My first Tendershipping FanFic. Sorry if it's kind of short. Slight AU maybe. I don't know I never really watched the dubbed or the subbed anime. I really hated Yami and Yugi for giving all those lectures about friendship and seeing as they were the main characters… Anyway, read, review, and flamers beware. I know where you live.

The Answer


"Yes, Kura?"

"Do you think I… Um…."


Bakura hesitated before asking the question.

"Do you think I'm overprotective of you?"

Ryou thought about this.

"Well… You did throw Honda in the trash can today for asking me what time it was."

"Oh yeah. He seemed pretty mad about that. I wonder why?"

"Maybe it was because he landed face first on top of week old fish."

"Hey it could have been week old squid."

"True. Then there was the time you sucker punched Jounouchi last week for looking at me."

"Hey, he had 'bedroom' eyes."

"…and he has a boyfriend already."


"Okay you want another instance? You did a flying kick on Yami for accidentally bumping into me."

Bakura laughed.

"Yeah, that was great. Hey, you never answered my question."


"Do you think I'm overprotective of you?"

Ryou put his head on Bakura's shoulder.