Ikuto x trouble

It was an early Monday morning and Amu has alot of worries to think about. For the whole weekend, she secluded herself from her friends and tried to think abut Rima's problem and what will she do with Ikuto. Ran, Miki, and Su flew at the side of Amu, while Dia was asleep in the bag.

"Amu-chan, you should relax a bit." Su smiled at Amu.

"Well I guess so Su, but I have alot of problems to think about that I have no more time to relax."

" Come on Amu-chan. Why don't you have a day to yourself?" Ran added.

"Yeah I should focus myself for today. No problems or troubles at all. Just me for one whole day."

"That's the spirit!" The three shouted.

When she arrived at her classroom, Tadase and Rima were conversing.

"So the student body elections are coming up. Would you run as president?" Rima asked.

"Well you could say that, but I am not so sure if I am going to."

"Aren't seniors and juniors are the only allowed to run for that position?" Nagihiko cutted the conversation. "Well Tadase, you could run for the secretary, treasurer or the vice president."

"Yeah you've got a point Nagihiko. I'll run for vice president."

Sine it was gym class, Amu headed to the girls locker room first and changed to her gym uniform. After the bell rang, everyone sat at the football field and the lesson began. The sport was freesbie and the boys and girls were seperated into 2 groups.

When Amu was playing with the rest, she lost focus and wasn't able to catch the freesbie.

"Sorry. I'll get it." Amu apologized and ran.

The freesbie was stuck into a branch at a tree. Amu climbed up and threw the freesbie back. After she got down, she noticed someone near the storage room.

"Hello? Who's there?" Amu yelled.

She ran towards the room and found it was open. Amu came in and suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. The person raised her and chukled.

"Let me go!" Amu yelled.

He closed the door from behind him and all there was is a light from the small window. Amu's mouth was covered so she can't scream. The person slowly bit her ear and smirked.

"Nnnnnnn. Stop...Nnnnnn" is all what Amu could say.

"Glad you said that Amu. I've missed playing with you." the man said.

"I-I-Ikuto. What what are you doing here?"

" Visiting."

"Visiting who?"


"Me? Why me?" Amu's face went red.

"Because I like you Hinamori Amu." Ikuto smiled.


"Your even cuter when you're all red."

"I'll go out now. Nice seeing you again Ikuto. Hehehe"

"Wait a second." Ikuto slammed the door back shut.


"I haven't greeted yet."

"No need to trouble yourself anymore Ikuto."

"But I like trouble. That's what I do."

Ikuto carried Amu away from the door and into a gymnastic mat.

Amu was struggling to get out but Ikuto always got her back on the mat.

"What do you want from me?" Amu yelled.

"What if I say I want you to be my girlfriend, what will you do?"

"What! I am just 16 and you want me to go out with you?"

"Yeah you're 16 and I'm 21. Remember when I told you to grow up? That's the time I started liking you."

"So what if I say no?"

"Then I'll do everything to make you fall in love with me." Ikuto then smiled so charmingly.

"That's not gonna happen. I don't fall in love that easily."

"Then how about this?"

Ikuto came nearer to Amu and kissed her cheek. Amu blushed then she quickly said,

"Nope. Still not give up."

Then Ikuto came nearer then licked Amu's ear. This time Amu blushed so red that she really does look like a tomatoe.

"What did..did you just do? You licked my ear! You pervert!"

"I just did my secret move. You left me with no choice so I did it."

"No one licks another persons ear. That's not normal!"

"Then how about this then?"

Ikuto lifted Amu's hair, then sniffed it. He came closer to the ear then whispered so softly.

"What if I do this to you? I'm going to ******************."

"You pervert! How can you do that to a girl? You really are not normal!"

Amu was red all over. She was so shocked of what Ikuto said that she held herself to make sure."

"It's already been 10 minutes. You better get back or you are gonna be skipping your classess."

"What? Oh no I'm gonna be in big trouble! This is your fault!Pervert!"

Amu ran out of the storageroom and went back to the she was walking, she felt her heart was aching and aching. But it dosen't hurt at all. It just kept on going "doki,doki,doki."

"Amu! Where have you been? We have been looking all over for you." Rima shouted.

"Um I rested and fell asleep a bit. I wasn't aware that I already slept. Hehehe. Sorry."

"Well at least nothing bad happened to you. Let's go."


Back at the storage room...

"How could she grow from a short child into a pleasant woman?"

Ikuto stared out at the door and walked away.


"Why does my heart keep pounding and aching whenever I remember Ikuto?" Amu thought.

"Rima!" Nagihiko waved.


"Could you help me return these? Tadase is busy.

"Sure. Go along without me Amu-chan."


As Amu walked away, Rima and Nagihiko walked back together.

"Thanks for your help Rima." Nagihiko smiled.

"Yeah sure. Um why don't you go ahead? I'll just tie my shoe lace."

"Okay. See you later."

After Nagihiko left, Rima said out loud with all her might.

"Fujisaki Nagihiko, I love you!"

*******To be continued*******

What will happen to these guardians?