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Sequel to Wrong Turn.

Note: Requires some knowledge of comic!canon for DC and reboot.

"Why are you here?"

Robin turned to his companion. His fuzzy blueness blended into the dark of the night. It made his yellow eyes seem bodiless. He looked strange, like a demon out of a nightmare. Well out of normal child's nightmare. Robin knew full well his nightmares were no longer normal. Constant exposure to Joker and in combination with watching his parents' deaths saw to that.

"No particular reason," Robin answered.


There's no malice in his voice. It isn't accusing, but rather almost friendly like a two friends conversing. Robin weighted his opinions. It's true; there is a reason why he up here by himself, far away from watchful eyes of Batman.

It wasn't something he could really describe. At best it was depression and loneliness wrapped up into a tight ball that rested in his stomach. He felt nauseous and his appetite for food had disappeared. Life felt motionless and even the wide open skies brought him no joy.

Robin closed his eyes. "Have you ever had the feeling that you're missing something from your life?" he muttered.

"Every day." There was a small pause. "I look different. People… have been afraid of me. They call me names like demon. It has been like that for as long as I can remember. I look at other people… at other familiesand wonder if the hole in my heart is because I didn't have one." His blue tail twitched before wrapping around him and into his hands.

"Hole in your heart," Robin muttered. He took a deep breath and felt the ice cold wind of the night hit his face.

"Did you lose something?"

Robin fell silent. Did he? His parents, yes, but this felt different. He felt sad, but there's a voice in his head that said he should be happy. He felt lonely, but at the same time, he's never been prouder. There was no way to describe it. "I don't know," Robin finally said.

Yellow eyes blinked back at him, surprised hiding in them. "Was?[1]You don't know?"

Robin shook his head. "Yeah. Just one day, I was filled with this immense sadness. It's as if I had lost apart of myself and I don't know how. I keep looking for someone shorter who should be by my side, but there's no one there. There isn't suppose to be anyone there but it feels like there should be." Robin bit his lip and felt a small wave of relief fill him. It did nothing to dissipate the feeling of depression but at the very least the burden felt lighter. An unbiased ear was the best listener.

"Oh… are you an empath?"

"What makes you think that?"

"Hmm, well my friend, with one touch she can feel what others are feeling. She doesn't like it, gives her more trouble than good. Maybe you're picking up on someone's feelings?"

Robin chuckled. "Nah, I'm sure I don't have that kind of ability. Would do me more harm than good with my job."

Silence fell around them. It was light and comfortable. Everything wasn't right, not yet, but Robin felt lighter. Now that he had said his piece, his original questions about his companion began to return. "Say… Nightcrawler, why are you here?"

"I don't know."

[1]German for What

For those confused, this was written for a prompt where YJ!Dick Grayson is feeling the same feelings of Comic!Dick Grayson who is currently being "depressed" about the DC reboot (which if you don't know is Comic!Dick stops being Batman and goes back to being Nightwing). The person YJ!Dick is talking about is Damian (because if Comic!Dick goes back to being Nightwing, it means all the relationship building he's had with Damian who is currently Robin disappears).

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