My Only

After Blaine orchestrated his plan to perfection, he sneakily parked his car a few houses away from Kurt's so that he wouldn't notice the telltale sign of Blaine pulling into the Hummel's driveway. Blaine slid a cautious hand through his hair as he glanced at himself in the rearview mirror, This is Kurt, after all, he thought I want to look good.

He figured it would do and quickly grabbed the items next to him in the car, as he locked it and walked toward the familiar sight of Kurt's abode.

With as much stealth as he could muster, Blaine sidled up to Kurt's bedroom window and was pleased to hear Kurt playing away on his keyboard. He recognized the opening number for "Pip, Pip Hooray!" the musical Kurt had been working on all summer. He was slightly changing the ending of the song by the sound of it. Blaine was momentarily caught up in how amazing his boyfriend was to write a whole one-man musical by himself, Blaine knew he wouldn't have the patience to do that.

Blaine steadied himself then raised his hand and gently knocked on the window ledge. The music within stopped as Kurt walked over curiously to the window and drew back the curtains to reveal his boyfriend, grinning sheepishly up at him, with a bouquet of wildflowers in one hand, the other casually placed in his pocket.

Kurt's face lite up from the surprise and as he exhaled, a happy sound emitted from deep within him. He was surely pleased, but acted casual as he asked, "Mr. Anderson? To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

"Can't I visit my boyfriend?" Blaine asked, hoping he didn't look silly.

Kurt had glanced at the clock in his room and countered, "At 10:30 on a work night? Surely you must have had something more planned than just seeing me."

"I had to see you- I haven't stopped thinking about you all day!" Blaine exclaimed. They were both a bit started by his passion, so Blaine sighed and asked; "May I come in?" as his face flooded with color.

They met at the front door where Kurt accepted the wildflowers Blaine had picked for him in a field near his house.

"Mon petit prince, you shouldn't have…" Kurt beamed then inhaled their sweet scent and took them to the kitchen to put in a vase of water. They then took the flowers to Kurt's room where he put them on his bedside table.

Happily, Kurt lay down on his luxurious bed and motioned Blaine to join him. Blaine smiled as he met his boyfriend on his soft pillows and kissed him.

"Hi," Blaine stated, not taking his eyes off of Kurt for a moment.

"Hi yourself," Kurt comfortably replied, evidently very pleased his boyfriend had chosen to visit him that night.

For a few minutes, they just sat there, their eyes glued to each other as their hands wandered to touch the other's hair, face, arms and hands. Eventually they stopped and simply clasped hands, facing each other on Kurt's soft mattress. To Blaine, Kurt looked perfectly content, but with a small smile which indicated a question- "Why tonight? What have you been thinking about all day? Why did you surprise me?"

Blaine loved the fact that Kurt was always so willing to let Blaine figure things out before he explained himself. Blaine took a deep breath and admitted, "I love you."

"I love you." Kurt replied, without even pausing.

With this in his mind, Blaine took out a slip of paper he had scribbled on outside of Kurt's house. Kurt raised a delicate eyebrow at this and caught his beau's eye. Blaine explained, "When I first kissed you, I… jumped the gun. I had wanted to ask you to be my boyfriend before I kissed you, but there you were and I remember you looked so… perfect. And your pretty lips were right there, so close to me. And I couldn't help but think how soft they looked, and how I couldn't wait another moment. Kurt, you know I'm not good at romance; I always jump over things or try too hard and end up ruining the moment. I kiss you then say we should practice a duet. I forget to compliment you when you're looking amazing because let's face it, you always look great." Kurt grinned. "I fall asleep before you do and forget to send you good night texts. I try dipping you and smash your head on a railing. I try to say emotional things, but I just end up making a joke or singing some cheesy song. So… my point is, it's hard for me to get across all the things I feel for you. So I wrote this to help me."

A look of delight was slowly growing on Kurt's face as he absorbed all this. He remained silent yet kept his eyes fastened on Blaine's. He motioned the dark haired lad on. Blaine cleared his throat, obviously nervous.

He began, "The very first day we met, I knew you were going to be so important in my life. I saw a lot of myself in you, but more interestingly I saw someone completely different. I saw a boy who was unafraid and confident of whom he was but who had to deal with terrible harassment for it. When you confessed what was going on, I never thought of you as weak but in fact as the strongest and bravest man I had ever met. I knew then that I would do anything to ensure I could be a mentor to you, but more importantly a friend. You transferred to Dalton and became my best friend. You changed the way I looked at things. You are so compassionate and insightful. You take things I have always thought of the same way and completely flip them on their head. Then, on Valentine's Day, when you told me how you felt about me, I… realized that you were right. I shouldn't just be with some guy because I'm sexually attracted to him (and don't get me wrong, you are gorgeous, Kurt) I should date someone who is compatible with me. Eventually it dawned on me that that person was you. I mean, we're perfect for each other. I just never made a move because I thought that was the last thing you needed in your life. Now I see, love can happen at any moment."

Blaine took a breath as Kurt absorbed that. He leaned over and gave him a deep kiss before shifting slightly and continuing, "And it happened to me. For you. I love you so much sometimes it startles me. Sometimes it is so overwhelming how well everything goes between us. But always, always it feels natural. And right. I do try to impress you, but that's because you've shown me I don't have to do anything but be myself to earn your approval. And I wish, so often, that I could always be as romantic as you, but if I can do it just sometimes that would make up for the times I mess up, maybe? So I thought, maybe I could give you a pet name? You call me the sweetest things, whenever I'm with you I wonder how you're feeling about me and somehow you're always able to show that through your word choice. Names are important. They're part of your identity. Sometimes, I think you know me better than I know myself. So I truly and completely adore all the nicknames you've given me. And thus, I wanted to find one for you. Well you know I struggle, with words sometimes."

Kurt smiled at this. They had talked about this before and Blaine was aware this aspect of his was mostly endearing but sometimes bothersome.

Flushed, he continued, "But I've chosen what I want to call you when I'm feeling madly, passionately and hopelessly in love with you."

Kurt wiggled restlessly beside Blaine, obviously curious as to what nickname he would be titled with. His green eyes were brimming with his love for Blaine and as the two boys looked at each other, Blaine reached his strong hand out and cupped Kurt's face.

Quietly, as if it were something sacred, like a prayer, Blaine whispered, "My only."

"Oh, B-" was all Kurt managed before roughly pulling Blaine to him and finding his mouth. The kiss was fine, loving, lingering. After a few of these Kurt pulled back, realizing there was more his boyfriend wanted to say.

Blaine was clearly happy as he put the paper away; he had read all he had written. So now came the part he had planned on simply confessing.

Blaine tenderly grasped Kurt's hands as he began, "It's because… you are my only. You are the only person I ever want to be with. I know we're young. I know, two, three, ten years down the road we'll grow up and change. But I can't ever see myself growing away from you. I can't see myself with anyone but you. You're all I want. And now Kurt, my only," Blaine showed Kurt one of his very most serious faces, "I'm not proposing to you, but I am making you a promise. I will love you. Always. And one day if you're still crazy enough to want to be with this goofy idiot you call your boyfriend… I'm going to ask you to marry me. That's how much I love you. That's how much I'll always love you. Until then, I'll call you "my only" so that you know how crazy I am about you. So that you'll know I'll never stop loving you."

Blaine completed this speech by closing the space between them and giving Kurt the purest, sweetest kiss he ever gave. After, Kurt seemed to be at a loss for words. He just looked at Blaine with the truest, strongest look of love he had ever shown.

"I… Blaine…" He tried, and then just kissed him instead. Blaine didn't mind; he was impressed by the effect his confession had had on his boyfriend. Eventually, one of Kurt's slender hands began rubbing Blaine's face signaling he had something to stay. They parted briefly, though Kurt kept his hand along Blaine's jaw line, studying his face.

"Boyfriend, you never have to worry about not being good with romance. You do your own style of romance just right. I love you, and I don't think I'll ever stop. Everything you just said… I feel that way, too. I'm so yours." His smile was so bright; its radiance seemed to shine directly into Blaine's heart, which he felt was expanding and taking up almost his whole chest. "But down the line, I would be cautious. I might propose to you before you get the chance." Kurt teased, lightening the mood.

"I wouldn't mind. You know I'd say yes, my only."

The energy in the room was magical. The two youths lay together on Kurt's bed, wrapped in the other's arms. They talked a bit about this or that, but mostly just admired their counterpart and gazed at each other. Their conversation was broken by a sudden kiss or a deep, contented sigh from Kurt.

As their time grew shorter, it became evident Kurt was reluctant for Blaine to leave. "Blaine Warbler, as soon as you get a day off, promise you'll spend it with me?"

"Of course, Kurt, who else would I spend it with?"

Kurt beamed.

They looked at each other for a moment. Blaine toyed with the tip of Kurt's ear then extended his neck to gently suck on the lobe. Blissfully, Kurt tried to finger some of the curls out of Blaine's hardened hair, but to no avail.

"And when you get a day off, I want you to leave your hair normal. I want to see your mop top!"

Blaine laughed, "Sure, Kurt. Whatever you want. When I get a couple days off, we could even go up to the lake house. Would you like that?"

"That sounds perfect!" Kurt replied, obviously excited.

They snuggled together for a few more minutes. Eventually, Blaine got up and prepared for his long drive home. As Kurt walked him out to his car down the street, they kept their arms around each other's waists, resisting the imminent departure.

Kurt was evidently in a state of wonderful bliss. "Blaine, darling, I hope you know, even when you mess up, I still love you. But tonight, I love you even more. You were perfectly romantic." Kurt confessed, rubbing Blaine's hand with his thumb, gazing deep into his boyfriend's hazel eyes.

Blaine kissed him then, one last kiss of the night, tilting Kurt's mouth down to firmly lock with his own. They moved in harmony, like two instruments performing an impassioned duet. Maybe Kurt was a flute, Blaine a violin. Whatever they were, their unique sounds melded and performed a lovely song. The kiss was effortless, wholesome, loving. This is real, Blaine thought, this is right. As they parted, stars in their eyes, a look of regret was clear in Kurt's expression. He was obviously wishing Blaine could stay longer.

"Whom will you be thinking about as you drive home, Blaine?" He asked. Not in a possessive way, but in a very vulnerable way, as if he were unsure of the answer.

Blaine just grinned and replied, "My only."

As Blaine drove away from Kurt after blowing a kiss, he swore he saw tears glinting in his love's eyes.

What he told Kurt was the truth.

On the highway, he thought about everything they had gone through. He thought about the amazing night they had just shared. He thought about their time together: their laughs, duets, jokes, their bonding over Vogue and RENT and scarves, the way they ordered each other coffee, the way they never forgot the little details about the other, the kind smile Kurt adopted when Blaine did something goofy and a myriad other things Blaine adored about his boyfriend. He also pondered over the importance of the fact that they disagreed on somethings. It made them both smarter and more aware of how to be a good person.

Blaine smiled, knowing in his heart that this night was only the beginning. He had his whole life to spend with Kurt and that was exactly what he planned on doing. He was so overjoyed at the fact that there would be more songs, more study sessions, more dates to fancy restaurants or even just to Breadstix, there would be more loving glances, clasped hands, gentle whispers and soft kisses. In the fall, they would go to football games, in the winter they'd shop together and visit Kurt's mother's grave, in the spring they would avoid GAPs like the plague, and in the summer they would try to make it to the lake house as often as they could. When they were done with High School, they would go to New York together. There, they would have more adventures and find more ways of loving each other. Their love will continue to grow daily, Blaine reasoned, as it does now. In his life, Blaine would have all the time he needed to love Kurt. To give Kurt more affection and attention than he could now. And Kurt in turn would give Blaine more advice, compassion and love than Blaine had ever known.

Of course, throughout their lives together, there was one other thing Blaine was particularly excited about.

Kurt would also give him many more nicknames.

The End

AN: So there you have it! Thank you all my loyal readers for sticking with me. I hope you've enjoyed this little story. The inspiration for this story came from when Darren as "Blaine" called "Kurt" "Pretty Lips" on the Glee Live Tour this summer. Originally this chapter was going to be about "Pretty Lips" but it changed to this as the story evolved. :] Thank you once more!