X. Epilogue: The Will, The Embodiment

And I shall give you, your heart's desire

When Glen reached his destination which was Elliot's former room, he laid the body on the bed. His violet eyes rested on Elliot's face and the tears that stained his cheeks. He didn't normally do this, by the felt compelled to clean off Elliot's cheeks. He didn't so with a wet tissue and then stepped back from the bed. He wanted to mourn the child. But he couldn't do that. It was Leo's feeling causing him to do that. He turned to leave, but the pain in his heart was unbearable. "I'm sure she will come for you." He said forcing himself to leave the room.

Anesidora stood over Elliot's body and held back tears. She had seen his heartbreaking death. In the end the white abyss was freed from its taint and the tragedy would eventually come to an end but at what cost. Elliot once again laid dead. It was unfair. She didn't like what had happened to Elliot. She felt helpless. She couldn't break the rules of the tragedy for just one person. She smiled and knew she already would for Elliot. He was like a son to her, she would give him happiness. "You seem bound by the binds that is death once more because again you will grace the stage of wonderland, but this time you will be triumphant." She watched as the female body melted away to reveal a teenage male. His breathing so shallow it was almost unnoticeable. The light that he emitted was now more than blinding, it had become almost ethereal. Anesidora stared at the light completely unaffected. A small smile graced her lips. "You have a will of steel. I haven't even started and you're already ready."

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