"Shou-chan~! You are spacing out again!" Shouichi snapped out and looked apologetically at Byakuran. "I'm sorry Byakuran-san, I guess I am getting sleepy…"

"Hmm…" Suddenly, Byakuran pulled Shouichi into his arms. "Bya-bya-byaku.." Shouchi stuttered as he was shocked by the sudden action. " Be a good boy and sleep." Byakuran said as he tighten his hold.

"But but bu-"

"Or I am going to kiss you." Byakuran declared and lean in his head to prove his words. Shouchi squirmed and quickly bend his head down, shutting his eyes tight. "All right!All right! I am sleeping!" Though he could not see, he know that Byakuran was smirking in triumph. But he was too tired to think about it, soon, he fell asleep in the warmth of Byakuran's embrace and the gentle touch of his hand on his head.

"Feels warm.." Shouichi thought as he slowly open his eyes, then it struck him and he quickly pushed himself up. "Bya, Byakuran-san!"

"Oh Shou-chan, had a nice sleep?" Byakuran asked with his usual angelic smile. Shouichi shuddered and nodded meekly. He realised that there was a scent of alcohol from Byakuran who hardly drinks unless he is either in a extremely foul mood or extremely happy, though he was curious, he dare not ask. Though from the looks of it, it might be the latter. Byakuran brought his hand up and caressed Shouichi's cheek. Shouichi looked at Byakuran meekly, he would do almost anything to know what is going though the man's head now.

"Shou-chan, let's play a game."

"Ok, bad idea." Shouichi thought as he stared as Byakuran and trying to keep his poker face on.

"Don't worry, it is not something bad, "Byakuran assured him, "Not totally anyway. Would you like to step out of this room?" He asked with a sweet smile. Shouichi couldn't hide his surprise at the question, and his brain felt like they just hit a wall from trying to comprehend what Byakuran just said. Out? To the outside world?

"O..Out?" Was all Shouichi managed to say after a minute long of silence and Byakuran nodded in respond. Shouichi continued to stared at Byakuran as his brain tries to work out what is the man planning with this move.

"Of course there is a catch behind it, but the motive of this game is just for my personal entertainment. It is a simple game, all you have to do is just obey and carry out my instructions. And for each one done, you will be awarded a certain amount of points. Once you accumulated enough points, I will let you step out of this room."

Shouichi looked away, he can already guessed the nature of the game but…

"All right, I'll do it." Shouichi looked at Byakuran with determined eyes. Even though the chances are slim, but as long as he can leave this place, he would have a chance to escape and rejoin with Tsuna and the gang…

"Good, there is the rule book. Have a good look at it while I am in the shower." Byakuran said as he pointed to a white booklet lying on the table, he then leaned in and whispered in Shouichi's ear, "I look forward to your choice…" With a smirk, he got up and head for shower.