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Back to the bedroom…with Overthinkerella and Nearlynekkidward…

Chapter 56: Shivering KABLAMS and Shuddering KERPOWS

The momentary wanton boldness Bella had felt as she'd told Edward to lose his pants had fled. She blinked as she tried to push aside swirling thoughts of black boxer briefs, black silk pajama pants, and oddly enough, little black dresses—which were supposed to make the wearer look slender and petite. If Edward's boxer briefs were intended to make the contents of his boxers look slender and petite, they had sorely failed. That attentive appendage—all hers and aimed right at her—looked absolutely huge.

Her upper teeth sunk into her lower lip in apprehension.

She had been thinking she wanted him in her pants, or more accurately, wanted him in her…self. But now that she had gotten another good look at that impressive thing she was wondering about the feasibility of him fitting anywhere she might like to have him.

There's just no possible way. Look at that thing!

I am looking. And looking. And looking. And look…

All right! Enough! You're going to embarrass yourself!

She dragged her gawking eyes up from his gloriously erect groin to look into his equally gawk-worthy, staggeringly handsome face. His eyes sparkled with amusement and Bella blushed deeply, belatedly realizing he'd been watching her as she'd overtly ogled his organ.

Congratulations! You've already embarrassed yourself! He caught you peering at his penis! You couldn't act nonchalant and just a little bit confident?

Dear God, he must think I'm so stupidly naïve!

Edward bit the inside of his lip, stifling his smile. She had been staring at his cock. The instinctual beast within him would have gladly pounced and attacked right then but he was reining in the beast, waiting until she was equally as eager to attack him in return. Until then, her reactions would lead his actions and at the moment, she just seemed flustered and hesitant and he suspected her faltering was the fault of his overly eager erection.

Perfect, Cullen, your dick is behaving like a dick and now she's…worried?

He just hoped she wasn't having second thoughts about him, despite his dick.

"Are you afraid?" His voice was gentle; concerned. "I won't do anything you don't want me to or aren't ready for. Trust me, Bella."

"No, I'm…fine," she replied in a little embarrassed huff. "And I do trust you, Edward."

"Good. I promise I'll be on my best behavior." He gave her a reassuring grin and she found herself smiling at his attempt to lighten the mood and ignore her inelegance.

"So, which side of the bed is…mine?" he asked gently in an effort to distract her further from any insecurity she might be feeling.

"Oh, um…I usually sleep on this side, so…that side?" She pointed to the side of the bed closest to the window.

Gah! He wants to know which side of my bed is HIS!

Internally she was beaming. She was turning over the way he'd just phrased his question, asking which side of the bed was his, which seemed to imply a kind of ownership and permanence—a staking of a claim—as if it might always be his side of the bed.

It was a surprising and appealing thought.

Bella was suddenly glad her mother had talked her into buying the Queen-sized bed when she had been intent on purchasing a double bed. Her mother had been right—there would be a lot more room to maneuver. She blushed at the thought of maneuvering with Edward and his imposing-ness…at some point soon…all over her Queen-sized bed, making quite the disaster of sheets, blankets and pillows alike.

That thought also had a definite appeal and left her feeling overheated.

Holy shit…is it hot in here or is that just Edward Cullen's aura?

"Let me just…make some room…for us," she said, biting her lip and turning her flaming face away from him. She leaned across the bed, planting one knee on the edge of the mattress. Reaching across, she tossed the two big, spare pillows onto the floor on the far side, where a few throw pillows already lay. She reached beneath the remaining pillows and grasped the comforter and sheet, pulling them back and turning the bedding down.

Edward hadn't moved over to the far side of the bed—to his side. He remained where he was, observing her and feeling protective of her, though how he was going to protect her from his dick…if that's what the problem was… seemed inevitably problematic.

His eyes followed her movements; up the slender line of her arm as she reached for pillows and tossed them onto the floor. His appreciative gaze traveled back down along the length of her small, shapely body; from her bare shoulders to her waist, along the curve of her hips and the swell of her round little backside as she knelt, and down her lean, shapely legs.

She's perfect. Every single inch of her.

Bella finally backed up off the bed and stood, turning to him once again, clasping slightly fidgety hands together in front of her.

"What about the lights?" she asked, glancing toward the star lights glowing at the window.

"Leave them on," Edward said as he stepped closer to her with a soft look in his eyes. "I'd rather be able to look at you."

"Okay," she said, blushing and nodding, thinking how she'd be able to see him as well and be sure this wasn't something she was conjuring up in her wild imagination.

Edward smiled and reached out for her, lightly trailing his fingers up and down her upper arms until he finally moved his hands up to her shoulders and grasped them, gently pulling her toward him as he stepped closer. Bella's arms reached up around his neck, her hands flattening against the smooth, warm, bare skin of his upper back and shoulders.

She suddenly remembered things she'd seen in Edward's bedroom.

"I um…I have scented candles I could light?" she suggested in a tentative voice. "Or maybe…music?"

Edward shook his head. "I just want you, Bella," he murmured as he enfolded her in his arms, holding her to him for a moment as he breathed in her light scent. He reveled in the feel of her small, warm body leaning into his, and the silky, softness of her hair beneath his cheek. "I just want your scent and your sounds, the sight of you, the feel of you…" His head ducked down, his lips and tongue grazing her neck, as he spoke against her skin. "And the taste of you. Just you."

He heard the hitch in her breath and felt her hands on his back, her fingertips lightly kneading and stroking him as her body sank into his, molding to him. He held her close in the event that she might…swoon…or something, but then he smiled as he felt her lips brushing and kissing along his collarbone. She fit him so perfectly, he thought and it seemed quite remarkable that something as simple as embracing the right person could feel so powerful.

He tipped his head down, whispering her name as he pushed her hair back over her shoulder, kissing the shell of her ear, trailing his lips down to her earlobe, tugging on it with his lips and teeth before his mouth moved lower, to the softly scented skin just beneath it. He kissed her there, behind her jaw. Sucking at that delicate skin for a moment, he listened, attuned to her stilted little breaths.

"Um, maybe we should lie down? You know…before I…faint or swoon or something?" she suggested in a breathless voice.

"Okay," Edward murmured, smiling into the skin of her neck because he'd had the same thought moments ago. He pressed himself against her, advancing, and backing her up to the bed, keeping an arm around her as she sat and scooted back and finally stretched out, sinking her head into the pillow. He followed her, shoving bedding out of the way and hovering above her on his hands and knees for a moment. He looked down at the pale beauty beneath him, her hair fanned out over the pillow, framing her beautiful face and dark eyes in the low light.

"Better?" he asked, gazing down at her with a crooked little smile.

Her parted lips turned up into a warm little grin. "Not yet," she replied, reaching up around his sides and urging his body down to hers. She felt the muscles in his back flexing as he leaned down over her. He went willingly, settling himself into place over her body, nestling his other self into place between her legs, and leaning on his forearms as he brought his lips down to hers.

"How about now?" he asked, brushing his soft, smiling lips against her mouth.

"Perfect," she sighed. Her lips began moving with his, pressing kisses more insistently until she felt his mouth open and his tongue lightly tickling her lip, inviting her in. She joined him, parting her lips, matching the movements of his mouth and tongue. His hand slid beneath her to the nape of her neck, caressing and cradling her head in his hand, holding her to him as tongues teased, stroking softly.

Edward found himself considering the lovely girl in his arms as he kissed her.

She had obviously been feeling a little uncertain before; he'd seen the momentary look of doubt on her face and he'd heard it in her voice. He thought again about her innocence and inexperience.

Truthfully, this was a new and different kind of an experience for him as well.

The women in his past had all been sexually experienced and rather aggressive. They'd known what they wanted, had taken what they'd wanted, and he had done the same. And it had all been empty and without any meaning.

This was so completely different.

Bella was so completely different.

This meant so much more to him because she meant so much more. And the amazing thing was…she wanted to be his…completely…and she'd let him know she had never wanted that with anyone before.

The thought left him charged with a slightly edgy nervousness; a jittery feeling tinged with excitement and anticipation. Somehow Bella Swan had managed to peel back the years and the layers and make Edward Cullen feel like an awkward teen with a crush on the new girl.

For one thing, he'd never been with a virgin before. And because she was, and because he felt about her the way he did, he felt an added responsibility to her; to make her feel good for all the right reasons. But the other, far more daunting aspect was that being with her, in any and every sense was beginning to feel like the start of something profound.


And though he'd told her he wouldn't make love to her tonight, he hoped each stroke of his fingers, lingering of his lips and touch of his tongue would convey to her that he was…in fact…loving her.


It was crazy to consider. And way too soon to profess anything, he knew. But all the same, he really wanted to get this right and he wanted her to know how he felt. He wouldn't take anything she wasn't prepared to give, nor give anything she wasn't prepared to take, and he silently promised that he would never take anything for granted.

Bella sighed in Edward's arms. She had never before felt so desired or desirable. The things Edward had said had made her feel special; he just wanted to experience her and what was happening between them without any distractions. And what was happening between them felt beyond incredible.

She was wrapped up in his long, strong arms, soaking up the warmth and masculine scent of his nearly naked body as she caressed him. The ethereal beauty of his face hovered just above hers, his sensuous mouth kissing her. She felt the heat and surprising rigidity of his arousal pressing against her soft flesh as she listened to his quiet inhales and exhales and the low sounds of pleasure he made deep in his throat.

However the most compelling thing she felt was the awareness that she was quite possibly the first girl, ever, to lie in bed with all of Edward Cullen and not a mere seductive version of himself. The considerate man she'd come to know; the caring, sweet and funny boyfriend he wanted to be to her; and the vulnerable boy she sometimes caught glimpses of…they were all there with her; in her bed, in her arms, stealing into her heart. She hadn't thought it possible to feel so strongly about someone so quickly.

Edward pulled his lips from Bella's, raising his head to look down at her, kissing her softly once more before shifting his body across hers to lie next to her, facing her. His hand slid down to her hip, turning her body toward his and urging her closer, aligning her body to his and pulling her forward into him until she felt his very solid self, nestling and pressing against the apex of her thighs.

Bella reached up and caressed his perfect face, watching his reaction as she touched him. She smoothed a light fingertip across his soft lips as they curved into a little smile. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as she moved her hand down to his neck, her thumb grazing his Adam's apple, before her fingers traced along the ridges and dips of his collarbone. She finally scratched her nails lightly down the center of his chest, through the smattering of coarse, dark hairs there, and then back up over the firm muscles of his chest. Edward shivered slightly and exhaled a low growl of contentment and Bella smiled at his reaction; that her touch pleased him.

"This is nice," Bella said quietly, watching her fingertips trace back along his breastbone.

Edward opened his eyes and smiled lazily. "My chest?" he asked, quirking a brow at her.

Bella giggled softly and smiled back at him. "Well, that too. But I meant…all of this. I'm so happy you stayed, Edward," she admitted somewhat shyly.

Edward clasped her hand in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing it, before pressing her hand back against his chest, just over his heart, and smiling at her.

"There was never any doubt I would stay here tonight, once you asked me to, Bella. There's nothing I'd rather do than spend time with you. But…I do have to disagree with you on one thing: this is better than nice."

Bella smiled and nodded at his words, watching his glittering eyes in the near darkness as he looked back at her, watching her, seemingly…waiting. And she suddenly understood what he was doing; what he'd been doing the entire time. He was waiting—for her—for signals from her to let him know that she was ready for…more...from him. He'd said he wasn't going to do anything she didn't want to and he was watching her for clues to see what she did want. Her dark eyes softened as she looked at him and she decided to give him a rather clear signal.

Go for it, Isabella Marie! Show him there's a sexy woman inside you, just waiting to escape!

Shifting slightly and leaning up a bit, she pulled her tank top off over her head, smiling inwardly at the intake of breath she heard from him. As she settled back, she saw the look of pleasant surprise and also a sort of…hunger…on his face at her non-verbal invitation-signal and she smiled.

Yep, that got his attention.

"Now…that…is far better than nice," Edward murmured as his dark eyes raked up to hers, holding her gaze for a moment, before drifting back down to her lovely nude torso.

"My chest?" Bella asked, arching a brow as he had done moments ago, silently congratulating herself on her sudden boldness as she felt Edward's long fidgety fingers flexing on her hip and watched him ogle her breasts.

Edward's eyes flashed back to hers and he smiled crookedly. "All of you is far better than nice. You're lovely, Bella."

She blushed slightly, wondering if he could tell. "I'd have to say 'the same to you' Edward." She smiled at him and then watched her hand drift down along the lean lines of his side and stomach, trailing back up through the trail of hair at the center of his torso. It was kind of thrilling to just explore his male body a little.

Edward thought Bella's breasts looked perfect; they weren't large, but they weren't small, either. His fingers itched to see if they felt perfect, and he licked his lips, certain they would feel equally as perfect to his mouth as they would to his hands. He watched her as he moved his hand up over the contours of her hip and waist and up her side, his eyes flickering from hers down to watch as he stroked his thumb beneath the swell of her breast.

As his knuckles gently traced around to the side Bella closed her eyes and sighed, feeling goose bumps rising on her skin. And though he hadn't yet touched her there, she felt a tingling and tightening and knew her nipples were standing at attention and ready for action.

The tips of his fingers teased her and Bella gasped at the sensation, surprised that Edward's large hands could touch so gently, barely ghosting over her skin, sending shivers down to the very center of her little sexual self. She pressed herself involuntarily into his touch, her breath hitching in her throat as he cupped her and gently grazed the tip once again.

And then the sensation was suddenly gone and Bella opened her eyes at the loss of his touch.

Edward's dark eyes were watching her. He leaned toward her to kiss her deeply and she sighed into him as she felt him faintly stroking the other side, repeating his previous touches: stroking, teasing, cupping, and grazing. As his kiss grew more intense, so did his touch, causing her to gasp at the unexpectedly powerful sensations that seemingly ricocheted throughout her body, ending up as a dull need right between her legs.

"Oh God," she breathed into Edward's mouth, breaking off their kiss, tipping her head back, and arching into his touch. When she finally opened her eyes her focus shifted back down to his perfect lips. Reaching up and raking a lock of his hair back off his forehead, Bella slid her hand back behind Edward's head, grasping his thick hair between her fingers and pulling him back into place against her mouth with a rather abrupt and needy tug.

Her sudden unrestrained actions somewhat surprised Edward. Her tugging and pulling on his hair follicles was tied directly to his groin, making him impossibly harder. She was exceedingly responsive to his touch, he thought with a ridiculous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. He wanted to make her feel good, after all—orgasmic if possible—assuming she'd allow him that opportunity. He kissed her deeply and then moved his mouth to her jaw.

"Lie back," he said in a low, velvety voice, as he pressed lightly against her shoulder.

She did so, breathing hard and watching him…wide-eyed…waiting.

Now that she was on her back and Edward's body was no longer blocking most of the light from the star lights, he was able to see her whole body more clearly for the first time. Lying there in the soft glow, he could see that his earlier assessment of her had been absolutely correct: she was perfect in every way. Her dark and wild hair framed her lovely face once more against the pale pillow. Sparkling, dark, heavy-lidded eyes gazed up at him, wanting him. He saw the flick of the tip of her tongue along the parted lips he'd been kissing. Her perfect breasts rose and fell with every breath she took. Her skin was pale and flawless, her waist narrow, her belly flat.

She's absolutely stunning. Christ, this can't be real…I must be dreaming!

You could tell her how you feel, you know.

He regarded her for a moment, brushing a few stray strands of hair back with his hand before caressing her face. "You're so beautiful, Bella," he finally managed to whisper. "You're just so beautiful."

She felt the warmth of a blush in her cheeks, knowing from the look in his eyes that his words were sincere. "You make me feel beautiful, Edward," she told him honestly.

He smiled almost shyly at her as he stretched his lanky body out close alongside hers. "I'm happy to know that." He seemed to contemplate something before he spoke again. "I want to make you feel…wonderful…too, you know?" His eyes searched hers.

He had just been making her feel wonderful, Bella thought. And then her eyes widened.

Ooohhhhh…he means the other kind of wonderful! The one with the capital "O!"

Bella had experienced a few Edward-inspired orgasms in the past few days, but now Edward was offering an Edward-induced orgasm.

Holy fuck! Who the hell in their right mind would say no to that?!

Bella nodded, pressing her teeth into her lip but Edward was already on it, leaning over her, kissing her on the mouth before tipping her chin up and away slightly, gaining better access to her neck. Bella felt him trailing light kisses along her jaw and then down the side of her throat and up the other side. There were light licks of his tongue and slight bites of his teeth until his mouth reached her shoulder and he kissed her there softly.

His hand trailed up on the far side of her body as his mouth dropped lower on the near side, kissing just below her collarbone, above her breasts and then down between them, as his body scooted down slightly on the bed. Bella felt the spidery touch of his hand on one side, his mouth on the other, enveloping her in wet warmth, as his fingers mimicked the motions of his lips and tongue.

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!

Edward Cullen has a Magic Mouth! And Magic Fingers! Ohmygod!

Bella inhaled deeply, exhaling in little shudders. She tried to snake a hand down between them to touch Edward's probably-magical-as-well erection, but because he had scooted down, it was out of reach, though still pressing impressively into her.

"Is this allright?" Edward's low murmur inquired from somewhere beyond the haze of superbly sexual sensation.

Bella's response was a stifled little two-part moan that sounded far more affirmative than negative to Edward's ears.

Bella had begun writhing slightly and she thought she heard herself moaning more consistently at the crazy Edward Cullen-induced sensations.

Her breathing picked up, little pants of pleasure that told Edward she was beyond pleased with his actions. He finally abandoned her breasts to slide his hand down to her belly…and possibly lower…depending upon her reaction. She moaned helpfully, tilting her hips up slightly against his hand and so he reached farther down, over her thin little boxer shorts, sliding his fingers to a certain spot between her legs. She gasped and he knew he'd found the little target and he began stroking.

He watched her beautiful face. Her eyes were closed, her breathing shallow, and her teeth were pressing into the soft flesh of her lower lip. Edward moved his hand back up to the band of her shorts, sliding his fingertips just beneath the edge and pausing. Bella's eyes flashed open and she looked up at him, her mouth opened in a little 'o' of surprise but then she nodded slightly and her eyes fluttered closed. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, shoving fingers into his hair and pulling his head down to kiss him as he proceeded to slide his hand inside her shorts.

She was warm and wet and whimpering against Edward's lips as he gently touched and pressed and caressed. The ragged little breathy sounds she was making into his mouth intensified and he knew she was nearing the edge, closing in on her own personal explosion. Edward pulled his head back to watch her as she tensed up, her brows knit slightly in concentration. Her mouth dropped open and she cried out as she unraveled in his arms, shaking and quaking and gasping his name repeatedly as she fell over the edge in a sexual swoon…or faded to black…or something along those lines.

It was the most glorious thing Edward had ever seen or heard or done. He wrapped her up in his arms, pulling her against his body.

"Oh, Edward… Oh…my…That was…I can't…gaaaahh…" she breathed shuddery breaths against him, flopping an arm across his body in the best hug she could manage at the moment, and curled into him for safekeeping.

"Shhh…" Edward said with a soft little grin no one saw. "Just relax, Bella."

He lay back, holding his limp little rag doll in his arms, smiling down at her satisfied and tired little body as he smoothed her hair back out of her face and repeatedly stroked gentle fingers down her back. After a few minutes he realized her breathing had slowed, becoming rhythmic and deep.

"Bella?" He rubbed a hand down her back and patted her firm little behind. "Are you awake?" He patted her gently but she didn't move a muscle and there was no response.

He realized he wasn't going to get a response; she was dead to the world.

Edward couldn't help his slightly-dismayed, slightly-amused little chuckle. He had brought this lonesome moment on himself, he figured. And truly, he had wanted the experience to be a pleasurable one for her and apparently it had been a resounding success. He glanced back down at Bella, thinking about the emotional roller coaster her event-filled day had been, wondering if she had even gotten much sleep the previous night, on the eve of starting her career. No wonder she had passed out.

He glanced over at the alarm clock on the table on her side of the bed. It was nearly midnight and she probably had to get up around six in order to leave for work at seven. He slid his arm carefully from beneath her so he could crawl out of bed. He turned off the star lights and straightened out the bedding that had gone missing in action. He pulled the sheet and comforter up over his Sleeping Beauty before climbing back in on his side and gently scooping his passed out little girlfriend back into his arms. She didn't move a muscle though she did mumble his name.

"Sleep well, my love," he murmured, pressing a soft kiss into her silky, fragrant hair. He settled himself into place and closed his eyes with a sigh, wrapped around his Brown-Eyed Bella. And though Edward Cullen had never before been a cuddler…starting tonight that would all change.


Early the next morning, Edward hummed in contentment. He was having a wonderful dream. It was the same dream he'd had before, although he wasn't aware of that as he slept. But as far as Sleeping Edward knew he'd left the dark forest of his past and was now in the midst of a carefree picnic on a sunny, summer day, sharing his plaid blanket with Dream Bella in a large field that smelled of wild strawberries and wildflowers.

Their picnic basket was off to the side, forgotten for the moment. Instead Sleeping Edward was lying on his back on the blanket, focused on Dream Bella as she leaned over him, tracing designs on his chest with her fingernails. Her eyes and lips were smiling down at him beneath the wide brim of a straw sunhat, shading his own smiling face as he contentedly gazed up at her.

Sleeping Edward pulled Dream Bella down to him until her lips met his, kissing her softly at first and then more intensely, cupping her sweet face in his hands. He felt her soft hand against the side of his face, stroking his cheek tenderly, and then tickling along the edge of his slightly scruffy jaw before her hand dropped lower, gliding down his neck and then to his chest. Her hand hesitated there for a moment and then trailed lower, smoothing down over his stomach. Pausing to tickle his navel for a moment, her hand eventually moved even lower, teasing the hairs that disappeared down into his jeans. She settled in at his side, resting her head on his chest and looking up at him, watching him with bright, beautiful, smiling dark eyes.

Sleeping Edward inhaled deeply through his nose, exhaling open-mouthed in surprise in his dream a moment later when he felt Dream Bella's hand pressing against the front of his jeans and then abruptly, not through his jeans, but on his bare skin—his jeans and underwear having miraculously disappeared, as things sometimes do in dreams. The sensation in the pit of Sleeping Edward's stomach began to build.

Sleeping Edward began slowly moving in opposition to Dream Bella's motions. The sensation was breathtaking—literally. And as he sucked in a deep breath on the downstroke, exhaling a moment later as the sensation built further on the upstroke, Sleeping Edward groaned.

He groaned loudly enough to awaken Actual Edward.

But the sensation of the dream didn't stop upon awakening. If anything it just seemed to intensify. As if Dream Bella were there with him in reality, doing what she had been doing to him.

Edward's eyes flashed open and he realized he did, in fact, have his arm around Real Bella. He was lying in her bed, in her room, holding her slender naked body against his, her head resting on his chest, and she was…

Holy fuck! She isn't…? Oh…fu-u-u-uck! He sighed mindlessly on the sudden downstroke. Oh God…SHE IS! Christ Al-m-m-mighty! He shivered, tipping his head up to look and see that—yes indeed—that was her hand and he was not going to last for very...

Oh, Jee-e-e-e-sus! His eyes rolled back into his head a little that time. "B-Bel-lahhhh…" he stuttered as his eyes fluttered closed.

Bella stilled. Edward's heart pounded in anticipation.

"Do you want me to stop?" Bella's soft voice asked hesitantly.

Edward's eyes flashed back open, shooting down to see the uncertain expression on her face, tilted up to his. He blinked at her in shock.

What!? Is she kidding!? Who in his right mind would want this to stop?

"Uh…no?" Edward replied.

"Am I doing this wrong?" she asked quietly; uncertainly.

Edward's mouth dropped open.

What?! How can she possibly think she's doing this wrong?!

"N-no!" Edward finally sputtered heavily. "No!'s...incredible."

"Really?" she beamed up at him excitedly. It was obvious at that point that Edward had really and truly been enjoying her efforts to please him and she was glad she'd dared to try. She scooted up to him with a cheeky little smile.

Edward's brows knit. "Well…yes! Good Lord…that was so…" Oh-h-h-h God. "I mean that…is… so amazing! You just…surprised…are surprising…the heck out of me…" Oh fuuck! "…and I just didn't expect…to wake up to you…touching me like..." Shiiiiiiit! "…This. And I didn't expect to be able to watch…" Oh God! Oh God! "Bella!" Edward suddenly blurted quite forcefully.

He clasped her face between his large hands, thumbs stroking over her cheeks before he curled up toward her and kissed her hard, crushing his mouth to hers. He groaned into her mouth in pleasure. And though he generally had good stamina, he could already feel that little quiver building.

Waking up to just normal morning wood would have been one thing, but after being aroused last night, and then trying to sleep next to an enticingly nearly-naked Bella Swan, followed by that recurring sensual dream this morning, and then waking to discover she really was touching him and he really could watch her…and he had watched her…

That was enough to send a speeding orgasm bomb hurtling straight for Edward Cullen.

Oh fffffffuuuuuuuuuckk!

It was a direct hit, right on target, and Edward exploded, as he growled out Bella's name.

Edward lay back against the pillow a short while later, spent and shaky and shivery as he wrapped his arm around Bella, tightening his hold on her, clutching her against him, unwilling to let go of her. When he tipped his head down to see her, Bella was looking right back up at him with bright shining eyes and a rather confident little smile. He grinned at her, kissing her forehead before he spoke.

"I want you to know I have no complaints, whatsoever…nothing but good things to say about that…but that…was completely unexpected." He closed his eyes and sighed, listening to Bella's soft laugh.

She cleared her throat. "Well, I felt really bad that I fell asleep on you last night and I wanted to make it up to you," she admitted shyly, lifting her head to smile and blush up at him. "So I thought I'd give it a shot. Besides, you've been…um…poking me, shall we say? For quite a while now…trying to get my attention, I assumed."

Edward chuckled and smiled crookedly. And then a little laugh burst from his lips. "What a wake-up call. You shocked the hell out of me! I thought I was dreaming. I actually was dreaming…and then I woke up…and it was real." He sighed contentedly. "Holy hell, Bella."

Bella giggled. "You were dreaming about that?"

Edward smiled, his eyes still closed as he answered. "I was dreaming about you, Bella. And then you were doing…that." He jiggled her body for emphasis and she giggled. "And then I woke up. And you were doing that!" He jiggled her once again and looked down at her, chuckling right along with her laugh before closing his eyes once more.

Bella had never seen anything sexier than a smiling and spent, still-sleepy Edward Cullen.

"Thank you for asking me to stay, Bella," he said in a low voice after a moment. "And for wanting me to stay." He paused before adding, "And for wanting me."

The weight of his words stilled her for a moment before she moved up over him, wrapping her arms around him tightly, threading her fingers through his crazy morning-hair and holding him close. She looked into his eyes and spoke with conviction.

"It's very easy to want you, Edward; I don't think I could help it if I tried."

Edward's dark eyes flickered from her eyes down to her mouth and back. He didn't say a word, but he pulled her closer and kissed her soundly.

It was at that moment that it really dawned on Bella, that despite his past, no woman had actually ever loved Edward before. Well, she decided, she would be the one to set the bar…and she would make sure she set it so high that no one had a chance of competing.

Edward pulled back and looked at the clock before looking back at her wistfully. "I should get going and let you get ready for work."

Bella glanced at the clock and sighed. "Yeah, the alarm's going to go off shortly and I need to hop in the shower. It probably wouldn't do for me to roll in to work late on my second day on the job."

Edward grinned lazily. "I'd write you a pass for being tardy, but I'm neither parent nor teacher. And I'm not so sure 'early morning dalliance with your beau' is a valid excuse for tardiness anyway."

Bella burst into laughter. "Dalliance with my beau? Seriously, Edward? What century are you from?"

Edward chuckled. "I guess my brain isn't fully functioning yet. Go ahead and laugh, but this is your fault for waking me up the way you did." He gave her a sexy smile as he sat up, scooting over to the edge of the bed, leaving her tucked beneath the bedding.

Bella smiled and blushed, watching the long, lean expanse of his perfect body, from narrow waist to broad shoulders as he stood. Walking to the foot of the bed and picking up his jeans, he turned back to Bella, still lying in bed. His hair was a delicious mess—true bed head, from her very own bed.

"You're just going to lie there and watch me, aren't you?" he asked with bright green, amused eyes and a crooked grin as he stepped into his jeans and began pulling them up his legs.

"I am, indeed. I'm admiring the show—kind of like dinner and a show last night, but without the dinner and with a little more nudity," Bella replied with a blush and a giggle.

Edward seemed to pink up ever so slightly, rolling his eyes and shaking his head as he grinned at her response.

"So when do I get to see your show?" Edward asked.

Bella smirked and shrugged, remaining where she was, concealed beneath the blankets. She admired the muscular definition of Edward's chest and abs and the top of the V that disappeared down into his boxers as he pulled his jeans into place. He made minor adjustments and finally buttoned up as she watched.

He's a freaking Adonis in Levi's! And he's MY freaking Adonis in Levi's!

Edward retrieved his shirt and pulled it on over his head and then slipped into his sandals. He strode back over to Bella's side of the bed, planting a hand on either side of her blanket-covered torso. He bent over her, smiling down at her with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

"Well, my love, I'll just have to catch your show when you least expect it," he said with a grin, just before his lips pressed to Bella's suddenly-gaping mouth.

Bella couldn't even ponder what he might mean because she was so focused on those other words he'd just uttered. So she was completely unprepared when he stood, abruptly flinging sheets and blankets back off the bed grandly, baring her body for his own personal ogling.

"Edward!" she shrieked, wrapping her arms over her breasts and drawing her legs up in one quick movement.

Edward grinned down at her with dancing brows, the tip of his pink tongue just visible between his teeth. "Now…that…is one fine show, Isabella Swan."

"Edward!" Bella yelped a second time, giggling as her arm shot out, grabbing the pillow next to hers, and flinging it at him. He caught the pillow, laughing, and tossed it back into place before he stooped to grab up the blankets, tossing them back into place over her as well.

He returned to her side of the bed, grinning cockily as he bent down, cupping her pink little face between his hands as he kissed her, first on the mouth and then on the tip of the nose.

"You're so lovely I can hardly bear it," he confessed with a smile.

"You seemed to have no problem whatsoever in baring it!" pink-faced Bella pointed out.

Edward laughed happily as he stood. "This is true," he agreed. His eyes softened. "I'll call you later, okay?"

Bella nodded, smiling up at him. "Okay. Have a good day at work, Edward."

"You too, Bella." He gave her a little wink and a wave before hustling down the stairs and out the door, locking up as he left, grinning like a fool as he headed home.


Bella took a quick shower, smiling to herself the whole time. Yesterday had turned out well. Last night had turned out even better. She'd had a rather surprising night and Edward had had a rather surprising morning. She had to admit she was feeling just a little bit pleased with herself, making Edward Cullen fall apart like she had—like he'd done to her the night before.

Her smile continued as she dried her hair and dressed and then skipped happily down to the kitchen. As she poured her coffee, grabbed a quick breakfast bar for the road and her pre-packed lunch, she was still smiling. As she snagged up her purse and her tote and headed out the door, the smile was still in place. Opening the garage door and climbing into her truck, Bella looked into the rear-view mirror as she started the engine. Seeing the home across the way, the residence of her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, Bella smiled just a little bit wider.

But the minute her truck emitted a forceful KER-POW and a fierce KA-BLAM, shuddering and shivering to a standstill as the engine died, and a split-second later as some large-sounding metal thingamajig from beneath the truck clanged to the floor of the garage, Bella screeched and her smile fled.

Something like that could definitely steal one's Edward Cullen extended-foreplay-smile right off one's face.

CRAP! Now what?

A/N: Hoping it was the right combination of sexy, awkward, humorous, and sweet, allowing these characters to remain true to who they've become, while keeping things sort of logical and a little magical.