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The wind blew carelessly, whipping the girl's black hair about. Sapphire eyes watched down below as he tried to gain her attention once more. Feeling someone's chakra signature behind her, the girl turned around. Sapphire eyes clashed with green.

"Ino, what brings you here?" the sullen voiced asked.

Ino made her way to the railing, watching as the wind continued to throw her friend's hair in various directions. 'Kagome' she thought sadly as she took in the civilian's appearance before her. She was dressed in a white silk kimono, red on the left shoulder and on the edge of the sleeves. It wasn't the colors that caught her attention; it was the design within the red. Three hexagons connected to each other, a flower in the middle of each hexagon. The same type of design her aniki wears, if Ino recalled correctly.


Twirling around in her red and white kimono, she extended her arms out. Looking at her new friend in Konoha, Kagome smiled.

"This is the same kimono design that my aniki, Sesshoumaru-sama wears. In the back, we have a crescent moon, our family crest, you could say" Kagome explained to her new friend as her smiled widened.

End of flashback

As time grew, she learned how sweet and caring this civilian was. And though Kagome tried to keep it a secret, Ino had discovered that this civilian was royalty. Even as a civilian, there were things that warned her senses that Kagome was nowhere near defenseless. Ino looked down at the scene Kagome was intently watching earlier.

There, below them was Team Kakashi, Naruto sitting on the stairs as Sakura and Sai approached him. Kagome smiled softly as she watched Naruto's brash behavior, almost reminding her of Inuyasha.

Kagome watched as Naruto relentlessly tried to ask Sakura out on a date. Wanting them it to be just the two of them. It was just luck that Naruto looked up, spotting Kagome upon the roof. With a wave of his hand, he screamed his greeting but was rewarded with a stare before Kagome removed herself from the railing. Sighing softly, she looked next to her, meeting Ino's gaze.

"I thought… Why don't you show him you care for him?" the blonde kunoichi asked.

Looking up at the sky then at the railing, debating whether to go back or not, Kagome answered.

"It's useless to show how much you care for a special someone when that person is too busy getting someone else's attention", with that answer Kagome left the rooftop, leaving Ino to her devious plotting.

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