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"Allen-niisan, I brought you your—," Nathan spoke but paused when he saw Kanda on top of his brother. Allen has tears on his cheeks and his hands were pinned by Kanda. Nathan quickly put down Allen's dinner and ran to the bed. He pushed Kanda away from his brother and then, he glared at the Japanese exorcist cutely. "What are you doing to Allen-niisan? Why are you hurting him?" he asked as he helped his brother sit on the bed. He won't let anyone hurt his brother. Allen and Kanda just looked at him. "Nii-san was taking care of you these past few days. He doesn't even have the time to sleep, Kanda-san. And he was so lonely because everyone was telling him that you'll die. How could you hurt Onii-san now? He has so much faith in you!" he informed Kanda. He is mad— really, really mad. He doesn't want his brother to be in pain anymore.

Kanda looked at Nathan as a sweat dropped on the side of his cheek. "You're mis—."

"Why are you making my brother cry when you know that he loves you so much? !" Nathan asked angrily while glaring at Kanda cutely. His fists were clenched on his sides tightly.

Geez. These two bean sprouts really like jumping to conclusions."You're mistaken. Damn it," Kanda cursed with irritation in his voice. "Oi, Moyashi, explain to him," he commanded as he looked at Allen again.

Allen chuckled cutely first before looking at his little brother. He explained clearly to Nathan everything that happened.

When Nathan finally understood what really happened, he looked at Kanda again shyly. "I'm sorry Kanda-san," he whispered with a blush on his face.

Kanda just looked at Nathan with annoyance. "Tch. It's okay. Where is Lavi?" he asked the boy.

"Ah, he's being lectured again by Bookman because Lavi-san is naughty. I'll go call him, Kanda-san," Nathan said then quickly ran out of the room to find his lover.

Kanda smirked and looked at his beloved again. "Come here," he said as he signaled Allen to straddle his lap again. Allen did what he was told to do and was surprised when Kanda hugged him gently. "Sleep, Moyashi. I'll take care of you if you can't do that to yourself," he told the bean sprout.

Allen smiled against Kanda's shoulder. "You're an idiot, Kanda. I love you," he said. His head really hurts now. "Good night," he whispered before drifting off to sleep.

Lost (chapter 22) Yullen

Allen was walking in the corridor of the HQ with the female exorcist, Lenalee. He woke up without Kanda on his bed or in the room. He is with Lenalee now because she asked the girl to accompany him to where Kanda is despite reading the note Kanda left telling him to never leave the bed. His head hurts too much but he wanted to see Kanda.

"Allen-kun, we're here," Lenalee told the boy.

Allen gave the girl a pleased smile. "Thank you Lenalee, thank you for helping me," he thanked Lenalee.

"You're always welcome, Allen-kun. Neh, I'll go to Onii-san now," Lenalee said her goodbye.

Allen also said his goodbye to her before walking inside the training room. His eyes wandered around and he smiled up to his ear when he saw Kanda, meditating. He quickly ran then jumped to the Japanese exorcist, making the man fall and lie on the floor with him on top. "Kanda!" Allen greeted happily with a big smile on his face.

Hearing that voice, Kanda opened his eyes angrily and glared at the smiling bean sprout. "Baka Moyashi, why are you here?" he asked the boy.

"Good morning Kanda," Allen greeted, ignoring Kanda's question. He gave Kanda a kiss on the cheek then grinned at him again.

"Tch, Moyashi," Kanda wrapped his one arm around Allen's waist before sitting on the floor. He placed his thumb under Allen's chin, making the boy look at him directly in the eyes. He put a grim look on his face so that the bean sprout would listen to him seriously. "Didn't I leave a note? I told you to stay on bed. I even left food so that there won't be a need for you to go out of my room," Kanda told the boy with a very deep voice.

"But, Kanda…"

Kanda touched Allen's cheek for a moment. They are red. He kissed the bean sprout's forehead. Then, he moved his face closer to Allen's so he could feel the boy's breathing. Panting just by coming here…

"Kanda, you'll catch my fever if you're this close to me," Allen whispered as he tried to back his head but Kanda's hands were preventing him to do so.

"I won't," Kanda said before kissing Allen passionately on the lips. The kiss didn't lass long because Kanda doesn't want to exhaust his bean sprout. "Let's go," he told Allen then stood up and walked. The white-haired exorcist walked behind him.

"Kanda, wait," Allen whispered and stopped walking when he felt dizzy. It felt like his surrounding was moving.

"Moyashi," Kanda whispered as he hugged his bean sprout, preventing the boy from falling. "That's why I told you to rest," he said, tightening his hug.

"Stop nagging," Allen said as he buried his face on Kanda's chest. "Uhn…" he grunted while clutching the Japanese exorcist's coat. "My head hurts… so much… Kanda…" the bean sprout breathed heavily.

Damn. "I'll carry you, Moyashi," Kanda said as he lifted Allen and carried him in a bridal style.


"Shut up."

Allen buried his face on Kanda's chest. He really doesn't like being treated like a girl but his head really hurts and he can't walk properly. It's his own fault so he doesn't have any right to complain.


Kanda gently combed Allen's hair and he could feel the boy's cold sweat on his hand. "Tch, don't disobey me again," he said as he stood up.

Allen held Kanda's hand, stopping the man from leaving. "Where are you going?" he asked the older exorcist.

"Tch. I won't leave. Just going to get your medicine," Kanda answered as he freed his hand and walked to the cabinet. Allen told him earlier that he didn't take his medicine because it doesn't taste good. Kanda really thinks that that is a very childish reason. He went back and sat on the bed only to see his bean sprout lying on his stomach, burying his face on the pillow. "Oi, Moyashi," Kanda called the boy.

"I'm sleeping," Allen lied.

Kanda frowned at the boy. "You're not a kid anymore," he said, knowing that Allen is lying just so he won't be able to drink his medicine.

Allen buried his face more on the pillow. Baka Kanda. Who said I'm a kid? Ugh… my head really hurts.

"Oi, are you crying?" Kanda asked Allen when he heard sobs.

Allen shook his head as an answer but the truth is he is really crying because of too much headache. It seems that he really abused himself.

Kanda just sighed at Allen's stubbornness. He kissed the boy lightly on the head before saying his words. "Then, I'll just leave."

Allen rolled over the bed and stared at Kanda with teary eyes. "Where are you going?" he whispered.

Kanda smirked secretly in his mind. Allen easily falls in his traps. "Anywhere," he answered as he stood up and walked.

"Wait, Kan— uh…" Allen sat up on bed and tried to stop Kanda but his headache stopped him. "Kanda is so cruel," he whispered as his tears fell down. His head was bowed lightly.

Kanda smirked and sat on the bed again. He cupped Allen's cheek with one hand, making the boy look at him. "I'm not, now eat this," he said calmly as he tried to insert the tablet of medicine in the bean sprout's small mouth.

But Allen's lips were closed tightly. He really doesn't want to take the medicine.

"Tch." This is why Kanda really hates kids. They always have a non-sense reason when they don't like to do something. But experiencing this with his Moyashi, he never thought that this could be a little cute. Kanda thought of an idea on how to make Allen drink the medicine. It didn't took him long to think. He quickly put the medicine in his mouth then lifted Allen's face a little more before kissing the boy on the lips. He then passed the medicine from his mouth to Allen's using his tongue. After that, he pulled away with smirk on his lips. He pinched Allen's lips to stop the boy from spitting the pill and he put water in his mouth before kissing Allen again. After passing the water, he pulled away and looked at Allen directly in the eyes. "Swallow it," he commanded.

Allen did what he was told. Well, he couldn't possibly spit that because it will make the bed wet. Kanda just wiped the boy's tears away with his thumb as he stared at the boy. "Sleep," he said as he pushed Allen gently on the bed.

"Kanda-san," Nathan called from outside as he knocked on the door.

"Come in," Kanda said calmly while holding Allen's hand.

After those words, the door quickly opened revealing the worried, white-haired exorcist with his lover behind him. "Allen-niisan, why did you get up from bed? You're worsening your fever!" Nathan said as he ran near the bed. He was eating with Lavi a while ago when one of the finders told him about the romantic moment of Allen and Kanda in the training room. The finder was actually asking him if those two are lovers.

"I'll go out for a moment," Kanda said as he stood up.

"Don't," Allen whispered. A sad frown was formed on his face.

"Tch. I won't leave. Just talk to your brother. He's worried," Kanda told his bean sprout calmly.

Allen stared at Nathan and saw the boy about to cry. Nathan is really worried about him. Allen smiled in his heart knowing that his brother really loves him so much. "Ok," he agreed to his beloved.

Kanda smirked when Allen finally became obedient again. "Don't tire him, kid," Kanda said as he patted Nathan's head once before going out of the room with Lavi.

"Yuu, doesn't it feel good?" Lavi asked while leaning his back to the wall. "Allen got sick because he took care of you too much that he forgot taking care of himself," he told Kanda.

Kanda stared at Lavi with a frown, then, he looked away again. "It does… feel good," Kanda answered and sighed. "But it doesn't feel good when I see him like that," he said honestly as he looked up at the ceiling.

Lavi smirked at Kanda. "Yuu is concerned. Haha. Never seen you like that," he said, still with a smile.

"Baka Usagi," Kanda whispered with a smirk also. It's really funny how Allen could change him.


"Kanda-san," Nathan called once he got out of the room. Kanda and Lavi just looked at him. "Allen-niisan promised me that he won't get out of bed if you won't leave him again. Kanda-san, promise me that you won't leave Allen-niisan again or else," Nathan frowned seriously but cutely in front of Kanda. "I'll take my brother away from you," he threatened the Japanese exorcist.

Kanda was taken aback at the said words. Lavi just smiled behind him. "Yuu, promise him. He's serious. He also has evil side like his brother," the rabbit seriously whispered to his best friend.

Kanda's eyes never blinked. He never thought that that (evil side) is hereditary. Kanda regained his cool and he opened his mouth to speak. "I promise," he said.

Nathan smiled at Kanda happily, hearing the exorcist's promise. He'll never have to worry again. "Thank you, Kanda-san," he thanked his brother's lover. "We'll leave now," he spoke his goodbye politely as he dragged Lavi away.

Kanda let out a heavy sigh before walking inside the room again only to find his Moyashi sitting and waiting for him. He sat on the bed also and gave the boy a cool smile.

"Kanda," Allen called and straddled Kanda's lap then hugged the Japanese exorcist tightly.

Kanda hugged the boy back gently. "Do you want to sleep like this, Moyashi?" he asked as he felt Allen rested his head on his chest.

"Yes… I want Kanda… and his hair," Allen whispered gripping Kanda's arms.

Finally knowing what Allen wants, Kanda took off his tie and let his hair fall. Allen smiled when he felt the older exorcist's hair fall on his shoulders. "Love…" he breathed. "I love you, Kanda," he said, closing his eyes. "Don't leave me… stay…" he whispered before drifting off to sleep.

Hearing those words, Kanda smiled. Allen is really scared to be left by the one he loves. He had experienced the pain of loosing someone, after all. I love you too. He hugged Allen tighter then moved himself to the corner of the bed (and room) to have a more comfortable position.


Allen opened his eyes only to find himself still straddling the Japanese exorcist. He looked at Kanda and saw his beloved sleeping. Kanda had a book on his hand which means that he was reading before he fell asleep. "Allen," Kanda whispered as he opened his eyes when he felt the bean sprout move.

"K-Kanda, I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?" Allen asked nervously. He is shy because he made Kanda take care of him selfishly.

Kanda stared at Allen first before pressing his forehead on Allen's. This way, he could feel Allen's temperature and he was sure that it went down. "Does your head still hurt?" he asked the boy.

"No," Allen answered as he shook his head. Kanda really helped a lot. "Thank you for taking care of me, Kanda," he thanked Kanda with a smile before giving Kanda a chaste kiss on the lips. He isn't sick anymore. Thanks to Kanda himself, and his hug and his hair and his warmth.

Kanda smirked at the kiss. "I'm sleepy, Moyashi," Kanda informed Allen. It's midnight already, after all.

Hearing those words, Allen quickly get off of Kanda. "Sleep, Kanda. I'll take care of you," he said while pushing Kanda gently on the bed.

"Hn," Kanda smirked. His eyes were closed because he is really feeling sleepy after reading five books in a row. "Baka Moyashi, just hug me and sleep," he told Allen as he pulled the boy by the hand.

Allen blushed lightly at their position. Kanda was embracing him tightly that he could feel the beats of Kanda's heart. "O-Ok," the bean sprout said as he hugged Kanda back. "Goodnight, Kanda."


"Lavi-san, why aren't we having sex?" Nathan suddenly asked the red-haired exorcist. He was sitting on Lavi's bed while Lavi was writing something Bookman told him to write.

Lavi was surprised at Nathan's words. Why did his innocent lover suddenly asked something like that? "You're still young, Nathan," he coolly answered the boy. Though he wants to do it with Nathan… but the kid is still young. Also, Allen will definitely kill him if he ever laid a hand on his cute, little brother.

"But we're lovers, Lavi-san. Master told me that lovers do it," Nathan told the red-haired exorcist. (Well, Marian told him that that's what he does with all the women who love him)

Lavi frowned a little as he stopped writing. He turned to look at his cute lover. "We'll do that in the future," he said with a smile. He just wouldn't be able to take it if Nathan got hurt. Nathan is a virgin, after all.

Nathan stood up and walked in front of Lavi. "You still don't love me enough, Lavi-san?" he asked politely, tears forming in eyes. He is hurt because of what Lavi said. His master also told him that if he refused to have sex with those women, that means he doesn't want to return the love they are giving him. (That's how Marian manipulated Nathan)

"I love you…' Lavi said. "So much… now don't cry. It will hurt you that's why I don't want to do it now," he informed the boy.

"I don't care if it's Lavi-san," Nathan said as he hugged Lavi. "Because I love Lavi-san," he added innocently.

Lavi sighed and hugged the boy back. There is no way Nathan would give up; he always gets what he wants because Allen is spoiling him. "Ók, but only if your brother agrees," Lavi said with a sigh.

Kanda pushed Allen gently to the door and quickly pinned the bean sprout's hands on either side of his head. He, then, captured Allen's soft lips with his. Their body was so close together that Kanda could feel the boy's hips trembling beneath him. He stopped kissing the white-haired exorcist's lips and started to work on the bean sprout's neck. As he did this, he unbuttoned Allen's shirt and then, threw it on the floor.

So fast… "K-Kanda, ah!" Allen moaned as he felt Kanda's hands played and pulled his nipples gently. He could feel the taller exorcist's mouth sucking his neck roughly, leaving kiss marks on his pale skin. Shivers went down his spine and he blushed darkly when he felt the Japanese man lowered his head and sucked his nipples hungrily. Kanda would lick, suck and nibble it repeatedly and it drives the bean sprout crazy. "B-Bed… please… haa…" the bean sprout pleaded, feeling his body weaken gradually.

Hearing Allen's pleading, Kanda smirked before he lifted and threw the boy on the bed. He took his coat and shirt off before climbing on top of Allen again. He paused and stared at his beautiful beloved for a moment. The kiss marks he left on Allen's pale skin and those wet, pink nipples… he stared at them with a smirk.

Allen stared back at the Japanese exorcist with a blush on his face. He was panting heavily because of the pleasure Kanda gave him a while ago. "Kanda…" he whispered as he untied his lover's hair. Then, he averted his eyes from Kanda's to the man's abs… those well-built abs. He traced it with his slender fingers slowly. "Amazing…" he whispered. He, then, smiled innocently at Kanda. "I love it," he said. He closed his eyes when Kanda caressed his left arm and attempted to kiss him again but loud knocks on the door interrupted them… again.

"Moyashi-chan!" Lavi shouted from the outside.

Allen opened his eyes widely when he heard Lavi's voice. One is enough, two is too much. That's what Allen thought. This is the second time Lavi interrupted them and he wouldn't let the Rabbit succeed. An angry frown was formed on the bean sprout's face.

"Don't tell me you're going to let him interrupt us again," Kanda spoke with annoyance in his tone.

Allen looked at Kanda with nervousness. "N-No," he said. "I'll definitely not allow that," he continued with a smile. Well, he was actually feeling good also. Kanda just gave him a smirk. "What is it, Lavi?" the white-haired exorcist asked loudly.

Lavi looked at Nathan first before saying what he needed to say. "Can I come inside?" he asked unsurely. Well, Nathan is here with him in case his elder brother won't allow Lavi. He might be able to persuade his brother, right? But deep inside the red-haired exorcist, he has the thought that there is no way Allen would allow such things to happen.

"Hell no! Ah!" Allen shouted when Kanda sucked his abdomen and dipped his tongue on his navel. "Don't, Kanda, he'll hear us," he said as he gripped the Japanese man's hair. He didn't even realize that Kanda had removed all his clothes including his boxers, revealing his aching erection. "Just… Just tell me… uhn… what you need… haa…" Allen breathed when Kanda didn't listen to his words earlier. The older exorcist kept on teasing him.

Lavi's sweat dropped a little. Can he really ask that loudly? He let out a sigh before opening his mouth to speak. "I just want to ask permission if I can—."

"Ah! Do… Do whatever you want… haa…" Allen interrupted Lavi when Kanda took his cock in his mouth. "Ngh… ahh… Kanda… stop…" he whispered. His legs were shaking because of too much pleasure. Kanda was licking his shaft with his tongue and playing with his balls and the tip using his hands.

"Can I really—?"

"Yes! ... Ah… do it now! You can… ahh… do what… ever you want…" Allen managed to say, tears forming in his eyes because of Kanda's torturous actions. Kanda just started moving his mouth up and down the length.

Lavi couldn't believe it. Allen really didn't want to hear him out. "Lavi-san, Allen-niisan agreed," Nathan said with a smile as he dragged the older exorcist with him.

Allen let out a sigh of relief when he heard those footsteps. He glared at Kanda and tried to scold him but the Japanese exorcist took his member again without any warning. "K-Kanda! Ah!" Pre-cum stated leaking out of his manhood and Kanda licked it all. "Kanda… stop…" Allen said as he sat up on bed. "I… I want to make you feel good too…" Allen whispered while blushing darkly. He just remembered the No.5 in the article "How to Please Your Man in Bed".

Kanda stopped what he was doing and sat on the bed also. He looked at the boy with arrogance. "Hn," Kanda smirked. "You have small mouth, Moyashi," he told the boy.

Allen frowned angrily but cutely at Kanda. "Are you insulting me, baKanda?" he asked his beloved. "I can pleasure you, baKanda. Don't underestimate me," he said intensely.

Kanda smirked again. That wasn't an insult but a compliment. And well, he couldn't possibly refuse such a great offer, could he? The Japanese man stood up, unzipped his pants and removed the rest of his clothes, revealing his aching length.

Allen couldn't help but stare at it, wide-eyed. Then, he averted his eyes to look at Kanda. His heart was beating so fast and his face blushed darker if it was even possible.

Kanda gave the boy another smirk. The way Allen stared at his arousal was surely a stroke for his ego. "You can still change your mind, Moyashi," he said. Well, he doesn't want to force his bean sprout, honestly.

Allen frowned at Kanda again. "No way," he whispered. "I'm just wandering how you made it that big," he continued with a pout. His isn't small but Kanda's is bigger.

"It's an adult 'manhood', Moyashi," Kanda answered. He was about to push Allen on the bed again, thinking that Allen won't take his member in his mouth. But the boy did. Allen made him sit on the bed before positioning himself in between his lover's knees. He started to lick the shaft up and down slowly. Then, he sucked the tip first before twirling his tongue around the head. "F-Fuck…" Kanda cursed and moaned. Allen was pleased at the exorcist's reaction. He sucked the length again and deep throated it. But of course, Kanda is too big that Allen wasn't able to take it all in his mouth. "Fuck. Allen, stop," he said as he pushed Allen's head gently away from him. He never knew Allen was so good at that.

Allen stared at his lover with confusion. "You don't like it, Kanda?" he asked while looking at his beloved with worried eyes. It's his first time doing that, after all.

"Fuck, I love it," Kanda cursed and admitted honestly as he lifted and placed Allen on bed again. "Suck," he ordered intensely as he brought three, long fingers to Allen's mouth. He really couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to take Allen now.

Allen didn't suck it. He just stared at the Japanese exorcist with curiosity.

"Damn it, it will hurt you more if you don't suck them," Kanda said angrily. His member is really aching and he wants to penetrate the boy now.

Allen quickly opened his mouth when he heard Kanda's angry voice. It seems that he just made his lover mad. Allen sucked the three fingers, coating them with his saliva though he really doesn't know why Kanda wants to suck his fingers.

"That's enough," Kanda said as he withdrew his fingers. He looked at his bean sprout with lust. They were both covered with sweat. Kanda gave Allen a chaste kiss on the lips before nudging the boy's legs apart.

"K-Kanda?" Allen didn't know what was going to happen and why his legs were awkwardly spread apart, making his member twitch because of the cool air.

"Relax," Kanda said as he placed his middle finger on Allen's tight entrance. The bean sprout just looked at him, wide-eyed. The Japanese exorcist ignored the look on his lover's face and pushed his finger in that virgin hole as he watched the boy's face to see his reaction.

Allen's legs trembled at the intrusion and he looked away from Kanda with embarrassment. That's just dirty… "W-What are you doing, baKanda? Ah!" Allen asked but gasped when the Japanese exorcist slid his finger in and out of the hole. His muscles tightened around the finger because it really felt uncomfortable.

"Allen, relax," Kanda whispered again as he kissed the bean sprout's cheek and withdrew his finger from within his beloved.

Allen just breathed before gasping with pain as the intruder came in again but this time, with companion. "K-Kanda, stop… it hurts," he said when the exorcist above him started to stretch his tightness. He was gripping tightly the sheets under him. "Kanda…" Allen started to whimper when Kanda didn't stop scissoring and curling his fingers inside him.

"Look at me, Allen," Kanda said as he cupped the boy's cheek with his free hand, still stretching Allen's tight heat.

Allen looked at Kanda with teary eyes but he never cry. "Ah! No… no more…' he whimpered when Kanda inserted the third and final finger inside him. The fingers started moving in and out of him without any hesitations. "No…" he whispered, panting heavily. Sweats were rolling all over his body as he felt those fingers thrust inside him rapidly.

Kanda kissed Allen gently on the lips to distract the boy from the pain he is feeling. He inserted his tongue inside the small mouth of his lover and started licking all the places he can lick. Not long after that, Kanda found the boy's sweet spot and he could feel his bean sprout pushing his hips down to meet his fingers. Kanda pulled away from the kiss and started to thrust his fingers faster.

"A-Ah! Yuu!" Allen couldn't control his moans when Kanda continued harassing his sweet spot.

Kanda smirked at Allen as he paused his movements. "You finally called my name," he said.

Allen looked at Kanda with surprise. Did Kanda want him to call him by the name from the very start? He was ready to ask that but the Japanese exorcist started moving his fingers again. "Ah! ... haa…" Allen moaned.

Kanda kept his pace for a while 'til he felt that Allen is stretched enough and ready. He heard the boy whine sadly when he withdrew his fingers, leaving the boy feeling empty.

Allen panted heavily as he looked at Kanda with half-lidded eyes. "K-Kiss me…" he said.

Hearing what his lovers wants, Kanda quickly kissed his bean sprout. As he did this, he ground their hips and dicks together, earning cute moans from the boy. He, then, pulled away and licked Allen's ear sexily. "This will hurt, Allen," he whispered to the boy's ear before sitting on the bed. He spread Allen's legs apart as much as possible. Then, he glanced at his beloved only to see Allen staring at him with worry. Allen could sense what was going to happen. "I'll be gentle," Kanda reassured. Well, he wants Allen to feel good too in his first time. Kanda lifted Allen's legs, placing the boy's angles on his shoulders. "Relax," he said as he placed the tip of his member against Allen's entrance. He firmed his hold on his beloved's legs before slowly pushing himself inside the tight heat. When he was fully inside, he stopped his movements, allowing the boy to get used to his size. Then, he stared at his bean sprout.

Allen's eyes were closed but Kanda could see tears rolling down from the sides. His legs were trembling because of the pain. His muscles were clenching down at the intrusion and he could feel the pulsing of Kanda's cock inside him. "H-Hurts… too much…" he finally spoke but in a whisper as he clung to Kanda's arms tightly. "Take… Take it out please…" he pleaded, still with his eyes closed. "Please…" he pleaded again as tears continued running down his cheeks. He was never ready for this. This pain is different from the pain he felt from the wounds because of the missions. This pain felt like his body was being split in two.

"Allen, look at me," Kanda said as he tried his best to not move his lower half. It was painful for him also. He really loves Allen. He was never gentle to anyone before. If the person below him now is a slut, he would never give her/him time to adjust even if she/he was a virgin. He would fuck her/him roughly now. But this is Allen we are talking about, his most beloved person. He can never do that to him. "Look at me," he repeated when Allen didn't obey him. He smiled when Allen finally opened his eyes. "Just look at me," he whispered as he pulled his member out, only the thick tip was inside. Then, he thrust himself back sharply inside.

"Ahh!" Allen screamed as he arched his back, unintentionally making Kanda's member reach deeper inside him. It hurt him so much. The way his beloved thrust inside him was really, really painful. He panted below Kanda; he never knew that just by lying on bed, he could sweat this much. He never closed his eyes (well, he would blinked sometimes, of course) because Kanda is looking at him passionately— which he only shows in the slightest moments.

Kanda pulled out again, then, he shallowly thrust inside of the boy repeatedly before pushing himself inside of his beloved sharply. Kanda kept the slow pace, thrusting his member in Allen gently and carefully to avoid himself from hurting the bean sprout more. Allen is too tight for his size. "Hurts… Yuu, it hurts…." Allen said as he looked at Kanda with pain. But Kanda didn't stop thrusting to the boy slowly because Allen won't be able to adjust if he doesn't move. He is also trying to position his member at the right angle so he could hit Allen's bundle of nerves. Kanda thrust himself inside his beloved slowly before delivering a sharp thrust inside the boy again.

"Ahh! Yuu…" Allen screamed again while arching his back. Kanda just hit his sweetest spot.

Kanda repeated thrusting to that spot gently, earning moans from the boy. Afterwards, he stopped moving when he was sure that his member was pressing against that bundle of nerves. "Does it feel good, Allen?" Kanda asked before he gulped, his member aching to move inside of Allen.

"Y-Yes… Allen answered as he looked at Kanda with lustful eyes.

Kanda completely pulled his member out of Allen. He let the boy's legs fall on the bed and spread widely on either side of his hips. His hands fell on both sides of the bean sprout's head to support himself. "I love you," he said before thrusting his arousal deeper and harder inside of Allen all at once, surely hitting those bundle of nerves.

"Ahh!" Allen gasped loudly as he gripped Kanda's arms tighter. Kanda smirked at this; he rolled his hips making wide circles inside, opening Allen's tight heat wider. "Yuu…" Allen breathed heavily as he tried his best to not close his eyes.

Kanda, then, slowly pull back his hips before slamming hard into him again. "Ahh! M-More Yuu…" Allen moaned beneath him. Hearing those words, Kanda completely pulled his member out before shoving back inside the boy, never missing that bundle of nerves. "Ahh!" the boy screamed. Kanda rammed himself in and out of his bean sprout over and over again with such force.

Allen's grip on Kanda's arms tightened more if it was still even possible. A little amount of blood flowed down Kanda's arms because of the boy's grip but neither of them minded. They were too drowned in the pleasure they are feeling. Allen was trying hardly to stop himself from moaning but it only made his moans cuter and more seductive for the Japanese exorcist. Kanda was moving so fast and so hard inside of him that he felt completely full, never missing the man's thickness. Every thrust goes deeper and harder inside of him.

Kanda, soon, saw Allen's member leaking too much liquid. He supported his weight with one hand as he used his free hand to grasp the boy's aching member. He moved his hand up and down of the shaft with such an incredible pace, just the same on how he moved his hips back and forth to Allen. "Fuck..." Kanda cursed when he felt Allen's walls tightening around him.

"Y-Yuu… ahh… ahh… ahh… I'm… ahh! … going to …ah… Yuu… cum!" Allen managed to say between his moans. Kanda's thrusts were too fast that it hurts but the pain he is feeling brings pleasures to his body.

Kanda smirked again, sensing that they'll be able to come together. He felt the heat spiraling within his stomach. As he rubbed Allen's arousal, he increased his pace, his thrusts becoming faster and harder and deeper and more precise. He was rocking himself in and out of Allen in an animalistic speed and he knew that he was getting closer and closer to the edge.

Allen was repeatedly pushing his hips down to meet Kanda's thrusts, wrapping his legs around Kanda's hips to help the older exorcist go deeper inside of him. The Japanese thought Allen looked sexy like that and he rocked in and out of the boy roughly. His thrusts kept on hitting that bundle of nerves and he knew that Allen would cum any moment now. Kanda increased his pace more and he loved how Allen moaned beneath him. He thrust sharply inside the boy repeatedly 'til he felt Allen's wall tightening around him. "Ahh… Yuu… Yuu… I'm coming… haa… Yuu!" Allen screamed as he came, his cum falling onto their chests and stomachs.

Kanda, at the same time, gave the bean sprout two more sharp thrusts before coming deep inside Allen with a grunt. "Yuu… ahh… too much…" Allen said when he felt Kanda still feeding his hole with that warm liquid. His grip on Kanda's arms loosened after he came and they were resting on either side of his body now.

"That's because I had been holding back for too long," Kanda explained as he pulled his now soft member out of Allen. He, then, let himself fall on top of the boy. He never knew that sex could feel this good. It's true that he had sex so many times before but this is the first time he ever cared for his partner (in sex). This is the first time he wanted to make his partner feel good too.

"H-Heavy…" Allen complained to the Japanese exorcist above him. They were both panting and sweating heavily. Allen moved his arms to hug his beloved because he loved how Kanda's body rested on top of him. "I love you too," he whispered. That answer might be too late but he really couldn't reply to Kanda earlier especially when the man's member kept on torturing his hole.

"Are you still fine?" Lavi asked the boy beneath him. He stopped his movements when he saw Nathan panting heavily and blushing darkly. Maybe he was a little too rough?

"Fine… I'm fine, Lavi-san…" Nathan whispered with a smile. Lavi's huge cock was buried deep inside him and it felt really good. His muscles were clenching down at the intrusion, making his walls tighter. "L-Lavi-san, is this sex?" he asked out of curiosity.

Lavi smiled. The boy wanted to have sex with him even though he doesn't know what it is. "Yes," he answered as he raised Nathan's hips a little.

"Ah!" Nathan gasped at the sudden action. Lavi's wide tip just hit his bundle of nerves. He closed his eyes tightly when he felt Lavi pulled his member out, just the thick head inside, readying himself for the upcoming pleasure. His hands clutched the pillow behind his head at the same time.

Lavi gave the boy a smirk first before shoving himself back inside Nathan with such force that the boy's entire body lurked forward in its place.

"Ahh!" Nathan screamed and it was soon followed by pant after pant as Lavi continued pounding inside him sharply with such a fast pace. Lavi moved his cock in and out of the boy rapidly, his cock going deeper and harder with every thrust. "Ahh… Ahh… Lavi-san… I can't! ah! Something's… ah! c-coming out Ahh!" Nathan moaned as he came hard.

Lavi could feel Nathan's walls tightened around his member and it was unbearable. He sharply rammed himself inside the boy repeatedly and then, he stopped, burying his cock deep inside the boy, only to let his cum leak inside the boy's hole.

"Ahh…" Nathan moaned and panted as he felt Lavi's liquid filling his ass. Lavi, soon, let out his soft member and lied beside the boy. "I love you, Lavi-san. Goodnight," the little exorcist said as he hugged Lavi and closed his eyes.

"I love you, too, Nathan," Lavi said while hugging the boy back. He let Nathan used his chest as a pillow. That surely tired the hell out of Nathan. The pleasure was too much for a kid like him. He'll do it more when Nathan has enough stamina.

"Y-Yuu… I can't… ahh…" Allen moaned as he felt Kanda's big arousal thrusting slowly but deeply in his tight hole. He was on his knees with his hands gripping the sheets of the bed tightly. "Ahh!" the bean sprout gasped loudly when the Japanese gave him a sharp thrust, hitting that bundle of nerves roughly only to be followed again by slow thrusts. He panted below the powerful seme behind him. Tears started to form in his eyes again due to too much pleasure. "Yuu… stop…" he pleaded. He doesn't know how many times he had cum and how many times Kanda had cum inside him. He's really tired now yet the Japanese's cock was still big and hard, never getting tired of penetrating him. Well, he is also hard but that wouldn't happen if Kanda had stopped doing this earlier.

Kanda continued thrusting himself inside Allen in a slow pace. He was enjoying the feeling of that tight ass squeezing his big cock inside so much. "You say that but you're also very hard down here," he smirked as he slid his hand from Allen's chest down his curves down to his aching member, grasping it.

Allen shivered as he felt that hand slid on his skin and gripped his member. "B-BaKanda… that's because you keep on touching me… ahh… stop… stop already…. This is my… my first time you know… let… let me rest… Yuu… Yuu, stop— ahh!" Allen explained but screamed loudly when Kanda's member thrust sharply and roughly, reaching deeper inside him. He could feel the Japanese's cock getting bigger and harder deep inside his ass. "Yuu… I'm tired…" he said, panting heavily.

Kanda didn't mind Allen's complaints and continued his slow pace for a little longer 'til he got tired of it. He let go of the boy's member and placed his hands on Allen's hip. He raised the bean sprout's hips a little more, positioning it at the right angle so he could abuse the boy's sweet spot again. He gulped first before shoving himself inside of the boy harder and rougher than before.

"Ahh! Yuu! Ahh! Ahh!" Allen moaned loudly, surprised at the sudden pace. Kanda was hitting his bundle of nerves over and over again with such an incredible pace. "Ahh! T-Too fast! Yuu! Ahh!" the white-haired exorcist couldn't stop his moans as his lover continued ramming inside him roughly that his knees and arms gave up. Kanda's grip on his hips didn't help at all and he was now laying on his stomach yet the man behind him continued fucking him. "Allen…" Kanda called as he pulled his member out of Allen. He turned Allen around so the boy was facing him and was lying on his back.

"Y-Yuu…" Allen whispered. He was surprised when he was pulled up by Kanda and he was now straddling the Japanese's lap. "Ah!" he gasped when the tip of Kanda's cock was placed on his entrance. Allen knew what was going to happen so he wrapped his arms around Kanda's neck and buried his face on his lover's chest as a dark blush was formed on his cheeks. He readied himself for the huge intruder that will come inside him. "Y-Yuu…" he whispered as Kanda slowly sank his hips down using his hands.

Kanda, then, didn't waste any time because he wanted to cum now. He moved Allen's hips up and down fast with force using his hands so his cock was still fucking Allen roughly and deeply. "Ahh! Ahh! Yuu… cumming! I'm cumming!" the bean sprout screamed arching his back, letting his lover see his face when he cum.

Kanda kept thrusting to the boy 'til his cock released that white liquid deep inside Allen.

Allen rested his head on Kanda's chest and he was panting heavily. "N-No more… please…" he pleaded as he clutched Kanda's shoulders.

Kanda pushed Allen on the bed again. "One more time, this will be the last, Allen," he said as he gave Allen another intense kiss.

Allen tried to push Kanda away but he gasped when he felt Kanda's cock slowly hardened inside him again. He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to regain energy, preparing himself for another powerful sex again.

Allen opened his eyes only to find himself hugging Kanda. His head was resting on Kanda's bare chest.

"Good afternoon," Kanda greeted. He was reading a book again. He has been awake for more than two hours. "You just missed your precious breakfast, Moyashi," he smirked and insulted the boy.

Allen frowned angrily before rolling over so he was now lying on top of his beloved. "I hate you!" he shouted loudly even though the Japanese was very close to him.

Kanda closed the book he was reading and focused his attention to the person he loves the most who dared to greet him like that. "Repeat that, baka Moyashi," Kanda said intensely as he looked at the bean sprout fiercely.

Allen didn't look away despite seeing Kanda's deadly glare. Instead, he gave his man a very determined expression. "I hate you and your fast regeneration!" he yelled at the Japanese exorcist again.

Kanda was surprised at what he heard. So that was why Allen greeted him like that. He smirked and wrapped his arms around the bean sprout's waist then squeezed the boy's ass with his one hand, causing the bean sprout to gasp. (They're still naked) "But you liked it. You were moaning lewdly last night," he informed the boy with a smirk on his lips.

Allen blushed at the said words. "I didn't like that at all!" he shouted angrily as he sat up on bed and tried to stand up but he suddenly fell on the floor, sitting, when he felt pain within his backside. Allen bit his lower lip as he tried not to gasp from the pain of standing up.

"Moyashi," Kanda quickly stood up and kneeled in front of his Moyashi.

Allen glared at Kanda angrily. "It hurts!" he shouted again.

Kanda smirked at his bean sprout once more. "Here," he said as he lifted and carried Allen. The boy is just too cute when he is mad. "I'll help you," he said as he opened the door of his bathroom. He felt Allen buried his head on his shoulder and gripped his arms. "Do you really hate it, Moyashi?" the Japanese asked.

"No," Allen answered right away. "I love Kanda. It just hurts but you'll take care of me, right?" he asked as he looked at Kanda seriously. Last night really felt good. Kanda's abilities were amazing. His speed and regenerating ability is too fast.

Kanda just looked at the boy with surprise because of those words but he smiled afterwards. "Yeah, you're my responsibility after all," he said.

"Hey, don't make it sound so bad, Kanda" he pouted but he twitched when Kanda opened the shower, letting the cold water fall on their skin. "C-Cold…" he whispered as he hugged the Japanese.

"We can't really take a bath if you're like that Moyashi," Kanda said to the boy.


The four exorcists were sitting on the chair, eating happily in the dining room. Kanda was sitting beside Allen while Lavi was sitting beside Nathan.

"Lavi, what were you asking me last night?" Allen asked all of the sudden as he paused eating his food.

Lavi grinned at Allen happily. He will never regret what happened last night even if Allen decided to kill him because both of them really felt good. "I was asking you if I could have sex with Nathan," he said calmly and honestly. A bigger smile was formed on his lips. "And you agreed," he told the bean sprout, smile not leaving his lips.

"What?" Allen asked loudly and angrily, his hands curling into fists. Kanda just gulped beside him.

Sensing that his brother is really going to be mad, Nathan opened his mouth to speak. "I'm fine, Allen-niisan," he said, catching the three exorcists' attention. "I mean, it really hurt at first but Lavi-san was so gentle that it felt good afterwards," he said shyly, light shade of pink forming on his cheeks.

Allen was surprised and at the same time, angered, hearing those words. He glared at Lavi again and activated his innocence. "I'm going to kill you, Lavi!" he screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to squash Lavi's whole body with his innocence.

Lavi dodged the attack by running away, still with a smile on his face.

Allen tried to run after the Rabbit but his lower back hurt again and he fell on the floor, sitting. He deactivated his innocence as he tried to stand up.

Kanda walked near his beloved and helped the boy stand up. "Stop it, Moyashi. They're lovers," he said calmly as they sat on the chair again.

"But," Allen whispered as he looked at Kanda with worry in his eyes.

"Please, don't kill Lavi-san, Allen-niisan," Nathan pleaded while sobbing. Tears were rolling down his face.

Allen looked at his brother nervously. He didn't mean it that way. He didn't mean to make Nathan cry. "I'm… I'm sorry," he apologized as he smiled to the boy.

"Yeah, don't kill me. Your brother will be very lonely," Lavi said as he sat on his chair again.

"Hmp," Allen looked away from Lavi. "Just be gentle to him, always," he said, making his little brother smile.

"Thank you, Allen-niisan," Nathan thanked happily.

"So, Moyashi-chan," Lavi called Kanda's bean sprout with a creepy smile on his lips. He just realized something when he saw Allen fell on the floor. Everyone's attention was drawn to him. "How do you like Yuu's fast regenerating ability?"


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