Part Three

'How's Sam?' Dean asked. Gabriel paused while dressing up.

'He hates me with the fire of thousand suns' he said.

'This is not even your fault, man.'

'I don't think he actually believed that or anything else I told him.'

'Guess that was expected' Dean said. He knew that if some angel would've shown up wearing Sam as his vessel he would've been beyond angry himself and would not have been ready to believe that his little brother agreed to it. 'He will calm down once you stop crashing here.'

Gabriel chuckled again as he tied up his boots.

'What?' Dean asked.

'You're talking about this like I asked to sleep on your couch' Dean would've shrugged if he could've.

'Hey, I'm not saying I would've volunteered for this, but we got into a situation and I'm dealing with it. Hell, after everything you did to make this easy on me it's a comfortable luxury ride at this point.' Which was true enough, but he could also appreciate this comfortable companionship they had going now. He would've expected to be a lot more agitated having to deal with Gabriel for this long, instead he was feeling rather good, no it was more. He felt calm, safe and peaceful. It was a strange feeling, but it was better than he felt in a long time.

'It's my grace' Gabriel spoke.

'I should freak out that I don't freak out anymore about you hearing every single thought of mine' Dean reacted, and really he should've been a lot more annoyed, but he knew there was no helping it as long as they shared his body and mind. Gabriel huffed out a laugh. 'So what's your grace?'

'What you feel, it's because my grace surrounds you' the archangel told him.

'Why didn't I feel it since day one?' Dean asked in confusion.

'I kept myself in distance from you as much as I could. Figured it would be best, since y'know... it's rather... intimate to surround you with my grace like that, but then after the third time you started hurting because of my power I though; screw privacy, keeping you unharmed gets priority. So all that you... sense, that's how your soul reacts to m... my grace I suppose...' he trailed off after that, falling silent.

Dean wanted to ask how this effected Gabriel, but he already felt like a big girl for wanting to know it in the first place.

'It's... fucking terrifying' the angel spoke, knowing what Dean wanted to ask without him having to form his questions into coherent thoughts. 'I cut myself off from Heaven, it's been centuries since I had to be this close to anyone, to sense their presence constantly and knowing that they are aware of me in return... I'm just not used to it anymore... but I guess we're on even ground this way at least.'

Now knowing what it was Dean let himself... feel the warmth surrounding him from all around, this sense of protection. He couldn't reach out towards it or didn't think he could even if he was curious... and he totally hated talking about shit like this, but he was grateful the angel threw his hang-ups in the wind to do this, since he obviously didn't have to.

'I can already feel that' Gabriel said and there was a return sense of gratitude that reached Dean. It was most definitely the strangest, most unnatural thing he ever did in his life while he tried to convince himself that it was not some metaphysical touchy-feely girly crap, but he gave up on that pretty soon.

'Oh well, I guess we can always deny till all eternity that we had a freakin' moment' he grumbled.

'Deal' Gabriel chuckled.


Gabriel looked down on his almost done vessel, it was good to see the face again that he wore for so long and came to think of as his own. It was even the form he appeared in front of Dean when he materialized something resembling physicality inside the human's mind. So he was glad that it was almost done, but he felt a twinge of regret having to leave Dean. Well maybe regret was too strong a word, but he was ready to admit that he would miss the bright light of Dean's soul. He only took the role of a guardian a few times in the past so it was not in his nature, but now the thought of letting the hunter's soul out from the safety of his grace filled him with unease. He didn't expect that at all. It was ridiculous how the human grew on him, but then again he was drawn closer long before this happened, he ended up where he was because of that. Loosing the connection that was there now... not that he had second thoughts, but it was still not a pleasant feeling.

Dean stirred, gathering closer to Gabriel's grace, probably unconsciously as it's been happening for a long while now, the hunter picked up on Gabriel's moods and always reached out to him, like he wanted to offer comfort. He was almost 100% certain that Dean didn't realize he was doing it as humans were not exactly good at controlling themselves in a non-physical way, the thought that he did it in pure instinct made Gabriel smile.

He reached out for him and pulled him closer to the surface until he knew that the hunter could see through his eyes. The human was silent as he found his focus to comprehend reality again, then he jolted vehemently.

'Woah, Dean... what?' Gabriel asked. Dean's confusion slowly disappeared as relief washed over him.

'Shit man, you really could've looked at something else' he said and it took a minute for him to realize that it was his vessel what he meant.

'I might not be as handsome a devil as you are big boy, but I didn't think I looked that scary' he said.

'No fuck... you look dead' Dean clarified... and oh. His vessel of course was completely motionless, indeed lifeless for now.

'Not dead, just not yet alive' Gabriel said, because there was a difference.

'Looks dead' Dean practically growled at him, Gabriel wanted to snap at him but paused when the traces of worry and fear reached him... it was of course quickly morphing into anger as such emotions always did in Dean's case.

'Sorry, I wasn't thinking' he said. Nor did he expect Dean to react this strongly at the sight of his vessel in such a state.

'Whatever' Dean mumbled, and now he was also embarrassed. 'So, um... does this mean that you're done?' he asked then.

'I am' Gabriel confirmed.

'So... this is it?'

'I suppose.'

'Are you gonna... like... stick around?' Dean asked quietly and Gabriel tired to suppress the wave of joy he felt at the tiny hopeful note in Dean's voice.

'Your brother would not like that' Gabriel said in an even tone.

'He'll deal' Dean said.

'I guess I can... drop by sometimes' he answered carefully.

'That's good.'


'So how will this go?' Dean asked suddenly.

'You have nothing to do if that's what you mean' Gabriel told him as he sat down to the edge of the bed his vessel was lying on. The room was one of his hideouts he used many times in the past and fortunately all wards were firmly in place even after the time that passed since Gabriel last visited it before his death.

He reached closer to his vessel putting one hand on the chest and let his grace flow until the skin warmed up and the heart started beating under his hand and the body started breathing on it's own.

'Holy shit' Dean whispered inside. Gabriel's vessel looked alive and well, merely asleep. It would of course wither away and die like this soon if Gabriel didn't take it.

'Well, I guess this is the end of our ride Dean-o' he said.

'It was not that bad having you along' the hunter told him.

'Thank you.'

'This is not a goodbye' Dean said, his voice firm and the kind that didn't leave room for argument. Gabriel had no intention to argue even if in some way it was sort of a goodbye. He didn't say anything just let go of the hold of Dean's soul and leaned over his own vessel, cupping both checks with his hands.

'Don't open your eyes until I tell you' Gabriel whispered before he pressed his forehead to his vessel's and broke free from Dean's body.


As Gabriel left him he took all the warmth and sense of safety Dean felt from the angel being there with him. It was strange the way he got back the feeling into his body, his muscles ached like he ran too much or fought too hard, his body was numb for a second then it was like thousand pins at once all over his body, just like when blood rushed back into a numb limb. His breathing was hard and he knew he was shaking and he couldn't stop it. He kept his eyes firmly shut even if he was eager to open them. His eyelids were burning in red from the light around him and the skin under his fingertips warmed up even further as Gabriel descended into the body.

Then the light was gone and he was only aware of his own harsh breathing in the silent room and a then a second one that joined in a moment later, Gabriel's chest was rising and falling rapidly under him just like Dean's own. He felt cold...

'Dean...' Gabriel's voice was quiet and raspy, no wonder as he never used his voice in this body before, but even sounding to be so close it felt like he was very far away. 'You can open your eyes' he said. Dean didn't move. His hands were still on Gabriel's face and his forehead was pressed to the angel's as they both tried to even out their breathing. He felt the angel's breath on his face and lips, this close they were practically panting into each others mouth. A warm hand landed on the back of his neck and it sent a shiver down his spine, his skin felt too cold.

'Dean, everything's fine?' Gabriel asked. The angel didn't move away, but certainly Dean lying half on top of him was a weight he could handle.

'I'm fine... just a bit cold.'

'That will pass soon' the angel said. His breathing started to slow down, just like Dean's, but the hunter still had no urge to move away. He had Gabriel within him for weeks, lying on the same bed like this really was no big deal.

'Are you ok?' Dean asked quietly.

'Yes, a bit too spacious inside here... but all good' The hand on Dean's neck pulled on him a little and he went without resistance until his head hit the pillow next to Gabriel's head. He didn't move further away and he didn't pull his hands back either, he did let it fall from Gabriel's face to his neck and somehow the beating pulse under the warm skin made him relax to no end then he passed out unexpectedly.


Dean woke lazily and just the fact the he could feel his body was a pretty sweet novelty. He was sure he would get used to it soon enough. The second thing he noticed were fingers in his hair, stroking his head, he was not usually one for such PDAs, but this felt good. He opened his eyes and looked at Gabriel, who had his head on the pillow too as they lay face-to-face on their sides, still close. The angel's eyes were following his fingers in Dean's hair and was not paying attention.

'Hey' he greeted and Gabriel froze for a moment as his amber eyes shifted down to Dean's face, then he drew back his hand slowly. They just stared at each other for long moments before Gabriel dropped his eyes and pulled away.

'I'm gonna take you back to Sam now' the angel started. 'He probably will put you through hell before he will be willing to believe that you're you again, but nothing to do there...' he rolled over to stand up form the bed and Dean pushed himself up to grab hold of his jacket and pull him back down. Surprisingly he let it happen and Dean leaned over him the second his back hit the mattress.


'I'm still cold' the hunter said as he reached out this time, his fingertips traced Gabriel's hairline before he slid his fingers into the honey-brown locks. It looked less golden than the way it was whenever Gabriel came to him in a "dream", but this way it looked more real. 'But I don't think it will go away.' Gabriel closed his eyes for a moment before looking back at Dean. His expression unreadable, guarded and he stayed silent. 'Dude, I'm gonna get a heart-attack here if you don't start talking' Dean breathed out and it managed to bring an amused smile to Gabriel's face, the tension in the hunter eased up a little.

The smile playing on the archangel's lips didn't fade away as he shook his head slowly, Dean frowned but before he could get a word out Gabriel reached up and dragged his head down into a kiss.

Dean parted his lips and pulled his body closer to the angel's. He coaxed Gabriel's mouth open with his tongue and when he finally kissed him back just as deeply as Dean wanted him to the hunter couldn't keep in the low moan that rumbled in his throat. Gabriel reached out with his other hand, his fingers spread on Dean's spine and he promptly turned them over and climbed over the taller man, not breaking their kiss.

They were close, but it still felt way too far away for Dean, still too much space between them. He didn't make it up, he did feel cold now without being warmed by Gabriel's grace for so long and he was almost sure that no other warmth could compare to it, but it wasn't just that. He felt... hollow somehow, not the way he felt when the world was falling apart and he lost all hope in everything, but empty like something was missing from him and he craved the presence that filled up that space. He didn't know and didn't care whether it was his soul wanting the angel's grace back close or if it was his body that missed the powerful light that filled his every cell before, he just didn't want Gabriel to move an inch further away. If anything, he was still not close enough.

They kissed and Dean's lips started to feel tired and used, but he didn't care. He chased Gabriel's tongue with his own, nipped at his lips that were also red, swollen and shiny. The angel slid a hand down his throat and when it reached his chest Dean sucked in a breath as his arms tightened around the angel.

'Your grace' he breathed into Gabriel's lips. Because yes, this was it, feeling the archangel's presence like this, this was what he missed from the second he woke up. This warmth was what he wanted to feel again.

'You're calling to me... pulling me closer' Gabriel said.

'Don't hold back' Dean told him and the angel practically growled in response capturing Dean's lips again in a hard kiss. The human recognized the feel of the angel's grace lighting up, it was there reaching, spreading way beyond Gabriel's skin, the skin that had the heat Dean's own skin craved that still felt too cold. He teared the jacket off Gabriel's shoulder and the angel tossed it away as soon as it was off. Buttons were flying when they were both getting rid of their shirts hastily and Dean just had to reach out and touch naked skin as soon as he could. Gabriel ran his hand down his side, fingers digging into his muscles as he rolled his hips down, Dean didn't realize how hard he was already until now.

'Y'know...' Gabriel spoke as he nipped at the soft skin under Dean's ear before he moved down to leave kisses and marks on the side of his neck. 'I found it hard to keep my hands to myself while I was inside of you' Dean moaned, because God, suddenly that sounded like so much more, he pushed his hips up to get more friction. Gabriel slid between his legs and grind down again. 'Wanted to map out your body, find all of your buttons I could push to make you hot and bothered... didn't think I'd get a chance once I was out' his free hand gripped Dean's hips as he rolled their groins together again. 'But here you are' Gabriel breathed into his skin. 'Don't regret what you're getting into here, big boy.'

'No' Dean shook his had as he ran his hands down Gabriel's back. 'I want you... fucking badly.' That earned him a delicious bite on the spot where his shoulder met his neck, it was sure to leave a mark.

'Likewise' he said before he crushed their lips together again, Dean moaned into the kiss. Both at the angel's words and the heat he felt spreading on his skin as Gabriel claimed his mouth.

The rest of their clothing got pulled off and tossed away hastily after that and Dean felt almost drunk on the feel of hot skin covering his own.

'I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say this doesn't happen to all vessels' Dean managed to say while his mouth was free as Gabriel descended down a bit to drag his lips all over his chest. The angel glanced back up at him.

'No Dean, but our dance started long before' he said. 'This just poured some nitro on that spark.' He lowered himself down onto Dean just the right way so that their dicks lined up together and the hunter forgot what he wanted to say just moved his hips up and pulled Gabriel closer again. "Eager, I like' Gabriel chuckled darkly.

'Don't be a dick' Dean told him as he mouthed on his jaw, the light stubble scraping his swollen lips.

'That's my default I'm afraid' Gabriel answered. 'But I think you like it.' Dean wanted to argue, but his words morphed into a deep moan as Gabriel wrapped his hand around both of them and stroked lazily. The human didn't even try to stop his hips from moving, to thrust into Gabriel's hand. This warmth he craved now lit up with fire that came from the pleasure he felt and he was pretty sure it was going to melt something in his brain soon if he didn't get off... right the fuck now.


'I want to be inside of you' the angel said in a low tone right next to Dean's ear and it took him quite some self-restraint not to come right on the spot, but the thought of getting Gabriel closer to him, inside of him just filled him with raw need.

'Yeah' he breathed. 'Fuck, c'mon... wanna feel you' Gabriel's darkened eyes locked on him at his words, then the angel licked his lips briefly – a movement Dean followed – before he descended down Dean's body again. Kisses trailed down his chest, pausing for a moment when reaching his heavy beating heart. Gabriel's hands followed his trail, all his fingers were caressing Dean's sweat-slick flesh and Dean could've sworn heat was radiating from the angel's fingertips seeping into his skin. Maybe he wasn't imagining it, he didn't know, didn't stop thinking about it.

He let Gabriel spread his legs wider while he twisted his hands into the sheets, the anticipation was wiring up his body, making his muscles clench and relax repeatedly. Gabriel licked at his navel then moved even further down, his breath caressed the wet head of Dean's cock and the human chocked on a moan looking down at him. If anyone told him that he would find himself like this one day... his train of thoughts were cut off when Gabriel licked at his dick briefly, just a hint of tongue before he drew back and Dean really should've expected him to be a tease.

One finger moved down his erection, following one of the veins on it, then it dipped down behind his balls and circled the rim of muscle while he put a kiss on the inside of Dean's thigh. He didn't push his finger in and Dean wanted to growl in frustration, he was already way too hard and the bastard angel just kept up with the light touches that managed to keep him aroused perfectly. He looked down again to scowl down on Gabriel, just in time to see him suck a finger into his mouth to make it wet and of course the amber eyes were locked on him. Seriously...

'You're such a bastard.' Gabriel chuckled as he let his finger slip from his mouth.

'And yet...' he said and there really was no need to finish that sentence. He didn't get a chance to reply cause this time when Gabriel's finger returned to his hole he pushed inside without any further teasing. Dean tensed for a moment then relaxed immediately letting the angel push in deeper and he closed his eyes and even moaned at the way his body opened up so easily, because this was Gabriel... inside of him, his body knew him even if not yet this way.

He opened his eyes when Gabriel let out a harsh breath and the unhidden want and dark lust on the archangel's face made Dean's breath hitch too, he was not the only one craving this. He rolled his hips down to get Gabriel's finger deeper. The angel ran his hand up and down Dean's thigh as he moved his finger in and out a few times before pulling it back out. Only a moment later he pushed back in with two fingers, more slick than the first was, but Dean didn't think about that he just tried to relax his body as much as he could. It didn't hurt as much as he thought this would, but then again his brain was so completely fogged with endorphins that he would've been surprised of feeling this as pain and not just as an edge of sharp pleasure.

Gabriel worked in his fingers slowly while he leaned down again, his mouth only inches away from Dean's dick. He was still hard, but at least not on the edge of coming, that before Gabriel licked along the soft skin until he reached the tip and licked away the moisture there, Dean threw his head back when the angel closed his lips around the thick head and the next second Gabriel moved his fingers inside him and Dean's entire body lit up like freakin' Christmas three. All his muscles tensed in pleasure and he moaned out the angel's name breathlessly.

'Oh fuck, do that again' he manged to choke out after he could suck in a breath into his lungs. Gabriel chuckled without letting Dean's dick slip from his mouth and he massaged the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him with his fingers again. Dean groaned as he pushed himself down again and again onto Gabriel's fingers. He didn't even pay attention to the extra stretch of muscle when Gabriel worked in a third finger, he was at the point where he was babbling mostly incoherently. He groaned in displeasure when Gabriel pulled back from his dick, because his mouth was just hot and perfect and Dean wanted more. But the angel just moved onto his knees and pulled his fingers out as well.

He was pulled a bit down on the bed by Gabriel's hands on his hips and his legs were pushed apart and up as the angel settled above him. He felt the head of Gabriel's dick at his entrance, just being there pushing at his entrance, but not getting inside and it drove him downright crazy, he was wiggling a bit trying to push himself down on the slick cock, but the angel was just out of reach.

'Gabriel, c'mon... just fuck me. Now dammit...'

'Just enjoying the moment' Gabriel said as he leaned down to kiss Dean deeply. The hunter tasted himself on him and he chased the taste with his own tongue inside Gabriel's mouth. Then Gabriel started pushing inside without ending the kiss, Dean bit down on his lips at the feel of his dick stretching him open. He groaned into the angel's mouth as he was filled up as he buried his hands in Gabriel's dark-gold hair that was already tangled and all messed up from Dean's fingers.

They kept kissing until Gabriel was fully inside of him, buried as deeply as he could go. Both of them were breathing hard as the angel stayed still for a few moments waiting for him to relax around his length and the stretch. He mouthed on the hunter's jaw and neck while one hand held Dean's thigh in place – wrapping it around his waist – and the other just stayed on the side of his neck, a grounding, reassuring touch.

'Ah... fuck!' Dean groaned out when the archangel started to move inside of him. It was too much and too little in the same time. It was all he wanted and yet he just craved more. He tried to move but he couldn't in his position.

'Good?' Gabriel asked as he looked down on him.

'More!' Dean replied, Gabriel bit down onto his lower lip and pushed in with more force at his next thrust. Dean's mouth fell open as a moan broke free from him and he threw his head back. He didn't have to encourage the angel to give him more even if he did start talking nonsense between his moans, but his words just seemed to feed Gabriel's lust as the angel's movements sped up. Dean dropped his hands down and grabbed onto his ass pulling him deeper, urging him to give more. The noise Gabriel made was nothing but a real growl as he started to fuck the human beneath him in earnest.

'Oh yes! Fuck yes!' Dean groaned again and again, but he lost all coherency when Gabriel moved him and changed his angle, his dick brushing his prostate just the right way, he cried out in pleasure and his back arched up from the bed. He had to reach down and warp his hand around his own dick that was so hard now that it practically hurt. One of Gabriel's hands joined his and they stroked together while the angel kept pounding into him. The room was filled with their deep moans, loud heaving breaths and the slapping of slick bodies.

Dean was coming without a chance to hold out for a second longer and his body writhed and moaned under Gabriel as his seed covered both their hands and his stomach and chest. Gabriel thrust hard and fast into him a few more times before he too was coming, deep inside the human's body and Dean pulled him down into a kiss as he felt the familiar heat of Gabriel's grace all around him. Almost like when he was inside of him completely. Gabriel rode out his orgasm then he stopped thrusting into Dean's body and rested his weight on him for a moment. Both of them just tried to catch their breath for a while then Gabriel pushed himself up on his hands and looked down at Dean again.

'Holy fuck, you're spectacular to watch come undone like this' he said as he caressed the side of the hunter's face and kissed him on the lips.

'I like you looking like this too' Dean told him when they parted and he stroked back some of Gabriel's hair to its place from his damp forehead, it was a lost cause, it was completely chaotic from the way Dean twisted and buried his hands in it before.

Gabriel pulled out and moved off of him so Dean could put his legs back down into a comfortable position. Dean knew that he was going to be sore as hell if he would be able to walk and sit properly at all, but he loved every ache in his body already, even if the strange emptiness he felt returned as Gabriel moved away, but he was still basking in after-glow so it wasn't so bad.

'Ok, this is definitely something that we will do again' Dean said staring at the ceiling.

'And again and again and again...' Gabriel commented and Dean chuckled, Gabriel joined him a second later.

'I'm really not sure you know what you got yourself into here though' the archangel said.

'Dude, I got the shit beat out of me by two hot chicks the first time we met, you messed with my car, you killed me a hundred times over and practically tortured Sam with it and I got shot in Dr. Sexy MD, you really think I didn't see the worst of you yet?' Dean asked as he turned his head towards the angel. Gabriel looked back at him.

'I might get tad possessive sometimes too... just FYI' he said. Dean laughed.

'I can deal with that' the hunter said finally as he turned back to look up at the ceiling again. Gabriel started chuckling next to him. 'What?' he asked.

'I only managed to keep my vessel a "virgin" for about 5 hours... this has to be some sort of a record' he explained and Dean laughed along with him.

'Always glad to be of service' he grinned.

'I think we're gonna be fine Dean-o' Gabriel said as he quieted down.

'I think so too' the hunter agreed, running their conversation through his head again and realizing that he just got himself into some sort of a relationship. Oh well. 'If Sammy doesn't kill you that is... or Bobby... or Cas' he added and he liked how Gabriel erupted into laughter again, yeah they're going to be just fine.



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