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Chapter One

Mogami Kyoko and Tsuruga Ren had not seen each other in three months. After the Cain and Setsu Heel project had been completed and Dark Moon filming had been wrapped up the two had been swamped with work. Aside from working in the LoveMe Section, Kyoko had been receiving more acting offers. Nothing major, she hadn't been offered any leading roles however her range of acting had gradually become more diverse. She had been in CMs, Dramas and even a few movies. Although the roles had been short and minor, Kyoko didn't care. Each role she had acted became a part of her, each character adding to her repertoire of accomplishments. With each job she completed, more jobs were offered. Kyoko was really happy with how things were going. She had eased into the acting career so well that a lot of things had become second nature to her. However, Kyoko wasn't aware of the buzz she had been creating within the industry itself. All the directors who she had worked with had been amazed with the polite, hard-working young girl who seemed to be able to perfectly characterize whatever role was thrown at her. Mogami Kyoko was becoming a favourite amongst the higher ups in the filmmaking world.

Kyoko had been so busy in fact that the only time she could think about anything other than work was when she collapsed with exhaustion into her futon at night. She lay looking up at the ceiling of her room; it was only then that she noticed an unexplainable empty feeling in her chest. When this happened she would get out her magic Corn Stone, and an image of a certain someone kissing said stone would then pop into her head followed by a flow of warm memories about that person. Then the emptiness would subside and Kyoko believed the stone had worked its magic, she would tuck it away. Soon after, the girl would fall deeply asleep to dream dreams about the same person, which she wouldn't remember in the morning.

Kyoko was in the middle of eating her breakfast when she received a phone call from Sawara-san. "Mogami-kun could you drop by my office this morning, I have something to discuss with you."

"Of course Sawara-san, I'll come and see you as soon as I arrive to work."Kyoko replied and then hung up after they had said their goodbyes.

Kyoko finished her breakfast, bade farewell to Taishou and Okami-san, grabbed her bicycle and headed to the LME building.

"You wanted to see me Sawara-san?" Kyoko asked as she approached his desk. Sawara looked up from the piles of papers on his desk and smiled at the young girl who was bowing in greeting to him.

"Ah yes, please sit down Mogami-kun" he gestured to the chair which she then gracefully sat down on. "I must congratulate you on your work so far" he said in a pleased tone. "You're really starting to make a name for yourself." Kyoko blushed faintly at the compliment.

"Thank you Sawara-san, but I don't believe I'm that good yet, I've still got a very long way to go." Sawara-san smiled further at the girl's modesty and shook his head.

"By the amount of work you've been getting, I would have to disagree with you" he replied. "I've been inundated with work requests that have been specifying that they particularly want you for the jobs" Sawara stated. "In fact, there have been so many requests that I'm having trouble going through them all."

Kyoko was shocked, she was about to start apologising for being a burden to him when Sawara-san cut her off. "So we've decided it's time to give you your own personal manager" he concluded happily.

"A manager...?" Kyoko repeated stunned.

"Yes, we're working on finding someone appropriate for your particular case. We'll let you know when we have someone ready. That's all I wanted to tell you, I know you have a pretty tight schedule today so you're free to go."

"Thank you Sawara-san!" Kyoko rose and bowed before exiting the office.

Kyoko digested this new information, trying to envision what her new manager would look like. All she came up with was a cross between Yashiro-san and Shouko-san. Kyoko dismissed the weird image with a shake of her head and hurried off to get to the first of the many jobs she had that day.

Tsuruga Ren was at his limit. For the past few months he had tried desperately to put the thoughts about a certain copper haired high school girl to the back of his mind. He had called her a couple of times to check how she was going, and she had seemed her usual self. She had told him about how she was currently occupied with work. Ren would've called it being 'overloaded' rather than 'occupied', but she was enjoying it all the same and when she was pleased, so was he. Kyoko had described each of her projects briefly and explained what she liked about them and what she had to work on to improve her own abilities. Her dedication made him smile as he had listened to her ramble on about work. After the usual lecture about his eating habits, she profusely apologised about taking up so much of his time on a phone call. Before she could hang up he had said gently "Mogami-san, I always have time for you." He had noted the brief pause as she processed what he had just said, before she apologised once more and said farewell. He sighed after she had hung up. He wondered what her expression had been like when he'd said that to her.

Right now he was currently looking over the manuscript of his latest movie. It was for an intensely romantic, yet dark, film. The plot was fairly straightforward; he was playing the role of a playboy who falls into an obsessive love with the one woman who won't bend to his playboy ways. The two initially hate each other and he targets her because of his persistent and arrogant personality. He becomes frustrated and obsessed with the woman which is his downfall, because his infatuation leads to a deep love. He manages to win her over and they spiral into a passionate love, however the woman is hiding the fact that she is engaged to someone else and deceit, jealously and betrayal ensue. It is when he manages to overcome the darkness in his personality, and stop monopolising the woman that she breaks off her engagement to be with him. Unfortunately the woman is too late; she discovers he was so devastatingly in love with her that he had taken his own life.

This was definitely different from any of his previous roles, he was sure he could portray this character well. The thing concerning him about the role was what he used for inspiration. Lately when he had to display the emotion of love he would pretend the actress across from him was Kyoko. However, for this movie he would be drawing on the darker elements from within himself that he always tried to contain. Thinking about Kyoko in an obsessive, lustful, jealous and possessive way would not do good things for his mental health. He was praying that he could keep these deep lying emotions on a leash, allowing them only to surface on set. But god, he was missing that girl right now.

Meanwhile in President Takarada's office the President himself was holding an important conversation with Kyoko's new manager. "So you see that's why we chose you to take up this position" he explained.

"Very well, I accept your challenge" the unknown person replied.

Kyoko was exhausted by the end of the day. She had had to do two CMs and a photo shoot for one of her dramas. She was surprised she had managed to squeeze it all into one day. Now she was back at LME gathering her things. Kyoko was halted by vibrations coming from her pocket. She pulled out her phone to answer it.

"Hello Kyoko-chan, this is Yashiro" the man greeted her.

"Hello Yashiro-san, is everything all right?" She asked him, puzzled by why he was calling

"Well, you know how Ren is. He skipped breakfast and lunch today. Can you believe that?" Kyoko picked up on his disapproving tone but was oblivious to the slyness behind the statement.

"He did? I've told Tsuruga-san so many times not to skip meals" she matched Yashiro's condemnation.

"Well I was wondering if you could go over to cook for him again. Knowing him, he's probably forgotten to eat dinner as well" he prompted.

Kyoko was tired, but concern for her senpai beat her exhaustion. "You're right. I'll head over there now."

"Thanks Kyoko-chan, I'd do it myself but he just doesn't listen to me as he does to you, that and the fact I can't cook" Yashiro hinted. "Make sure you give him a good scolding!"

"Oh I will." Kyoko murmured darkly back into the phone finishing the conversation.

Kyoko seized her belongings and headed over to her fellow actor's apartment. After she had dropped into a grocer for some ingredients she arrived at the apartment block. She pressed some buttons into a speaker near the door and waited for an answer.

"Hello?" A deep voice emanated from the speaker.

"Tsuruga-san? It's Mogami Kyoko" she said into the speaker.

"Mogami-san?" She could tell he was surprised by her sudden visit. "Come on up."

Kyoko walked through the door after a beep sounded its opening. As she took the elevator up, Kyoko was preparing her lecture for the meal-avoiding man. An ever-growing dark aura was building up around her and she had a Mio-esque presence about her by the time she was knocking on his door. However she had barely knocked once when the door swung open and she was enveloped by two huge arms. Her anger and irritation was washing away as she stood there stunned being hugged by the man she had come here to scold.

"I've missed you Mogami-san" he said softly into her ear. His breath tickled where it caressed her skin and it raised the hair on the back of her neck. Her face suddenly felt very warm. As quick as the arms had surrounded her, they were gone. Ren looked over her stunned figure and quickly made up an excuse "Sorry if that surprised you Mogami-san, I was practicing for a new role and made you my guinea pig. It was inappropriate of me, I'm sorry. Please come in." He noticed the shopping bag she was holding and reached over to take it off her, ever so subtly brushing his fingers against her hand as he did.

Kyoko didn't resist his help, and nodded meekly as she followed him in attempting to recollect her scattered thoughts. The first one she latched onto was turned into a question "what kind of role is it?" she asked him.

"A character who loves having physical contact with women" Ren replied leading her into the kitchen. "It's for a movie called Breathless, it's a dark, romantic genre."

"Oh I see..." Kyoko processed this information watching as he placed the shopping on the kitchen bench. Tsuruga-san wasn't that confident with love scenes. It's a bit strange he decided to take on this project, Kyoko thought.

Ren took this opportunity to back up his semi-lie. "Remember how I was trying to find my Katsuki?" He turned to face her.

Kyoko nodded, remembering that situation all too well. "You see, I was practicing Ryuu, that's my character, on you just then."

Understanding passed onto her face "a bit of warning would be nice next time Tsuruga-san" she said to him. Ren smirked at her and took a step closer to her. "Well then, how about I warn you now?" She met his intent gaze and took a step back in surprise; however Ren took a step forward in response. She tried to move back further but found her escape had been blocked by the kitchen wall behind her. "Tsuruga-san?" she squeaked. He didn't reply and instead put a hand against the wall on either side of her. Now she was definitely trapped. Kyoko froze like prey that knew it had just been cornered by its predator. He inclined his head downward toward the left side of her neck. His lips hovered centimetres from the sensitive creamy flesh there. Her skin was once again tingling from his warm breath washing over her skin. Kyoko suddenly felt very hot, and the heat only intensified with the beating of her heart as Ren's lips connected with her skin, as he placed the lightest of butterfly kisses there. Kyoko felt an electric current jolt down her body from the contact while his lips lingered there momentarily. However, a strange growling sound interrupted the moment and reminded Kyoko why she was here in the first place. Ren's face blanched as his stomach growled louder again, and he felt Kyoko place her hands on his chest to push him back so that their eyes would make contact. "Tsuruga-san" her voice had a very irritated tone in it "you've been skipping meals again!" she accused incredulously.

To Be Continued...