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Chapter 5: Akatsuki's Rebirth

Madara was pacing back and forth within his room, it was currently midnight. His arms folded over his chest as he paced, all the while in deep thought. He had ordered his spy network to quickly find the location of the nine artefacts containing the Kyuubi's Youki. Yet none of them had even found a trace of these artefacts, and it was starting to irritate Madara greatly. Besides trying to locate these artefacts, he had his spies trying to find any information about the Shinobi nations. He sat down on his bed and rubbed his temples, this entire thing was giving him one big headache. Suddenly his phone began to ring. Immediately he grabbed the device and held it to his ear.

"Madara here!" spoke the black haired teenager.

"Uchiha-sama its Hiroku, I have news regarding the artefacts and the information you wanted" spoke a male voice on the other end.

"Well spit it out!" commanded Madara as a frown appeared on his features rugged features. The other voice on the phone gulped in fear.

"Hai. Apparently the Shinobi nations vanished about two thousand five hundred years ago. Apparently the Shinobi nations just one day vanished. The land that connected the nations to Japan split off into the sea with that the nations were never seen again. From my knowledge however the nations had been sharing information with Japan on its technology and chakra. Though it would appear they were even moving powerful artefacts to Japan. It seemed war was going on in the Shinobi nations between the Shinobi alliance and an unknown fraction, which are directly related to the humans that wish to summon the Kyuubi. Apparently this cult invaded the nations wanting the knowledge on how to revive the dead, so they could revive powerful Shinobi to their side, and use them to take over the world" began Hiroku as he took a short breather, to allow Madara to take in the information.

"Continue" commanded Madara as he leaned against the wall his bed lay beside.

"The war between the two sides consumed the land as the enemy fraction's forces easily outnumbered the Shinobi alliance one hundred to one. Though the Shinobi didn't go down fighting eliminating most of the opposing fraction's forces before they were all killed. In the process one man the twentieth Hokage destroyed the secrets of this resurrection technique so known would be able to use it. With this the invading army retreated back to their home land. Though they had another agenda they were after the artefacts that had been moved to Japan. These artefacts are kept within military facilities under heavy security. Though there are a few on display in numerous museums." explained Hiroku.

"Where are these facilities and museums?" asked Madara with a raised eyebrow.

"From our sources one of these museums is right near you, the Chiba national history Museum in the Shinobi archives. Get this apparently one of those artefacts your after resides there. This artefact takes the appearance of a large Japanese fan called the 'Bashousen (Banana Palm fan)'. Bad news is it is under a class A level security and always kept under constant watch by armed guards" answered Hiroku from the other end. Madara gave a dark chuckle.

"Good Hiroku very good. Hurry up and find the locations of the rest of these artefacts" spoke Madara.

"Is that all Uchiha-sama?" spoke Hiroku.

"Yes that'll do for now" replied Madara and with that he hanged up. A smirk spread across his lips as he got to his feet, "Well now looks like I'm breaking into a museum." Madara chuckled as he headed to his closet and activated the space distortion seal and strolled into the massive walk in wardrobe. He grabbed a pair of black hakama pants, a long sleeved black kimono style top and a long black cloak with a hood. Changing his clothes he tied an obi sash around his waist, attaching three item sacks to it. He grabbed a pair of black ninja sandals and strapped them on. Madara grabbed a single katana and strapped it to his right hip. Lastly he grabbed an orange swirl-pattern like mask that revealed both his eyes.

Grinning to himself he quickly used a leaf shunshin. Leaves spiralled on top of a large sky scraper as Madara appeared in a crouched position. He stood still in the darkness blending in with his surroundings. He activated his Sharingan and scanned the area. He performed another shunshin appearing in an alley way. He summoned a map of Chiba and glanced over it finding his destination. Madara began to roof hop moving swiftly from roof top to roof top. He leapt through the air landing on the Chiba National history Museum in a crouched position. Madara summoned a single kunai and channelled his wind elemental chakra into it. He began to slice through the roof of the building catching the roof before it fell. He lifted the concrete up and placed it beside him. Carefully he slipped into the hole he created and used chakra to stick to the roof. Madara quickly performed a few hand seals performing the 'Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Hiding with Camouflage Technique)'

Madara's form slowly blended in with the roof disguising his scent, shadow and chakra. Carefully Madara moved through the building using the roof to lead him into the Shinobi archives. His sharingan flared detecting the infer-red sensors. The sensors were mainly around a single glass case at the end of the room. The case was surrounded by heavily armed guards, each carrying Heckler & Koch Mp5 submachine guns. From their appearance it looked like they were fresh out of Tokushu Kyuushuu Butai (Special Assault Team AKA S.A.T). Madara moved in carefully, making sure to not make any noise as he approached the case. He stopped just above it wondering what he should do.

Madara decided to go with a Genjutsu one that the Senju brothers favoured, "Kokuangyo no Jutsu (Bringer of Darkness Technique)" whispered Madara. He allowed for his chakra to flow throughout the museum causing everything to turn pitch black for the guards. Immediately they were on their guard their weapons at the ready unable to see anything. Using this Madara quickly went into action moving from each member, quickly disabling them with a hit to the back of their necks. As the guards dropped to the ground unconscious Madara turned to the case.

In the case was a large fan the 'Bashousen' a weapon that had been used by the Rikodou Sennin (Sage of Six Paths). Approaching the case carefully his sharingan stared at the, infer-red sensors. He tsked at them, what an annoyance this would be. Madara quickly reared his fist back and slammed it into the glass. Glass flew through the air as the alarms began to buzz. Madara quickly grabbed the fan and used a leaf shunshin to vanish from the Museum. As he went up in a swirl of leaves guards came racing in guns at the ready only to find, Madara along with the 'Bashousen' gone.

Madara appeared in his bedroom in a swirl of leaves. Walking to his closet he activated his distortion seal and walked in changing into a pair of black jeans and a black muscle shirt. He tossed his clothes to the side and dropped his mask and released a sigh as he deactivated his sharingan. At least they wouldn't have a picture of him thanks to hiding with the camouflage technique he had used. The cameras may have picked up an outline of his form but that would be all. After all he doubted humans today had any technology that could be used to detect chakra, after all the theory and practice of chakra had not been seen by mankind for two thousand five hundred years

Madara stretched his limbs and flopped down onto his bed. Madara instantly fell asleep as he hit the mattress of his bed. With that he drifted off into his dreamless slumber.

Scene break - Saturday

Madara stood in the living room drinking a glass of Juurokucha. He downed the blended tea drink and gasped for air. He was dressed in black hakama style pants, with a black shirt that had long fishnet like sleeves. He glanced over at Kirino who was seated on the lounge, reading a fashion magazine. Madara had decided he would test out a technique today, which he had been working on for quite some time. Madara put his glass down and started to head to the door only for Kirino to stop him.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, I have some friends coming over tomorrow. Make sure you don't come out of your room!" commanded Kirino while glaring at her older brother, "They're cute, but if you try to talk to them, I'll kill you! Don't even look at them. You'll contaminate them!"

Madara merely scowled at her words.

"It's not like I give a damn about your friend's in the first place" said Madara as he tsked with that that, he left the living room heading to his own room. Opening his door he walked in before closing it. He locked his door and channelled chakra into the mark on his right palm. In a puff of smoke appeared a single white orb. Channelling his chakra into the orb, Madara vanished in a flash of white light. The Uchiha stood calmly as he looked around the dimension, he had been transported to. The entire dimension took on the form of a large training field with what appeared to be an exact replica of the Uchiha Clan compound behind him.

Madara grinned as he started to go through a series of hand seals. Here he would commence his plan. Here he would test out his new technique. In a puff of smoke a light blue scroll appeared in his hands. He unrolled the scroll detailed seals covered it as he threw it onto the ground. Madara knelt down and placed his hands on the scroll channelling chakra into it.

"Kinshi Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ten Chi no Megami (Forbidden Summoning Technique: Goddess of Heaven and Earth)!" yelled Madara as he flared his chakra as his Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan came to life. Ink began to run from the scroll quickly branching out across the grass before him. The ink formed a single circle. The ink glowed as it moved into the centre. The ink came together taking the shape of a nine point star. Inside the star were countless kanji. The seal began to glow the ink turning from black to white. Light erupted from the seal engulfing the area before it slowly began to die down.

Appearing in the centre of the seal was a figure a figure Madara knew all too well. In the middle of the seal was none other than Kami herself. Kami blinked as she slowly climbed to her feet dusting her kimono off. One moment she was talking to her sister Amaterasu, next thing she knew she was engulfed by a bright light. Kami looked around her eyes widening as she locked eyes with Madara Uchiha Kousaka.

"M...Madara! How what, why am I here!" demanded the goddess as she glared at Madara. Madara began to laugh his chakra flaring as he stared at the goddess.

"Oh yes it worked. It worked!" shouted Madara as he continued to laugh. Kami frowned at the mortal before her.

"What worked? Madara tell me what did you do!" demanded the goddess once more. Madara grinned as he slowly approached the goddess.

"It's rather simple... you see Kami... I summoned you!" said Madara with a giant grin across his face. Kami glare hardened as she folded her arms under her chest.

"Summoned me! Why did you summon me? More importantly how did you summon me! There was no technique to be able to summon me to this world!" spoke the goddess anger clear in the tone of her voice. Madara merely chuckled at her.

"Oh true but you see when you gave me every technique from my time, you also gave me scrolls detailing theories on every kind of Jutsu. I have created techniques that never existed in my time before, techniques that had been thought of, but never created. Guess what Kami one of those theories was a forbidden Fuuinjutsu designed to summon you. The notes were written by none other than Namikaze Minato!" spoke Madara his sharingan slowly died down to its first stage, the six tomoes spinning around the iris. Kami's eyes widened in shock at this news, she hadn't realised anyone had been trying to figure out a way to summon her.

"Now as to why I summoned you, it's simple, I want to talk. After all you left me with no way to communicate with you what soever Kami. And I have a request of my own to ask of you" said Madara as he leaned against a tree, his sharingan never leaving the goddess. Kami raised her right eyebrow at Madara's words.

"What is it you request of me Madara? Speak now! Before I send you back to hell!" demanded Kami in a harsh tone. Madara merely wiggled his right index finger back and forth. Chains erupted from the seal wrapping around Kami's body. The goddess collapsed to her knees as she felt her powers being drained.

"I wouldn't make threats if I was you. I have perfected Minato's theory and modified it. With this seal you are bound here till I release you. Those chains are part of the seal designed to sap you of your power and store it into the scroll at my feet. While you are here you are under my complete control. I can do whatever I wish with you, and you are as helpless as a newborn baby before me" said Madara as he tapped the light blue scroll that he had used to summon Kami. The ancient Uchiha began to release a dark laugh as killer intent erupted from his body that would even make the Kyuubi curl up and cry like a baby in fear.

"Now then if you calm down I shall inform you of what I would like to request of you Kami-sama" said Madara completely in control of the situation. Kami slowly nodded her head sighing in defeat. The seal began to shrink moving up the chains and wrapping around her wrists forming wristband like tattoos. Kami blinked as she stared at the seals around her wrists. Madara grabbed the scroll and pocketed it.

"Now then, I have summoned you to ask, if it's possible for you, to revive Shinobi from my past" said Madara as he summoned another scroll. In a puff of smoke appeared a table and two chairs. Madara took a seat as a pot of tea appeared on the table. He poured himself a cup and took a small sip. He held his hand out directing Kami to sit in the other chair. Kami took her seat and watched as Madara poured her a cup. Kami thanked him and took a small sip.

"It's possible that I could do that. Know this I'd only be able to revive those that remain in hell. Anyone who is sent to heaven normally gets reincarnated to start a new. However most of the Shinobi from the past remain in heaven or hell where they shall remain. But as I said it's possible for me to revive those in hell. But I ask why do you want anyone to be revived from your past Madara?" questioned the goddess as she sipped her tea. Madara leaned back in his chair with a grin.

"Oh it's rather simple; you see even though I have set up a spy network, they are rather incompetent. It has taken five years for them to track down the first artefact containing the Kyuubi's chakra. If I was able to revive Shinobi from the past, I could use them track down these artefacts faster than the humans today ever could. Also it would be nice to have a helping hand. After all I can't be everywhere at the same time now can I. Sure I can use Shadow Clones or even Blood clones but they only hold a fraction of my powers. I require a helping hand in this. After all one man can only do so much" said Madara as he eyed Kami ready to active the seals on her wrists if needed. Kami took another sip of her tea jasmine flavoured she noted.

"I guess I could revive a few people for you. But the big question is who do you want to be revived? I will also have to give you a limit; I think ten should do. You will be allowed to choose ten Shinobi to be resurrected" said Kami. With a click of her fingers a small scroll appeared. Kami tossed the scroll to him, "There is a list of everyone from your past that resides in hell. Remember this I will only revive five every fortnight"

Madara merely nodded his head as he looked over the list. He summoned another scroll and wrote down a copy of the scroll. He tossed the original back to Kami and went to his copied version. He began to circle a few names. He looked up as he finished.

"Alright I've chosen the first five to be resurrected. However I require that they will also have a second chance at life to enter heaven when they die once more!" said Madara, as he summoned another blank scroll and wrote five names down on it before throwing it to. Kami caught the scroll and unrolled it. Her eyes widened as she looked over the five names he had chosen.

"Alright deal, though I'm rather curious as to why these five, but I'm sure you have your reasons. Release the technique and when you leave this pocket dimension you'll find five coffins on the outside. Channel your chakra into them and the five you wished to be revived will awaken. When they awake they will know just why they have been revived so you won't have to explain everything to them" said Kami as she pocketed the scroll Madara gave her. Madara merely formed a ram seal. The seals on her wrists vanished. Kami gave a small bowed and vanished in a flash of light. Madara summoned the orb Kami gave him and channelled his chakra into it engulfing him in a flash of white light.

Madara opened his eyes to find himself once again in his room. Leaning against a wall in his room was five wooden coffin's numbered '1' to '5'. Madara summoned a seal and placed it on the wall activating it as he put up a silencing jutsu so none would be able to hear what happened within his room.

Madara approached the first coffin placing his hand on it. His dark blue chakra began to slowly encase the coffin engulfing it in a wave of chakra. The lid began to fall towards Madara. The male took a step to the side as the lid hit the ground. A thick black smoke leaked from the coffin as a bandaged hand grabbed the sides of its wooden container. A figure slowly took a step forward appearing in the light. Standing before Madara was a man completely covered in bandages. The man was none other than Muu the Nidaime Tsuchikage. A Shinobi that had been feared in his time as the Mujin (Non-person) and a man that was feared for his use of the Kekkei Touta Jinton the Dust element.

Muu gripped his head from a searing pain. He fell to his knees as memories and a voice filled his mind. Slowly the pain began to vanish, allowing Muu to release his head in relief. The old Tsuchikage slowly looked up staring straight at Madara.

"So the voice speaks the truth. You have been reborn, Madara Uchiha. But it seems this time you're on the side of good instead of the side of evil" spoke Muu softly as he slowly stood up. Muu's entire body was wrapped in bandages leaving only his eyes and nose visible. He wore dark blank pants covering his lower half. Madara merely laughed as he approached the second coffin. He placed his hand against it allowing his chakra to consume the coffin. As the coffin fell a tall six foot five inch tall figure stepped out from the black mist. A giant bandaged sword strapped across his back. His skin was pale blue, with gill like facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders and sharp triangular teeth.

This man was none other than Kisame Hoshigaki. Kisame was a Shinobi Madara knew he could trust with his life. Kisame had always been utterly faithful and loyal to him. The tall Shinobi gripped his head from the piercing pain as memories and voices struck him as they did Muu. He gasped for air as he fell to his knees like Muu had. Madara moved on placing his hands on the next two coffins chakra engulfing them. The lids fell to the ground as two more Shinobi fell to their knees from the pain that struck their heads. The two that had collapsed were Kakuzu and Zetsu two more members of Akatsuki. Madara stared at coffin number five as his chakra consumed it. Falling from the coffin into his arms was Itachi Uchiha. Itachi gripped his head from the agonising pain that filled his senses.

Kakuzu was wearing dark Shinobi pants with a torn Akatsuki cloak hanging from his shoulders. Itachi and Kisame were both wearing the akatsuki uniform with tears in their clothes. Zetsu was wearing dark pants with his akatsuki cloak draping over his shoulders like Kakuzu. Madara stared at the four ex members of Akatsuki as they slowly gained their bearings and climbed to their feet. Madara chuckled as he folded his arms staring at the five Shinobi before him. Itachi seemed to glare at Madara only for the older Uchiha to laugh.

"Welcome back to the land of the living!" said Madara as he eyed the five. Kisame knelt before Madara looking up at him. Zetsu followed alongside Kakuzu. Itachi just stood there glaring at him while Muu remained emotionless.

"Now Itachi I know we've had our differences, but I have had you all resurrected for the better of mankind!" proclaimed Madara as he approached Itachi. The Uchiha just continued to glare at him before sighing in defeat.

"From the memories that have been given to me and the voice of Kami, it seems the Goddess has revived us to help in stopping the summoning of the Kyuubi. I shall assist you, but it doesn't mean I enjoy being around you!" said Itachi his Mangekyou Sharingan flaring to life as he glared at Madara. Madara activated his Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan. The two sharingan users stared eye to eye with one another neither backing down. Madara released a laugh as he stepped back.

"Excellent you haven't lost your touch Itachi. Now you all know why you've been revived so I won't have to explain everything. As of this moment the Akatsuki shall be reformed, but with a new goal. To protect this world! Kisame Itachi you shall be paired up with one another once more. Muu and Kakuzu you shall be paired together. Muu and Kakuzu your goal will be promote the Akatsuki to the Japanese government and military as hired assassins to help accumulate funds for the organisation. Itachi, Kisame you two will be in charge with recruiting new members, but run them by me first I won't have weaklings! Zetsu gather information on this cult that wishes to summon the Kyuubi and try to track down any artefacts from the Shinobi nations!" commanded Madara as he deactivated his Doujutsu. Madara summoned five scrolls tossing them towards the five Shinobi. The Five Shinobi caught the scrolls each raising a single eyebrow.

"Those scrolls contain roughly five million yen each. Use them to buy yourselves some modern day clothes" said Madara as he walked past them and to his closet activating the space distortion seal to open up his wardrobe, "Inside here you'll be able to equip yourself with Kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, smoke bombs, solder pills, blood pills, scrolls, item pouches, holsters, Senbon, Makibishi spikes, katana's, wakizashi and much, much more. Equip yourselves and then leave and report to me only at night, if you need to contact me during the day just release a small amount of your chakra to alert me."

Madara sat down on his bed and yawned loudly. The five revived Shinobi walked into the closet, and began to gear up with the proper equipment feeling complete once more. Kisame grabbed the bundle on his back and it seemed to purr. The bandages unravelled to reveal a large scaled sword the Samehada or Shark Skin blade. Kisame grinned as the weapon purred at being in the hands of its master once more. It would appear that Kami had revived Kisame with his sword. At least it was better than having to travel all over Japan to find it, if it was even here to begin with.

"I will have cloaks made for each of you. With Akatsuki's rebirth it is only fitting that you each wear the proper uniform. Besides the cloaks i'll have new rings forged" said Madara as he folded his arms over watching as the five stepped out fully geared. Itachi had a katana strapped across his back with a wakizashi at his hip. He had a black belt around his waist with an item pouch at the back. Kisame had a holster on each of his legs. Kakuzu wore a large black cloak to cover his stitched body. Muu stood beside's Kakuzu wearing a long sleeved black shirt and long black cloak. Zetsu simply chose to equip a holster to his both legs for easy use.

Zetsu opened up Madara's window and leapt out onto a branch of a tree. The moment he landed on the branch he dissolved into the tree vanishing. Muu and Kakuzu followed leaping from the window and heading out moving away from the house as quickly as possible. Madara approached Itachi and stared at him. He cut his thumb drawing blood with a kunai. He grabbed Itachi's palm and pierced the centre with the bloodied kunai. His chakra encased Itachi's hand making his blood seep into his blood stream. Itachi fell to the ground grabbing his eyes in pain. Blood began to pour from his eyes as he released an anguished yell of pain. His Mangekyou sharingan flared to life only to change. The pinwheel like iris began to shrink as what appeared to be three intersecting ellipses surrounded it forming a cross between Itachi's and Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi gasped for air as blood ran down his face from his eyes. Kisame stood there his eyes widened in shock.

Slowly the blood began to fade as the pain vanished. Madara stood over, Itachi as the younger Uchiha slowly began to calm down.

"I mixed my DNA with yours to give you the Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan! You will no longer be afflicted by the curse of the Mangekyou Sharingan! You shall see the light once more Itachi!" spoke Madara as he folded his arms. Madara turned to Kisame his face emotionless, "Take him and leave!" Kisame bowed and grabbed Itachi before leaping from, Madara's window and heading out into Chiba. Madara closed his window as they all left. He landed on his bed and yawned loudly. He was tired; he had used up a good portion of his reserves while trying to summon Kami. Added to the fact it seemed those coffins, drained him of his chakra. Madara slowly shut his eyes. He reached up and turned his light off and removed the silencing seal. Madara yawned as he fell asleep on his bed, soon events would slowly unfold.

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