Ikuto x trouble Extra Chapter 2

The new set of guardians!

The faint summer air was crisp in the morning and the sun didn't hurt at all. The cherry blossoms were still as beautiful as ever and the beautiful songs of the birds echoed through the Tsukiyomi home.

And in two separate rooms that are located on the second floor, slept soundly the two adorable fraternal twins who didn't expect a big happening once they wake up from their sweet dreams.

"Yawn", both of them stretched out their arms wide as they got out under their covers and were greeted by the morning sun.

Tsukiyomi Akira, the 11 year old female child of Amu and Ikuto stared out the window as soon as her vision became clearer. Her hands searched through the bed as she stared at the sakura tree beside her big window. She would look at each petal and admire the beauty every time the rays of the sun would shine through them. As her deep blue eyes gleamed, she felt two round objects near her pillow.

Tsukiyomi Itsuki, the 11 year old male child of Amu and Ikuto scratched his head as his dark blue shaggy hair was messed up from the countless turns he made all through the night. He would also look at the window and stare at the blue sky that goes on and on. His shining golden eyes would always blink a couple of times before giving off an adorable smile. While admiring the sky, he felt two hard round objects under the covers.

The twins' curiously looked at the mysterious items and found two eggs that both have different colours and different patterns. They were silently staring at the eggs for a couple of seconds and...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why do I have eggs on my bed!" both of them freaked out and caused their parents to rush inside their rooms.

"Itsuki! What happened?" Ikuto slammed the door open as his son was standing on the carpeted floor.

"Akira! Is something wrong?" Amu cried out as she approached her shocked daughter whom was sitting up on the bed and the covers thrown on to the floor.

"Where did these weird eggs come from!" both of them asked the same question to their parents.

Amu and Ikuto sighed and said the same reply. "Get dressed and bring the eggs downstairs in the dining room. Then we'll talk." And the two parents left the rooms and gave each other a look.

"You're as beautiful as ever Amu." Ikuto had a seductive grin on his mature face.

"What are you saying? We have two 11 year old kids and you're saying I'm still as beautiful as ever? Don't you feel that you already have gotten old to say things like that huh Ikuto?" Amu crossed both of her arms and raised an eye brow.

"Really? But that doesn't mean that we can't do 'that' anymore." Ikuto grabbed her slim waist and pushed her medium cut hair to the side. He then kissed and licked her neck and it gave Amu some pleasure.

"Heh, you're easy to be pleasured huh?" Ikuto whispered in Amu's ear.

"E-enough! We still have to talk to the twins."She quickly got away from his warm long hands and ran down the stairs covering her face with her left wrist.

Moments passed and the twins came down with their eggs hand in hand. They placed it on the table and sat on the chairs as their parents stood in front of them.

"Were we the ones that laid these?" Akira asked as she was tying a ribbon on her long pink hair. In front of her were an egg that had the colour pink and had black music notes and the other is a white egg that had a pencil print on it.

"Yeah and these eggs are weird." Itsuki had an adorable look as he stared at a blue egg with black music notes and a white egg with a lightning print on it.

Sigh, "These are not ordinary eggs and well you could say that you laid them, but chicks don't come out of them but a Shugo Chara instead." Amu explained to the two curious children.

"Once they hatch, both of you will know what really are they and where they came from. Now eat your breakfast and go to school you two." Ikuto added as he leaned at the wall painted with white.

"Have fun at your first day of being 5th graders!" Amu waved goodbye as the twins walked going out of their house. "Will they be able to hatch their eggs?" her face changed to a worried expression.

"Don't worry. They have big dreams and we better call Tadase, the chairman of Seiyo academy to let him know about their eggs." Ikuto placed his left hand on Amu's right shoulder and headed inside.

Akira and Itsuki both possessed cute and adorable faces that envied and attracted others. They entered the gates of Seiyo academy and looked up their classes.

"Looks like we are still in the same class this year huh Akira?" Itsuki had the cutest smile anyone had ever seen.

"Yeah Itsuki, we should head to the auditorium now to attend the opening ceremony." Akira smiled back and took her brother's hand.

The opening ceremony started and the principal welcomed the students to another year. After his long speech, came Hotori Takeshi, the King's chair of the guardian's and the only son of the chairman. He approached the podium and everyone anticipated what he'll be saying to the whole school. His blonde untidy hair compliments his sparkling blue eyes and his white skin seemed so smooth.

He opened his mouth and began speaking to the microphone. Everyone opened their ears and widened their eyes as he pronounced the first letters.

"I welcome everyone back to Seiyo academy and would like to introduce to the new students and to refresh the minds of the others, our guardians of the elementary division. In the King's chair is still me, Hotori Takeshi from the 5th grade, in the Queen's chair is Fujisaki Nina from the 5th grade, in the Jack's chair is Souma Kuta from the 6th grade, and at our Ace chair is Yamida Yuki (female) from the 4th grade. This year we added a new position to the guardian's and that is the Joker's chair."

A commotion came up and it settled down quickly as Takeshi began speaking again. "As some of you may know, the Jack's chair was last used ten years ago and this year since we selected two students to be the Joker; the work of the guardian's would be much faster than last year."

Silence filled the room and everyone was curious to know who would be the two Jokers that the King spoke of since they heard nothing last school year. Even the students noticed that the recent guardians had no idea what Takeshi was talking about.

"Oi Takeshi, what do you mean we're adding a Joker's chair? We didn't hear that from you." Kuta whispered as everyone was waiting and thinking in silence.

"The details will be later, and right now I have to continue the ceremony." Takeshi faced back to the audience and the guardians stood behind his back. He wore a cute grin on his face and happily announced to the whole elementary division and to the teachers. "When I'll announce your names please stand up and come to the stage okay?"

"Okay!" everyone answered in chorus and anticipated the following announcement.

"So I am proud to introduce the new Joker's of the school are Tsukiyomi Itsuki and Tsukiyomi Akira from the 5th grade!

The twins' eyes widened and they both stared at each other. The students looked at them and soon they clapped their hands. They both nodded their heads and stood up and began walking to the stage.

Itsuki and Akira stood beside the guardians and wondered why they were chosen to be in the Jokers chair. After the ceremony ended, the guardians went to the greenhouse and began talking to each other.

"Wow! We have the famous Tsukiyomi twins as guardians!" Yuki's hazel eyes sparkled as she admired the two people overflowing with beauty in front of her.

"Yeah Akira's and Itsuki's violin playing are so wonderful just like their father's." Nina crossed both of her hands and her long straight hazel hair flowed with the wind.

"Hey Takeshi, why were we chosen to be in the Joker's chair?" Akira asked as everyone was also wondering why.

"Well you see earlier this morning father received a phone call and after he hanged up, he told me to include you two since both of you had two eggs."

"So you mean the chairman personally said to include both of us?"

"Yeah, that's how it is."

"Wait what do you know about eggs Takeshi?" Itsuki blinked his eyes and he just looked adorable.

"Oh, here." Takeshi handed both of them a book which had the title 'My heart's egg'.

They both read the story and were touched. They realised their own dreams and decided to fulfil them. Itsuki wanted to play well the violin with his sister and he wanted to be good in athletics, mostly in running. While Akira also wanted to play well the violin with her brother and she wanted to be good in drawing so she would be able to design clothes well just like her mother.

"So the real objectives of the guardians are to protect the dreams of the students alongside with their Shugo Charas and to not allow any egg to be turned into an X-egg." Takeshi explained as he saw the twins understanding the situation.

"Yes we'll protect our dreams and everyone else's dreams as well." Both of them spoke together with big determination.

Everyone stared at them and later they laughed together. Takeshi handed capes one for Itsuki and one for Akira. "Here wear these capes."

"No way." The twins stuck out their tongues and refused to wear those ugly capes. The king froze in shock since no one said no to him before.

Hahahaha, the guardians laughed together at their poor king.

"Looks like we have two stubborn Jokers, huh Takeshi?" Kuta leaned his right elbow on Takeshi's left shoulder.

"Y-yeah." (Teardrop)

While everyone was laughing; inside the twin's bags, the eggs began to crack and later it hatched. Arms came out from each of their eggs and...

Their journey is just beginning and will their bonds of friendship be as strong as the previous guardians? Well it's up to them on how they'll make it.


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