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M for sexual content. Lots of it.
Summary: It's James's birthday, and he's completely down about it. His three best friends decide to come to the birthday rescue, planning to give him whatever he wants. Only, James's suggestion for a birthday present is not at all what they expected.
Author's Note: Well hulllo thurr. So hellfirehalo188 said I should do this in a review for Do You Wanna Touch, and since then, I couldn't stop thinking about doing it. It's just pure, OT4 smut. Enjoy it. And it's my first foursome, so go easy on me.


"Happy birthday!"

James Diamond walked into apartment 2J in the Palm Woods hotel, to be greeted by his three best friends in the world , Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, and Carlos Garcia, standing in front of the doorway excitedly, each holding something of the birthday sort in their hands. Katie and Mama Knight would have been there, too, but they were out of town visiting a relative or something, and wouldn't be back until the next night. So for now, James only had his three friends, all holding crudely wrapped presents in their hands. That was typical for today; it was James's eighteenth birthday.

And he couldn't be less excited about it.

James used to love his birthday; it gave him the chance to listen to people tell him how great he was, or how much they loved him, and plus, he got presents. But from the age of sixteen on, his birthday had just become a day of monotony. He always got the same things - Cuda spray, hair product, graphic tee's, yada yada.

It was all just so boring.

Carlos was the first to hop forward, planting a kiss onto James's cheek. "Happy birthday, Jamesey," the Latino boy said coyly, shoving a small box into the taller's hands. James smiled down at his boyfriend, thanking him quietly.

Kendall came forward next, Logan following closely behind him. "Happy eighteenth, man," Kendall grinned, placing another poorly-wrapped box into James's hands. It was rather large, and for a moment, James was actually curious to see what it was. "That's from the both of us," Logan said, piping up from behind his blond haired boyfriend and slipping a smaller, more neatly wrapped box on top of the large one.

"Thanks, guys," James said, his voice dead. All three of his friends' faces fell, immediately sensing something was up with the pretty boy.

"Are you okay, James?" Carlos asked, his bottom lip jutting out adorably. James sighed, shaking his head. The Latino immediately moved forward, tucking himself into the arms of the birthday boy. "What's wrong?"

James sighed again, looking down at Carlos's concerned face, then back up to Kendall's and Logan's. "It's nothing," he said, shrugging his shoulders. His friends glared at him, immediately sensing that he wasn't giving them the whole story. He rolled his eyes, shrugging again. "Fine. I guess birthdays just don't do it for me anymore. It's no big deal."

Still pouting, Carlos wiggled out of James's arms. "Of course it's a big deal!" he whined. "It's your eighteenth birthday! It has to be like, the best birthday ever!" Kendall and Logan nodded in agreement.

"It doesn't matter," James muttered, turning to walk into his room. The other three attempted to stop him, but he shrugged them off again, telling them not to worry.

Once he got into his and Carlos's shared room, James shrugged out of his shirt, flopping down onto his bed.

He hated that he seemed like he didn't appreciate that his friends had gone out and gotten him presents and took the time to even do something for him, but he couldn't bring himself to plaster a smile on his face and celebrate his birthday with them like it was some kind of big event.

Sure, he turned eighteen today, but that didn't stop this birthday from being like any other. He could bet ten to one that in both presents there was probably Cuda product or a jar of lube again from Carlos, trying to be kinky.

Birthdays just didn't do it for him anymore. There was only one thing James actually wanted from this day, and it pained him to know that he would most likely not get it.

And that just made today suck worse.


"He has to want something," Logan said, his brow furrowing. "I mean, it's his eighteenth birthday. It can't just be like any other day. We have to do something." Carlos and Kendall nodded in agreement. The other three members of Big Time Rush were currently sitting at the kitchen table in their pajamas, trying to figure out why the forth had seemed so down.

"What the hell could he want, though?" Kendall frowned, scratching his chin. "We got him everything he loves. There is nothing else he could want."

"Maybe he just doesn't care about his birthday," Carlos mused quietly, earning looks of disbelief from his brunette and blond friend. "What?" He pouted.

"James is probably the most in-love-with-himself person we know," Logan offered. "There is no way he really doesn't care about his birthday."

"I don't." All three of the boys at the table jumped noticeably when James's voice erupted from behind them. They all turned, faced with a shirtless, slightly pissed off James.

"H-how long have you been standing there?" Kendall asked nervously, grinning sheepishly.

"Not long," James said, crossing his arms over his chest. "But long enough to hear how you all think I'm too conceited not to care about my birthday." The tone of the tall brunette's voice made it obvious that he was pissed.

"We didn't mean it like that, Jamie," Carlos said, expression apologetic. James sighed, knowing that Carlos was completely sincere. "Its just that we don't really think you don't care at all that you're eighteen today. This is one of the biggest birthdays you'll ever have."

Logan and Kendall piped up with a "Yeah, dude," and James sighed again.

"Can you at least try to explain to us why you're so down about this?" Logan asked, leaning back into his chair.

James bit his lip; this was the question he'd dreaded hearing. He didn't want to explain to his friends his issue.

Because they themselves were his issue.

Sure, he hadn't been a fan of birthdays for a few years now, but he knew his eighteenth was going to suck worse than the others because of the revelation he'd had a few days prior.

Though they had been friends all their lives, James had never really thought his friends as attractive, except for Carlos. But lately, James had caught himself staring at Logan and Kendall for longer than seemed appropriate for a man in a relationship.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that his two other friends were gorgeous. Sure, they may not be gorgeous in the 'drop-dead modelesque' kind of way, but they were gorgeous nonetheless.

It was the way Kendall's blond hair flopped over his shiny green eyes whenever he got a little too excited, how his mouth quirked up into that little crooked smile when he came up with a crazy plan to get them out of an even crazier situation, or even how he squared his shoulders and puffed out his chest whenever he talked back to Gustavo when the record producer made a decision he didn't agree with.

And Logan. Perfect, innocent, straight-laced Logan. James had always loved how smart the smaller brunette was, but had never seen the trait as attractive until lately. James loved how Logan knew everything from astronomy to medicine to basic fartology. Yet smarts weren't the only thing about the boy that James had been eying lately. It was those huge, chocolate brown eyes that Logan possessed that just stared at you like a deer caught in the headlights when he was confused, or the way they shined when you made him happy that drew James in so drastically.

And then there was Carlos. Sure, James already had the Latino, and the adorably energetic boy was much more than enough for him. With the way he got so excited over the smallest things, how his huge brown eyes made James feel like he was the most important person in the worth, and the way he made James feel when they had sex, reacting in the most delicious of ways.

It was all of these observations together that caused James' revelation.

His friends were gorgeous. Beyond sexy. And he wanted them all.

"I...I really don't want to," James murmured timidly. Two sets of brown eyes and one set of green narrowed.

"James," Kendall groaned, his glare holding. "You can't just act all sad and then just not tell us why."

Carlos nodded, his helmet bobbing slightly. "Yeah, Jamie," he grumbled, "It's not fair."

The tall brunette sighed heavily, causing his friends to roll their eyes at the drama of it. "Fine," he said, crossing his arms over his bare chest, squaring his shoulders, expecting a rebuff. "I want you. All of you. At once."

Three jaws dropped to the table.

What seemed like an eternity of silence ticked by before Carlos broke it with a quiet "W-what?"

James breathed deep. "It's called a foursome, Carlitos."

Carlos choked a little in surprise. "I-I know," he cleared his throat, "B-but why?"

The tan boy shrugged, his mouth curving into a smile lopsided smile. "I've just been thinking lately. I mean, what're the chances of all four of us being gay and extremely good looking?" James paused when Kendall's expression turned incredulous. "Look. I'm not saying I wanna do this 'cause I think you're all hot. I wanna do this because I can't stop thinking about how hot you all are. I mean, I already have Carlos and it's great, but I just want to try this. I need to try this."

The three other boys wore identical expressions of disbelief, confusion, and contemplation. It was Logan who spoke up first. "I think we should do it."

Green and brown eyes widened at the smart teen, James's included. He'd never expected any of the others to accept his request, let alone accept it so quickly. And he definitely didn't expect that person to be Logan. "Wait, what?" James squeaked. "Logan, you're going for this?"

Logan shrugged. "It's not like I haven't thought about doing it too," the smart teen said, expression smooth. "Its like you said. I have Kendall, but then I look at you and Carlos and I just end up thinking how hot it would be to just take one night off to let you guys have a go." Logan shrugged once more, smirking at the looks his friends were wearing.

James was the first to compose himself, a smirk gracing his perfect features. "Well, Logie's down," he said, "What about you two?"

Kendall and Carlos were silent, both exchanging looks of deliberation. After a while, Kendall gave a quiet, "We'll do it," and a louder "But only because it's your birthday. This is a one-time thing."

James's face exploded into a grin. "So how are we gonna do this?" James leaned against the counter, arms crossed over his chest. He swore he saw Logan lick his lips, but it may have been his ego messing with his head.

James looked to Carlos, who'd barely said a word since the tall brunette had proposed the idea. Carlos noticed James staring, shying away slightly from his intense gaze. "What do you want to do, Carlitos?"

The Latino bit his lip, twiddling his thumbs. "I-I want," Carlos had to clear his throat and take a deep breath before starting again. "I want Kendall."

Said blonde's head whipped to the side, expression a mix of shock and disbelief. He heard Logan laugh, and James's own chuckle join in. "What?" He questioned the Latino.

Carlos blushed crimson, an embarrassed smile on his lips. "W-well," the Latino mumbled, "The first time you and Logan had sex he told me about it, and well, he said something about your, um, anatomy, and since then, well, I guess I wanted to try you?"

If Kendall had had something in his mouth, it would've been spit across the table. "Logan?" he hissed.

The brunette in question simply shrugged. "I just said you've got one hell of a package. I didn't know it'd turn Carlos into a nymphomaniac."

James chuckled as Carlos's blush deepened. "Well then," he said, clapping his hands together. "I get Logie, and Carlos gets Kendall."

Logan made a noise of discontent, all three of the boys looking over to where he sat, a pout on his face. "What's up, Logie?" Carlos asked, rubbing the pale teen's shoulder.

"I thought we were having a foursome," the boy said, his voice so dejected that the other three boys couldn't help but crack up. "What?" Logan asked angrily.

"Who knew," James managed through snickers, "Little Logan is the nymphomaniac, not Carlos."

The smart teen's eyes narrowed, glaring at the pretty boy. "You said we'd have a foursome. I want a foursome."

"Well then," James purred, moving over to where Logan sat. The taller brunette moved in close, so close that his lips brushed Logan's ear when he spoke into it. "We'll have us a foursome."

A shudder wracked Logan's body as he turned his face to meet James's lips in a quick kiss. The pretty boy let out a feral growl, pulling Logan from the chair he was sitting on, down onto the kitchen floor while Kendall and Carlos looked on.

James pressed his mouth back onto Logan's, straddling the smart boy, loving the feeling of kissing somebody other than Carlos. Don't get him wrong, he loved the Latino to death, but he was James fucking Diamond.

He couldn't limit himself to one person.

Plus, the way Logan reacted to the kiss made James's cock twitch with need in his sweatpants.

The smart boy was moaning and pushing his body up against James's own, twining his fingers in the silky locks of the boy above him. His mouth opened immediately, letting James take the lead, the pretty boy's tongue exploring every foreign crevice of the smart boy's mouth.

The two boys tangled on the floor seemed to be completely oblivious to their boyfriends who were left sitting at the kitchen table. Kendall was watching the scene on the floor with surprise.

He'd never expected seeing Logan make out with James to be so fucking sexy.

The blond teen heard a whimper behind him, and turned in his chair to see Carlos squirming with his legs pressed tightly together, a prominent bulge in his pajama pants. Kendall grinned. It seemed Carlos was as turned on as he was by the sight of their respective boyfriends tongue-fucking each other on the kitchen floor.

"Come here, Carlitos," Kendall purred, beckoning the Latino to his lap. Carlos shuddered, arousal shooting up his spine at the sensual use of his nickname.

The small boy slipped from his own chair to straddle Kendall, the blond smirking the whole time. Very shyly, Carlos carded his thin fingers through blond locks, reveling in the small moan that escaped the tall boy's lips.

Hearing the moans coming from the chairs, James stopped kissing Logan to take in the sight of Carlos straddling Kendall, their lips locked together in a sloppy, heated kiss. Logan whimpered at the lack of attention from that sinful mouth James possessed, but his discontent was short lived when James pointed to where Carlos and Kendall had begun to grind against each other, still kissing sloppily.

"Ken-Ken," Logan purred from the floor, grinning mischievously when Kendall looked down to him with a slightly pissed look, hair disheveled and cheeks flushed. Catching on to what Logan was getting at, James beckoned the duo on the chair down to where he and Logan lay.

Pushing the boy on his lap off gently, Kendall got up from the chair, grabbing Carlos's hand to make sure the Latino followed.

Seeing the two others coming down to where he and Logan lay, James moved from his position on top of the smart boy to sit against the cabinets, legs open to whoever chose to sit in between then. "Come treat the birthday boy," the pretty boy purred, making a motion for the other three to join him.

Carlos was the first to settle in between James's legs, planting his mouth on the junction where James's neck met shoulder. Logan and Kendall settled on either side of the pretty boy, moving in to suckle both sides of James's neck, biting and sucking the tanned flesh.

James was in absolute euphoria, having all three of his sexy best friends kissing and sucking around his neck, one occasionally reaching down to tweak a nipple or rub James through his sweatpants.

This birthday was turning out to be not so bad after all.

Logan was the first to move, licking a hot line from the spot he had latched onto on James's neck to nip and kiss James's collarbone, moving further down to take a single nipple into his mouth. Following Logan's lead, Carlos moved down as well, taking the abandoned bud into his mouth.

Not one to be outdone, Kendall adjusted himself so he could reach down inside of James's sweatpants to timidly grasp the boy's already-raging erection. James gasped, a strangled moan escaping his throat at the sensations. He nearly came on the spot when Kendall began to stroke him, all timidness gone from the strong, solid strokes the blond was giving to the pretty boy's cock.

Raising their heads from James's chest, Logan and Carlos's gazes met, the smart teen grinning at the Latino before leaning down to whisper something into Kendall's ear. The blonde's expression curved into a smile equal to Logan's own before he leaned over to whisper in Carlos's ear. James pouted, unhappy with being left out.

"Don't pout, baby," Carlos cooed, cupping James's cheek and pressing a soft kiss to his lips that immediately made the pretty boy feel better. He was about to thank the Latino, but the words on his lips were replaced by a moan when his sweatpants were slipped completely down his legs and a hot, warm heat engulfed his length.

James's eyes darted down, and he was slightly startled with the sight of Logan in between his legs, cock sliding between the smart boy's full lips. James expected Logan to gag on the way down - seeing as James was not small in the least - but the shorter brunette took the whole length into his throat without problems.

With Logan and James more than busy next to them, Carlos and Kendall had each other locked in an intense kiss again, this time pulling the clothes off of the other's bodies. By the time they had stripped to their boxers, Carlos was on his knees with Kendall standing in front of him, a prominent bulge in his dark green boxers.

Swallowing hard, the Latino looped his fingers under the waistband of Kendall's boxers, tugging them down in one swift motion. He pulled away with a squeak when Kendall's cock sprang free, the tip smearing across his tanned cheek.

"Holy shit," Carlos moaned, stroking the enormous length presented to him. It had to be seven inches at least, arching out proudly from Kendall's toned body. "Logan wasn't exaggerating. You're fucking hung."

Kendall snorted, but the retort he had died on his lips when Carlos leaned forward, licking a broad stripe on the underside of his cock, from base to tip. Carlos looked up at him, chocolate eyes blown wide in faux innocence, lapping at the head like some sort or perverse kitten.

James looked over to where Kendall's moans were coming from, surprised to see Carlos on his knees, furiously sucking off the blond teen's huge cock. James moaned, partially from the sight of his boyfriend sucking off his best friend, and partially from the fact that Logan had started to tongue the head of his own cock, paying special attention to the slit.

Jesus Christ, that boy's tongue should be illegal.

"Mmm, Logie," James moaned when Logan deep throated him again, his hands snaking down to twine into short brunette locks. "Fuck, I'm gonna c-come,"

Logan's hand came up to twist around the base of James's shaft while his sinful tongue worked the head and the area uncovered by the fist, and that was it for James.

With something in between a roar and a strangled moan, James came, shooting his load into Logan's fucked out mouth, the smaller brunette swallowing quickly. Another strangled moan came from Kendall, and both James and Logan turned their heads in time to see Kendall come hard, thick globs splattering over Carlos's cheeks, chin, and lips.

"Oh fuck, Carlos," the blond panted, slowly coming down from his high. He slowly sunk to the ground, scooting around to sit against the counter, next to James.

"He's good, ain't he?" James laughed breathlessly, Kendall nodding weakly.

"Christ, he's so good," Kendall agreed, his reply earning a noise of protest and a pout from the smart boy still nestled between James's thighs. "Awe, Logie," he leaned forward to stroke the pouting boy's cheek. "Don't be upset." Kendall leaned further in to put his lips to Logan's ear. "Besides, even if Carlos is good, you'll always be my favorite little cocksucker."

Logan's cheeks flamed red, and he nearly choked on his gasp. "K-Kendall!"

Though he'd leaned in like he was going to whisper what he said, Kendall's voice had been loud enough for all of them to hear, and Logan's reaction to the words had Carlos going harder at the thought of Logan on his knees, sucking his dick, completely at his mercy.

"Logan," Carlos's voice had shivers running down the smart boy's spine. He'd never heard the Latino's voice be anything but light and playful, and the tone Carlos was using now was far from the usual - deep, rough, and sultry, and it caused Logan's cock to twitch with want.

"Carlitos," Logan purred, crawling out from between James's legs to sit on the Latino's lap, said boy's erection digging into his lower back. "Happy to see me?"

"Very," Carlos growled, gripping the back of the other brunette's neck smashing his lips onto his own with a painful clack of teeth.

Not that Logan cared, of course.

Both Kendall and James sat back against the counter, eyes wide, watching their bottoms make out and grind together furiously, Carlos purring things into Logan's ear in Spanish. James could make out the word "whore" more often than others, seeing as Carlos had this kink for having James speak Spanish to him, and the most often word used by James was in fact "puta."

"Hot, isn't it?" James asked, a hand reaching out to run along Kendall's chest, cock rock hard again, and jutting out proudly from between his thighs.

Kendall jumped slightly at James's touch, seeing as he'd been so engrossed in watching the porno that was practically unfolding in front of him. "Huh?" He said, before he processed what James had murmured. "Yeah, it's really fucking hot."

James grinned, copying Logan's earlier action of moving over to straddle the blond. "Kinda makes me wanna fuck them both," James purred, and Kendall's breathing hitched. "But I guess I'll have to settle for fucking you." Kendall threw him a look that was a mix between 'I don't bottom' and 'there's no way you're putting your cock anywhere near my ass,' so James rephrased his statement to "Or you could fuck me."

Kendall looked over to the two smaller boys to see if Logan had heard and had any objections, but he was damn sure the smart boy wouldn't care if he fucked James, seeing as Logan was currently grinding against the three fingers Carlos had buried in his ass.

James noticed where Kendall was looking, letting out a whimper when he saw Logan throw his head back and arch his back hard when Carlos shoved his fingers into his hole with a rather harsh movement. "Oh God," he groaned, grinding his throbbing erection into the abdomen on the blond below him.

Logan was writhing and whimpering and pushing back onto Carlos's fingers with fervor, mewling like a cheap slut every time the Latino's fingers brushed his sweet spot. "Mmm, Carlos, please," he moaned, ass clenching around the prodding digits.

"Yeah, Logie?" Carlos growled in his ear, fingers crooking upwards once more, causing Logan to cry out, back arching so severely, he thought he'd break in half. "Tell me what you want, puta."

Damn, for a guy who wasn't the top in the relationship, Carlos was pretty fucking good at it. "Please," Logan whined.

"Please, what?" The Latino purred. "I can't do what you want me to unless you tell me what you want."

Logan shuddered. Carlos was just too fucking good. "Fuck me. Please. Oh God," Logan's voice shot up an octave when Carlos pressed against his prostate again. "Fuck me. Fuck me now."

"Gladly," Carlos moaned, pulling his fingers from Logan's gaping hole, looking over in curiosity when a licentious moan erupted from the boys beside them.

James gritted his teeth and Kendall pushed a forth finger into him, a moan spilling from between his lips when Kendall crooked his fingers up, hitting that spot inside him that made him feel like every joint in his body had unhinged, turning his whole body to goo.

It was so fucking good.

"God, baby," James moaned, pushing back against the digits buried in his ass. "Fuck, I need you. Right now. God, want your cock so bad."

Kendall let out a moan of his own, pulling his fingers out of the tall boy's ass, pressing a quick kiss to his brow before gripping the base of his erection, slamming James down onto it in one quick, easy motion.

James's jaw fell slack as Kendall's burning length breached him, the feeling of being stretched and filled so foreign, yet so fucking good.

Maybe he should start letting Carlos top him.

"Monte mi martillo, usted puta,(1)" Carlos groaned as Logan fucked himself on the Latino's dick, the smart boy's cock smacking his stomach with every bounce.

Logan moaned, Carlos's Spanish turning him on even more, although he had no idea what the fuck the Latino was saying to him. "Oh fuck yes," Logan moaned breathlessly when Carlos gripped his hips, thrusting up every time he slammed himself down.

"S'not fair," Carlos grumbled randomly, and Logan slowed his movements, rolling his hips instead of bouncing up and down.

"What's not?" He asked breathlessly, smoothing the wrinkle in the Latino's forehead. He looked in the direction Carlos's head had turned, to see James fucking himself viciously on Kendall's dick. His mouth went sort of dry at the scene, his cock twitching.

"James lets Kendall top him, but not me," Carlos mumbled, bottom lip jutting out in a frown.

"Hey," Logan grabbed Carlos's chin, forcing the Latino to look at him. "Don't you dare think about that right now. Think about me. Think about how I want you to flip us around and fuck me till I can't walk," Logan leaned in, rocking against the cock buried deep inside as he did so. "And make James see just what he's missing out on."

Carlos growled like some sort of fucked out Spanish chupacabra, flipping them in the swiftest move Logan had ever seen him make, so that the smart brunette's back was against the tile, palms pressed against the cabinet to stop his head from smacking against it because of the wild thrusts Carlos was delivering.

God, James was fucking stupid.

Said pretty boy brunette was fucking himself desperately on Kendall's dick, said blond grabbing his hips with a death grip, head thrown back and eyes scrunched shut.

However, James wasn't looking at Kendall's face contorted in ecstasy; his eyes were locked on Carlos viciously fucking the smart boy into the floor.

Fuck, he wanted that.

"Kendall," he said, his voice a breathy whisper. The blond opened his eyes, emerald boring into chocolate brown.

"Yeah?" He grunted, slamming his hips upward at an angle, striking James's sweet spot, causing said boy to drop his head to Kendall's shoulder with a wanton moan.

"Mmm, fuck," James mewled against the damp skin of Kendall's shoulder. "You're really fucking good, but I - fuck, Kendall - I want Carlos," Kendall's hips stuttered to a halt when the words left the pretty boy's mouth.

"What?" He asked, voice tinted slightly with hurt. "Am I not good enough?"

James shook his head, rolling his hips as a sort of perverse apology. "No, no, that's not it. Trust me," James ensured, looking back over to where Carlos had Logan's leg thrown over his shoulder, pounding the pale boy's hole like some sort of psycho nymphomaniac. "I just, just - "

"Want Carlos to fuck you like he's fucking Logie?" Kendall was wearing that smirk of his, eyes glinting in understanding. James smiled, nodding. "Then go get it. Before he completely wrecks Logie."

James pressed a quick kiss to Kendall's lips before hopping off his dick, and crawling on his hands and knees to where Carlos had his cock shoved up Logan's ass. "Carlos," he purred, licking the shell of the Latino's ear. Carlos halted in his fucking, head whipping to the side, surprised when his eyes locked with James's, his hips stopping their movements.

"Carlos," Logan whined, the eyes he had clenched shut peeking open slightly. "Why'd you sto - oh."

James had locked eyes with Logan, silent communication happening between them. "Um, Carlos?" Logan said, attempting to sit up. "I think Kendall's a little lonely over there, and you got James, so..."

Carlos got the message, pulling out of Logan's abused ass. The smart boy weaseled his way out from under the Latino, crawling over to Kendall, straddling the blond and sitting himself on Kendall's dick with a guttural moan and a "Hey baby."

Carlos looked back at James with a slightly pissed expression. "What the hell James?"

James didn't answer. Instead, he maneuvered himself into the place Logan had been previously, throwing Carlos the sexiest look he was capable of. "James?" The Latino questioned in a confused whisper.

"I'm so fucking stupid," James moaned, pulling Carlos down to press their mouth together in a quick kiss before pulling away. "God, seeing you fuck Logie like that..." James trailed off, hoping Carlos got the message.

He did.

Grabbing James legs and wrapping them around his hips, Carlos gripped his cock before he slammed into the taller's willing body, relishing in the beautiful moan that ripped its way up the pretty boy's throat.

Logan smirked when he heard James cry out, slamming himself down onto Kendall's dick harshly, said blonde's cock striking his spot on the way down. "Oh fuck yeah," the smart boy moaned, fucking himself harder, the coil of release tightening in his abdomen.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Carlos," James mewled, grinding down on the Latino's dick as said boy slammed forward. "Fuck, why didn't we do this before?"

Carlos laughed, the sound small and breathy. "Because you're stubborn as hell?" Carlos offered.

"Yeah, that's it," James moaned brokenly when Carlos angled his hips on his next thrust, striking his sweet spot at the same time he wrapped a hand around the base of the tall boy's cock, jacking said boy off in time with his thrusts.

James was so close, sofuckingclose, and he was practically begging Carlos like a little bitch to fuck him harder, faster, mentally promising to be forever grateful to the Latino when he obeyed, cock pushing in and out of James's gaping hole so quickly it should've been impossible.

James came with a strangled cry, all over Carlos's fist and his own abs and chest. He heard Logan's cry of release, followed by Kendall's own grunt, and then felt the flood of Carlos's orgasm inside.

Carlos pulled out, flopping down on the floor beside James and cuddling into said boy's side, while Logan rose up off Kendall, laying against the blonde's broad chest.

They sat in silence until Carlos peeked up at James through lidded eyes, and asked a shy "So?"

James looked at the faces of his boyfriend and other two best friends, grinning widely.

"Best. Birthday. Ever."


(1) Monte mi martillo, usted puta means "ride my cock, you whore." I just had to add that, cuz I think Carlos talking dirty in Spanish is fucking sexy.

So is it weird that I listen to BTR while writing about them fucking each other? Cuz it kinda seems weird to me. Oh well.

I hoped you liked my attempt at OT4 smut.

If you did...


But no flames. If you flame, I will have to kill you.