping away my tears, "don't cry. One day you'll be ready and you'll tell me ok. If it's tomorrow or when we're ninety it doesn't matter ok?"

I nodded, before shaking off the tears. "Don't stop asking Booth?"

His trademarked smile flashed at that, "I won't and don't you worry I'm not going anywhere."

"Ok." I told him tucking my head under his chin and letting him just hold me for a moment.

It wasn't long though before he released all but my hand, "Come on. It's late and you need your sleep." He said pulling me along towards the car, taking me back to his apartment.

The End.

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