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Chapter 8: Coming Full Circle

"!" Davis yelled.


"!" I yelled.

Davis told me to call T.K. like how he called me from the dark ocean. Davis believed that Devimon sent T.K to the dark ocean, his power would be limited and there wouldn't be a way back home for T.K. But no matter what happens, I will find him.

"This is taking forever…" Said Davis.

"Gatomon, what happened when T.K tried calling me?" I asked.

"I don't know Kari, one minute T.K was calling your name, the next, you were floating in the sky."

"Did T.K think or say something?"

"Well…he seemed to get a little angry, calling his D-3 a stupid piece of junk.."

"Then I have to get real angry…at what though?..."

"He started to get angry at himself try that."

"At myself…." I thought. Certain thoughts started to go through my head. "He's always looking out for me even when he doesn't have to. I always feel safe with him around, my best friend, the one I love, and I can't do a single thing to save him, let alone even protect him. I always get saved by him or anyone else. Why can't I for once, save someone I truly care about."


And then a black portal appeared showing a black and white static filled T.K putting one arm out with his hand open while his other hand was on his forehead, showing that he was in great pain.

"Come on we have to jump!" Said Gatomon.

The sounds of the waves crashing against the sand seemed to be never ending. I was alone, washed up on a black and white beach. I remembered a dream where I talked with Davis on a color filled beach. Was it really a dream?

I was floating on my back on the shallow water. I tried getting up, but the energy just seemed to be sapped out of me. It's not like it really mattered though, there was no point in getting up.


Why was there no point in getting up? Wait, Davis? Who was he? Who am I? I managed to cough up a small laugh. I guess my life was so insignificant that I didn't even bother to remember myself at all.

And then a beam of pink light struck down on the beach ahead of me.

The light.

Davis, that's right.

Digidestined. Devimon. Kari.

"That's right…I have to get up…for her…"

I tried my hardest, but it didn't matter. I still had no energy in my body.


That was my name. T.K. Takeru Takaishi.

"T.K!" I heard some splashing, someone was running though the water. And then her arms draped around me.

"T.K, its okay I'm here…the darkness will not reach you as long as my light surrounds you…"

"Kari?..." I weakly choked out. Tears fell down my eyes. It felt like an eternity since I had seen her.

"I'm here T.K…don't worry about anything…."

Kari was something special. My head was on her lap and she brushed my hair with her fingers. The energy in my body slowly seeped back. And I noticed something else. The water wasn't even on us anymore, Kari's light made the dark waters go around us.

"Please Kari…hold me in your light…"

The static dreams returned to me once more.

"Kari don't look down, keep climbing up the rope!" The dream was cut off and was replaced with a different set of images.

"Let's go to New York Kari, we'll have a lot of fun!" The dream was cut off again and I was shown another image.

"Listen Kari, I care way too much about you to lose you!" And again.

"Kari, let's fly higher!" And again.

"You know Kari, you inspire me to play better basketball."


"Kari, you're my best friend in the whole world."


"Kari, you're dating Davis?"

To forever…

"Kari you're…..Kari that…..Kari you….."

"I love you."

Then the dreams stopped. And something new was shown to me. I could see myself and Kari dancing on top of a cliff. It was the night of my accident. The way we danced any person could have concluded that Kari and I were in love. Maybe we were and just didn't know it.

From there the scene transpired of the Kuwagamon attacking. I distracted the Kuwagamon while Kari ran the other way. With no control over my ghostly body I flew towards the cliff to where I ended up falling. A few seconds later Kari returned and Pegasusmon saved the day.

Then my body was pulled right in front of where I was standing on the cliff. I could see my face completely. More Kuwagamon came. And then I saw my face. My eyes. The events literally slowed down here. My eyes showed a crazy desperation. In those few seconds I realized it was either going to be me or Kari. And I chose the first person that came into my mind. My eyes yelled Kari. My eyes screamed to protect her. My eyes whispered love her.



"Well look whose awake…."


"Back home…."

I opened my eyes slowly, letting my eyes adjust to the light.

"I told you to be careful and this is how you end up coming home T.K…"

My eyes drifted over to my right and I saw my mom worried as ever.

I smiled. "Where's the fun in not getting hurt?..." I choked out a small laugh.

My mom frowned. "That's not funny T.K." Her frown slowly became a smile then. "But I'm glad you're safe." My mom put her lips to my forehead. When she moved her face away, I could see streaks of tears that had gone down her face from before.

"I'm sorry mom…for making you worry."

"Just rest up dear."

"Where is everyone?..Where am I?"

My mom just smiled at me. "Just go back to sleep T.K, you need to rest. I simply nodded and closed my eyes to dreamland.

When my eyes opened up again, I found myself alone in my room. The sun was out towards the east showing it was still morning. I slowly got up and found bandages wrapped around my body.

"Not again…."

I removed the comforter off of me and put my legs down to the floor. I sat there for a minute looking out my window.

"It's quiet…"

"Well everyone's still asleep."

I looked at my door and there standing leaning against the door was Matt smiling at me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Kari, Davis, and Gatomon found you drifting in the dark ocean and brought you back."

Then it hit me. Falling off of Infinity Mountain, then suddenly going through a portal, and ending up at the slimy waters of the dark ocean.

"Is everyone alright?"

Matt nodded. "Kari and Davis got a few cuts and bruises, nothing major. The problem is…."


"Patamon is missing."

"What?" I was surprised. How did Patamon disappear?

"Kari said he disappeared shortly after you fell of the mountain, we were hoping maybe you knew where he went."

I shook my head. "I don't know…"

"Just don't worry about it right now, Patamon will show up eventually."

It wasn't like Patamon to simply just disappear. He wouldn't just show up, I'd have to find him.

I didn't wait around to feel better, or even wait for anyone else. Patamon is my responsibility, and I will be the one who finds him.

Once Matt left to go grocery shopping, I made my move. I changed into some clothes and went straight on my computer.

"Now where could you have gone Patamon….."

I thought of the different areas that Patamon could have been. He was on File Island, is it possible that he's still there? Primary village? No. Server? Doubt it. Alive? Hopefully.


"That's it! I know where he is!

I set the coordinates and went to get my D-3 which was…..where did I put it?

I went over to my bed and threw around my blanket and then I heard something hit the floor. I love over to my right foot and see my D-3. I picked it up and looked at the front of it.

"What the?..."

It wasn't my D-3, it was pink.

"Kari's…why do I have hers?..." And then it all hit me.

"Please Kari….hold me in your light….."

I asked her to be held in her light. She must've left her D-3 with me, and mine must be with her.

"No time…Digiport open!"

I stood outside the cave in which I thought Patamon was in. It was the same cave where I had gotten my digi-egg of hope.

"Here goes nothing….."

I walked inside the dark cave and felt my way through by walking along the wall. Eventually the cave opened up and there was light coming through the ceiling. And there showing his back to me sat Patamon looking at where the digi-eggs were once before.


He turned around and gave me a big smile. "T.K! You're alright!" Patamon flew into my chest. "That so close…I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry about everything and I…"

"Woah slow down buddy, its one got hurt, that's what's important."

"You're right." Patamon smiled.

"So what are you doing here Patamon?"


"Well what?"

"When you were thrown down by Devimon I was left on top. But Devimon knocked me down quick. But something strange happened, a voice in my head popped up."

"A voice in your head?"

"Yea, it said…Go find the digi-egg of light. So I came here but….."

Patamon turned around, "As you can see, there's no egg."

I walked over to where the egg once stayed. I took out Kari's d-3 and looked at it.

"Maybe if…."

I put the D-3 down on the area I thought the egg would be and D-3 lit up instantly. The whole cave was filled with pink glorious light and we were all blinded. When the light finally died down, next to the D-3 stood The digi-egg of light.

Both Patamon and I just stared at the egg not knowing what to do.

"So…are you gonna pick it up?..."


My hands went down to the egg and the moment my finger touched the egg, the egg started to levitate.

T.K Takaishi….digidestined of hope….

"Who said that?"

Do not be wary, I am a friend…

"Then show yourself!"

As you wish….

Around the egg a ghostly figure appeared. She looked human at first, but then the wings from her back started to sprout. A mask hid the top half of her face, and she carried a lance. As she started to solidify the egg itself became a tattoo of the crest of light on her chest.

Do you know who I am?

I shook my head.

"Op…opha…..Ophanimon!" Exclaimed Patamon.

Ophanimon smiled.

That is correct Patamon of Hope.

"Patamon of Hope?..." Questioned Patamon.

Ophanimon continued to smile.

Are you not the Patamon who was partnered to T.K, the digidestined of hope and who digivolved to all forms of Patamon, a feat, which I could not even do as a Gatomon?

Patamon just continued to stare in awe.

Ophanimon smiled. T.K….I'd like to thank you for saving Kari, her light had almost become tainted.

"I saved her?..."

You're hope helped her remember what light truly is, and now she shines even brighter than ever.

"I didn't do that much…"

If that was true I wouldn't be here…T.K I have come to you in order to help.

"Help me?.. With what?"

Demidevimon has infected you with darkness, which he specifically made to target your memories. The digi-egg of light will restore your memories that were lost to you.

"Really! That's amazing! I get to remember everything again!"

Yes T.K…but there is one unfortunate side effect.


The new memories you made after your accident you will not remember. In essence, it will be like waking up the day after your accident with all your memories in tact except for the new ones. The decision is up you…take the digi-egg of light back to your world, and if you wish to use it, then just speak light and all will return to normal…

Ophanimon started to disappear and the egg reappeared again levitating. I grabbed the egg and looked at it.

"So what are you gonna do T.K?"

"Well…there's no doubt in my mind I'll be using the egg. But there's a few things that needs to be taken care of before I can."

"What do you mean he's gone?"

"I mean he's gone Tai, I went out, came back and he was gone."

Talking to Tai on the phone was always entertaining, he always got a little dramatic.

"Do you think he went to the digital world?"

"Probably, but he's in no condition to travel."

"Well you better hope he gets back soon."


"Because Kari and Davis are coming to you right now."

"Wait, how do you know?"

"You remember the goggles I gave to Davis?"


"I bought an extremely small camera from a spy shop and put it on the goggles."

"Why would you do that?"

"Well at first I had it on for myself for soccer games, but now I just use it so he doesn't make a wrong move on Kari."

"Tai you need help…"

Tai laughed on the other side. "I'm kidding, I just have a Private Detective hired. He goes out every time Kari and Davis are together.

"You're kidding…"

"Honestly…not this time."

I stayed silent.

"Well its nothing compared to what I did for T.K."

"What'd you do for T.K?"

There was a knock on the door.

"I'll tell you later, I think they're here."

I hung up the phone and walked over to my door. I opened up the door and there stood Kari and Davis.

"Hey guys, come on in."

"Where's T.K?" asked Davis.

"He's….." I took a breath and scratched the back of my head.

"He's gone, I don't know where he went."

"Seriously?" asked Davis.

"I mean..he's probably in the digital world…"

"And you didn't even check Matt? Come on you're starting to remind me of my brother Matt.." Kari walked past me and into T.K's room. About 30 seconds later Kari called form T.K's room.

"He's...well..he WAS where we originally got our digi-eggs, but he disappeared again, he went back to the real world."

Davis and I walked into T.K's room. "Wait, then where did he go?"

"Patamon, why don't you go home, get some rest, I should do this on my own…."

"Alright T.K, good luck."

"I won't need it."

Patamon flew away and I walked up to the front door. "Here goes nothing…"

I knocked on the door 3 times.

The door opened.



"So now T.K and Patamon are missing, what are those two up to?..."

"Who knows Davis." Said Matt.

"The most we can do now is wait…AND I HATE WAITING!"

"We know Davis…" Replied Matt.

I looked at both Matt and Kari, both thinking about someone they truly deeply care about. "You've been awfully quiet Kari." I looked over to Matt. He was giving me the stare with his ice cold blue eyes.

"Just worried that's all…."

"Well you know you really don't have to be."

I turned took look at the window and in flew Patamon.

"T.K's alright, he just has to take care of some business."

"Patamon!" All 3 of us exclaimed.

"Where have you been?"


"You're breaking up with me?"


"But why? I'll tell Davis!"

"Davis already knows…"

Ayano became instantly quiet.

"How'd he take it?..."

"I'm not exactly even sure…we didn't really get a chance to talk about it."

"Right….you're gonna go out with Kari now aren't you?"

I stayed silent.

"It doesn't even matter now…" Ayano started to close her front door. Tears were becoming evident in her eyes. "Do what you want."

"Ayano, wait!" I grabbed her door from stopping her to close it. "There's something I want to tell you."


"No matter what you think Ayano…you're beautiful. Just remember that, you're not the same person as you used to be, you can be anyone you want, but its up to you if you want to let the past drag you down forever."

Ayano's grip on the door loosened.

"I forgive you Ayano… I understand the pain in your heart, but there is a remedy to it. Just have hope, for your future, and more importantly, in yourself."

Ayano just stared at me. I smiled at her. "Goodbye Ayano."

"So after getting the egg, he went to break up with Ayano…what does he plan to do next?" Asked Matt.

"He's going to use it."

"WHAT?" I yelled. Davis, Matt and Patamon all looked at me. "I have to stop him before he uses it…." I started to put my shoes on. "I have to tell him…I have to tell him."

"Tell him what?" Asked Matt.

I looked at Matt. I opened my mouth to answer but Davis beat me to the punch. "She has to tell him that she loves him." Matt just stared at me and nodded. I ran out the door.

When Kari left the room I took a big sigh.

"I'm surprised you just let her go like that Davis."

"Honestly, I don't think I ever truly had her. Maybe for a moment, but nothing longer than that."

"Still…it's not like you."

"It's something Veemon said. About my feelings or whatever. All I know is, when I have the courage to give up the love I have for someone, that's someone who I want to spend my entire life with. I could never give up Kari."

Matt gave me a confused look. "Or you can just think that I think that they should end up together."



The egg was cuffed inside of my hands. I was sitting on the beach watching the sunset.

"Speak light and all will return to normal…"

I stood up. "Right…let's do this…" I held the egg up towards the sky. "LIGHT!"

A second passed, and another 10 seconds

20 seconds…

45 seconds…

1 minute…

"Uhhh….." I put my arms back down. "What am I supposed to do…."



I turned to my left and I saw a person running on the beach, the closer the person came, the more I recognized her.



She knew about the egg. She kept running, even when she was 10 feet away.

"Kari slow down!"

It didn't matter she ran right into me and tackled me down to the floor.

She was on top of me and looking straight down at me.

"If you think you'll lose your memories again without me saying I love you, you're wrong!"

My heart literally skipped a beat.


"I love you…"

She tilted her head down and kissed my lips.

When she moved her face away all I could do was stare at her. She gave me a perplexed look.

"Something on my face?"

"No…I was looking at your eyes."

"My eyes?"

"I don't know if you know Kari, but you have the most amazing eyes I've had the pleasure of seeing for the first time twice. Kari, I love you too..but..Davis?..."

"Davis is fine with everything, I think he understands us now. I think I understand us now."

"And what would that be?"

"That hope and light don't go together…they're one in the same."

I smiled at her. "You're right Kari." Kari slowly got off of me and I sat up. "Hope and light are one in the same. Kari, I'm scared of something. If I regain my memories…I'll lose you..and I can't do that. You're worth more to me than any memory.."

"T.K…you have to.."

"I don't have to do anything, if I have to relearn everything just to be with you, then I don't mind…."

"Are you sure?.."

"Yea…besides, it's not like the egg worked…"

"It didn't?"

"No…I was supposed to speak light, and I did right before you came, but nothing happened.


"Speak light?"

"Yea that's what Ophanimon said." Said T.K.

I thought about it. Speak light…..

I smiled at T.K. he was worth to me more than anything in the world.

"T.K, do you know what my full name is?"

"Actually no, what?"

And I could give up anything for him, including T.K himself.

I spelt my full name on the sand.


And a huge light exploded.


I woke up in a sweat.

"Was it all a dream? Did I fall off a cliff?" Was Kari okay?"


I took out my cell phone and gave her a quick call.


Kari yawned. "Hey T.K why are you calling at….3 in the morning?"

"I just…I..let's meet up."



"Are you alright T.K?"

Kari and I ended up meeting at the Digital World right where I fell off the cliff, the last thing I can remember.

"Kari..I can't seem to remember anything. I remember falling…but I can't remember anything else, what's wrong with me?"

She ran her hand through my hair. God it felt good. Wait..why does it feel good?..

"You fell..and lost your memories, but the important thing is now its back."


"Yea..but it was only for a few weeks, Ophanimon helped out, but you lost the memory of the few weeks you had amnesia."

"Oh…did anything important happen?"

"Not particularly…"

I looked at Kari. "Why are you lying to me Kari?..."

"I'm not."

I looked at her. "The last time I remember it was Valentine's Day..and we never finished our dance."

She gave me a surprised look.

We both got up and started to sway to the imaginary music in our heads. When you dance with your best friend, there's no awkwardness, no romantic tension, just fun, this was not that type of dance. This dance was filled with emotion, with awkwardness,

"Kari…" was.


I looked down at her eyes.

I finally realized something.

"I love you."