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A/N: After that backyard picnic and embarrassing momversation...

Chapter 61: Approaching The Obvious

Bella's alarm went off on Friday morning and was met with an equally alarming groan, as Bella grabbed her pillow and pulled it over her head.

At the competing irritating and irritated sounds, Edward's eyes blinked open. He frowned, focusing on the confusing image of Bella's lovely yet headless body lying next to him. He realized the first sound was coming from her alarm and the second, muffled-yet-also-alarming sound was coming from her mouth, buried beneath her pillow.

He leaned over, stretching his arm across her warm, headless body, and shut off the alarm on her bedside table. The sound from beneath the pillow continued until he shoved the pillow aside, swept a tangle of hair from her face, and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"I guess that means it's time to get up," Edward said softly, trailing his hand down the smooth skin of her naked back to the slope of her behind.

Bella's groan began afresh. "Nooohhhhhhh. Nooohhhhhhh." One bleary brown eye blinked open, squinted, and closed again. "I feel like hammered dog poo-poo," she moaned into the mattress.

Edward chuckled softly and gave her rump a little squeeze. "No you don't. I think you feel lovely."

The corner of Bella's mouth curled up into a sleepy grin.

She angled her head toward him, opening both blinking, squinty eyes. "Oh, my head… Ughh."

Edward reached up to massage her head. "My poor Bella," his voice soothed. "I should have paid better attention to how much you had to drink last night. Do you have any ibuprofen?"

She nodded, grimacing at the motion. "Downstairs. In the cupboard above the coffeemaker," she mumbled, gingerly sitting up and pressing her fingertips to her throbbing temples.

"I'll get them. I could use a couple myself. Why don't you start your shower? It'll help wake you up and you'll feel a bit more human."

Bella nodded once again as Edward climbed off the bed, scanning the clothing strewn about the floor until he located his boxers. He pulled them on and headed downstairs, his thoughts turning to the previous, post-picnic evening.


Once Bella had asked Edward to stay, they'd made fairly quick work of cleaning up the picnic. But as they headed into the house, Edward thought Bella seemed quieter than usual. And even though she was somewhat loopy from the two bottles of wine they'd consumed, it was a subdued loopy rather than a giggly one.

Edward felt her dark and somber eyes on him as she packed away the leftovers, while he turned off the star lights, folded the picnic blanket, and locked up.

He began worrying that he should have kept his once-upon-a-crush tale to himself.

Of course Alice knew about the whole disaster that night of prom. And when his parents had inquired about his evening, that evening, he'd reluctantly related it to them as well. And of course most of his graduating class had passed the story along in the days and weeks that followed, culminating in the once-again-embarrassing events of graduation. But since that awful end of his senior year, Edward had never shared that mortifying story with another living soul. Until now.

His eyes drifted to Bella's face, where a deep pucker had formed between her frowning brows.

"Are you okay?" he softly asked.

She'd looked up at him in surprise, her mind elsewhere, but she'd nodded, murmuring a soft, and not-very-convincing, "yeah." But moments later, as they began climbing the stairs to her bedroom, she'd stopped abruptly and turned to face him. They stood eye to eye, a step apart, as her arms went around his shoulders, her hands sliding to his neck and into his hair. She pulled him forward, his mouth to hers, and kissed him fiercely, passionately, and slightly drunkenly.

"What was that for?" Edward asked in a low voice, once she finally pulled back to rest her forehead against his, fingertips stroking the nape of his neck.

Bella huffed, her breath tickling Edward's lips. "How could she have done that to you?! I'm SO pissed off at that fucking girl! You did nothing to deserve that!"

Edward's eyes widened. Bella had dropped little breathless f-bombs the other evening in the shower, but they had all been sexually induced. He'd never heard Bella drop the f-bomb in conversation. Enfolding her more tightly in his arms, his smiling lips grazed her lips and cheek and jaw and came to rest on her neck, kissing his way to her ear.

"It happened years ago, Bella," he murmured. "Don't let Lauren Mallory ruin this evening, too, okay?" He pulled away, cocking his head to the side until she nodded grudgingly, reaching up to brush his jaw with her knuckles.

"Sorry," she said, focusing on his beautiful green eyes. "But that evil girl had no idea what she was missing out on," she said softly, leaning in to kiss him again. "You're perfect, and I think I'm very lucky for knowing that," she murmured, clutching his hand tightly in hers and turning to proceed up the stairs.

But she stopped and turned again, just below the topmost step. Again they stood face to face, her arms encircling his neck as his hands moved to her waist. Edward's lips curled into an expectant smile, wondering what she had to say now.

"I…um…I had a surprise planned…sort of…for tomorrow. But I want to tell you about it now," she said.

"Oh yeah? What?" Edward's smile broadened, his curiosity piqued. He reached up and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"I can't go with you to the game," Bella said, her dark eyes focusing on his as she shook her head.

Edward's mouth dropped open. He tried to figure out how that would, in any way, shape or form, be a surprise. Unless it was supposed to be a disappointing surprise. Which it was.

"I don't understand…I thought we were going to the kickoff cookout and then…"

"I mean I can't go with you…" Bella clarified. "I'll have to meet you there. At the school."

"Oh." Edward felt relieved. But then he frowned. "I don't understand. Is that the surprise? It's not a very good one."

Bella snorted a loopy little laugh. "I'm not explaining very well. I mean I can't come back here to meet you before the kickoff barbecue at the school. I have a…um…doctor's appointment…late in the afternoon." She looked at him pointedly…if not a little blearily.

"Why? What's wrong?" Edward was suddenly anxious. If Bella was having health issues this was an even shittier surprise than he'd thought.

Bella giggled at the look of concern on his face. He just didn't get it. She blushed slightly, her eyes sparkling, as she leaned close, her lips brushing his ear, tickling him as she whispered. "It's an appointment to select…birth control…for me…for us." She leaned back and looked at him, her eyes shining brightly as she smiled confidently, conspiratorially, and…contraceptively.

Edward's breath left him in a soft exhale. He began to smile and then stopped himself. "Are you sure?" he asked, his eyes searching hers.

"Am I sure…I have an appointment? Yes!" She giggled at her witty little loopy self. But then her expression became sober, even if she herself was not. Her voice was gentle and reassuring and sincere as she continued, gazing steadily at him. "Am I sure of you? Yes, Edward. Am I sure I want to make love with you? Yes. I am. I want you. I was hoping maybe tomorrow night…or this weekend...we could...?"

She made a happy little humming noise as Edward's hands cupped her face, his lips silencing her as he kissed her tenderly. But the kiss quickly became quite scorching because her surprise…and her words…touched Edward more than he coukd have imagined. She'd reached this decision because of him…because she wanted to make love with him.

"I want you, too," he murmured against her lips. "I just…want you to be completely certain you're ready."

She smiled, her dark eyes sparkling. "I am."

Edward held her tightly, closing his eyes as he leaned his forehead to hers. He felt so incredibly happy. And lucky. And then he sighed reluctantly at the other part of the conversation they needed to have; the part he wasn't particularly proud of; the part she must surely be concerned about. He pulled his head back to look at her.

"Bella…I don't want you to worry that I…" He hesitated, licking his lips, his mouth suddenly dry. Having to tell this sweet, innocent girl he was 'clean' was still going to make him feel dirty. He swallowed hard and got on with it, though he couldn't quite meet her eyes. "I've always taken precautions, Bella; I've never…not been careful. And I was just…tested again. I'm...clean." His eyes finally rose uncertainly to meet hers. "I have the lab results…if you…"

Bella smiled reassuringly and shook her head. "I don't need them. I trust you, Edward."

And with that, she pulled him decisively up the last step and into her bedroom, stumbling only slightly as she did so.


Edward found the ibuprofen in the kitchen that next morning, shook a few pills into his palm, and grabbed two water bottles from the fridge. As he headed back upstairs he heard the water running in the master bath.

The door was slightly ajar. Carefully he pushed it open and saw his beautiful, naked girlfriend through the glass of the shower enclosure, her face tipped up to the spray, her eyes closed. He opened the shower door and Bella turned her head, opening her pretty, though still-slightly-groggy, brown eyes to look at him.

"Here you go, love," he said, holding the pills out and then placing two of them into her mouth.

"'Oh, 'hank 'ou, Ewar'," she mumbled around the pills as he handed her the water.

"Of course." He smiled and tossed two pills into his own mouth, chasing them down with his own water. He watched as she drank thirstily, his eyes on her throat as she swallowed and then his gaze dropped to her perfectly lovely naked body as the shower water sluiced down her now-familiar dips and curves. She might have felt terrible but she was still wonderful to look at.

Bella handed Edward her near-empty water bottle. "Do you want to join me?" she asked.


Of course he wanted to join her. He wanted to join with her. Intimately. Gently. Tenderly. Roughly. Passionately. Repeatedly and exhaustively. He had visions of doing just that this entire weekend. He wanted to grope and grasp her the way he'd groped and grasped her the previous night. He wanted his mouth and lips and tongue on her most intimate parts, tasting and teasing her, tipping her over that pinnacle of pleasure just as he'd done last night.

Just as she'd done to him last night.

His darkening eyes zeroed in on her mouth.

Those lips…

That tongue…

The memory of the experience sent a shiver down his spine and he was suddenly at full mast, his boxers at full sail, and he was fighting the desire to launch himself at her.

Unfortunately she was feeling sub-par, moving somewhat slowly, and had to get ready for work. And so his eyes could only linger longingly on the wonders of Bella Swan's mouth.

And that really sucked.

Oh…Christ, did it ever! Holy ffuuuuckkk…

You know you're just making this…harder…on yourself, don't you?

Harder. So clever. But you're right. She's just so tempting…

Step away from the hot, wet, naked girlfriend, Cullen.

Edward sighed and shook his head reluctantly, dragging his eyes away from her mouth and back up to her eyes. "Thanks, but I'd better not join you, Bella. I'd just lose all control and make you late for work."

Bella was a little slow to grasp his meaning but then her eyes were drawn to the blatant bulging of his boxer briefs. "Oh!" she blurted in wide-eyed understanding. "Oh!" she repeated, as her wide eyes shot back up to his in embarrassment. Her face pinked right up—not from the heat of the shower, but from the heat Edward was packing in that package of his, and from the sudden look of cocky amusement in his dark and lusty eyes.

He smirked…also cockily. And crookedly. "Yes, Bella—'Oh!'" He gave her a salacious wink. "I'll just shower at my place later. And I'll see you downstairs when you're done." He shut the glass shower door with a low chuckle and he and the contents of his bulging black boxer briefs strolled out of the bathroom…all cocky-like.

Bella washed and shampooed and conditioned on autopilot, her heated thoughts on her perfectly wonderful, perfectly sexy boyfriend and the wonders of his mouth and fingers and hands and those blatant, boxer-bulges of his.


She'd practically attacked him the moment they'd arrived in her room last evening, divesting him of his clothes and flinging them to the floor. He'd practically clawed her clothes off as well. But then she'd backed him toward the foot of the bed, pushing him down to sit, before he could peel off her panties and bra. She'd moved to the window then, feeling his eyes on her as she plugged in the big paper star lights, and the bedroom was suddenly awash in their glow.

Bella wasn't sure where her sudden confidence had come from last night. It was probably a combination of her empowering new underwear, the bravery-boost of a near-liter of wine and Cointreau-soaked strawberries, as well as the subdued star-light, and the dark look of lustful longing in Edward's eyes as she returned to him. She'd urged him farther up onto the bed and he'd reclined, watching her with a heated gaze as she crawled up the length of him, to sit squarely over…er…the length of him…slowly grinding herself against his gloriousness.

She'd reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, looking down at his face, so unbelievably beautiful and seemingly enthralled with her every move—his eyes dark, lips parted, and mouth slack. The muscles of his arms flexed as he coaxed her movement over him, his sculpted chest rising and falling with every breath, his hips bucking to meet hers. The friction was delicious. And the sounds were electrifying—the hissed inhales and stuttered exhales, the softly uttered groans and moans—his sounds of pleasure blending into hers as mouths met and hands touched, and cupped, and grasped, and groped.

Bella leaned down over Edward, kissing him thoroughly, until ever so slowly, she began kissing and licking and sucking her way down his chin and his neck and his collarbones and chest. And just as she scooted off the length of him…to scoot down the length of him…Edward tensed; his long fingers and strong hands holding her in place.

"Bella?" His breathing was erratic as his head tipped up to gaze at her. "What are you doing? Where are you going?"

She'd paused, and then finally murmured softly, "I just want to try…one thing."

She saw his nostrils flare. And heard him swallow. And though his breathing had quieted, she could see the rise and fall of his chest. Her mouth reconnected with his body, inching its way down from pectorals to abdominals.

But his hands stopped her progress once again.

"Bella…" his voice rasped, "I don't want you to think you have to…"

"I know I don't have to…I want to," she said, looking up at him before dropping her head back down to kiss him softly in the tickly trail of hair that led down to his belly button and the Great Bulging Beyond.

She probably shouldn't have elaborated. She should have left her comments at that. But excessive alcohol consumption had led her to suffer from verbal diarrhea, and so she'd lifted her head to add, "I…um…tried it today; I…practiced."

"What?!" Edward sputtered. In the blink of an eye he was sitting bolt upright, pulling Bella upright, and staring at her in shock. "You practiced? With whom?!"

Bella blinked in confusion. He looked absolutely appalled—and he seemed jealous, of all things. Realizing what he'd assumed, she burst into laughter. And then, because she just didn't know when to shut the hell up and withhold embarrassing information about herself, she over-explained.

"Oh my god, I didn't practice on some guy, Edward! I practiced on a piece of fruit! I was about to have a banana this afternoon on the patio and it made me think of you and… Holy crap…" She paused and blinked at him in surprise. "Did I just say that out loud?"

The look on Edward's face had morphed from one of indignation, to relief, to incredulity…and then he'd burst into guffaws. He'd tried so hard to hold it in, biting down on his lower lip. That might have been met with success if Bella hadn't wondered aloud if she'd compared his cock to a banana out loud. And obviously she had, because Edward had fallen back onto the bed in sudden helpless hysterics.

"Edward!" Bella snapped, though she'd already begun giggling at his gleeful reaction to her idiocy. "Edward, give me a break!" she sputtered, giving his perfect pectorals a little slap. She rolled her eyes as she kneeled over his near-perfect, convulsing body. And unfortunately she didn't think for a single second about the next horrifically embarrassing words to fly from her mouth.

"I practiced because I didn't want to suck!"

Of course the moment that conflicting exclamation was out of her mouth she'd blushed profusely. Edward paused in his previous laughter, his eyebrows shooting nearly to his hairline at the incongruity of her words, and then he'd burst into even greater guffaws. Bella sank down, hiding her face against his chest as he enfolded his priceless little girlfriend in his arms, laughing his head off yet again at the unpredictable and unexpected words that sprang from her mouth.

She's a chip off the old Renee Dwyer!

"Oh hell," she groaned against his sternum. "Just. Shut. Up. You big jerk."

A fresh round of laughter burst from his lips. "I'm not saying anything!" he protested. "I didn't say a word! Your reasoning just seems a little…paradoxical, love." He chuckled as he tipped his head down to kiss the top of her head.

"Go right ahead, Edward. Keep it up," she huffed. "See if you get the benefit of my banana skills and online research."

His laughter continued. But then it halted abruptly. "Wait…online research? Do you mean… porn?!"

"No! I just Googled helpful How-To's while I was baking the cookies! You can Google anything!"


And with that bit of conversation fresh in mind, Bella exited the shower, draped in two towels and a scowl, peering at her reflection in the mirror.

Seriously, Isabella Marie… What does that man see in you? You're fucking absurd!

A moment later, however, a small smile curled at the corner of her lips as she began combing through the tangles in her damp hair.

Well, it was funny. And you were drunk. And he sure does seem to appreciate the absurd. He actually usec the words 'adorable, priceless, and cute.'

This is true.

He also used the words 'Ohhh, Jeee-susssss,' 'Bella-ahhh,' ''ve got to stop, love,' and 'Bella! Stop! I won't be able to… Ohhhh God! OhGodI'mcoming!

Yep. And then there was that series of garbled grunts when he got all still and then twitchy and exploded and might have possibly blacked out for a moment afterward.

Bella smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

I think Edward really liked my banana skills. And my online research.

It felt so good to be able to make him feel that good!

And it felt sooooo stunningly good when he reciprocated!

Yes! Goodness, he's good!

Amen to that, Isabella Marie! What a freakishly magical mouth that man has! Holy fuck! I saw STARS! An entire Cullen Constellation!

There is definitely something to be said for cullenlingus.

Bella needed a distraction. She reached for her blow-dryer and began drying her hair. She really didn't have time for a second shower—a cold shower to douse her heated thoughts of her hot boyfriend.


When Edward had sauntered out of the bathroom, leaving Bella to her shower, he couldn't help smirking at her reaction to his erection, and he chuckled to himself at her wide-eyes. But seriously, what did she expect? Of course his mind was going to be on last night. And the coming events…of the coming evenings…of the coming weekend. And coming in general. And for that very reason he found himself in her room now, looking at her bed, immobile and imagining, watching Bellavision re-runs from the previous evening in his head.

The minute he'd realized her intentions last night, he'd been excited, of course, but he was certain she hadn't done that sort of thing to a man before. He'd expected her to be hesitant; her actions tentative.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

Apparently there was a lot that could be learned from bananas and online research.

Fuck. Almighty.

She'd surprised him yet again, going after his groin with gusto. Her unexpected banana skills had been nothing short of amazing.

His previous experiences couldn't compare. They might have been fine, physically, but they'd been empty, emotionally. He couldn't believe the vast difference this kind of connection made. This had been more and had meant more because she was more. He felt it within himself and in her actions. She was everything. It was all he could do to not drag her back up to his chest afterward, hold her against his hammering heart, and tell her he loved her more than he'd ever imagined humanly possible.

But you weren't supposed to do that. Not according to things he'd read. Not after a girl had given you head. And even if you were one hundred percent certain that girl was destined to be the absolute love of your life, it probably still wasn't very good timing. It would seem as if those three little words had merely been orgasm-induced, or an indication of nothing more than gratitude for the act itself. He didn't want her to think that for a moment. And so he'd bitten those three little words back, keeping them safe within the confines of his heart and mind for a more appropriate moment. One that seemed to be just around the corner now.

Late last night, holding his lovely, softly-snoring, spent and sleeping girl against the warmth of his body, Edward made a silent promise to himself and to her. Before he made love to her tomorrow night, he would tell her he was in love with her. Irrevocably. And then he would show her through his actions just how much, and tell her as often as possible after that.

Edward heard the shower shut off and realized he'd been standing in her bedroom the entire time, processing the past evening, the night ahead, and the words he would finally speak this very evening. He nodded decisively to himself, and with that, dressed, made the bed, and gathered Bella's clothing up from the floor. He paused to inhale the intoxicating fragrance of her on the pretty, lacey, dark blue lingerie she'd worn. And then he rolled his eyes at his probable perversion…and his renewed pants-problem…and headed downstairs as the blow-dryer turned on in the bathroom.


Standing in the kitchen a short while later, Edward heard light footsteps padding down the stairs at nearly the same moment he heard Bella's voice.

"Do I smell bacon? Yum! You made breakfast again?!"

Edward chuckled. "It sure sounds like someone is feeling better." He looked over his shoulder from his spot by the stove.

Bella was smiling, her eyes were bright, and she had a fresh and rosy glow. She was dressed casually for work today, wearing dark jeans and a bright red polo shirt with gold embroidery, declaring her a member of the Fawkes High School faculty. Her hair was up in a ponytail, making her look more youthful and Edward's gaze instantly softened. She reminded him so much of that little teenager in the photos—the one he'd bumped into all those years ago in a movie theater.

"I do feel better," Bella admitted. "Those pills kicked in and the shower helped. I honestly didn't think I was hungry though, until I smelled bacon." She rubbed and scratched his back lightly, as he turned back to the stove.

"A lot of people swear by a greasy breakfast for a hangover," he told her. "I'm not so sure there's really anything to that, but it's worth a try. I saw the bacon in the fridge, so I made bacon and egg sandwiches on toasted squaw bread."

"It looks great," Bella said, stepping aside to pour coffee into her commuter mug and add a little more to Edward's half-full cup sitting nearby. "You know, you don't have to cook, Edward. I can always just grab a granola bar or a piece of fruit for the road."

He shrugged. "I like making you a proper breakfast. And I have the time. You're the one who has to be at work at the ungodly hour of seven thirty. Some of us don't have to stroll in until nine."

"Some of us are kind of rude for pointing that out," Bella grinned as she added creamer to both coffees.

"Which is precisely why some of us like to make breakfast to soften that blow." He grinned as he set the plates on the breakfast bar and followed Bella around to the barstools.

"Well, I'll make us breakfast this weekend," Bella promised, smiling at him.

"And I'll happily hold you to that," Edward replied, sitting down so her barstool was positioned more or less between his long, spread legs.

"Mmm-mmm," she hummed in appreciation at the first bite, sliding her free hand under his, where it rested on his thigh.

Edward chuckled around his mouthful and squeezed her hand in his. "Mmm-hmm."

They ate quietly for a few moments before Edward spoke up again. "So, do you have any big plans for the weekend?"

Bella nearly choked on her bite of sandwich, but she managed to swallow it down, coughing only slightly. She quirked a single brow above her dark chocolate eyes, bit her lip, and blushed.

Edward growled low in his throat, moving his hand away from hers. Looping his arm around her back, he pulled her close. His lips pressed into the tender skin of her neck and his low voice was filled with desire as he spoke.

"I meant other than the obvious, love."

He kissed her again as Bella's hand reached up to caress his slightly scruffy jaw. She pulled her flushed face away to look at his dark, sparkling eyes, and her lips curled up into a smile. It seemed they both had the obvious on their minds.

"Well, other than…the obvious…I need to start shopping for a car this weekend."

"So, you're sure you want to sell your truck?" Edward asked before biting into his sandwich once again.

Bella sighed. "I don't think I have a choice. I didn't figure I'd have to buy something so soon, but for the money and time it would take to fix my truck, and for the money the rental would cost, it's probably smarter to try to sell my truck to a collector, who will really take the time to fix it up right. I can take whatever money I get and put it toward a down payment on a car and then spread the payments out over the next however many years."

"Are you going to buy a new car?" Edward asked.

"No. I'll find a used one. Something cheap." Bella took another bite out of her sandwich.

Edward nodded, unsure he liked the idea of her driving something cheap. 'Cheap' went hand in hand with 'old' and possibly 'unreliable', which added up to 'unsafe' in his mind. She'd already been driving 'unsafe' and it had practically exploded in her garage.

Bella was watching him, wondering why he had that frown on his face. It was obvious he had an opinion about this and so she thought to involve him.

"I haven't had the chance yet, but I can look at the used car ads in the newspaper on Saturday morning to see what's out there. Would you want to go with me? You know, to check out some cars?"

"Sure. I've got nothing going on…other than...the obvious." He gave her a smile. And though his words might have seemed cavalier, his eyes told her the obvious meant just as much to him as it did to her.

"So, I guess you can tell your mechanic… Was it Alec?" Edward nodded. "Tell Alec I'll sell if he can find an enthusiast who wants to restore a classic, but run-down 1953 Chevy. It would be nice to know someone wants to fix it up right and I'd feel better about selling it."

Edward smiled again. "Okay, I'll let him know."

They finished breakfast, quickly cleaned up, and then Bella gathered her things for work.

"I'm curious about one thing," Edward said as they walked outside to where the rental was parked on the driveway. "I've been wondering… Your friend, Jake… He's a mechanic, right?" Bella nodded. "Didn't he work on your truck?"

Bella paused next to the big, blue Ford. "Yes."

"Well, why didn't he do a better job of fixing it up?" he asked, his brow furrowing in irritation.

Bella blinked in surprise. "Edward, Jake did an amazing job repairing that truck! He got that old thing running and kept it running at minimal cost for the past six years. Believe me, Jake would have loved to 'pimp my ride,' just like in those old car restoration shows on TV—he used to love those, by the way. But he couldn't do more than he did."

Edward seemed confused and not at all satisfied with that answer. "I don't understand. Why not? Didn't he know how?"

"No...he did. It's just..." Bella shrugged and blushed, seemingly uncomfortable all of a sudden. She exhaled a little huff. "With the cost of me living in Seattle and attending U-Dub for five years to get my degrees and teaching credential, my dad and I didn't really have the money for...extras. So Jake only fixed what was absolutely necessary as it became necessary. And he did it as cheaply as possible."

"Oh," Edward said, nodding and feeling foolish. His hand traveled up to his hair for a quick grope. "I'm sorry, Bella. I…didn't mean to pry."

She shrugged and smiled. "It's okay. I can see why you would wonder." Her smile broadened. "I'd better get going, Edward. I have to be at work at the ungodly hour of seven thirty, you know."

Edward chuckled, opening the driver's side door and moving closer to give her a hug and kiss goodbye. "I'll see you later. What time is your doctor's appointment?" he asked, tipping her chin up, to look at her.

Bella blushed. "Four fifteen; I should be back at Fawkes by five thirty or so."

Edward nodded. "I'll be thinking of you…a lot."

"I'll be thinking of you too, um...obviously," Bella replied with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Edward chuckled at the innuendo as she climbed into the truck. Leaning inside, he kissed her once more before closing the door. With a wave, he headed across the street with a happy heart and a satisfied smile.

Bella started the truck and then paused to dig her phone out of her purse. She scrolled through her music until she found a song she'd been listening to the previous afternoon while preparing their picnic.

It was an upbeat version of a Lana Del Rey song, Lucky Ones. As she plugged her phone into the truck stereo jack, she wondered if Edward knew the song. She turned up the volume and then backed the truck out of her driveway, pausing in the middle of the cul-de-sac to exchange another wave with her handsome boyfriend. Edward stood on his own driveway, watching her with his smiling green eyes and his wonderfully crooked grin.

As Bella drove up Stardust Lane, she sang along to the chorus. It was her favorite part. It was all about stars aligning and wondering if kismet played a part in meeting the right special someone.

She was certainly thanking her lucky stars that she had met Edward Cullen.

A/N: Listen to Lana Del Rey's Lucky Ones—the heavy bass version, if you can find it. Bella was able to. ;)