Madara's Little Sister Can't be this Cute

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Prologue: Close to three thousand years have passed since Madara Uchiha's death at the hands of Naruto Uzumaki and being condemned to the darkest pits of hell for all eternity. However as time passed unbeknownst to him at the request of Naruto Uzumaki he has been given a second chance at life by Kami. With his rebirth the age of chakra returns to the world.

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God like Madara and MadaraXharem

Girls in the Harem are: Kirino Kousaka, Manami Tamura, Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko), Ayase Aragaki, Saori Makishima

Chapter 1: His return

Deep within the confines of hell, in the lowest pits stood a man no taller than five foot eight inches in height. He had waist length spiky black hair with blue tints. He wore a high collared black shirt. On the back of the shirt in the middle was a red and white fan, his lower half covered by long blue pants with bandages wrapped around the ends. Wrapped around his waist was a bandaged belt along with three sacks that use to hold the tools of the trade when he was alive. Over the top of his clothes he wore red samurai like armour. Strapped to his back was a large Gunbai or a non folding fan made of wood. The weapon was three fourths of the man's height and as wide as he was with a long pole twice the length of the fan. Attached to the end of the pole was a long chain connected to a large Kama or Japanese sickle.

This man was Madara Uchiha he possessed the Rinnegan in his left eye and the Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan in his right. He created an army of white Zetsu's numbering in the hundreds of thousands, which he used to wage war against the element nations. His plan was to gather all nine tailed demons and fuse them back into their original form to become the Jinchuuriki of the juubi to give him immense power and the ability to project his Mangekyou Sharingan onto the moon. His plan intending to use the moon being the prison of the ten tails body, to cover the world in an infinite tsukuyomi, to allow him to control every living being, in order to create a world with no war or crime to create infinite peace.

His plan was nearly completed with the capture of Killer Bee the eight tailed host and extracting his beast and sealing it within the Gedou Mazou with the other seven. Using the Demonic statue of the outer path he managed to seal the eight beasts he had captured within his body waiting to only capture the kyuubi and seal it within him to fuse all nine beasts. His plan however was foiled by the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze son of the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto had gained enough power to rival his, the two surpassing the powers of the Rikodu Sennin the Sage of Six Paths. A battle ensured between the two at the valley of the end where Madara fought against Hashirama Senju. The two power houses fought in a fight to the death with, Madara getting the edge in battle nearly capturing the Kyuubi host only for him to surprisingly rise up his power growing rapidly with the thoughts of his loved ones he deemed to protect. With his new found power Naruto began to match Madara only for his powers to, rise, beyond Madara's with the help of the Kyuubi the two defeated Madara using a fuuinjutsu to send him into the lowest pits of hell to rest for eternity. However during his final moments he listened as Naruto preached to him how he would achieve peace. Like all of Naruto's enemies his words reached deep within Madara. His final act before death like Nagato he resurrected all that were killed in the Fourth Great Shinobi World War even reviving the hosts of the seven Jinchuuriki that died when their beasts were extracted. As Madara plunged into hell he took the other eight bijuu with him sealing them within his soul for eternity so that none would ever be able to resurrect the Juubi.

Now here Madara stood within the pits of hell looking over the world of the damn. He sighed softly as he continued walking through the many paths of hell. He was growing tired of being confined within the pits of hell. The lowest level of hell was reserved for the most evil of souls and no other soul within hell radiated the pure evil that radiated from Madara's soul so he was confined to the lowest pits as it only soul.

Suddenly a white light engulfed him as he vanished from the lowest regions of hell. As Madara opened his eyes he found himself floating in a white void also known as Limbo with no one around. A girlish giggle alerted his senses as he turned towards the source. There standing before him was a woman with one word to describe her beauty she was a goddess! She stood at five foot five inches with long flowing silver hair reaching mid back dressed in a white kimono that did nothing to hide her figure. Her voluptuous D cup breasts seem about to burst from her top. Her kimono hugged her hourglass figure. The woman slowly approached Madara with bright blue eyes with an angelic smile on her features.

A scowl spread across Madara's lips as he recognised who the woman was that stood before him. Only one being would be able to pull him from the lowest regions of hell only one the creator of their world.

"Well if it isn't Kami herself? Now what possible reason could the all goddess have with me? If there is none I wish to return to my eternal damnation in hell" said Madara as his scowl darkened, his arms folded across his chest as he stared down at the goddess.

The goddess gave a soft giggle at Madara's actions.

"Madara Uchiha I have come here to take you away from hell so that you may be reborn to have a second chance at life. This was down at the request at a being that us God's hold in the highest regards." Kami folded her arms as her expression turned serious.

Madara slowly raised an eyebrow. This was an interesting development. Who would want him to have a second chance?

Kami brushed a few stray bangs from her face, "No doubt you are wondering who would ever request for you to have a second chance at life. The one who asked us this was none other than Namikaze, Uzumaki Naruto the son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato and the last Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko. For the past three thousand years, Naruto has performed the tasks of the God's so that you may be given a second chance at life to start over once more" Kami gave a small smile as she allowed the information to digest.

Madara's eyes widened in utter shock, why would Naruto go so far to give him another chance at life?

"I won't go into full details, but when we asked Naruto why he wanted you to have a second chance do you know what he said?" asked Kami as she glanced up at Madara as his face hardened once more.

"Enlighten me" said Madara as he folded his arms waiting for her to speak once more.

"He replied 'Madara did what he did for his way of peace. He truly meant no harm. Even though many fell at his feet he in his last moments he revived those I had loved and those precious to me. Deep down even he deserves a second chance at life'" said Kami as a chair appeared out of thin air. The goddess sat down and crossed her legs her hands on her knees.

"You see we were going to give Naruto another chance at life and reincarnate him. However he asked us to allow you to be reincarnated instead. Believe me we are completely shocked when he asked this of us. Together the other God's and myself decided that we would give Naruto a number of tasks and if he completed them you would be allowed another chance. To our surprise Naruto bested all of our expectations and now here I am before you. Will you accept this offer to allow yourself to be reincarnated into the new age or will you allow Naruto's sacrifice to be in vein?" said Kami. She waited patiently for Madara to come up with an answer. Deep down she was hoping he would accept.

Madara folded his arms shutting his eyes deep in thought. It had come to a total shock to him that Naruto would do such a thing for him but it was in the boy's nature to help others. Madara released a long sigh as he gazed down at Kami.

"Alright I accept your offer" said the once strongest of the Uchiha to have ever graced the element nations.

Kami giggled and jumped up from her chair making her breast's bounce. The chair she had created vanished into thin air. Kami slowly approached Madara and placed a finger tip against his forehead. Madara raised a single eyebrow from her actions only for a white chakra to engulf him.

"When you are reincarnated there are a few things you should know. You will still be able to use chakra. You will find that you will have obtained your previous body. Because I am reincarnating you I will have to remove the eight bijuu from within your soul. Removing them will have an effect on your soul when it fuses with your past body to reborn as a baby. When you are born again your chakra reserves will be as big as they were when you died. Thanks to the removal of the bijuu from your soul some of their chakra will remain in your soul and fuse with your reserves giving you the potential to have chakra reserves to rival that of the Kyuubi's" said Kami as she removed her finger from his forehead.

"As a gift when you are reborn your Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan will fuse with your Rinnegan to give you a combination of the two along with fusing the Byakugan with the two. Your eyes will remain as the Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan but with all the powers and abilities of the Rinnegan and Byakugan. Finally I will bless your body with a few Kekkai Genkai from your world from the Kaguya clan the Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse), from the Terumi clan the Yogan (Lava) element, from the Senju clan the Ki (Wood) element, from the Yuki clan the Koori (Ice) element, from the Namikaze clan the Arashi (Storm) element, from the Rinnegan the Sougon (Gravity) element, from the Uzumaki there natural growth and longevity and finally from Iwagakure the secrets of the Kekkei Touta the Chiri (Dust) element. My third gift in the form of a tattoo like birth mark on the palm of your right hand the Uchiha clan crest in that tattoo will hold scrolls containing every Jutsu from your time. And my final gift inside the tattoo that will be placed on your hand an orb that when you channel chakra into it will take you into a pocket dimension where one year inside is an hour outside. You will physically age in this dimension but when you leave you well return to your previous age" said Kami as she took a deep breath.

"Why would you do all this Kami-sama? There's obviously another motive to allow me to keep the ability to use my chakra and giving me all these abilities" spoke Madara in a demanding voice as he stood there with an emotionless expression on his features.

Kami released a slow sigh at Madara's words. It seemed she would have to come clean.

"Yes there's a particular reason why I'm letting you keep your chakra and giving you these gifts. You see before Naruto died he took two tails worth of Kyuubi's chakra and divided it into nine pieces sealing a piece of the fox's chakra into nine different artefacts. Naruto placed a powerful seal on these artefacts so that as long as a fragment of the fox's chakra remains chained to the human plain the fox would never be able to set foot upon the earth and would remain in demon world forever. However a problem as risen, you see there's a cult of humans who use a bastardised version of chakra. They are able to use basic elements such as lightning, fire, wind, water and earth but they can't use the advanced elements nor can they use it for Genjutsu as the chakra they use lost most of its spiritual side. Meaning they don't have enough control over it either and use more for a simple technique. They even bastardised fuuinjutsu just so they can unseal the fox's chakra from those nine artefacts.

These humans wish to use the power of the Kyuubi by releasing its chakra from these artefacts. Without the artefacts to chain the chakra to this world they will then use the Kyuubi's own Youki to summon it to this world and take control over it and use it to destroy the world. They will use the Kyuubi to take over the planet and enslave all of humanity" explained Kami a look of disgust on her elegant features.

Madara began to laugh darkly after the goddess had spoken. His eyes transformed into their original black onyx colour. His onyx eyes hardened as no emotion could be seen within them as he approached the goddess. She looked up at Madara as he towered over her. Next thing she knew was she had been tossed roughly to the ground with Madara on top of her his right hand hitting the ground beneath her head. She stared at him with no fear in her eyes. A sick grin spreading across his lips,

"I know you don't have any real power here in limbo. At the moment you're only as powerful as an average human with a few gifts. Naruto rejected your offer onto me and you just want to use me like a tool. Then again I'm a Ninja so I should expect it." Madara slowly got up off Kami and walked back his back to her as he folded his arms before speaking once more.

"Alright as I said I'll take your offer but know this I will train myself to the point that even the God's will tremble with the power I will obtain so that if I am burned by the God's I will burn down heaven itself!" said Madara his two Doujutsu activating. His Eien Mangekyou Sharingan spun as his Rinnegan seemed to glow. A dark blue chakra leaked from his body engulfing him as he stood there before the goddess.

Kami gave a sigh of relief as she slowly climbed to her feet dusting her Kimono off. She slowly approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. White chakra began to wrap around him as she retracted her hand.

"Good luck Madara Uchiha. With this your sentence in hell comes to an end and your new life begins. Live well. Know this the family you'll be born into are direct descendants of the Uchiha" She smiled softly as the white chakra engulfed Madara and he vanished from limbo. As he left a spiral of black chakra appeared in limbo as a ghostly figure appeared. The figure took the form of a purple demonic like being with horns, a knife in its mouth in long white robes. The figure began to shrink as a male with horns on his forehead dressed in a black kimono appeared. Attached around his neck was a chain necklace with a tanto on the end. Kami turned to him smiling.

"Hello Shinigami-san what are you doing here?" asked Kami as she smiled at the God of Death. The man identified as the Shinigami grunted.

"Was it wise to go along with Naruto's request? Can that man be trusted? You know out of every human that has ever been born only two had the potential to rival us in terms of power the first being Naruto and the second being that man" said the Shinigami his dark purple eyes gazing down at his sister. The goddess rubbed her temples releasing a small sigh.

"To be honest I'm not sure, but it was Naruto's request and we must honour it for all the boy has done for us. All we can do now is hope that Madara follows the correct path. Come my brother let us leave." She turned and started to walk away as a door appeared in thin air. The Shinigami nodded and followed after her as the two left limbo.

Scene break

In a hospital in the city of Chiba the sounds of a woman's agonising screams could be heard as she sat upon a hospital bed breathing hard, sweat pouring down her face. A doctor stood over her gloves on as he stood between her legs telling her to keep pushing. Sweat poured down her face as she screamed. Outside it began to rain heavily, lightning and thunder raging as fierce winds ripped trees from their roots. This woman was Yoshino Kousaka and standing beside her was her hard bitten husband Daisuke Kousaka. She clutched Daisuke's hands as she continued to push out the child that had been growing within her womb for the past nine months.

The power cut out and at that moment unbeknownst to them all the soul of Madara Uchiha struck the Yoshino's womb merging with her son. Dark blue chakra mixed within her womb as the boy's appearance changed within her body. The lights came back on as crying filled the air of the hospital. Within the doctor's arm was a healthy baby boy. On his right hand was a birth mark, in the form of fan that looked like a tattoo. His hair was as black as night with blue tints, his eyes onyx black. His eyes were cold and calculated no emotion within them as they eyed everyone within the room.

Yoshino released a long sigh as she lay back in her hospital bed panting slowly. The doctor wrapped up her new born baby boy in a blue blanket and gently handed him to her, "Congratulations it's a healthy baby boy."

Yoshino smiled at her son as she glanced down into his hardened onyx eyes. His eyes stared straight back at her. His eyes shifted turning blood red with a single black iris. Around the iris was six black tomoes in each eye. The tomoes spun as they placed a Genjutsu over the woman. His eyes changed back to their onyx black as Daisuke approached them.

"What shall we call him?" asked Daisuke with a grunt as he fixed his slick black hair and pushed his glasses up.

Yoshino cooed at her son as a smile spread across her lips as she answered her husband, "Madara Uchiha-Kousaka" She smiled and kissed her son now Madara on the forehead. Unseen to all a smirk spread across the baby boys lips as his new life began.