Diamond Man

Chapter 1

Edward Cullen walked down the streets with one hand in the pocket inside his blue striped jackets where he held a golden chain and attached to that chain which Edward was holding inside the pocket was a golden watch. Edward held the money for half of the money in Chicago. His hat was to the side to make him even more distinguished. Everyone knew his nickname was 'the diamond man' however the cops hadn't managed to catch him in the act, the witnesses who saw a man of his description was bribed or silenced permanently.

Later today Edward had a meeting with some business people to discuss a few money debts of the Chicago area and then he would be free. Edward's parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen had been killed in a shooting down the old town her bought himself up and stole and killed by the age he was 10. he had no emotions of a man who could feel any guilt. He saw the place as a cruel world and he wasn't go to change his ways for anyone.

Edward walked into his office and saw his two right hand men reading the news paper of the latest beef in Chicago.

"Apparently we're being blamed for the shooting of Solozo" Emmett scoffed

"It was an accident" Jasper smirked, biting into his apple.

"Yes, well we did a clean sneak then" Edward replied and he set his jacket on the chair and saw down, his briefs connected to his pants and his hat was to the side of him.

The phone started to ring and jasper picked it up knowing neither of the others would

"Aro and his men are meeting us at nightcrawlers"

Edward nodded and he knew that was the Swans place, it was the talk of the town apparently having the best music and best drinks. Edward thought it would be an experience to see what all the fuss was about.

Later that night Edward and his pals took a cab and handed the cab some dough and walked in not waiting, the front door man knew who they were and why they were here, as soon as he entered he heard the angel music.

"Yeah. Yeah.
Ooh, Ooh, Ohh

If you see me walking down the street
Or in the pages of your magazine
Looking just a little differently
Showing off a softer side of me"

Edward felt his friends pass him and walk forwards while Edward tipped his head up slightly, because his hat covered his sight slightly from seeing the person, to get better look at the person who was singing. Her lips were painted red her cheeks wore natural blush her hair was pinned and curled the long brown locks were so tempting to touch and Edward almost went on strange to feel how soft they were really were, her chocolate brown eyes matched her hair as they seemed to bring the attention of everyone, her sparkling golden dress moved as she tapped her foot and swayed her hips to the beat of the music

"They saying I'm looking like a lady
They saying that love is going to change me
But don't be fooled by everything you see
Gotta let the naughty in me free"

Edward had to see and speak to this dame, she entranced him like no other.

"Edward" Emmett called him noticing he was completely out of it, he knew the dame had attracted him but he needed to work he found it odd Edward acted like that. Edward moved his way over to them and nodded

"I see your attracted to young Isabella Mr. Cullen" Aro spoke wanting to delay the purpose of conversation of business for a little while longer

"Indeed, who's her father?" Edward wanted her, he knew he would have her, she would fall for his charm just like any other Chippy. She belonged to him now and she would know it soon.

Isabella began to sing the lyrics she wrote today and was thankful people cheered her along once again, business had been booming we were getting a 3 century's every day. The bars had stocked up and the ice cooler also seeing as she was making more of the men heated every night. She saw a man walk in and stared at her for a couple of second then his friend called him and he walked over to his table. Bella didn't want to look at the man yet, she wanted to concentrate on singing first. She was nearly finished and couldn't help but at the corner of her eye see the many as still staring at her.

"There's a woman inside of all of us
Who never quite seems to get enough
Trying to play by the rules is rough
Cause sooner or later something's going to erupt

Cos I still got that nasty in me
Still got that dirrty degree (still got it)
And if you want some more sexy
Still got that freak in me
I still got that nasty in me
Still got that dirrty degree (oh yeah)
And if you want some more sexy
Still got that freak in me"

Edward listened to Aro who thought of a plan to knock the great diamond man off the market, the music in the back ground echoed in all of their ears

"Her father is Charlie Swan, the owner of this joint, his wife Renee, Bella's mother, ran off with another geezer a couple of years back when Isabella was still young"

"No matter what you thinking of me, still dirrty
And if you still want it with me, still got it
No matter what you thinking of me, still dirrty
Still got that freak in me

Why is a woman's sexuality
Always under so much scrutiny?
Why can't she do exactly as she please
Without being called a million things?"

Bella saw the men drool over her and wag there tails as they listened to her sing, her bodyguard was at the side lines talking to her father but still keeping an eye on her. She no longer felt the mans eyes on her and was thankful as she needed to concentrate on not getting mixed up, Bella was not a chippy as Edward thought, she was a virgin and planned to stay like that until she married the person she would spend her life with. She has yet to find that man.

Edward lit the end of his cigar as he set his hat down on the lit table which held now six scotches on the rocks.

"Now back to business, you owe me £1.000 and I want it now!" Edward ordered, he only borrowed that money to Aro because he had helped his father out while he was still alive but times had changed and his father was still dead and Edward wanted his money back

"Mr. Cullen, please I have £500 with me here I can give you the rest by the end of the month"

"Too long" Edward snapped "Don't play me Aro" Edward was momentarily distracted as the dame called Isabella sang

"If I want to wear lingerie outside of my clothes"

Edward began to dress her up in a sinful black sexy underwear with a garter and how her long legs would tease him as she gave him a lap dance. Her ruby lips whispered unspeakable things to him as he felt himself get excited. But he cast that thought aside and brought his attention back to the man who would soon be hitting the big one.

"Edward..." Edward raised his eyebrows as Aro had addressed him as his first name "I-I mean Mr. Cullen, I beg you my wife and child need this money, I'll even pay you interest just give me this time"

Edward pulled the cigar out of his mouth and blew the smoke out and eyed Aro wearily before saying

"One month Aro, or you'll be sleeping with the fishes"

Aro nodded quickly and gave Edward the money, Emmett took it off the table and counted it making sure non of them were bent, Aro and his men left the club and Edward men laughed, Jasper thinking how ridiculous the men were and Emmett thinking they were gaycats.

"I'm breezing, you?" Jasper asked Emmett if he was leaving

"Yes, boss?"

"I'll stay" he smoked his cigar and ordered another drink waving the waiter towards him

Emmett and Jasper knew why he wanted to stay, he wanted a piece of the canary. As Emmett and Jasper left Edward asked the waiter to sit down and not worry about loosing his job.

"Tell me about the canary" Edward poured the scotch into his glass and then the waiters

"Bella? Not much to tell, she sings here she goes home"

"Give her something after she finishes here" Edward wrote down on a piece of paper for her to meet him at the table he was sitting on, the waiter nodded and excused himself to get back to serving his drinks. He sipped his drink and looked up to Isabella her hips swayed

Bella looked to the man as she sang the last words, and she couldn't believe her eyes Edward Cullen 'diamond man' was looking right at her she tried hard not to loose her breathe or forget her words as she looked upon the gorgeous sight of Edward Cullen. She took in his bronze hair which was gelled back, how his suit made her want to rip it off him just how...entirely insatiable he was.

"I still got that nasty in me
Still got that dirrty degree (in me)
And if you still want some more sexy
Still got that freak in me
I still got that nasty in me
Still got that dirrty degree (in me)
And if you still want some more sexy
Still got freak in me

Ooh, yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.
Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh."

The crowd cheered for her, a standing ovation was right in front of her eyes, and she even saw the great 'Diamond man' stand up with the cigar in his mouth. Bella walked off the stage and got the scotch on the rocks Mike handed her

"Mr. Cullen requests you presence after your done here" she nodded and smiled hoping she wouldn't do anything stupid

"Could you fetch my coat Mike?"

"Sure Bella" Mike smiled kindly at her "O you've got some more roses in your dressing room" Bella sighed and thought how this tired her. She walked to her dressing room which was filled with the fragrance of a sweet smelling strawberry scent her admirer got her a couple of weeks ago. She walked up to the roses unzipping and letting the dress fall to the ground in the process leaving her standing there in her lingerie and high heels

Meet me for dinner tonight? Stanley's after you've finished? I'll be waiting x


Jacob x

Jacob had been infatuated with Bella ever since he set eyes on her it was flattering yes but not to mention sometimes uncomfortable with the way he looked at her. She sighed and got dressed to go.

Edward drank the remains of his drink as the crowd started to leave he was about to get another cigar out of his inside jacket when he heard

"Night Bella"

"Night Mike"

He watched as she held the coat close to her body hiding her perfect he saw the hat on her head which covered her brown locks which tempted him so much the entire evening

"Miss Swan" he called out as she was about to pass him,

Isabella looked down at the gorgeous man who had requested her presence

"Yes?" breathe in and out she chanted to herself as his dark hooded eyes looked up to hers

"Please, have a seat so we can talk"

She smiled "I'm afraid Mr. Cullen you've caught me a bad time I'm having dinner with a friend"

"The waiter says you go home after this" he argued arrogantly seeing how much she was annoyed with questioning her he continued "So why don't you take a seat" he pulled out the seat beside him which he, knowingly, brought closer to him so when she sat down their knees would be touching.

"You've waited your precious time Mr. Cullen, I'm afraid you've spent your evening wishing to talk to me when I have to go" Bella walked forward only to be caught by the hand of Edward who was not letting her go, she turned round and slapped him so fast he didn't even realize it at first until the throbbing pain started to arise on his cheek, he rubbed it and winced as she had really hit him hard "Don't touch me Mr. Cullen, I'm not a Chippy and even if I was I would never be your Chippy"

she walked away wanting to go back and hit him more but she shook her true needs aside and got a cab to the restaurant where Jacob would be waiting for her

Edward watched the door open and close with her disappearance, she was feisty, she could sing, she was gorgeous and she was his. Weather she liked it or not she would be his

Chippy - Woman with easy Virtue

Breezing - To leave, go; also breeze off: get lost

3 century's - A century in considered 100 so '300 every day'

Canary - Female singer

Geezer - Bloke, man

Dough - Money

Clean sneak - An escape with no clues left behind

Hitting the big one - Death

Gaycat - A young punk who runs with an older tramp and there is always a connotation of homosexuality" (Speaking)