I. White Abyss, Red Ribbon

Drifting in a timeless place in constant pain, awakening lost in an abyss of light

Pain. All he could feel was pain. Nothing else seemed to exist for him, but that pain. He wondered when the pain would end, when he would cease to feel anything. The pain did not end though, instead it got worst. It felt as if his insides were being set on fire. He wanted to grab the pain, but he realized he could not move. In fact he could not even feel his limbs. He could feel pain, but nothing else.

He laughed bitterly to himself, at least in his mind. He could see nothing but blinding light. He wondered if this was heaven or maybe hell. If it wasn't for the pain he might have called it heaven. He couldn't remember how long he had been there. He guessed it might have been hours, but he wasn't sure. He couldn't remember anything. Not how he got there or who he was.

He should be scared, but he's wasn't. The place he was in wasn't threatening at all. It was just the pain inside of him. It felt different as he floated in the pure white place. It turned from almost unbearable into a small ache. Somehow he felt sad that the pain was ebbing away. It was important that it stay unbearable. He felt alone now that the pain was dying away. It was flowing away like a stream of water.

Soon it became harder for him to think. As if he couldn't concentrate anymore. He slowly began to forget about ever having the pain. He forgot his concern over not knowing where he was. Everything was fading out of his grasp. Soon he knew nothing, felt nothing, worried over nothing. He was content, floating in the warm white light. No pain or worries. There was nothing, nothing to hurt him or bother him again. Time passed, slowly trickling away as he was enveloped in the protective light.

"Ell…" he heard someone's voice. He became fearful. He didn't know what it was. No one but him existed in this place, yet there was that voice that called out from the center of the white void.

"Elliot…" it once again called. It sounded playful. His fear melted away as the voice continued to call. It was looking for someone because it kept calling that name. He listen to the voice, it sounded like a young woman.

"You should have left this place a long time ago." The woman said. She soon after, slowly started to materialize in front of him. She stood over him with a smile. "So Elliot are you ready to give up?" she asked him. The woman made the white light pale in comparison. She was so vibrant. Her long golden blonde hair frame her porcelain colored face. Blue eyes saw through him, as if she knew things about him he didn't. He was sure that she did since she called him by a name he never heard before.

"You must truly love him, to stay here in this limbo for so long. You're not alive or dead, but an endless state of pain." She smiled at him. He could tell the smile was insincere. "You're pain has subsided meaning he is slowly forgetting. You promised me you'll stay here, as long as he felt the pain. Your death has become nothing but a memory." He watched as something unreadable passed over her face. "Yet, I won't let you become lifeless doll. The stage awaits you. Once more you shall assume-" she stopped mid-sentence. "Maybe I should give you back those memories you seem to have lost." She waved her hand over him.

A warm breeze passed over him. He was flood with memories of his past. Images of a lonely black hair boy consumed him. His own thoughts returned to him, everything he had lost in the white void. He opened his blue eyes to the white room he was in. The blonde hair woman sat beside him. "I'm glad you finally return to your former form. You looked so pitiful in that existence, barely a glowing light." Seeing the woman clearly now, he could tell she was not a woman but a girl. She wore a blue dress with what look like and apron. In her hair was a blue bow.

"You act as if you've never seem me before." She smiled at him. He looked down at his hands. They shook lightly. "It's normal to be a little unstable in the void." She continued with the creepy smile and cheerful voice. "I don't… who are you?" he asked trying to remember what happen at the ceremony. "Ecila." She watched his every move.

"You died. It wasn't very pretty at all, too much blood." She stood and walked to stand in front of him. "Long ago you made me a promise, when you first arrived here." He looked up at her. "Promise?" "Yes a promise. You said that you would stay in the white abyss, if I allowed you to feel his pain. I have done so, but he has started to forget the pain of losing someone. It has become a dull ache that can no longer sustain your existence. You in effect have been forgotten." She sounded clinical.

Elliot Nightray looked around at his surroundings as his memories became so sharp it hurt. "He…has forgotten me." He felt sad. Did he really think that he would mourn him forever? It hurt to know that he moved on. "Good. He doesn't need to think about me anyhow. I don't want him too."

"Lie." She grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. "According to my watch, I'd say that it was time for me to destroy your very being since you broke your promise. But, it would be better if you took the stage once more. He needs to be stopped before the will of the abyss is obtained by him. If he obtains that, the story will end. I don't really want to stop watching you all suffer through this tragedy."

"So we're pawns for you amusement." Elliot didn't like this girl. The more she talked the less he liked. "Yes, pawns for my pleasure." She giggled at him as if he was supposed to know that. "I will not obey you." He stared down at her now. His anger rising. "Leo is precious to you?" He looked away from her hiding his embarrassment. She smiled deviously at him while he was looking the other way. "Things have changed very much since your death. Oz and Pandora will show no mercy to Leo." "Oz wouldn't hurt Leo." He grabbed the small girl by her arms. "What happen?" Elliot was becoming anxious. He didn't believe Oz would hurt Leo but he wasn't so sure of himself.

"Unhand me." She snatched her hands from his grasp. "Five years have passed since you entered the white abyss or void if you like. Over these years betrayal, love, hate and those pesky human emotions have festered until the battle lines were drawn. The people you used to know are no longer the people you remember. They have change for the worst or the better, depends on your definition of better. So, yes Oz is now willing to kill Leo to end this war. I don't want it to end, not with such a bad ending."

"So now we're a soap opera?" he sat down on the non-existing ground. "So what must I do?" he asked waiting for the girl's response.

"It's quite easy. You will return to wonderland. There you will stop Leo's madness, without revealing who you are." "So there are rules?" he asked knowing the answer. "Of course." She gave another childish giggle. Elliot tried to ignore his rising anger at the girl. "Watch that temper of yours. You won't be the esteem Elliot Nightray when I return you. Were the Nightray's ever esteemed? Anyway you can't just speak you're mind to everyone anymore."

Ecila walked away from Elliot, as she walked he notices she was slows disappearing out of sight. The white abyss was larger than he thought. He got to his feet and followed the young girl. "I thought you'd get the idea if I walked off." She looked over her shoulder to him. "Here we are the gift of the lake." In front of him was a lake of crystal clear water. The blues against the harsh white of the void was calming. "Once you swim to the other side you will be on the stage again. Do not die again it will ruin the story." She shoved him in to the lake.

He came up sputtering. "You!" he stopped himself. If he insulted her, she might not let him see Leo. "Good, you held your tongue. One more thing, your body has long ago rotted away in the years that have passed. So the lake will grant you a new one. It however will not be the same." She sat on the side of the lake. "Listen to the voice of Anesidora, she is much more likable then me." "Anesidora?" he asked. "She resides in the lake and will guide you on your journey. Noble woman she is. Now go! Wonderland is waiting for you." Elliot took a deep breath and dived beneath the clear waters.

"Ahh…wonderland will become a drama and tragedy once more. Be careful my little pawn."

Elliot swam down into the depth of the lake. Soon the crystal clear water became deep shades of blue. As he went deeper he realized he was going to run out of air soon. He felt like an idiot for listen to the girl. He looked back behind himself. He couldn't make it back to the surface.

"Finally I meet you." A light voice said from dark blue depth. "You have finally come." Elliot stop his downward descend. He looked around. He continued to stare down at the darker blues below until a woman formed out of them.

"Do not worry, you won't die. You have no need to breath; this is not really water." The woman said. She was made out of the waters. She was wearing a sapphire dress. Her skin was like alabaster. She reached for him "Once you pass on to the stage you can't return. I'm sure you're okay with that. I will mold you're body of the most precious substances." She took him by the hand and then pulled him deeper into dark blue depths. "I will give you a guardian to protect yourself as well."

'Guardian?' he thought to himself. "You and many others call them chains, but the chains in the abyss are twisted unlike those who live in the void. Do not worry it will not be like it was with Humpty Dumpty. This chain will protect you and bend to your will." She let go of his hand and moved away. "Listen to my voice and you will find your way to the stage." Elliot was soon pulled into a black vortex of water and wind. It was like a whirlpool dragging him down into an abyss. He was fearful, but if he could see Leo again he would allow himself to be dragged into the darkness.

Elliot's eyes flew open with him silently screaming. He looked around and tried to calm down; being dragged into the darkness scared him more than he wanted to admit. Dying was like being swallowed by an inescapable darkness. Sure it is peaceful but it was still scary, unable to escape or even call for help. He sat up and looked around again, truly seeing his surrounding this time. He was in an apartment. The lights were off and he was in the bedroom.

He got to his feet and looked for the lamp near the bed. He found it effortlessly as if he had been there before. The room was partly flooded with candlelight. It was a small room like he guessed; an apartment bedroom. He sat back on the bed lightheaded. He needed to figure out so much. He had to find Leo, he had to find out what else happen the last five years. But first he had to gain his bearings. He laid back and waited for the lightheaded feeling to subside.

While he laid there his mind pondered on the things Ecila had told him. He wondered had things change so much. He wanted to think it was drastic, but he knew it probably was slower. After the bout of sickness passed he went looking for the bathroom, which he knew where it was without thinking. He lit the lamp and went to the mirror.

He stared at the woman in the mirror. It took him a few minutes to realize it was him. "What the-" he stumbled back. "Oh I forgot to mention that you can't be male anymore." Ecila voice echoed off the tiles. "What do mean I can't be a male!" he furiously yelled at the disembodied voice. "Shh… Your neighbors will hear you. Let me fill you in with a few details. You just moved to this apartment a few days ago, so your neighbors are still wary of you. Anyhow you can't be a male because I said so." She giggled annoyingly. Elliot grasped the sides of the sink to keep from yelling. "Because-" Ecila cut him off. "No, it's because you would look the same. If you hadn't notice Anesidora has molded your body exactly the way it looked when you were alive."

Ecila's face took the place of his in the mirror. "But she had to make you female so you wouldn't disrupt the story in wonderland." "Wonderland?" he asked. She ignored him and continued. "I can only make small changes in the story. Bringing you back to life would have torn the seams of time, let alone aroused the interest of Alyss. Yet, if you stay like this then you won't mess up anything. As long as you keep your mouth shut. Your name is Elliot Knightingale"

Elliot looked at Ecila in the mirror. "What are you?" he needed to know what he was getting in to. "I'm an observer of this lovely drama that has taken hold of Wonderland. Although, I am messing around with some things here and there like you. I don't like to get bored, what can I say." She slowly disappeared.

"Wait, how am I supposed to contact you or Anesidora for help and how do I summon this chain?" he was sick of her lack of explaining things he needed to know. "There is no need to contact me, I'm always watching. As for Anesidora, all you need to do is call her name near a large body of water or a mirroring surface, a cup of water if you're pressed for time. Not including mirrors, she hates them for some reason. Lastly the chain will come if and only if you are in danger. Now goodbye." She disappeared before Elliot could speak.

He sighed deeply and went to the bedroom of his new apartment. He had a long list of things he needed to figure out. He had to find Leo first and foremost. Then he needed to understand what was going on with everyone. Why Oz was so intent on harming Leo? What was Pandora doing? What happen to the rest of the Nightrays? Where exactly was his apartment located? He had so many questions, but looking at a clock it was twelve midnight. He blew out the light and lied down on the mattress.

He guessed it was a little too early to begin searching for answers. He had to wait until the sun rose. He lied on the bed wondering how he'd ever fall asleep. So much had happen to him in a short time, being a girl was something he didn't think he get used to, ever. Before he knew it he was asleep dreaming of the past, when things were so much simpler.

The next morning Elliot woke up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As he walked around the whole time he found it odd he knew where every thing was. He was beginning to worry about that. When he finish cleaning up he went to the closet in the bedroom. He opened it and stopped in his tracks. There was nothing but dresses inside.

He pushed them aside and found under clothes. He had avoided looking at himself in the mirror the whole time he was in the bathroom. He stopped and looked down at the robe he wore. He had to know what he looked like. He couldn't very well just keep ignoring the fact he was a girl now. He opened the robe slowly and sighed, prepared for the worst. He stared at the small lumps on his chest. He was relieved he didn't have a vulgar size bust. He completely avoided looking any lower until it was absolutely necessary. Elliot went back to the closet to find a pair of pants, anything that was male but no such luck. Ecila made sure he'd be dressed as a girl. He took a deep breath; he was working on his temper. Ladies didn't show anger in public, so he had to start practicing beforehand.

He pulled out a chemise and drawers. He had not the slightest clue how to dress in women's clothes. He looked back in the closet and notice that there were a lot of things that women had to wear. He sighed wishing he was male. He looked around trying to find a reflective surface. He went to the kitchen instead and got a cup of water. He stared at his reflection in it. He felt stupid. He was about to call out to a cup of water. "Anesidora?" he said as low as he could. "Yes." The answer came automatically. He found it weird listen to the disembodied voice.

"I don't know how to wear women's clothing." He looked around the kitchen remembering he hadn't ate anything he put the cup down and looked around for some bread. He found the bread box and cut a slice. He turned around to talk to the cup but a woman stood there. Her appearance reminded him of the lake. "Don't do that!" He sat in a chair and calmed down. "I don't know what to put on first."

She stared at him for a moment. "I guess you wouldn't." "Of course I wouldn't I'm a man!" he was frustrated with the whole female thing. He wanted to be himself when he talked to Leo. He couldn't knock any sense into him as a girl. He bit in to the bread angrily. "Sorry…" she gave a downcast look. "No- I… it's just I'm not use to this. Everything has change and so have I. I'm just nervous." He finally said.

"I understand. I will teach how to wear women's garments." She gave him a delicate smile. Elliot sighed inwardly. Something he never thought he'd hear. After finishing up the bread he went to the closet with the women.

"You first need to put on a chemise." She pulled a cute lace one out that was decorated beautifully. He looked at it and then stepped away from her. "It's too girly!" he was pissed off again at the circumstances. She looked at him then at the closet full of women's clothes. "But aren't they all?" she asked. He looked at the content of the closet then the chemise she had in hand. She was right they all were. He was a sixteen year old boy…rather girl. He didn't want to wear something so childish, even though he was a boy he still had a preference in the clothes he wore.

He resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to wear it. Everything else in the closet was even girly-er, if that was possible. After another debate on which was the less girly, he stood wearing a chemise, drawers, petticoat and a crinoline. He was staring at the crinoline when Anesidora came with another petticoat to go over the steel cage. "Why do women wear this." He slapped his hand against the crinoline. "You don't have to wear it. You could just put on more petticoats." Anesidora said smiling at Elliot. "Good." She helped him out of the steel cage contraption. Elliot better understood what women went through to look beautiful. After three hours of dressing Elliot was dress for the day.

He felt like he was suffocating with the corset. After a few walking, sitting and female grace lessons from Anesidora he felt ready. She sat on the bed staring at him, while he looked at the mirror. "I'm sure you will do just fine. Just do not give up on Leo. He is still able to be saved." She got up and disappeared back to her lake. Elliot stood silently looking at the girl who looked back. He still had his mole on the left side of his face. It made him look cute. He sighed heavily. He wondered if Leo would recognize him. He couldn't tell him but he hope that Leo would recognize him, even looking like this. He combed his hair wonder how to find Leo and the others.

He shook himself out of thought and pulled on his pink and red ribbon bonnet. He felt like a cross dresser. Elliot Nightray was wearing a frilly white, pink and red dress. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that it was only him who could slap some sense into Leo, so he had to man up…women up? He wasn't going to let losing an appendage and getting some other things stop him from getting to Leo. So throwing his embarrassment into the wind he grabbed a matching parasol and headed into town.

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