Komatsu was so surprised, well surprised is a definite understatement. Komatsu could not believe that Toriko was actually friends with the Great Demon Bishoku-ya, Known greatly for his Place in the Organization called, the Four Heavenly kings. As soon as Komatsu got back into his kitchen, He slid down the wall separating the serving room and the kitchen. He had heard the Bishoku-ya were the cause of the uproar at the Imperial Palace, if that was so wouldn't that mean he was serving a Criminal. A Criminal who could be a Known Murderer! Komatsu was scared and he wanted to run, He couldn't confront a suspected criminal, especially if it was a Feared Bishoku-ya

Komatsu shook his head, as though to shake all the doubts away. Coco was one of the Heirs to the Palace throne in the first place. Why would an Heir become friends with a supposed criminal that would do nothing less than eat the meat off his bones? Komatsu had to be reasonable and light footed on this matter. He wouldn't, well more like couldn't mess up, Coco-san's life was defiantly on the line!

Komatsu clenched his fist and with a determined face, went about his routine of making a Standard order platter, putting in as much glam as he could. He didn't want the Demon King to this he was trying to Insult him. When he felt as though the Food was satisfactory, he walked out the kitchen. He shuffled himself toward Toriko's end and put the platter down in front of the Demon. He kept his head bowed, so that if any of his suspicion had leaked out into his eyes, it would be shadowed. As soon as he finished his task, he went about his shop, Tidying and Serving Early Bird Customers.

Toriko and Coco talked quietly amongst themselves as Komatsu shuffled around his shop, Serving and Taking orders. Yet as the whispered conversation progressed, Toriko's dark golden eyes followed Komatsu's every move, smile, and Emotion. The little cook had made his heart tingle with his amazing meal. It usually made many more plates to make Toriko full, it took freshly cooked meat of a just killed beast to even make his stomach tingle. But this small cook has made his heart tingle with satisfaction and his stomach to fill instantly.

"Ah, Komatsu will you be going to the Star Festival Tomorrow?" Coco's question cut a sharp line through Toriko's thoughts of food.

"Y-yes, I'll be taking Yun there, It will be his first Star Festival without his father" The Little Cook, Komatsu, Replied.

Komatsu, so that was the little cooks name. But what was more shocking was Coco's familiar tone with the little cook. Toriko knew that Coco's comrades where the closet things that he had as friends. Kiss was an exception; The Emperor Crow had been like a Family member to Him for the longest time. Toriko smiled as he watched Komatsu and Coco talk. Coco had finally come out his shell somewhat, hadn't he? But there was one thing that Toriko couldn't help but think about….

"Does Komatsu know Coco's Secret? Does he know Coco's a Bishoku-ya, Himself?"