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This is the story about Emmett and my version of his rather distorted and dirty mind.

The story can be read individually, but if you care it is a parallel to two other stories I have running on FFN. More info at the end.

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Prima Nocte


I don't know how many languages I looked that shit up in, but it was a lot of motherfucking languages

Struck by lightning

Buailte ag Lightning

Ramt af lynet

Essere colpito da un fulmine

Frappé par la foudre

I did that shit, not because I wanted to scrape the brain out of my skull with a spoon from boredom, but because it was how I felt. Yeah, that was exactly how I fucking felt. I was struck by it once and in a split second it flipped my goddamn life upside down. So staring at her distorted face as she sprinted down the beach, I knew that goddamn lightning was going to strike again.

"Emmett!" She screeched my name as one foot tore into the sand followed by the next. If this hadn't been so goddamn serious, my mind would have gone all Baywatch and Pamela Anderson, but it didn't. I stood up and waited for that heinous bolt of electricity that I knew would hit my body within the next five seconds. I would be paralyzed either way.

"Emmett!" She screamed again. Her arms were digging thought the air and pushing her body forward. I tried to decipher her face, but it was all scrunched up from the full on sprint. Her eyes, however, were piercing and penetrating me fiercely. I threw a brief glance at the people around the bonfire. They were all there. Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice and last but not least, Elizabeth. I gently released my hold around her.

"You son of a bitch, Emmett!" Her tone was still as harsh as a tarmac and slightly distorted by her lack of breath. She took that last leap and her body virtually slammed into mine. The force could have been several G's because I was struck back by the impact and landed flat on my ass. That shit took some effort. I was a football player for crying out loud. I was kind of glad that I was angled away from the fire or I would have been going up in flames right about now. Not exactly how I pictured going out of this world. The flames in her eyes matched the heat licking the dry logs that we were all gathered around.

"I know, Emmett." Her voice trembled from exhaustion, when she was braced over me. That was when lightning struck again.


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