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Author Notes: I actually did a bit of research for this story on the anatomy of merpeople. I got very mixed information, meaning that some sources told me that mermaids and mermen have modified versions of human genitalia. Other sources told me that this is impossible because merpeople resemble fish from the waist down, and that they reproduce via eggs. But, for the sake of this story, I'm just going with the idea that merpeople do not have the traditional human genitalia, making the idea of sexual intercourse new to Ariel.

His eyes seemed darker that night.

Princess Ariel didn't know if it was just her imagination, but, as she dared a glance at her husband from across the bedroom, she couldn't help but notice that Eric's usually sky blue eyes looked significantly darker, as if they were burning with emotion.

Ariel gulped awkwardly and snatched her newly acquired fork from the bedside table. She walked over to the window, where the curtains were wide open, allowing the night stars to illuminate their spacious bedroom. She stared into the night sky whilst running the fork through her hair, breaking any tangles.

She had just begun to hum to herself when, suddenly, she felt a pair of strong, muscular arms snake around her petite waist.

She giggled nervously, for she could feel his eyes burning into her as he gazed lustfully.

"Hello," she chirped.

Prince Eric kissed the small portion of her shoulder that her nightgown exposed. His thumbs traced circles around her naval through the thin material of her gown.

"You're still using that fork to comb your hair?" he asked, amused.

"Dinglehopper," she corrected.

He chuckled. "You know, if you like, we can go into town tomorrow and buy you a proper comb."

"Thank you, but there's no need for that. I love this thing." She plucked a stray hair from her device before placing it on the windowsill.

Eric released another laugh before placing a kiss on her collarbone. Ariel shivered as his soft lips made contact with her pale skin.

"Cold?" he asked.

"Yes," she lied. The princess was fully aware that her involuntary shakes had nothing to do with the temperature in the room, but rather the way her husband was holding her, and pressing his groin into the curve of her bottom.

Ariel looked down and blushed when she noticed the peaks of her breasts showing through the fabric of her gown like pebbles. Maybe she was just cold. But being cold didn't explain the sudden weakness in her knees, the knot forming in her stomach, or the erratic pumping of her heart as Eric's hands moved up and down her stomach.

"Aren't you tired?" he asked huskily. "It's been a long day."

She shrugged. "Not really. I could stay up for a while." She turned her head to the side so she could have a proper view of his handsome face.

Eric smiled, and something told Ariel that her response was exactly what he was hoping she would say.

"I could stay up for a while too."

"Okay," she said, wondering what her prince had in mind.

"Hmm, the sound of your voice always makes me smile." As he spoke, he pressed the lower half of his body even harder against her backside.

Ariel gasped as she could feel something hard press into her. The feelings that Eric inflicted on her were alien to the young woman, and sometimes frustrating because she didn't know how to respond to them. She still felt shy around him, especially when it came to her body, which even she was still getting used to. While the princess had grown used to her legs, it was the area between them that confused her.

So, when she felt a dampness grow in her nether regions, she only sighed and closed her eyes. Eric's lips found her face and sucked her into a kiss. Surprised, Ariel moaned into her husband's mouth and became lost in the osculation. With her lips still attached to his, she turned in his embrace so she could wrap her arms around his broad shoulders, deepening the kiss.

His large hands roamed her clothed body, stopping to sensually rub her the backs of her legs and to pinch the cheeks of her bottom. His tongue teased her bottom lip, silently requesting acceptance into her mouth.

Ariel parted her lips, granting him permission to invade her mouth. Their tongues collided in a lusty dance. Ariel wouldn't call herself a very experienced kisser, but, based on the various noises of pleasure eliciting from the back of her husband's throat, she was doing a damn good job.

As she felt his organ grow even harder against her leg, she couldn't ignore the growing wetness between her legs. Every inch of her body screamed in approval when she felt Eric gently grab at her gown, pulling it up.

He broke the kiss only long enough to fully remove the gown and toss it on the floor beneath them. Ariel's shyness immediately overcame her, and she attempted to hide herself by covering her perky breasts with her arms.

"No. Don't," he breathed, shaking his head.

She gazed into his intense eyes. The princess felt so secure in his arms. She felt her shyness slowly disappear and finally lowered her arms. Eric's eyes widened at the sight of his wife's small but perfect orbs. Her hardened nipples were a lovely rosy shade that made him lick his lips in desire.

His eyes examined every inch of her body, and admired her like a beautiful sculpture. He took in every detail: everything from her flat stomach, to her ample thighs, and finally the triangle of flesh between her legs, where a small tuft of reddish-brown hair rested.

"You're more beautiful than anything or anyone I've ever laid my eyes on," he deemed in one breath.

She could not help but to blush at his comment.

"Thank you," she said, and looked at him curiously. "Where do we go from here?" Her eyes focused more on his clothes, which she had the sudden temptation to tear from his muscled flesh.

"I think I have an idea," said Eric, beaming at her. He too felt shy at the situation, but knew that he shouldn't be.

He grabbed the end of his shirt and lifted it over his head, exposing his chest to her at last. Ariel moaned in delight and pressed a hand to his rock hard abs. Whilst her hand explored his broad chest, her other hand roamed down his stomach until she reached the waist of his pants. She tugged at them impatiently, silently wishing that they would magically disappear.

"Allow me," said Eric. Latching his fingers underneath the waistband, he pulled down his pants slowly, almost teasingly. Finally, his pants appeared as a pool of fabric at his ankles, leaving the prince only in his undergarments.

Her arousal overcame any self-control she possessed, and so she pounced on him, causing them both to fall backward onto the large bed.

Eric chuckled at Ariel's enthusiasm as he straightened himself up on the bed. Ariel rested beside him, her fiery red locks covering her chest.

"Sorry," she said softly, her angel's voice sounding like audible silk.

"That's quite all right," he responded, kicking his pants off his ankles. "I appreciate your enthusiasm."

She placed a hand on his undergarments and looked at him for approval. When he nodded eagerly, she grabbed the material and pulled them off his legs, throwing them down to join the pile of discarded clothing on the floor.

Her womanhood throbbed with excitement as her eyes finally rested on her husband's sexual organ: a long, thick, shaft with a reddened head that was already glistening with pre-ejaculation fluid.

Working on instinct, Ariel grabbed Eric's manhood and curiously moved her small hand up and down his erect shaft. She appreciatively noticed how hard he was in her warm palm, and how he groaned in pleasure as her hand slowly pumped.

"Oh Ariel," he said above her. "Come here." As he spoke, he grabbed onto the sides of her hips and gently rolled on top of her.

Their lips met in another dance of passion. Ariel felt his head pressing into the lips of her womanhood, causing her to bite her bottom lip and mutter his name in excitement.

His lips lingered on her neck, kissing and sucking softly, but not moving an inch otherwise. She wrapped her slender legs around his waist, pulling him closer into her heated frame. His head bumped into the swollen nub of flesh that was her clitoris, making the princess throw her head against the pillow in deep approval.

"Eric," she panted, "Please."

He licked gently at her collarbone and moved his hips forward, entering her womanhood as gently as he could. The last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt her.

Ariel winced in pain as she enveloped his full size, closing her eyes tightly. She grasped at his back for dear life, pulling him closer. As he began to move within her, the searing pain began to evaporate, leaving only a delicious friction and a growing pleasure as he bumped into her clitoris.

She was tight around his member. Her inner walls were pleasantly hot and moist with her arousal juices. He kissed every inch of the cream skin that he could reach, leaving her neck bruised and glistening with his saliva.

"I love you so much, Ariel," he said into her skin. "So much."

The speed of his thrusts soon increased. Their skin now stuck together with sweat, and the air surrounding them seemed significantly warmer, and smelled of lust.

With a call of Eric's name, Ariel succumbed to a pleasurable series of soft spasms, indicating her climax. She planted a single kiss upon his lips before closing her eyes and relaxing her grip on him. Eric reached his peak mere moments later, and collapsed in a heap next to her on the bed.

"Ariel," he gasped through his deep breathing. He blindly held his hand out, searching for hers in the mess of sheets and covers. Finally, he managed to find her hand, which; he took and caressed lovingly.


"I love you," she completed his sentence for him.

"Yes, I do," he smiled and brought her hand up to his lips, where he kissed her dainty fingers. "So very much."

Ariel moved closer to him on the bed. He wrapped an arm around her lithe frame, pulling her into his warm embrace. Sleep overcame them all too soon, but the royal couple knew that sleep was necessary if they had any hope of getting up at an appropriate time the following morning.

The princess slept soundly in her husband's arms, feeling immensely protected and secure. She knew that, despite being born a mermaid and raised to hate humans, in her prince's arms was where she truly belonged.