Lost (chapter 1) Yullen

Closing his eyes slowly, Allen finally found the time to rest. After the tragedy that happened to the Black Order; the fight with level 4 akuma, the Noahs, and many more, he can finally sleep peacefully. He opened his eyes and walked through the dark hallways of the HQ to go to his room. As he opened the door of what he thought was his room, he saw Lenalee and Kanda together inside, sitting on the floor right next to each other. Lenalee was talking with Kanda and Kanda was listening calmly and answering some random questions from Lenalee. Kanda had his eyes closed while Lenalee was talking to him adoringly, admiring the handsome beauty right next to her. Allen found the scene very confusing. Kanda was fine being alone with Lenalee in this training room and most importantly, he allows her to make noise around him. And this is what made Allen be confused even more, they seemed to be talking about Kanda, himself, but Allen could barely hear a word since they were far from the door. But Kanda was talking about his life... which he never did to anyone.

"Oi, Moyashi, why are you staring at us?"

Kanda's voice put Allen's mind back to reality. He blinked once and wondered why the scene bothered him. He frowned at Kanda and said, "My name is Allen, BaKanda! And I just happened to pass by. I'm going," he said taking his step out.

"Allen-kun," Lenalee called preventing him from leaving, "why don't you stay with us for a while?" she continued, "right, Kanda?" She looked at Kanda winking once.

"Tch," Kanda frowned at Lenalee.

Allen saw it, maybe Kanda didn't want him to be interrupting their lovey-dovey thing. And with that thought, Allen felt a stab in his heart. Why? He didn't know. "I'm way too tired for that. Besides, baKanda would be happier if I just leave," Allen refused.

Did he just say he wanted me to be happy? Kanda thought.

Allen looked away and saw Reever approaching him. "Allen, have you seen Lenalee?" Reever asked him.

"Ah, she's here," Allen said with his bright smile.

Reever stepped inside, "Lenalee, Komui's looking for you," he said.

Lenalee walked to the door, "neh, gotta go Allen-kun, bye," she pushed Allen inside the room, Allen turned to look at Lenalee puzzled, "bye Kanda," Lenalee said winking at Kanda again before leaving. Reever followed her.

Allen saw the winking-scene and was pissed with a reason he didn't know. Allen turned to glare at Kanda and Kanda glared back. They stayed like that for a while until Allen finally decided to just get over this and sleep. "I'm going to bed, baKanda, don't have time for this," Allen sighed as he walked away.

"Tch, hopeless Moyashi," Kanda whispered to himself as he stood up and went after Allen. "Moyashi," Kanda said coldly, making sure Allen heard it.

Allen stopped walking and turned around, "I'm Allen, how many times do I have to say it and why?" he replied irritated.

"You're room is three floors above this."

"I know that, baKanda. You don't have to tell me," Allen turned around and continued walking.

"Tch, and where are you going Moyashi?" Kanda asked stopping Allen again.

Allen frowned at the question. Isn't it obvious? Is Kanda making fun of me? Allen thought. "I'm Allen, I'm going to my room, now if you please excuse me," Allen answered.

He doesn't know where the stairs are? Baka Moyashi. Kanda thought. "You're going the opposite way, that's a dead end stupid Moyashi."

"Ohh... hehe," Allen laughed nervously, too embarrassed he ignored Kanda describing him stupid and calling him Moyashi. "T-Thanks," Allen turned to Kanda smiling nervously, then he walked away fast passing Kanda.

Allen walked upstairs. He reached the right floor, then walked east. He finally found the door but the key wouldn't fit. "Oh great, Kanda just told me where my room is but now, I'm lost again," Allen sighed.

Allen heard footsteps and saw Kanda walking to him. Kanda gave him a deadly glare which made Allen's heart skip a beat. "W-what?" Allen stuttered.

Kanda tch-ed and whispered, "stupid Moyashi." It was enough for the shounen to hear.

"My name is Allen and I'm not stupid!" Allen snapped, "Why are you here anyway?" he asked.

"That's my room, stupid Moyashi."

Allen walked to the next door quickly, "Oh, hehehe, never knew your room next to mine." He pushed the key to the key-hole but it wouldn't go in. He looked at Kanda who was currently frowning at him, arms folded across his chest. Blush was formed on Allen's pale cheek; he never looked away at Kanda, he was waiting for Kanda to at least give a clue to where his room is, because he didn't know where to go anymore.

Kanda sighed, "Your room is on the west side."

"Ohh... Thanks," Allen run off quickly. He didn't want to be more embarrassed than he already was. But someone has stopped him from running by grabbing his wrist making him turn around, facing the man who had stopped him. He was Kanda, holding his right wrist up right next to his face, glaring at him, "W-what?" Allen asked confused, his face turning even redder than before.

"Really, Moyashi, you're hopeless," Kanda said ignoring the question. He started walking the opposite way dragging Allen with him.

Allen was pretty sure Kanda would lock him up in Japanese's room and maim him because he thought he just pissed the hell out of Kanda. So he stayed quiet to at least save even a little moment of his precious life. But then Allen was wrong. They walked pass Kanda's room, pass the stairs. This made Allen confused. "Where are we going?" Allen asked trying to get out of the man's grip but his wrist was only held tighter.

"Your room is on the west side, why do you keep going east?" Kanda replied, not stopping from dragging Allen, irritation was obvious in his tone.

"Well, I'm sorry for not knowing where the west and east are! You don't have to help me find it anyway!" Allen snorted.

That was the last word Allen was able to say before he felt himself being pushed softly. Kanda's hand was removed from the boy's wrist and was now placed on Allen's shoulder pushing him gently to the door behind him. As soon as Allen's back touched the door, Kanda moved his hands on both sides of Allen's head, imprisoning the little boy.

Allen looked up to see the taller man. A blush was formed on his face when he saw Kanda; he was so close to Allen, after all. He quickly lowered his head to hide the embarrassment he's feeling.

Kanda moved his right hand at the top of the white-haired boy's head and gently rubbed it. Allen closed his eyes tightly at the action. Shivers went down his spine as he felt Kanda's other hand slipped in his pocket. He looked up at Kanda, "w-what are you doing?" Allen couldn't make a single move. He frowned when Kanda didn't even bother answering his question.

Finally, after almost 7 seconds or more, Kanda slipped his hand out of Allen's pocket. Allen looked at the man's hand and saw his key. He looked up at Kanda again, "What are you going to do with my - "Allen was unable to finish his words as he felt his body falling. "Ouch!" Allen fell on the floor. The door where his back was leaning a while ago was now opened by Kanda. He looked at Kanda who was currently looking down at him. Allen looked away; a dark shade of pink was on his face. Kanda stood there looking at him, smirk forming on his lips.