My eyes were opened, but it was just pitch blackness. I could not see anything. My throat is dry from the gag that was shoved into my mouth while my legs and arms feels numb from being tied. I have no idea how long has passed since he last came to see me. I grimaced and shuddered at the thought of what happened the last time he was here. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the door opening. I curled up instinctively and tried and move further up the bed that I was lying on.

"How is my dear Shou-chan today?" He asked in a sweet, sickening voice. As I hear the sound of his footsteps getting closer, I started trembling even more. I heard his chuckle. "Maa maa, is Shou-chan scare of me? I am so hurt…" He placed one of his hands on my arm, memories of what happened the last time came rushing into my brain and I being to panic. But I do not dare move, I know that if I resist it will be worst. But as usual, he saw through me. "Shou-chan~ You do not have to be scare of me. I will not do anything bad to you…. As long as you be my good little Shou-chan…." He whispered to my ears before nibbling it. A small, muffled noise escaped my throat. "So are you going to be a good boy today?" He asked but it was more like a statement than question. I nodded weakly.

"Good boy." He said as removed my gag. Before I could catch my breath, he kissed me, pushing his tongue in deeply. Meanwhile, he undo my blind. The light was strong so it did not hurt my eyes. I see his eyes looking into mine as he continued kissing me. I know what he wants from me at this moment, I pushed my tongue weakly back at his as I closed my eyes again, playing along with his. I could tell his is smirking without having the need to look at him.

Finally, he pulled away and I was allowed to catch my breath. As I breathed in deeply, I looked at him. He was just sitting on the bed, looking at me with those eyes that scares me so much. "Bya..kuran-san…" My voice was so hoarse that it did not sound like me at all. "Maa maa, is Shou-chan thirsty?" I didn't like the sound of that, I shook my head furiously as a bad feeling ran down my spine. He released my hands and legs from the ropes and pulled me into a position where I am on my knees, with his crotch right in my face.

I looked at him with bewildered eyes. He was carrying his trademark smile, but his eyes were not smiling. There was no question in what he wants me to do. With my trembling hands, I reached out to unzip his pants. I gulped as his half-erected manhood was release into my sight. It was not my first time doing or seeing this but I just can't get used to it no matter how many times we have done it. Bracing myself, I took his thing into my mouth. I hear him humming as he place a hand on my head and pat it gently. That hand could also very well hurt me at anytime too. I being to bobbed my head up and down while sucking it hardly. The faster I get it done and over with the better.

"Shou-chan," He called and I shuddered at his voice. "I am not going to come like that and you should know it… You need to swallow me more deeply.." With that, he pushed my head, forcing his manhood to go deeper into my throat, causing me to gag. I tried to pulled away but his hands held me there. "Now as you suck me off, use your tongue to massage me…" I had no choice but to obey. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I did what he said. I could feel it twitching in my mouth and I know he is close. Without warning, he came into my mouth. But he still refuses to let me go till I drank every single last drop of his cum. Finally, after I have swallowed everything, he let me go and I started to cough and choked.

"Was that good, Shou-chan?" He asked me. I nodded as I looked at him. "Maa maa, Shou-chan, where are your manners?" He said in a teasing manner but it was more like a threat to my ears. "Than..Thank you, Byakuran-san." I said as calmly as possible. He smiled and kissed me again. "Shou-chan," He whispered to my ears and I let out a involuntarily whimper, "Open up your legs." Unwilling, I slowly forced my legs which were still numb to open up. "That is not enough, more." He said. As tears continue to flow, I used my hands to open my legs to the widest I could manage. I see his smirk as his fingers traced down my penis then to my ball which caused me to whimper again. "Shou-chan~ You should stop crying so much now… I will give you more to cry about later…." He pushed a finger into my unprepared hole and I yelp out in surprise and discomfort.

"You are still so tight after all those times?" My fingers dug into my thighs as he pushed another finger in and started to stretch me. "Please….stop…." I cried out as I looked at his smug face. "But Shou-chan!" He childish voice hurts my ears and shook my soul now as I felt a third finger was in. "This is just the starting! I have not touch you for 3 days, you don't think I was just going to end with the blowjob now do you?" His fingers reached deep into me and played with the bunch of nerves which send me crying and screaming.

"NOOO! PLEASE STOP! AHHHH!" I screamed, "BYAKURAN-SAN! PLEASE!" I could hear his chuckled in between my screams and moans. I felt his fingers pulled out and the next thing I knew was pain. He pushed his thing deep into me without any hesitation. More tears flowed and my mouth was wide open but I could not make any sound. "You are still as tight as when I first took you, Shou-chan." He breathing was heavier now. "I think I should stick something up here during the times when I am not using it…" He said with a smirk. I shook my head and tried to pushed his away weakly. "Pl…ease… Byaku..ran..-san… it hurts…. Please….." I begged. He grabbed hold of both my hands and pinned them down above my head with a single hand.

"We both know that is not going to happen." With that, he pulled out before thrusting in hard and deeply. He repeated his actions as I screamed. Pain and pleasure mixed and I could no longer tell what was what. I no longer know if I was screaming in pain or pleasure and what I was screaming at all. I hear him calling my name. I could no longer think about anything and my mind went blank as I climax. Soon after, I could feel Byakuran-san cumming in me. He then french kiss me again. His lips moved downwards and licked one of my nipples. I shuddered and let out a small whimper. "No more… enough….please…" I cried as I felt him getting hard inside of me again. "No, it was not enough Shou-chan," He flipped me over so I am on my knees now. "I will never get enough of you." He bit my neck, so hard that it bleed and I yelled in pain. He begin to thrust in and out again as he lick up the blood that was flowing out of the wound.

"Cry more, Shou-chan. Call out more of my name. Till you can't live without me, I don't want to pull out." I screamed and cried, begging him to stop, but all my begs fell on deaf ears. I came again and again till I lost count on how many times did I cum and how many times did he cum inside of me. Last thing I remember was his kiss and the smug expression he wore before losing consciousness.